Syleena Johnson Chapter 1 Love Pain Forgiveness Zip

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Bill starr 5x5 excel spreadsheet. ~Release by Syleena Johnson(see all versions of this release, 1 available)


CD 1
1The Beginning (intro)
Syleena Johnson0:47
2I Am Your Woman
Syleena Johnson4:29
3You Said
Syleena Johnson feat. Liberty City4:12
4Baby I'm So Confused
Syleena Johnson2:26
5Meanwhile.. (interlude)
Syleena Johnson0:46
6Everybody Wants Something
Syleena Johnson4:40
7You Got Me Spinning
Syleena Johnson4:29
8Hit on Me
Syleena Johnson4:28
9And Then (interlude)
Syleena Johnson1:10
10He's Gonna Do You In
Buddy Guy
Syleena Johnson feat. Buddy Guy4:37
11You Ain't Right
Syleena Johnson4:45
12Ain't No Love
Syleena Johnson4:54
13One Day
Syleena Johnson5:01
14I'd Rather Be Wrong
Syleena Johnson4:43
15All of Me
Syleena Johnson3:48
16The End (outro)
Syleena Johnson1:05


CD 1

Liberty City (track 3)


ASIN:US: B00005AWMY[info]

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On her earnest debut disc, Chapter 1: Love, Pain & Forgiveness, newcomer Syleena Johnson exhibits a vocal maturity lacking among her contemporary soul counterparts -- which is no surprise, given her musical lineage. Johnson, whose voice suggests Regina Belle and Randy Crawford, attributes much of her commanding, bluesy style to her father, legendary blues and R&B musician Syl Johnson. Throughout Chapter 1, this Chicago native vividly depicts the woes suffered by a young woman in a torrid relationship. Drawing on her own heartbreaking experiences, Johnson's lyrics describe a vicious cycle of codependency, betrayal, and domestic violence on mournful slow jams such as 'I Am Your Woman' (written by R. Kelly), 'You Said' (featuring Liberty City), and 'Hit On Me.' While the 25-year-old sprinkles in a few mid-tempo tunes like 'You Ain't Right' to offer the listener respite from her anguish, it isn't until the disc's finale, 'The End (Outro),' that Johnson expresses a desire for healing, empowerment, and forgiveness. Thankfully, this painful tale has a happy ending, as it introduces a promising artist connecting with her many talents. Simone Dougan