Unable To Load Resource File 1003 Claw

I'm working on JavaFx project, and we need to run the app on java jnlp.We singed all the jar files, and i added the IP address into Java configuration, but i faced this problem

I tried :

  • Change the network setting on Java Config, and i changed it to 'Direct Connection'.

  • Clear the temporary folder.

  • Changed the Browser Proxy

but nothing changed for my error.How can i solve the problem


1 Answer

Most likely it is not something directly related to your client-side web-start.Try the following :

Try to access the jar file directly from browser, and verify if the download is correct using your favorite compression tools (I am using winrar) and check the file.

If not accessible (and probably is) check the following :

  • project and file names capitalization, since java web/applicationsservers are case sensitive.

  • some application servers (wildfly) restricts jar files download
    for security reasons, please provide your web-server, however this isnot available in tomcat.

  • Check your web.xml for any configured ServletFilters that may
    interrupt your request.


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Download 'There are, of course, modifiers to this roll, as follows: Each 10 gp worth of bribe +1% Magical bribe +20% PC s Charisma modifier'
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3 The self-proclaimed Herzog Akitrom the Merely Worried is the latest in a long line of lords of Castle Greyhawk. He has initiated an intense campaign of advertisement meant to encourage worldly powers such as the Queen of Celene and the petty nobles of the Wild Coast to send daring settlers to the lands about the castle. As the Player Characters begin their adventuring, the Herzog is currying the favor of three VIP guests and all seems to be going well. But hold! The druids of the Golden Bough (in retaliation for the Herzog s Fireball Fun in the Forest program for visiting mages) are pummeling Castle Greyhawk with ferocious predators, tragic agricultural disasters, and hodc weather effects. Most disturbing of all, however, is the mysterious flood of fiend- ish monsters and ghastly creatures that has inexplicablly overrun the proud dungeons under the castle. Wherefore this invasion? Someone must find out! A Layout. and Description of the Cast1.e Castle Greyhawk is more properly a walled compound that encloses two great towers and the Citadel Union, a semicircular building positioned so that its rounded side faces away from the towers. The wall is circular, 25 feet high with a diameter around 400 feet. The only building outside the wall is a stables next to the southern gate. Otherwise the cas- tle is surrounded by a clearing, whose tall grasses are poor and damaged by the usually inclement weather. The clearing extends in all directions from the compound for 500 yards, and the castle guardsmen are frequently called upon to clear away any woodland encroachment. The wall itself consists mainly of unworked metals (iron, lead, and perhaps some copper and zinc) with a brickwork covering. Thus it confounds rock to mud spells and it produces unusually strong defenses (80 defense points per 10-foot section). The wall is patrolled by 14 members of the castle guard (one myrmidon with long bow and broad sword every 100 feet; see the description of the guard below) who scan both inside the compound and out. Should a guardsman see something amiss, he will shout for help 2

4 before rushing to attack. The wall has one gate, on its southern face. The gatekeeper is a crotchety old man who will demand a toll of 40 gold pieces less one for each point of Charisma of any females in the group desiring passage. This toll is for the whole party. The compound is the home of about 150 NPCs. An early effort on the part of Herzog Akitrom to interest adventurers in settling at Castle Greyhawk, in combination with an understandable craving for security, spurred the Herzog to hire alchemists, sages, trainers, and many others whose professions might serve a party of adventurers well. Indeed, the castle contains nearly every luxury the PCs might desire. Quallfylng this convenience, however, is the general attitude on the part of most NPCs toward strangers. Whatever the reasons, no citizen of Castle Greyhawk is inclined to cooperate with the party unless doing so would be to the NPC s advantage. In all cases, dealing with the shopkeepers, clerics, guards, herdsmen, cheap trollops, and other castle inhabitants should be expensive and exasperating, calling upon the DM s observation of the most petty and unattractive aspects of human nature. Consider the following example: The fighter Celowin Silvershield, fresh from rescuing the castle from demonic hordes, has worked up an appetite and seeks repast in the Inn of the Snooty Salamander, a tavern of high repute. However, Celowin s inquiries are met with derision from Tregdhsh Mul, the maitre d, who informs brave Celowin that All the tables are filled. There s a 10-turn wait just to get on the reservation list. Now be off with you! Unless Celowin is quick with a pouch of gold (or perhaps even a minor item of magic!), the maitre d will slam the door, and dinner will be iron rations yet again. Roll ldloo and consult the following chart when the party interacts with an NPC. The What s It Worth to Ya? Table DlOO Roll Reaction from NPC Below NPC refuses to have anything to 15 do with the PC and contracts an assassin at the earliest opportunity NPC remains calm but refuses to cooperate. Given a chance, NPC shouts to the guard to arrest the PC as a dangerous assailant NPC immediately attacks the PC for no good reason NPC appears cooperative but takes active steps to frustrate the PC whenever possible The NPC simply has better things to do than deal with the PC The NPC, if approached kindly, gives the time of day, but nothing more NPC cooperates with the PC as long as no danger or great inconvenience is involved The NPC cooperates to any reasonable extent, and is even pleasant about it. 106 and above The NPC is deliriously loyal to the PC and goes out of his way to follow the PC s dictates. (True fiendishness must be the DM s rule of thumb here.) There are, of course, modifiers to this roll, as follows: Each 10 gp worth of bribe +1% Magical bribe +20% PC s Charisma modifier As per PH PC has helped the castle + 5% PC has personally helped the NPC + 10% PC is of a different race - 10% to -20% PC is known to be of a differing alignment - 10% to -25% PC has charmed the NPC + 50% PC has interacted with this NPC before +lo to -50% The casting of charm person spells or the like as a means of ensuring cooperation is considered a criminal act by the community of Castle Greyhawk. Discovered perpetrators are likely to be fined severely, banished from the compound, or executed. Likewise, no NPC magicuser would ever consent to teach, or even admit to know, the spell. Even requesting such a spell at the Temple of Wizardry is a great taboo. Nonetheless, a merchant or guard will occasionally fall into the particular type of stupor which results from being simultaneously under the effects of three or more charms. As with the clearing outside Castle Greyhawk, the areas of the compound between buildings suffers from the meteorological onslaught of the local druids. Characters traveling between buildings must allow for the weather as per the Wilderness Survival Guide. Each game day, the DM must roll percentile dice and consult the following table. Weather Table DlOO Roll Day s Forecast 1-20 Bright sun, or partly sunny day, with pleasant temperatures and birdsong audible in the trees. A simply lovely day Torrential rains and winds gusting to miles per hour. There is a 35% chance of a tornado touching down somewhere in the compound Chilly temperatures and overcast skies. There is a percentage chance equal to the first two digits in the DM s telephone number that there will be a hailstorm (largest possible hailstones) Arctic conditions, with temperatures between 0 degrees and -40 degrees. There is often heavy sleet or snow, and winds reach 50 miles per hour Blisteringly hot temperatures (ranging from 90 degrees to 130 degrees evaporates any precipitation from the previous day. The sun is merciless, the air is still and dry. 3

