Options.ini Command Conquer Generals Download

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Try this as well if the above does not work.
thought i would post this as it may help others.
First install i got the serious error popup box.Tried the options.ini fix in the My documents cnc folder posted everywhere on the net but no go .Tried all compatibility modes but still no good.so deleted and did a clean install after a cc clean of course.
Frankie goes to hollywood youtube. After the clean install (no patches) this is how i got it working.Most of it is info i scoured from different places on the net but not once did i find what i did in the last step. :)
1. right click on the Command & Conquer desktop icon go to Properties -> Security -> Advanced -> Owner -> Edit -> Select your username -> Tick 'Replace Owner' box -> Apply.
2. Went to documents, openc&c generals data folder and made a new txt doc, paste in the following.
AntiAliasing = 1
BuildingOcclusion = yes
DrawScrollAnchor =
DynamicLOD = no
ExtraAnimations = yes
GameSpyIPAddress =
Gamma = 50
IPAddress =
IdealStaticGameLOD = High
LanguageFilter = true
MaxParticleCount = 5000
MoveScrollAnchor =
MusicVolume = 55
Resolution = 1024 768
Retaliation = yes
SFX3DVolume = 79
SFXVolume = 71
ScrollFactor = 50
SendDelay = no
ShowSoftWaterEdge = yes
ShowTrees = yes
StaticGameLOD = Custom
TextureReduction = 0
UseAlternateMouse = no
UseCloudMap = yes
UseDoubleClickAttackMove = no
UseLightMap = yes
UseShadowDecals = yes
UseShadowVolumes = yes
VoiceVolume = 100
Save as options.ini make sure saved as All in lower tab.
Tried game no go.
3.Set compatibility to game for xpsp3
Tried game no go.
4.Went to explore disc and ran the dx setup hoping it would place the older files needed, then having a brain fart i thought, maybe that options.ini should also live in the main folder so right click game icon,open file location, then copied and pasted the options.ini into the main folder, also putting one in the data folder in the main game folder just in case.
5.Bam.game works fine.
I realise i should have tried it directly after doing the directx8 run but i forgot as i was then thinking about putting the options.ini in the game folder a a lot of games i have had in the past need these sort of files to be where the game is actually installed to work.
So i tcould be a result of all of the above working together or just the directx or just putting the options.ini in both places.
Hope this helps anyway :)