Nature Soft Occlusion Shader Unity

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Trees turn black after baking lightmap

So, I have some custom trees using the 'Nature/Tree Soft Occlusion' shaders and they looked great before baking a lightmap. However, now that I have baked the lightmap, the trees have turned black. Or rather, when I tried baking with the trees set to static, they turned invisible, and now that Ive tried without, they're black. Also, they're not casting shadows.

Anyone know how to fix this issue? Perhaps I need to use light probes? Treasure cocteau twins zip.

http://imgur.com/a/21At5 --> before and after (fyi the bark is not using the nature/occlusion shader. The shader definitely seems to be the root of the issue, but Im just not sure how to fix it without using a different shader)


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