5 8. I Temperatures are mild, winds are strong (30 to 50 miles per hour) and there is some rain if the roll of ld20 is greater than that of Id8 rolled simultaneously. But best of all, there is a tremendous electrical storm. Characters caught outside are 10 times as likely to be struck by lightning as in the WSG rules (due to the localization of the storm). There is a 20Yo chance for manifestations of ball lightning, which is harmless but closely resembles a will-0-wisp Pea-soup fog with incessant drizzle Dust storm of greatest severity. The DM should note that any attempt at predicting weather will fail utterly. Indeed, attempting to cast such a spell will subject the caster to ldlo rounds of stunning with a 5% chance of temporary insanity. Regardless of where in the compound the party wanders, the DM should roll for chance encounters once every two turns (a 1 on ld6 indicates that an encounter occurs). The chart in Appendix C of the DMG is to be consulted with the following addendae: * The compound is certainly not a place where one finds travelers frequently passing through. Hence, all encountered characters are residents of Castle Greyhawk rather than visitors, with the exception of the visiting diplomats and officials covered below. Thus encounters are to be conducted within the guidelines set up for the inhabitants as detailed over the next few pages. For example, there are no druid encounters in the city! As a general rule of thumb, any encountered NPC is four levels higher than half that of the most powerful PC in the party. In all cases, encountered characters assume an air of haughtiness and disdain, for no particular reason. However, lest the DM think that al is mapped out for him, and that all he need do is consult his copy of this data, he is in for a serendipitous treat! There is not enough space to detail every NPC. Many are referred to by name, occupation, and pertinent detamls. Others are merely hinted at. It falls, to the DM to flesh these NPCs out and make them truly memorable. The Tower of Wizardry This edifice is in the northwestern section of the compound. It is a five-storey structure, with all but the top floor reserved for the study and tutelage of magic. The tower is 75 feet in diameter and reaches a lke distance toward the sky. Another, hidden level lurks below ground, where illusionists practice their mysterious arts. There are several means of entrance into the Tower of Wizardry. The most obvious is a set of double doors on the north side. The doors are wizard locked at 15th level but otherwise free of locks or traps. Any Player Character who uses the resources of the tower frequently will have the option of buying a ring of passage, which allows the wearer to open the doors simply by speaking a command word. The price of this ring is 1,500 gold pieces, less 100 gp for each level of experience the character has obtained. Should a PC not wish to buy a ring, he may simply knock on the door to be let in. Of course, anyone answering the door loathes such minor annoyance, and will charge gp each time a character needs to be let in or out. (A PC who does not buy a ring of passage would be welladvised to carry a pouch laden with gold and gems!) Unfortunately, the castle s Thieves Guild has made sport of these rings. Every one to three months, the burglars and magsmen get hold of a ring and the corresponding password. When this happens, the Tower of Wizardry will regretfully inform the PCs that the password needs to be changed, and that new rings are available for the same price as the old. General Layout All levels except the top floor of the Tower of Wizardry have identical floor plans. There is a circular central room (35 feet in diameter) with a spiral staircase rising through the center that connects with the adjacent levels. There is a door to the north and one to the south. The rest of the level, an annulus (like a doughnut) 20 feet wide, is divided into two rooms: the northern half of the annulus and the southern half. By each door in the central room is a crevice marked with a sign reading (in common), In case of Emergency. Inside is a scroll with anti-magic shell inscribed thereon. All rooms on all levels are lit with continual light spells except where otherwise noted. Should the emergency scrolls be used, of course, the continual lights will blink out. In the event that a PC uses an emergency scroll, the cost of replacing the scroll (2,000 gp) as well as that of the magical studies and experiments which must, the wizards insist, be restarted from scratch (100-2,000 gp) will be assessed. If the residents of the tower do not agree that the situation warranted the use of the scroll (and they are loath to admit that their own abilities might not have proven superior to unforeseen contingencies), then the PC will be charged triple the above costs, to discourage such hooliganism in the future. The scrolls disintegrate outside the tower. First Floor Center Room: This room contains storage and supplies for the rest of the tower. Because of the value of many of the spell components, such as vellum sheets with demons true names inscribed thereon, only authorized magi are allowed here. The door is enchanted with a permanent magic mouth, which will shout Naughty, naughty! at anyone trying to open the portal. Since all the authorized wizards are of at least enchanter level, most of them merely cast dimension door to enter the storage area. Unauthorized intrusion into this chamber is

6 punishable by expulsion from the Tower of Wizardry (often from its highest pinnacle!), banishment from the compound, or even execution. In extreme cases, perpetrators may be subject to the lecture of tedium by Ch phon the Alchemist. Desperate characters facing such a terrible fate have volunteered to impromptu experimentation involving potion miscibility. North Room: This is the residence of Merrang the Enchanter, one of the two sages in Castle Greyhawk. Merrang s attitude of imperious disdain toward any who dare disturb his celestial musings hide an acute business acumen. He wears a ring of truth and only memorizes one spell: suggestion. His favorite use of this spell comes in casting it just as he casually asks, Oh, that depends. Tell me, just how much money do you have? His knowledge in the areas of the supernatural and the physical universe are average for a sage, but his fees tend to be 20% higher than normal. He will unhesitatingly double these fees should he hear that his client has seen Zuphaitz (see page 9), as the two sages are bitter rivals. South Room: This is the common library in the tower. The number of tomes is impressive. Any character able to read both Suloise and Old Oerdian or Common can act as a sage with no fields of expertise by consulting the library for 12 hours every day. Each day of study runs a cumulative 1Yo chance (1% the first day, 2% the second, and so on) of coming across the only magical tome in the library, a Vacuous Grimoire. As the book moves around, it is possible for a character to come across the cursed manual even by picking up previously perused books. The librarian (Allam Oad, a bookish little thaumaurgist) has heard that the pesky book is present, but she will not warn the party without a hefty bribe. Additionally, along the northern comer of the eastern wall is a secret door that leads down to the illusionists quarters below. Allam has yet to notice the traffic to and from that corner of the room. Allam is a gentle and helpful soul, willing to answer any questions to the best of her abilities, but she is stern with anyone who speaks in the library above a whisper. (A typical punishment might be a silence spell made permanent on the offender.) Second Floor Center Room: This is the training chamber for magic-users learning new spells. It is a sparsely decorated room, containing little other than a few buckets of sand and some scattered bone fragments. This room is bound by two enchantments. The first prohibits cantrips from operating within the confines of the chamber. The second acts as a dispel magic, cast at 12th level, on any magical effect trying to leave the room. There is a concealed door in the southern half of the floor, leading to the storage room below. North Room: This is a workroom for the scribes and clerks of the compound. Should the party require a translation of a text, it is 85% likely that at least one of the scribes will be able to read whatever is asked. Various inks, used in preparing scroll spells, are kept here. A less-thanscrupulous clerk may be persuaded (on a reaction roll of 125 after modifications as given on page 3) to sell a couple of vials for 500 gp per dram, as one dram is required for the inscription of each spell. This cost is over and above any bribe the buyer might wish to offer. South Room: Contained in this room is a large magical device that regulates the temperature and humidity in the entire Castle Greyhawk. Therefore, try as they might, the local druids cannot affect the interiors of any of the structures as long as this machine, which has ties to the elemental planes of both Fire and Water, remains. Likewise, were this machine destroyed, say by saboteurs, all characters in the compound would be affected by the weather. Also in this room are four xeg-yi (AC 0; MV 6 ; HD 5,5,5,7; hp 23,36,21,35; #AT 1; Dmg 7-12; SA Energy Drain; SD + 1 to hit, special; MR 15%; IN High; AL N; SZ M) that rush to attack anyone who lingers in this room (10% cumulative chance per round). The xeg-yi have drained the continual light in this room long ago, and their inky black forms are -4 to be hit in the dark comers of this room. Should the regulatory device in the room receive at least 25 points of damage from detonating xeg-yi, it will cease to function. In the case that the PCs are responsible for this disaster, the dungeons under Castle Greyhawk might seem a welcome haven. Thirdly, and perhaps best of all, this room contains three chests, for some reason reason or other. AU three are made of boxwood and are securely bound in silver. Each is locked. The first chest contains 50 copper pieces and a cloaker (AC 3 (1); MV 1 /15 ; HD 6; hp 22; #AT 2 + special; Dmg ld6/ld6 + special; SA special; SD special; MR standard; IN High; AL CN; SZ L) that lies in wait and tries to radiate magic until someone puts it around his shoulders. The second chest contains 50 copper pieces. The third chest contains another 50 copper pieces, but painted on the bottom is a map of a section of the seventh dungeon level. Should an anti-magic scroll be read on this floor of the tower, it will cancel out the effects of this machine for the duration of the spell. This will not occur if the anti-magic is invoked from any other room. Third Floor Center Room: This chamber seems to be yet another storeroom, littered with chests. In truth, this is the headquarters of the Castle Greyhawk Assassins Guild. Casseulet the Chief Assassin (AC 3; MV 12 ; Lvl 12; hp 42; #AT 1; Dmg by weapon type; THACO 16; ST17, IN18, WI12, DX15, C016, CH11; AL LE. Carries a short sword +3, a ring of protection +4, and a cloak of elvenkind.) and his two 5th-level henchmen train here most of the day, unless contracted to do a job. Should any character investigate this room, the assassins quickly disguise themselves as delicate elven maidens. Unfortunately, they can do nothing to improve their Charisma scores and hence appear to be particularly homely delicate 5

