Dj Studio 5 Skin Bundle Apk Download

From Beatronik:

This application is a bundle to unlock the 6 paid skins of DJ Studio 5 with more than 50% off!! It does not contains the DJStudio 5 application itself (which needs to be downloaded for free separately).

DJStudio is a modern, robust and powerful party-proof DJ application which enables you to scratch, loop or pitch your songs in the palm of your hands.

Designed to be user friendly, social and responsive, you now have the keys to mix and rule the party.

This bundle unlocks the following skins :

CDJ-1k skin

V-DJ skin

Neon skin

The end of utopia

Paper skin

Vintage Analog skin

Bling-Bling skin

DJStudio 5 system requirements:

Screen compatibility from 3.7' to 10'

Compatible since OS 2.2

Min 1 core 800Mhz, recommended 2 cores

Apr 23, 2018 - May 25, 2009 iam unable2 open d game 'claw' on my pc.it displays an error msg 'unable2 load the resource file'(error 1003).wat shud be done. Unable to load resource file 1003 claw.

2 cores required for scratch option

Multi-touch since 3.0

DJStudio is an advanced DJ application suitable for everybody whether you are a novice or a pro.

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If you have issues with this program or if you have some questions don't hesitate to write us an email.

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How can you tell if an Android app is safe?

Virtual DJ Studio Remix

Virtual DJ Studio Remix is music-based app, which helps you to make cool music samples.
For all fans of DJ music and music creation, if you believe, that you are better than any world’s DJ, if you can't imagine your live without music composing and good DJ mixer, you should try to make samples in our new app. You can produce any kind of melodies just by tapping the display of your smartphone or tablet. Bright design and user-friendly interface won’t let you be bored! And, of course, it is better and more fun to play with your friends. Show them who the most awesome music maker.


- Play 2 songs simultaneously and cross-fade between them
- control volume and pitch from vertical slider.
- Select the effects to give from the given list.
- 6 DJ effects to choose from.
- Loops are accessible from the app are of best digital sound quality,
- Utterly adjustable music mixing deck,
- This DJ app is compatible with android phone and tablets.