How To Run Bully Scholarship Edition In Windowed Mode

I have started using Steam a week or so ago. It works amazing but Im having one problem there. When running some games, I cant see the whole screen, as if the screen was zoomed in. Download lagu akon right now na na na mp3. For instance, I just tried demo of Amnesia. I tried to change resolution, turn V Sync ON and OFF, it still cuts the edges of the screen and I was forced to play the demo in windowed mode (I even cant click buttons at the bottom of the screen if there are some).

It doesnt apply to every game though. San Andreas and Audiosurf for instance run fine.

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Worms Reloaded have this problem too. It starts in fullscreen but before the menu shows up it turns automaticaly to windowed mode and even there some parts of screen are cut off. I have to navigate to Options and switch resolution every time I run the game to make it go back to fullscreen mode. At least Worms work after that.

I have Windows 7 64bit, Home Premium, graphics card is GeForce 315 (one of those pre-built PCs). Its nothing special but I was able to run Mafia 2 demo at decent quality with it and I cant see why would a lower budget GPU give such trouble.

Widescreen LCD monitor with DVI.

I dont know, maybe it has nothing to do with Steam at all. Has anyone had to solve a similar problem? Also I do have latest drivers for my graphics card and everything installed.


Now I got Bully Scholarship Edition and it does the exact same thing. I have created this video for youtube so you can see what the problem is. Ignore the black bars on left and right. The whole screen would be normaly green as thats the fullscreen mode. I only see the red part which somehow stretches or zooms so it fills the whole screen. Theres no deformation of aspect ratio though, its just cut off and zoomed in. I cant even run or quit the game from the main menu as I cant see the buttons which are at the bottom.

I can even see the 'you can now acess community features of Steam, pressing the shortcut' in the bottom right corner of the RED part (which shows at the bottom right of the whole screen for me). Thats really weird.