7 elven maidens. Their honey-sweet (if baritone) invitations to come in and join us in a frolic amongst da old cases and, uh, some vials of, er, sumpthin or odder will require a saving throw vs. paralyzation on the part of the character who might attempt to stay. (As most PCs will race to see who s first out the door, this ought not be a problem.) North Room: Here is the workshop of Ch phon the Alchemist. He works without assistants and is expert at his work. However, he insists on being paid in the form of rare herbs that can be found just a few miles to the East. Indeed, such herbs are both readily identifiable (with the proper nonweapon proficiency) and plentiful. Retrieving such plants, however, might prove to be an adventure in its own right as a trip to harvest the herbs is certain to run afoul of many gruesome creatures in the mountains. South Room: This is the quarters of Trucran and Ybenso, 14th-level wizards and apprentices of the great mage Rasp. Each knows the following spells (they share a spell book): Affect Normal Fires, Burning Hands, Charm Person, Detect Magic, Friends, Grease, Ident& Melt, Message, Nystul s Magic Aura, Taunt, Wizard Mark, Detect Invisibility, Flaming Sphere, Levitate, Protection from Cantrips, Scare, Shatter, Web, Whip, Blink, Dispel Magic, Fireball, Fly, Item, Material, Sepia Snake Tongues, Dig,, Fear, Polymorph Other, Shout, Contact Other Plane, Extension 11, Mordenkainen s Faithful Hound, Wall of Stone, Mordenkainen s Lucubration, Repulsion, and Mordenkainen s Sword. These two wizards are in charge of training magic-users below 7th level. Trucran is grim, and speaks only to correct and to reprimand his charges. Ybenso, on the other hand, seems to enjoy tormenting his charges nearly as much as the DM enjoys torturing players. He takes pains to show his students just how hopeless they are. Should a PC find himself being tutored by Ybenso, training will take an extra two weeks, at full cost, and there will be no 10% bonus to experience for one game month, so traumatized is the PC. Also in this room are five novice prestidigitators, eager to outdo one another in an attempt to hire out as someone s henchman. Between the five novices, they have collected virtually every cantrip they can find, and have had no end of amusement in casting these at embarrassing moments. This behavior might well persist if one of these NPCs is persuaded to join the party. Fourth Floor This is the inner sanctum of the Tower of Wizardry. Permission must be granted before entrance is allowed. Center Room: The lighting in this chamber is dark and oppressive. The sole source of illumination is a brazier of coals, enchanted to remain warm and burning 10 times as long as normal. Two bowls of incense are kept by the coals. In the center of the room is a pentagram inlaid into the floor itself. Should red incense be placed into the fire, the pattern shifts and becomes a magical circle. Black incense also changes the pattern, fashioning it into a thaumaturgical triangle. (Yellow incense changes it back into a pentagram.) This room is of course the conjuring laboratory, and it is here that the mage of the tower conducts his experiments. North Room: These are the personal quarters of the mage Cardoon (AC 0; MV 10 ; MU 17; lnp 40; #AT 1; Dmg per weapon or spell;, ST 11, IN18, WI16, DX 8, CO 16, CH 13; THACO 13; AL N). The DM should arrange his room such that Cardoon is unassailable here. His only weapon is a staffof the magi. Everything else was sold for the books in the southern room. Cardoon is a crusty old man who charges triple normal training costs. However, he is so expert at his skills and at his teaching that he takes only half the usual time to train a pupil to rise in level. Once the student reaches 10th level, Cardoon insists that the character assist in the training of less advanced students. The magic-user will find his duties taking up five weeks every six months, during which time he will receive 250 gold. This assignment may be waived for a donation of a magical item worth at least 2,000 gp. Cardoon s spell books contain any spell he might need. He prefers to teach one of the spells known by his apprentices, and charges an extra 50 gp to teach another. The exception to this rule is the cham person spell, which neither Cardoon nor his assistants will ever reveal. South Room: This is Cardoon s personal library. All the books are written in Suloise and are extremely valuable. The books detail almost every spell known in the land, and provide recipes for inks and command words for legendary items of magic. This information is protected from unauthorized prying by the random insertion of booby-trap spells throughout the texts. Interlopers have a 5% chance per day (noncumulative) of running across one of these booby-trapped texts and suffering 30d6 of damage. Only Cardoon knows the locations of all the traps. Fifth Floor This floor is unlike the rest of the tower. As the highest point in Castle Greyhawk, the fifth floor was designed to be a key element in the defense of the place. The entire floor is one big room. There are two ways of entry. The first and most common is by teleporting. Almost as likely a means of entrance is the door leading from the fourth floor, which is wizard locked to prevent curious or uninvited people from descending the stairs. The floor here includes slots in the walls for the shooting of arrows, plus a catapult to launch normal rocks that polymorph into black pudding or rust monsters upon landing. Thus far, this floor has gone unused throughout the castle s history. Underground Level This level is arranged much like the floors above, with a circular room flanked by two semi-annular rooms. But a peculiar addition to the floor plan marks the utilization of this floor by illusionists. Center Room: This room is the training arena for illusionists wishing to rise in 6

