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In our tradition to post Latest Builds whenever we have some that improve things, here we have our latest internal build of Diva with a few fixes, but foremost the rewritten VST3 layer. People who have experienced crashes using our old VST3 implementation can safely (we hope!) upgrade to this version and open their Cubase/Studio One projects again.
But also, we added +/-48 semitones PitchBend (set your Rise to MPE off though, we don't support MIDI Channel 1 as 'master'). You still need to bend MIDI CC#74 to #2 to make use of all common MPE features.
Diva_5541_Mac.zip Mac AAX/AU/VST2/VST3
Diva_5541_Win.zip Win AAX/VST2/VST3
Diva_5541_Linux.tar.gz Linux VST2/VST3
Just download and install..
Urs & team
-Completely rewritten VST3 implementation
-New ’move to trash’ option in preset browser
-Windows - GUI performance improvements
-GUI - undo/redo arrows improved for better visibility
-Pitch Bend range now +-48
-Pressure now reacts to MIDI parameter smoothing preference
bug fixes:
-AAX - offline accuracy was not recognized in Pro Tools
-AAX Windows - one could not save presets in Pro Tools
-Preset info field was ignoring line breaks and only saving 64 characters
-Transient mode 'analog' was not working correctly in mono modes
-Envelopes were sometimes ignoring attack value during play
known issues (we'll see what we can fix):
-VST3 Windows - preset name not remembered after closing GUI
-VST3 - old projects might have the wrong parameters assigned to automation envelopes (Reaper, Sonar, FL Studio)
-VST3 - no MIDI program changes in Cubase
-Mac - waveform display not scaled correctly at small sizes
-Windows - gamma setting issues (close and reopen GUI to remedy)
-some slight sound differences are possible due to the fixed bugs