Ez Tools Software Speakercraft In Wall

The SpeakerCraft MZC-66 Multi-Zone AV Amplifier Controller is a heavy duty AV amplifier and controller designed for multi-zone residential and commercial custom installation applications. Twelve 30-Watt channel digital audio power amplifiers offer powerful audio for up to 6 discrete zones, and you can choose from 6 audio video source inputs. Packing many features into a small chassis, the unit is expandable up to 24 separate zones for any future increases in power needs.

The unit has several convenient features like doorbell and phone triggers that you can program to automatically mute your programming when your doorbell rings or the phone rings, resuming playback after a programmed period of time. Additionally, the system ensures security and comfort, as you can route a video signal from a security camera to TVs throughout your zones. The convenient Picture-In-Picture feature allows you to see who is at your door while your programming continues to play on-screen.

You also have options for controlling the system. Using a hand-held remote, you can control the system. Convert pdf to dwg using bluebeam. Keypads usually mount to the wall, but with this system you can install an infrared receiver onto the wall which will function as a keypad using IR signals but offers a more discreet presence than a bulky keypad.