8 experience level. Its walls are covered with mirrors, but the room is otherwise barren. A secret door in the ceiling leads to the storeroom immediately above. North Room: It is here that Paneuch the Illusionist (AC 3; MV 12 ; ILL15; hp 37; ST7 IN15 WI15 DX16 CN14 CH14; #AT 1; Dmg by weapon or spell; THACO 16; AL N) and his two visionist assistants reside. Paneuch wields a staff +4, a ring ofprotection +4, and a wand oflightning. Paneuch keeps this level of the tower secret; not even Cardoon or the Herzog himself know of the illusionists. However, shouid a PC illusionist find this lair and wish to train, Paneuch will be more than happy to assist, for appropriate payment of course. He will reduce payment to 80% normal for gnome illusionists, and will charge deep gnome students only 60% of normal training fees. This is due in part to the illusionist s earnest desire to learn how to pronounce svirfneblin, and in part to his amusement at the possibilities of the Test (see below). South Room: The western half of this room is filled with gems, delicately carved figures, and other material components for illusionist spells. The eastern half, however, forms the Test Chamber. In order for an illusionist to pass his level training, he must pass a test devised by Paneuch. Prefabricated walls can be erected so as to engineer a diabolical labyrinth in this area, which Paneuch is certain to change each time. The goal of each test differs. Sometimes the student need merely thread the maze. At other times the pupil might be required to combat a foe, recover a treasure, or cast a particular spell at a target. To spice things up a bit, Paneuch hires three duergar warriors to provide opposition in the maze. These fighters attack with anklys, but only to subdue, as Paneuch does not desire to see his customers killed in his Test. The gray dwarves will make an exception to this policy should a deep gnome be found in the maze. In this case, the gnome must flee or defend himself, as the duergar will seek to kill their hated rival. As gray dwarves are totally immune to illusion, the swfneblin may be in for quite a battle. Somewhere in the labyrinth is a oneway teleporting pad. Anyone who stands on the pad for one round is immediately teleported to a randomly chosen spot in the sixth level of the Greyhawk dungeon. The Citadel Union The hub of the day-to-day activities in the compound, the Citadel Union stands as a single-storey edifice to the routine that has become unique to Castle Greyhawk. The union has two doors on its north wall and frequent windows along all its sides, but alas, no more can be detailed regarding the interior of the Citadel Union s floor plan. The amount of space necessary to describe every nook and cranny of the building is prohibitive. Should the DM recognize in himself a deep spiritual need for maps, it is recommended that he seek out a copy of the Hill Giant Fort (module G1, G1-3, or GDQ 1-7) and cut out an appropriately-shaped section of the map, relabeling the rooms as he sees fit. The Union houses all manner of NPCs, and again the task of fleshing out the population of goodwives, brazen strumpets, and vampires that players naturally expect to meet must fall on the able shoulders of the DM. Herein are described just those locations and businesses in the Union with which a party of bold adventurers might make frequent contact. Above Ground The Citadel Union has two levels, one above ground and one below. While one might imagine that living underground might produce a bunker mentality or at least a Vitamin C deficiency, it is assuredly preferable to seeing the local weather every day. The following locations are found on the upper level. The Bazaar: This is one of the most complete magic shops in the Wild Coast. Its proprietor, Goodmerchant Keilbasa, is always eager to make a deal on any item in stock. He is 80% likely to have handy any potion the party might desire, 50% likely to have any miscellaneous magical item, 3570 probable to be willing to sell any magical weapon the party might name, and 2% capable of producing most artifacts of which the characters might have knowledge. Keilbasa is also willing to purchase magical items from the party and will press the matter if the characters have a particularly attractive item of magic. Keilbasa sets prices for magic at five times list price for potions and a full 10 times list price for any other item. He is willing to bargain, but will incessantly point out the fine workmanship and delicate composition of his wares. Likewise, he will pay only 75% of the standard price of any magical item unless it is unquestionably pristine. Used wands aren t worth much more than used scrolls, you know, he has been heard to say. Keilbasa gets away with much of this by employing eyes of charming that an adventuring party once foolishly sold to him, as well as any potions of glibness he has on hand and can swig while the party isn t looking. Keilbasa is somewhat dwarvenlooking, with bright eyes and a keen wit. He keeps the shop himself, although he employs efreeti as guards in most circumstances. The Merry Memory Moss Tavern: Run by the intelligent stone golem Hops, this is the only bar in Castle Greyhawk and hence the only place to take out aggressive feelings without suffering imprisonment. There is a perpetual bar fight in the joint, which has a cumulative 3% chance per round of sweeping up any individual character. Should a PC be caught up in the fight, he will find himself facing three to five veterans, all of whom are very intoxicated. In addition to any other experience a character might receive, he earns 5 x.~. each round he remains inside the tavern. Al prices are reasonable, and Hops has more than adequate product to offer. For 150 gp, he will drug anybody s drink with sleep poison. The Castle Greyhawk Guard Headquarters: This is the place to find both the offices and barracks of the guardsmen. The Captain of the Guard is a superhero who calls himself McDougal. He is generally uncooperative with any 7

