How To Program Acura Rdx Garage Door Opener

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Park in your garage. Unplug your garage motor. Hold buttons one and three until it starts blinking really fast to clear your codes. It will blink slow then fast. Then choose which button you want to program. Use your
home garage remote controller to program. Hold the home control 2-5 inches away from your car control. Push the button on your home remote and then the button in your car until it starts to blinks. It is now paired. Plug your motor back in. Try the button in your car to see if it works. It should work. If not you have the rolling code opener. Push the learn button on the motor so the learn light blinks. Then hold the button in your car for 3-4 seconds and check the learn light to see if it cuts off. If not, hold it again for 3-4 seconds. You may have to hold the button in your car 2-3 times. I had to do mine twice Once the learn light cuts of the button in your car should now work. Good luck