How To Install Tiki Toss Deluxe

Hook & Ring Toss Game Installation

1. Screw the open hook into the center hole of the game board.
2. Attached your game board to a wall using the adhesive strips or screws. The board should be between 48”-60” from the floor.
3 Screw the eye hook into the ceiling about 5 feet from the wall.
4. Tie the ring to one end of the string and hang the ring on the open hook.
5. Thread the other end of the string through the eye hook and pull until the string starts to pick up the ring while on the open hook. Tie the string to the eye hook.
6. Unhook the ring and move it around to make sure it can land on the hook. Make sure the string is taught, just like if it was tossed.

How to Play a Hook & Ring Toss Game

The rules for playing a Hook & Ring Toss Game vary by region and manufacturer of the game. Regardless of the differences, the object of the game is for a player to reach a set number of points..and have a ton of fun! The first person to reach the set number of points wins. In the event of a tie, both players continue until the next point is won with an even amount of turns taken. A player gets 3 chances to land the ring on the hook. A player can be awarded points on all 3 turns. Once the player takes all 3 turns, regardless of any scoring, it is the next players turn.

Point System for Hook & Ring Toss Games

There are two point system. How to install gp4 mods download. Simple Style and Tournament Style.

Simple Style:The clash discography torrent. When you land your ring on the hook you get one point. There are no other points awarded for any reason.

Tournament Style: Points are awarded for the following actions.

1 Point - The ring hits the hook once and makes a 'ting' sound.
2 Points - The Ring hits the hook twice and makes TWO 'ting' sounds.
5 PointsSpace city sigma doordarshan serial. - The ring lands successfully on the hook.

It is not uncommon to have point goals set at 100 points or higher for Hook & Ring Toss Games. Skilled players can easily rack up the point very fast.

If you ever have any questions about setting up your Hook & Ring Game Instructions, please contact us!