9 Player Character (-30% on the Reaction Table). He most likely refuses to allow any of his guardsmen to accompany a party into the depths of Greyhawk s dungeon complex, but if he is persuaded otherwise, he chooses the most ineffectual, noisome, and irritating guards he can find. In the center of the barracks area is a red square painted on the floor. Anyone who stands on this shape and says the magical phrase ( Euler s Constant, Square root Pi. Take me to a circle on high! ) will be teleportedto the fifth floor of the Tower of Wizardry (see above). Unfortunately, McDougal and his men hum this ditty most of the day, so every now and then a guard disappears accidentally. Because the teleportingis one-way, and because the door to the fifth floor is locked from below, some guards have starved to death before anyone in the compound noticed their messages for help tied to rocks and hurled from the top of the tower. The Headquarters of the Cavaliers Club: Located near the guard headquarters and in rivalry with them, the cavaliers and paladins here find frequent excuses to practice combat either outside in the courtyard (in all but arctic weather) or in the ballroom on the lower level. Every month, the cavaliers declare a friendly war on the local barbarians (including any PC barbarians) and issue a challenge. So far the barbarians have sent a token force to battle the knights while a major expedition sacks this headquarters. This seems to satisfy both camps. The leaders among the cavaliers are between 8th and 13th level, while the major paladin is Edrithabew the Antiseptic, a paladin of 11th level who refuses to teach any weapons other than long sword, broad sword, lance, and scimitar, believing all other weapons to be beneath the calling of a noble paladin. He does not charge for his services as a trainer, per se, but he scorns to tutor anyone who does not reward him handsomely, as generosity is a hallmark of knighthood. Temple Greyhawk: This temple is a masterwork of political influence. Here can be found clerics of literally every Power in the Greyhawk pantheon, even those antithetical to one another. The priests here have noted that the Powers do not engage in direct confrontation but rather employ agents to achieve their goals. Seeking to emulate their masters in all things, the clerics, too, employ agents rather than take direct action against each other. And those agents, too, employ underlings rather than act on their own. Somewhere in the Castle, there are street urchins calling one another names, such is the extent of the antagonism between these priests. They are all eager to render any aid that the PCs might request. Because of intense competition, the individual orders hold frequent sales on particular types of spells they are willing to cast (roll randomly each game week). They are also d n g to sell the party any magical items relating to their deities, such as mantles of Celestian or rings of Boccob, or even cough syrup oflncabulos. They will bless each item they sell, charging thrice standard price for such. The DM should consider this somewhat tasteless competition as a hybrid between a souvenir stand and the medieval peddlers of religious icons. Herbalist s Shop: On the top floor of the Citadel Union, close to the staircase leading to the lower level, can be found the shop of Bheannhe of Tenser s Keep, a smaller proprietary than most, but attached to a greenhouse and a fungus garden, each of prodigious dimensions. Bheannhe is a pleasant-looking woman in her mid-forties, but best 0 all, she is an expert herbalist. Her prices range from a few coppers for common plants to 200 gp for exceedingly rare specimens. However steep her price, however, she can guarantee to have just the sprigs, leaves, roots, fruit, bark, etc. that the party might require. And yes, she does cany the herbs that Ch phon demands. Bheannhe is, however, a spy for the Golden Bough. She seems curious about such matters as castle defenses and activities in the forest. If the party answers her questions, she will subtract 50 gp from the price of any goods they purchase. Bheannhe is herself a druid, an initiate of the Sixth Circle, and wdl train any PC druid for half the standard fees in return for that character s sworn word to commit dire acts of espionage on her behalf. These activities might range from the theft of an important item of magic from some powerful NPC to getting an accurate accounting of the number of guardsmen to a quest to discover the means by which the Castle Greyhawk buildings are impervious to the siege of weather effects. Lower Level Untouched by sunlight, the lower level of the Citadel Union is lit only in some of the shops and businesses, and not at all in the passageways between such establishments. The inhabitants, of course, know their way around the Union so the black-as-pitch sections do not bother them, but the PCs will most likely need either torches or some other source of light. If the party insists on stumbling around in the dark, then they might well find a forgotten, one-way passage that has led them to the dungeon s fourth level. And let nature (or what passes for it in the dungeons) take its effect. Because of the dampness on this lower level of the Union, al doors are swollen shut. This means an open doors roll by the party each time they wish to enter or leave any establishment. Ballroom: Close to the stairwell leading to this level, the original purpose of this 65 foot by 80 foot by 40-foot-high room has been lost in legends. There are torches lining the walls, but anyone who touches one must save vs. spell or be cursed to speak only lies until a remove curse spell is cast. Various organizations that require large areas for practice their skills are often found here. The room gets its name from the grandiose masked ball the Herzog holds here every year. Former Torture Chamber: This room was once an arena for physical punishment and torture. Now it is a squash court, primarily patronized by yuppie cavaliers. Should a PC wish to play, a game costs 8

10 3 pp. An opponent can be generated using Method Five in the Unearthed Arcana tome. Players alternate rolls of 4d6 against their Dexterity scores. The first player to roll above his PC s Dexterity score loses the point. (Games go up to 21 points.) A player may subtract one from his roll for every two experience levels of the player and for each nonweapon proficiency slot the PC has assigned to his squash skills. The first player to win two games wins the match. Money rarely changes hands here, but a PC can earn (or forfeit) respect in the eyes of an opponent ( + 1 or - 1 on the Reaction Rolls for the NPC for every game won or lost). Combat Training Facility: The philosophical differences between Rhie, a neutral evil Lord of 12th level, Vernol, a neutral good 13th-level ranger Lord, Gorp, a chaotic neutral barbarian of 12th level, and Sushi, a lawful neutral Master of the West Wind, have been put aside so that the four may profit from the opening of this facility. The rates for training are standard, and this is one of the best places in the Castle to look for fighting henchmen. Rhie is a brutal trainer, having learned torture methods from a half-orc once. His students suffer 1-2 points of damage per day of training. As Rhie does not allow breaks in the schedule for healing, many of his slow-learning students die in training. Vernol is a lover of the woods, and will insist that his students practice their skills in the forests. His area is far enough away that the weather is not too bad, but the woods are not known for safety. Gorp, as mentioned earlier, leads his charges against the snooty cavaliers each month. Sushi s training involves the success of the student in personal combat. He will insist that the PC seek out someone of his own level and, without explanation, beat them in some sort of combat. He will sometimes assign such a target; this target may be another PC. Stuck Doors B Us: These two enterprising characters, a dwarf named Snapper and a half-ogre named Fido, will open stuck doors for the party i For 50 gp. Even in the dungeons, these tu 10 have a knack for showing up just when they are most needed. Citadel Sage s Qua rters: In and among the seamier sectic ms of the Citadel Union can be found 1 the dwelling of Zuphaitz, a sage of high re pute. His major field is humankind, with SI iecial emphasis in legends, history, custo ms, and mixed drinks. He has no minor fi elds. Due to an unusual (in a sage) stupc )r, he will take twice the normal time to 1 :esearch an answer for any employer. Moreover, a rivalry e txists between Zuphaitz and Merrang (SE:e page 5), and neither sage will aid a part y that admits to seeing the other sage. Hc Dwever, should the party be short of mone by, Zuphaitz will waive his fees in return I for the PCs agreement to steal a par,titular treatise on magical intoxicants fro1 n Merrang s library. The details of this i misadventure are left to the DM, whose b mind no doubt already races with siniste, r ideas. Dwarven Pride P lrmory and Smithy: Here is the wor kshop of Hardtack the Mighty, who can I craft anything from metals that the part! IT would desire. He can turn out goods at t he rate listed in the DSG, but insists on 1 payment in the form of labor, with two PC s serving as apprentices for one day per 10 gp cost. Moneychanger, Val dt, and Tax Collector: At the en1 trance to the dungeons waits Fudge the Incessant, hand-picked by the Her2 cog to monitor the monies coming from the dungeons and make certain that t he castle gets more than its fair shz ire. Fudge is equipped with a wand of metal and mineral detection Qust enoug ;h charges) and will spot any attempt to I sneak money past him. Tax rates at Ca istle Greyhawk are 1% times the averaj ge level of the PCS. Aside from taking mor ley, Fudge can also store it for the part y (29 0 interest. charge per game month) I or lend it (at an interest rate of 2% per g came week and the borrower s finest ite m of magic as collateral). One genuinely useful service Fudge provides is to exchange bi ilky copper and silver pieces for more convenient coins or gems. He can convert any amount the PCs request to any medium, with his magical bag of exchange (which converts monies according to the will of its owner), for a fee of 100 gp. Thieves Den: This is not precisely a location, as the den is never in the same place twice. The den master, a 17th-level Master Thief, goes by the name Praingaim. Lest thief-acrobats fret, it should be pointed out that Praingaim owns a hat of difference, with which he becomes a 17th-level Master Thief-Acrobat. He never holds den meetings in the same location twice. Possible locations include the uppermost floor of the Tower of Wizardry, the Dwarven Pride Smithy, the Headquarters of the Guard, the kitchen of the Herzog s Sanctum, and the ninth level of the dungeon. Praingaim is always assisted by 1-4 students of levels 4-9. The Master Thief has a particular fondness for anything magical and is more than happy to relieve the PCs of anything magical that isn t held tightly. Supply Praingaim with lots of nasty equipment if the PCs are foolish enough to attack him. The Herzog s Sanctum The third building of Castle Greyhawk is a three-level tower in the northeast area of the compound. In this bemoated cylinder may be found the living quarters of the Herzog, his family, and guests; it is here that the PCs can find lodging and companionship. Like the Wizards Tower, the Herzog s Sanctum has but three chambers per level. However, the floor plan is arranged a bit differently. The central spiral staircase has one door every three feet of elevation (three doors for every 360-degree full circle of the spiral). Thus doors 1, 2, and 3 (leading to rooms 1, 2, and 3, respectively) are on the first floor (even though room 2 is three feet higher than room 1, and room 3 is three feet higher still). Rooms 4, 5, and 6 form the second floor, etc. The arrangement is such that 9

