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The best Skyrim mods to update the appearance of vanilla armour sets and add new high quality sets to your game

Hi and welcome to my latest hub on Skyrim, the fifth instalment of the Elder Scrolls series by Bethesda. In today’s hub, I am going to look at the best armour mods available for Skyrim.

  • Firstly, I look at improving the look of the existing vanilla armour sets by installing mods with higher definition textures and making them fit newer player character body shapes
  • Secondly, I will examine some of the best mods available that add new lore friendly and high quality armour sets to Skyrim

I have a companion hub that introduces mods for weapons that similarly will:

  • Significantly improve the look of all of the vanilla weapons in game
  • Introduce beautiful high quality new weapons sets that will add hundreds of beautiful new weapons including fantastic swords, stunning bows, staffs, axes, spears and maces
  • All mods are lore friendly and integrate seamlessly with the existing vanilla weapons in Skyrim

My hub on weapons can be found here:

All mods are available for download from the Skyrim Nexus Mods website, http://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim. In order to get the best out of Nexus, I have written a guide to this website which can be found here:

I would recommend using one of the following two Mod Management tools for Skyrim, Nexus Mod Manager or Mod Organizer

Nexus Mod Manager is an excellent tool which offers:

  • Single click downloads
  • A very user friendly and easy to use user interface
  • You can easily and quickly install and uninstall all your mods
  • This tool will automatically check all your mods for available updates and also update your mod load order automatically

I have a hub that introduces Nexus Mod Manager which can be found here:

Mod Organizer is a more advanced tool that as well as installing and managing your mods:

  • Also allows you to clean saved games and organize your mod order
  • It installs mods more cleanly than Nexus Mod Manager (each mod is installed into its own folder) and is suitable for people who are more familiar with installing mods or are having problems getting mods to install correctly with Nexus Mod Manager
  • You can also create Profiles that have different mods installed and ini files with different settings to allow you to test risk free

My hub on Mod Organizer can be found here:

How to best install mods to ensure that Skyrim looks exactly how you want it to look

I thoroughly recommended that when looking to improve an aspect of Skyrim using mods that you:

  • Start with a mod that improves the look of all vanilla content
  • Next installing mods improving specific aspects of it further
  • Check when installing mods for patches that allow your installed mods to work together better
  • Then add mods that add new things to the game

I always download all the mods that I like the look of and think that improve a specific aspect of the game. Then I think of the best order using the rules I outlined above.

Next, test each mod in turn by playing the game. Sometimes you will love the look of the mod from screenshots but it simply doesn’t look right to you in your game. Uninstall it immediately before adding any more mods. This way, you won’t be in the middle of a game thinking “I don’t like the look of that, wish I could get rid of it but I don’t remember which mod it is from”. Believe me, I have been there and it is really frustrating!

Once you have Skyrim looking exactly how you want it, be very careful when adding new mods and only use mods that introduce new content or that will definitely work with your installed mods to ensure that you don’t have to re-install mods to fix any issues the new mod may introduce.

The aMidianBorn Book of Silence mod by CaBaL an excellent mod for upgrading vanilla armour sets in Skyrim

The first mod we will look at is the aMidianBorn Book of Silence mod written by CaBal. This excellent mod improves the graphics of all vanilla armour sets by using higher quality textures. All are lore friendly and built from scratch. You can see the increase in detail in the guards armour in the picture below.

In all sixteen armour sets are replaced. There is also a patch (aMidianBorn Textures For Immersive Armors and Lore-Friendly Armor Pack - Full Set Armour) that allows some of the textures from CaBals mod to be used in Immersive Armours which is the next mod we will look at.

Immersive Armors mod for Skyrim by hothtrooper44 to add new high quality armour sets to Skyrim

This is a truly wonderful mod from a very talented modder. It adds 22 new armour sets, three new shields and a whole array of other additions including eye patches, scarves and even a kilt that are both lore friendly and balanced to the game. All objects are can be crafted, upgraded and have enchantments added to them. In game they can be found as quest rewards, in loot and being worn by Non Player Characters.

