Sw Dvd5 Office 2010 64bit English Mlf X16-51913.iso

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The download of Office 2010 Professional Plus through VLSC was successful but I am unable to access it. It took a while to discover how to use an ISO (error on my part I suspect in selecting that) but had automatically burned it to a disc. In exploring the files I used an ISO buster. Then discovered I should use the disc. Clicking on set-up via both systems brought up a message that it could not start as Windows Server 2008 Service Pack 2 or above was required and should be downloaded and installed. Try as I might, even with Live Help which didn't I could not trace such a download. I am using a Dell computer, build 2013 with Windows 7 Professional, both new to me so it's 2 steps forward and three back, and appear to have Windows Server 2012 loaded. No previous Office product has been installed on this computer although Windows Easy Transfer was successfully used from older computer running XP.
Can someone please advise how to proceed? Or 'h-e-l-p'! I'm stuck without access to Word and Publisher and just don't know where to look for an answer.