11 room 4 is directly above room 1 and is nine feet higher. Likewise with rooms 2 and 5 and rooms 3 and 6. The rooms in ths tower are all in the shape of pie slices. All rooms are locked, and only Herzog Akitrom and his fair daughter have keys. However, once a thief can pick any lock successfully, he may add a +30% bonus to any roll in an attempt to pick any other lock in the Sanctum thereafter. Lighting arrangements in the Sanctum were designed by the Herzog s grandfather, whose sense of decor was a bit bizarre. Each room is lit by a ceramic frog, its open mouth revealing the light of a continual light spell. These light sources are permanently affixed with a quantity of sovereign glue, and any attempt to budge one results in its destruction instead. Room 1: This northern room has an outer door leading to the bridge across the moat. This room, the parlor of the Sanctum, is populated by six permanent unseen servants, who will attempt to strip all visitors of cloaks, weaponry, armor, and perhaps clothing. These items are stored in a small anteroom off to the southwest, under Room 3. There are a few comfortable chairs in the parlor, but little else. Room 2: This is the kitchen for the Sanctum. Two servants, J nierce and Enfrahl, are always busy here. Their recipes run the gamut from the mundane to the decidedly exotic, such as Gorgonburgers and the breakfast feature of sweet-trolls, the latter to be eaten with inordinate promptness. Room 3: Ths is the Dining Hall. Along the tastefully wood-paneled walls are portraits of the Herzog s ancestry. He can spend hours recounting their exploits. On the table is a candelabra, which is usually lit during meals. There is a 5% chance each meal for the candles to actually be a form of incense of obsession. If so, any cleric at the table must make a save vs. paralyzation to avoid the effects of the smoke. Room 4: This room has plenty of bunks and a wash basin. This is the room given to the PCs during their stay here. The beds are comfortable but spartan. Room 5: This is the headquarters of a competing adventuring party. Higher level than the PCs and bullying whenever the opportunity arises, these adventurers have fallen on hard times of late. Recently, they were attacked by trolls and slaughtered untnl only the druid, LeDurt, remained. Mighty though he was, Le- Durt could only reincarnate his allies and hope for the best. They did not get lucky. Nesselrode is a 12th-level wizard who finds that a badger body, being illequipped for either verbd or somatic components, is a severe handicap for a spell-caster. He carries with him a ring of shooting stars and a staff ofthe magi. His mood is generally dour, and he has been known to bite chiaracters on the ankle for little or no provocation. Kashahr was a 10th-level paladin before he came back as a pixie. Although he still retains his paladin abilities, his warhorse died of laughter upon seeing his new condition, and he has not yet been able to summon a new one. Not surprisingly, Kashahr carries no magical items. Brabu s thieving skills were drastically affected by her reincarnation as a centaur. (Racial modifiers to thieving skills are as follows: PP: -1570, OL: , FT/RT + 570, MS: , HS: -25%, HN: +5%, CW -85?70, RL: ) She treasures her ring of flying. The NPCs were willing to kill themselves and try again, when LeDurt was attacked by a handful of wights and reduced to third level. He carries a staff of the woodlands +2 and has decided that the dungeons underneath Castle Greyhawk are too lucrative to pass up, and hence has not allied himself with the Golden Bough in their efforts to reduce the castle to rubble. The Dungeon Master should feel free to use this party to irritate the PCs at any reasonable Opportunity. They have a knack for finding secret doors the party overlooks and for claiming any mound of treasure the PCtj abandon. These NPCs are also more than willing to undertake any assignment for the Herzog, and are spiteful enough to do so for the sole purpose of denying the assignment to the PCS. Room 6: This room is normally unused, but any other adventuring parties or additional guests may be boarded here. Room 7: The foreign diplomats and envoys the Herzog wishes to entertain stay in these opulent quarters. The specific occupants should come and go at regular intervals, but they should without exception be haughty and condescending to the loutish PCs, as it is beyond their understanding why the Herzog would embarrass himself by keeping such scoundrels within his walls. Room 8: This double-sized room is the lair of both His Excellency, the Herzog Akitrom, and (behind a screened-off area) his lovely daughter Risotta. The Herzog is blond, with a heavy beard and 40 pounds of encumbrance around his waist he could do without. He is a 15th-level Lord (96 hit points) who always wears bracers of defense, AC3, a ring of protection + 3, a cloak of protection +Z, aringofmagicresistance, 15%, and a defender sword +4 named Herbert. He may wear other items of magic as the DM feels appropriate. The Herzog is a kindly man who does his best to accomodate the PCs, within reason. As long as they carry out his will, he is most generous. However, he brooks no foolishness, and his will can be hard at times. He has an 18 Wisdom and cannot be intimidated. His daughter is the most treasured of his possessions, his fine dungeons coming a close second. Risotta is the archetype of romantic princesses. Her black hair sweeps around the classic lines of her face. She is graceful, charming, and tasteful. Alas, she also has the brains of a three-day-old tuna fish sandwich. Her most endearing qualities are her delicate, piercing scream and her ability to faint at Will. Unless the PCs break into this room, they will never enter, as the Herzog keeps these quarters closely guarded. The most noticeable feature may be the three efreeti he keeps here as guards. 10

