How To Install Mods For Terraria Steam

I've modded Terraria with TModLoader and Thorium.

I have achieved most of the Steam achievements already but am wondering if these (or any other) mods can prevent me from getting the remaining achievements.


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Generally not!

If the mods do not change content, mechanics or events which triggers the achievement, they are no problem.


Steam doesn't disable achievements,developers can disable achievements if you install mods or something else in game. Some games check for mods like Skyrim SE and disable achievements until you disable or delete the mods. In many single player games, developers don't disable achievements because you don't get any advantage in game if you complete any achievements.


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I recently added unsupported files to my Terraria and edited my files. This was a error on my part because now Terraria won't load.

I have no way to fix this and am not good enough at file programming to fix it with any hardcore methods.

My biggest problem is that I don't know how to delete and reinstall the game. I looked it up and it told me that there was a way to delete it in the launcher, but gave no clear way how to get there. I may have looked this up incorrectly or been looking untrustworthy websites.

How can I re-install Terraria?

Jacob Hall-BurnsJacob Hall-Burns

1 Answer

You need to verify file integrity, which will automatically re-download missing or edited files.
Here's how you do it:

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  1. Right click on Terraria in your library and go to Properties

  2. Now go to Local Files tab and click on Verify File Integrity

  3. Wait until it's done verifying and after it's done, your game shouldwork.

If this method doesn't work, you have to Right click on Terraria in Library and click on Delete Local Content, which will uninstall the game. For extra measure you could delete the whole Terraria folder (your worlds and characters are saved in a different folder) and then just install it again like you usually would.


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