Calientes Vanilla Outfits for CBBE mod by Caliente for Skyrim to give your female player character a curvier figure

For those of us using Caliente’s stunning Calientes Female Body Mod Big Bottom Edition - CBBE to give our player character a curvier body shape, this mod is a must. It changes the meshes for all vanilla armour sets so that they fit your player character better. It will remove any seams or clipping that you may otherwise experience.

Note:This mod will only change meshes to allow the armour to look right with the changed body shape, no textures are changed so it will not overwrite any of the mods you install to upgrade or enhance the appearance of your armour in game.

If you don’t have CBBE and would like to learn more about it, I have a hub that covers customising the appearance of your player character in great detail which can be found here:

XAC - Xenius Armour Compilation an armour compilation mod for Skyrim to add beautiful new armour

The last compilation mod I would like to introduce is Xenius’s XAC - Xenius Armour Compilation mod. This mod introduces four armour sets for female player characters. The sets are:

  • Blade Dancer
  • Royal Scout
  • Lady Bulwark
  • Maiden Vagabond

As you can see from the screenshot, they are beautiful armour sets that allow your female character to still look feminine wearing armour without it being too revealing and looking out of place in wintery Skyrim.

Armour mods that add new high quality armour sets to Skyrim

Now, we will look at some of the best mods for Skyrim that add a single armour set to the game. As with all the other mods, these are lore friendly and give Skyrim a consistent look and feel and do not break your immersion when you are playing the game.

The first is Crimson Ranger Armor by Patobek. This mod adds a new armour set designed specifically for Rangers. It is designed for both male and female characters and as you can see from the screenshot below, the level of detail is impressive and the armour looks lovely. The armour is also craftable. Be sure to install both the mod and the fix when installing this mod.

The second mod I recommend is actually a shield mod. Skyforge Shields by Dreogan. This mod allows you to craft shields at the Skyforge or purchase some of them from Eorlund Graymane. As you can see from the screenshot, these are truly gorgeous shields. The mod author recommends that you install the mod Dual Sheath Redux if you want to be able to wear your shield on your back.

Next, Warchief Armor by the author of Immersive Amors, hothtrooper44. This standalone armour set is for a Barbarian character and exactly what you would expect a Barbarian to wear in the colder climate of Skyrim.

I would recommend also checking out the authors other standalone armour sets particularly the Spellbinder and Vagabond sets if they fit the character that you are playing. As you would expect from a modder of hothtrooper44’s ability all their mods are of a superb standard are totally lore friendly.

Bosmer Armor Pack by Maty743 is the last mod I will look at today. The Bosmer or Wood Elves in Skyrim are excellent hunters and archers and the armour sets (five in all) introduced in this mod are wonderful. They can be crafted only using Elven forges and are made entirely of leather and bone. The detail, as you would expect from the Elves is wonderful and if you play a Bosmer character I cannot recommend this mod enough.


Today, I have continued my series looking to improve the look of vanilla objects in Skyrim and also expanding it using mods. I only include mods that not only look beautiful, but also fit with the overall look and feel of Skyrim and do not break your immersion. We have looked first of all at.

  • The aMidianBorn Book of Silence mod by CaBaL that improves all the vanilla armour textures to make all vanilla armour look much more detailed
  • Immersive armors by hothtrooper44 adds an enormous number of lore friendly armour sets (22 in all)
  • Calientes Vanilla Outfits for CBBE mod byCaliente allows your armour to look good on your Player Character if you take advantage of the curvier body shapes offered by CBBE

Finally, we looked at a collection of mods that introduce:

  • Wonderful Skyforge shields
  • Armour for barbarians, wood elves and rangers.

I do hope that you found my hub useful and that you have installed, are using and love some of the hubs I introduced today. I would like to thank all the modders for their wonderful content and of course Bethesda for making the games I love.

Which of the mods featured in this hub is your favourite?

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