12 The Herzog s Problem Akitrom has reason to be proud of his accomplishments. Delegates from nearby lands have finally begun coming to Castle Greyhawk in order to observe the security of the place and its worthiness as a place to send criminals..er, that is settlers. But the idiot druids of the Golden Bough are making a hash of things and, to make matters worse, there s something going on in the dungeons. Of late, the voluminous passageways and labyrinthine chambers below have been filling up with monsters of all sorts. Indeed, some of them have been spilling over into the castle proper. At appropriate times in the campaign, the DM should alert the PCs to such emergencies as: 1 Mustard Jelly: AC 4; MV 9 ; HD ; hp 47; #AT 1 or 2; Dmg 5d4 or 2d4/2d4; SA special; SD special; MR 10%; INT Average; AL N; SZ L in the kitchen. 3 Ixitachitl: AC 6; MV 12 ; HD 1 + 1; hp 4, 6, 9; #AT 1; Dmg 3d4; SA Nil; SD Nil; MR Standard; INT Average; AL CE; SZ M in the Sanctum moat. 10 Tiraphegs: AC 10; MV 3 ; HD 2; hp 10 each; #AT 3; Dmg ld4 (x3); SA Strangle; SD Illusions; INT Average; AL N; SZ M making a nuisance of themselves in the bar. 200 Mini-onions of Set: AC 9; MV 6 ; HD 1/4; hp 1; #AT 1; Dmg 1; SA Nil; SD Nil; MR 2%; INT LOW; AL LE; SZ S [l inch tall] terrorizing the Tower of Wizardry as agents of the Golden Bough, as a distraction from a force of vegepygmies or needlers attacking the gate. 1 Crypt Thing: AC 3; MV 12 ; HD 6; hp 19; #AT 1; Dmg ld8; SA Teleport; SD Magic needed to hit; MR Standard; INT Very; AL N; SZ M hanging around the party s quarters for lack of anything more constructive to do. It will teleport party members 0-3 (ld4-1) levels below the deepest they have explored in the dungeon below, if the characters fail their saving throws vs. paralyzation. And so on. The Herzog would gladly clear his dungeons himself, but he has no time to spare for such delights, as his guests must be wined and dined and the Golden Bough must also be tackled. And so, he calls the party together and requests their aid. He will put the resources of Castle Greyhawk at the PCs disposal (for the appropriate user-fee, of course) if they can determine the cause of the infestation and put an end to it. There are items of power as well as vast treasure in the rooms below, and the PCs are welcome to all they can carry, minus the small tax as noted earlier. Also, if they could consent to map out the layers below, the Herzog would deeply appreciate it, and will in fact pay 1,000 gp per dungeon level entirely mapped. He can offer no more. Oh, please, sighs Princess Risotta, Say you ll do it. And so begins the adventure! 11

13 I Y Key Barrel Column Stalagmite Pit Iron Bars Gate Dry Moat Secret Door This adventure is for five to eight characters of 0 to 2d level. The dungeon itself is very light-hearted in tone, with a wide variety of humorous creatures and characters whose behavior ranges from zany to comic-bookish. DMs looking for a hardcore dungeon dive should probably bypass this adventure. But for those of you interested in a break from your typical save-the-universe-before-sundown adventure, this may be what you were looking for. Be forewarned, though, that some of the encounters in this dungeon are exceptionally dangerous and require thoughtful play to overcome. DM s Information The dungeon in this adlrenture is the first level beneath Grey lawk Castle. While this adventure can be played independent of the other adventures, the story line is linked with the grander scheme of the dungeon. The Random Monster Generator, located on the lowest level of the dungeon, is running on Full Automatic. Most of the random monsters created are normal, but a few, as always happens in mass production, have a defect or two. Fortunately, the Random Monster Generator is equipped withi an internal quality control mechanism that teleports belowstandard monsters out of the immediate area. To be specific, these monsters are teleported to the first level. It is there that Zando the Great, a minor magician, first encountered some of these deviant monsters. Zando, known to his friends as The Weasel, immediately had a plan. With a little work this dungeon level could be fixed up, cages installed, a spot of paint, a few posters and viola!. Zando s Emporium of Exotic and Rare Beasts. Three weeks later Zando was almost ready, the cages were built, the beasts gathered and the dungeon cleaned. The day before Zando was going to make his big announcement to the citizens of Greyhawk, disaster struck. One of the creatures escaped, captured Zando, threw him into a large cage and released all of the other monsters; many of whom immediately turned on the would-be 12

14 zoo s employees. The only person to escape was Culum, a small boy, who was able to slip through the bars of the cage and make his way to the Greyhawk bazaar. Culum is a well-known troublemaker and is often found nearby whenever something breaks or falls or disappears. Because of his reputation, no one in Greyhawk is willing to listen to, much less help, Culum rescue Zando (who isn t overly popular either). The adventure begins in the Greyhawk bazaar with Culum looking for a mark, someone he can trick into rescuing Zando for free. The Adventure As the party reaches the end of yet another in the endless rows of stalls, tell them that they hear a disturbing noise. It sounds like a child crying. When they go 3 investigate, read the following aloud. As you turn the comer you see a small red-haired boy, perhaps nine or 10 years old, sitting with his back against the wall. His clothes are dusty and ragged. His face is tear-streaked, with dark smudges covering his freckled cheeks. His hands are clutched around a small battered tin cup that contains a single copper coin. From his neck hangs a tattered sign with the word Orphan written on it. Upon seeing your party, the boy attempts to dry his eyes with the tom sleeve of his shirt, smiles bravely, and says, Copper for a new orphan? This is Culum McCreedy. Culum has already decided these adventurers are just the pigeons he s looking for. The new orphan comment is designed to get the conversation rolling, but if your players are an especially hard-hearted bunch, then Culum won t hesitate to speak first. He ll tell the sad tale of how Poor 01 dad has been lost in the dungeons below the castle for two days now. I can only assume the worst, ma ams and sirs. Culum McCreedy: AC 9; Move 12 ; HD 0; hp 2; ST7 IN13 W12 DX15 CNll CH14; #AT 0; Dmg 0; THACO 20; AL CN. Culum speaks with a cockney accent, and will answer all of the players questions with a Yes, Sir, No, Sir, Beg n your pardon, Ma am, etc. Occasionally, Culum s tiny body is wracked with sobs when speaking of how his Dear 01 dad was just tryin to earn a few coppers for the evenin stew. (Sob) His dream has always been for me to taste a bit 0 potato before I m a full-grown man. Bless his soul. Show no mercy when playing Culum. Lay it on thick and pull every heart string you can find. Culum s goal is to get the adventurers to go down into the dungeon. To this end, he ll continually use phrases like presumed dead, and assume the worst, in an attempt to get the characters to volunteer to search the dungeon for his dad. If that doesn t work, Culum pathetically offers them his one battered copper, (actually he has 15 silver stashed in his boot) to look for dad. If the adventurers still won t go to rescue dear 01 dad then Culum will flat out ask them. Continued refusal means that you have no adventure this evening-close the book, fold up the screen, and stare at your players until they get the hint. Culum is a scoundrel and a scamp, (not evil, just annoyingly neutral). The only reason he s doing any of this is because Zando promised him a piece of the action if Culum would find someone to rescue him. Once your players agree to help, Culum beams with gratitude, thanking them repeatedly. He then takes a PC s hand (if possible, that of the female with the highest Charisma) and starts to lead the party to the dungeon entrance. As your adventurers make their way back through the bazaar, comment on how the shop owners keep eyeing Culum with obvious hostility and fear. (One pudgy apple seller actually throws her arms over her apple basket as Culum walks by.) If the PCs talk to any of the store owners, they re told that Culum is a thieving little monster who ought to be packed off to reform school. Culum remains silent during the accusations until the adventurers move away from the shop keeper. Then he apologizes saying, Miss Tucker was tell n the truth. I have wronged her, but my poor 01 dad was sick at the time and I had to get him some food or he d have died, and that s the truth. Eventually Culum leads the characters into a two-storey shop. In the center of the floor is a trap door, bolted shut. That s it. That s where my poor 01 dad went. Culum explains. Observant players may have a number of questions, such as If your poor 01 dad is so poor, how can he afford a shop like this? and Why is there a private entrance in your house to the dungeons below? To all such questions Culum simply answers, I don t know, Sir. If your adventurers want, they can investigate the rest of the house. The first floor contains nothing of interest. Upstairs they find a small but well-stocked kitchen and a combination bedroom/ study with a single bed. In the bedroom is a table filled with papers and legal documents, all of which concern zoning rights for keeping animals within the castle walls. A hidden compartment in the table contains 50 gold pieces. A closet is filled with moderately priced magicians cloaks. Characters may note that there is absolutely no evidence that Culum lives in this building. If questioned about this, Culum breaks down crying, he was like a father to me. As usual, Culum is lying. When the adventurers finally get ready to go down into the dungeon, Culum insists on coming along. If the adventurers refuse, Culum pretends to relent but follows them down after they leave, catching up as soon as they encounter the first monster. Thereafter feel free to use Culum to your advantage, having him run off at inopportune moments, or urging the adventurers on if they re about to give up. As Culum was present during the construction of the zoo, he is thoroughly familiar with most of the monsters. From time to time you might want to have him 13

