How To Install Honeyd On Kali

I am very new to linux and Iam just following online instructions on how to install honeyd on linux machine. I downloaded the tar.gz file. extracted it and then configure. but when it comes to the make stage. an eroor show that make:* no targets specified and no makefile found. Stop.

I manage to install the pre requisite like libevent using the same method. Phast crackle. libpcap on the other hand has the make:* error too but I manage to install it using sudo apt-get command. Thanks for your help.


3 Answers

Wii backup manager download mediafire. Please provide the complete error output.

Maybe the honeyd FAQ is a starting point for you http://www.honeyd.org/faq.php#compile_error


There was an error when you can ./configure, so the Makefile didn't get generated. Paste the last dozen lines or so of the ./configure output.


If you're using a Debian based Linux distribution, the easiest way is to install honeyd as a .deb package. F.e. like this:

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Then you can install rrdtool with apt-get:

.. and adjust the configuration files /etc/default/honeyd and /etc/honeypot/honeyd.conf


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