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Installation manual - 31 pages
User manual - 16 pages
Installation manual - 17 pages
Subsystem arming
In a large building a sub control panel can be enrolled to the JA-63. The
subsystem reports all alarms and failures to the main system.
The installer can program if the systems will be armed and disarmed separately
(by their own codes and remote controls) or if the main control panel will rule the
sub control panel. Ask your installer for explanation on how to operate your
2.10 Appliance control
The system can be used to control an electrical appliance (light, heating,
ventilation etc.). In such a case users can operate the device:
Locally with keypad* – entering F81 (ON) or F80 (OFF).
Remotely by phone keypad or by SMS messages – the control panel
must be equipped with GSM communicator for this feature
Installer can program that this feature will work only when the entry is followed by a user code.
Following section is designated for the system supervisor, who knows the
All programming sequences can be terminated before completed (by N key).
The master code is used by the supervisor. The factory default master code is
1234 and you should program your own four digits code. Code programming is only
To change an existing master code enter:
where xxxx is the existing and yyyy is the new master code (new code must be
Existing code 1234 will change to 6723 entering: F 5 1234 6723 6723
3.2 User codes setting
There can be up to 14 different user codes for individual users. The system stores
to its memory which code was used for what event and when. This data can go to a
Central monitoring station as well and can also be viewed by a PC with Comlink
All user codes are empty as a factory default and the supervisor should program
where xxxx is the master code, yy is the user code index (from 01 to 14) and
If the master code is 1234 and the user 3 new code should be 5277 enter:
To delete a particular user code, enter 0000 as the new code (combination
If the master code is 1234 the user 3 code can be deleted by:
You can program new codes only when the system is disarmed.
The supervisor should record the codes to the table on last page of this
manual (it should be kept hidden in a safe place).
If the system is split, the supervisor can change the user codes, but can
not change to which section the particular code belongs (only the installer
3.3 Internal clock setting
The control panel has a built in real time clock. All events are stored to the event
memory including the time & date. The clock should be set after installation, but
the supervisor can set the clock while in the user mode.
To switch the control panel to the user mode enter F 0 master code. User
mode will be indicated by a U on the keypad. To set the clock enter:
where: hh = hours; mm = minutes; DD = day; MM = month and YY = year
To exit user mode press N.
Alarm system JA-63 „Profi'
xxxx yy
F 6 1234 03 5277
4 hh mm DD MM YY
- 9 -

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Also See for Jablotron JA-63 „Profi“

jablotron JA-63 PROFI Installation Manual31 pages
jablotron JA-63 „PROFI“ Installation Manual17 pages

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Summary of Contents for Jablotron JA-63 „Profi“

  • Page 1 Subsystem arming 3.2 User codes setting In a large building a sub control panel can be enrolled to the JA-63. The There can be up to 14 different user codes for individual users. The system stores subsystem reports all alarms and failures to the main system. to its memory which code was used for what event and when.
  • Page 2 3.4 Automatic arming / disarming 2.5 Home arming The system can automatically arm and disarm for a requested period of a day. The installer can program particular detectors so that they will be automatically While in the user more, up to ten instructions (time & action) can be programmed bypassed in the so called “Home”..
  • Page 3 c. multiple pressing and holding of the keys (2 or 3) will switch the 2.2 Disarming bypass on – off – on – off … 4. By repeating step 3. you can bypass all required alarm sources. On the keypad - enter your user code •..
  • Page 4: System Testing

    Example: to store tel. number 0 123456 to memory no. 2 enter: 7 0 F0 12345 F2 Master code Is an extra (15 ) access code for the supervisor. It can operate the system and it To delete a telephone number enter: also allows for the programming of the other user codes and to enter the user mode (see section 3).
  • Page 5 • open the cover of the detector (keypad) indicated event (Tamper or Failure) was caused Telephone line • replace its batteries with new ones (use only corresponding size and good by the telephone line quality alkaline batteries). Wait for approximately 20 seconds before indicated event (Tamper or Failure) was caused inserting batteries digital bus..
  • Page 6 User codes and controllers Note: features of this system can be substantially modified by programming during installation. The installer should instruct the users how to operate and test section code the system. user name notes index 1 Indicators Master code - supervisor The alarm system’s status is indicated on the keypad.
  • Page 7 Contents: Detectors section Indicators ............3 detectors position location in the house reaction* Controlling the system..........4 type Arming ............5 Disarming ...........6 Panic Alarm ...........6 To stop ALARM ..........6 Home arming...........7 Door opening...........7 Alarm memory reading .........7 Split system arming ..........
  • Page 8 Notes: JA-63 „Profi“ User manual Alarm system JA-63 „Profi“ - 16 - MGK51503..

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