Epsxe Plugins Pack

Version 11.4 Changelog Background Minimalism GTK3 Theme Storm Icon Set Windows 10 GTK Pack


an interactive script that installs ePSXe 2.0.5 Linux x64 on Debian, Ubuntu and other x64 derivatives


  • uses built-in BIOS HLE
  • uses built-in Core GPU & SPU plugins
  • installs specific ePSXe dependency: libsdl-ttf2.0-0
  • installs decompression tool: ecm
  • installs Dash / Dock / Panel application icon
  • creates .desktop by default for launcher integration
  • lock-to-launcher instructions
  • interactive Shaders back-up function
  • libcurl 3 & libcurl 4 now co-exist enabling software like Kodi etc to work simultaneously with ePSXe
  • test & add more shaders (bundle to test)

typical installation

installation procedure

in terminal

enter SUDO password

RIGHT CLICK on ePSXe icon in Dash / Dock / Panel to Add to Favorities / Lock

CLOSE ePSXe window to continue with script.

download, restore or ignore bundled shaders

type number and press ENTER

decompressing using ecm

normal .cue sheets

  • .bin and .cue must be in the same folder.
  • .cue must be named exactly as .bin (only difference being the file's extension).
  • The first line within the .cue sheet must contain the exact name of the .bin file inside double quotes including the .bin extension.
  • Some games require elaborate .cue sheets. A Google search should see you sorted.

removing ePSXe

If you are running Ubuntu 18.04 or later:

SUDO password required


ePSXe ePSXe64Ubuntu.sh ePSXe_backups .epsxe .epsxe.svg

restart pc

Originpro 9 torrent download. Here is my complete guide on how to setup the EPSXE EMULATOR. In this install I use version ePSXe 1.9.25 but this will work for any install. However, as always I include everything!

It not only shows you hot to play games. But how to configure it properly getting HD visuals and even CUSTOM VISUALS!

I have included a MEGAPACK of my plugins and custom shaders. Take a look, watch the video as it shows you how to use them as intended.

This emulator is not so much used for playing all the games. Its all about making the games look AMAZING and that what I focus on here.

Yes its long, yes its details… ITS ON PURPOSE so YOU know how to use the emulator, not just how to set it up for a game!


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