15 .I 4 share this knowledge with the PCs. For example: Culum (clapping hands on side of head): Oh no, not (dramatic pause).. horizontal jet-propelled piercers! Life In The Dungeon Besides being populated with defective monsters, this dungeon is constructed like a zoo. This means the PCs are going to see a number of unusual sights during the adventure. (Not many dungeons have a turnstile by the main entrance). When running the adventure, think of the Island of Misfit Toys from Rudolf the Red- Nosed Reindeer-toy trains with square wheels, a Jack-in-the-box named Herman, etc. As the adventurers journey into the dungeon, point out how clean and well ventilated it is. Many of your players will probably think the entire dungeon is an illusion. Let them, they ll find out the truth soon enough. Most of the monsters have left their cages. A few, such as aquatic creatures, had no choice but to remain where they were. As is always the case whenever large numbers of monsters are left alone together, the creatures of the dungeon have already begun to stake out lairs and prey upon one another. Sigh. Monsters will be monsters. The Dungeon of Misfit Monsters Area 1 The trapdoor opens to reveal a sturdy wooden staircase leading downward. Attached to the wall to either side of the staircase is a hand rail. At the bottom of the stairs, built into the wall, is a small wooden guard house with barred windows, and an elbow-high shelf with a tiny slot just above it. On the front of the guardhouse is a sign. It reads, Adults-3 copper, Children under 12-Free. The guardhouse is empty. A natural passage runs west from this point. Observant players who stop to examine the passage will note that while it is a natural tunnel, the floor has been smoothed and dried, giving it a finished look. Ceiling height in the dungeon s tunnels varies from eight feet to 12 feet. Area 2 The tunnel leads into a large chamber with grey, fitted-stone walls and a finely-polished limestone floor. A few reddish-brown stalactites and stalagmites protrude from the ceiling and floor, attesting to the fact that this is a natural chamber. In the center of the room are four pinewood tables, each surrounded by five stools. Against the northern wall stands an elbow-high counter. Two beer taps are built into the counter, and a small, stone fireplace is recessed into the wall behind the counter. A sign above the counter reads as follows: Ale, Pixie mug Peasant mug Jumbo mug Monsterburger Full tour 10 copper 1 silver 2 silver 1 silver Free Three small passages lead out of the chamber to the north, east, and south. An arrow painted at the entrance to the southern passage has a profile of a sea serpent emblazoned upon it. A similar arrow pointing toward the northern passage shows a bear. The third passage, the one you just entered from, has an Exit sign mounted above it. Other exits from the chamber include a wooden door set into the southern wall and a large natural passage leading farther to the west. A plaque mounted beside the last passage reads This way to tremendous monster of gigantic proportions. This chamber is a combination concession standhour meeting area. Most of a zoo s profit comes from concessions, namely selling low-quality food at high prices. To this end, Zando set up his own concession stand. Once the zoo opens, a free tour of the zoo will leave this chamber every hour. Between tours, zoo visitors must wait here, while their taste buds are tantalized by the aroma of Zando s Monsterburgers, (no they aren t made from monsters but they are very large). Stored in cabinets beneath the counter are a number of untapped kegs of ale, several dozen mugs in three different sizes, 20 steak knives, 30 cloth napkins, three lanterns, 15 flasks of oil, and a large supply of rapidly deteriorating vegetables, (primarily tomatoes and onions for the Monsterburgers). Characters who search the counter have a 25% chance of finding a secret drawer (the register), which contains 53 sp and 110 cp. The fireplace is perfectly normal and the chimney actually adjoins the chimney of Zando s house on the street above. Beside the fireplace is a wooden crate filled with 40 pounds of coal. (Cooking over a coal fire tends to smother the flavor of the meat, a highly desirable result considering the meat Zando plans on using.) The tables and stools are of your typical barroom variety. The only thing of interest about them is that they seem to be newly made (Zando just purchased them). Area 3 The door opens to reveal a short T- shaped corridor. The two ends of the T each end in another wooden door. Emblazoned upon one of the doors is a silhouette of a barbarian warrior holding a battle axe. Upon the other door is a silhouette of well-proportioned woman wearing a long flowing gown. These are the bathrooms, or rather these will be the bathrooms when the zoo opens (neither one has ever been used before). The door with the barbarian silhouette (area 3A) leads to the men s room. The other door leads to the women s (area 3B). When the adventurers open one of the 14

16 doors, regardless of which one, tell them they see a small bathroom. The accommodations are primitive but clean. A mirror, wash bowl, and towel sit on a shelf attached to one of the blue-tiled walls. The toilet itself is simply a round opening that disappears into darkness (the pipe leads to a central septic tank between the two bathrooms-more on this in a moment). You might also want to include a potted plant in the lady s room, perhaps a hanging fern. When the characters open the second door, describe the room as identical to the last room, but there is a strange sound coming from the toilet, almost like a rumbling. This rumbling comes from a twoheaded hydra that has taken up residence in the septic tank. 1 Hydra: AC 5; Move 0 [stuck in septic tank]; HD 2; hp 16; #AT 1 in each bathroom; Dmg ld6; THACO 16; SD regenerates severed head in ld4 melee rounds; AL N. This hydra has an exceptionally long neck. It has only two heads with 8 hit points each. While the hydra does grow back severed heads (Le., heads that have been reduced to 0 hp), it does not grow them back at the two to one ratio as do normal lernaean hydras. However, what this hydra lacks in physical abilities it makes up for in intelligence. The rumbling sound heard by the characters is a ploy by the hydra to get the adventurers to turn their backs on the other bathroom. Immediately after maldng the rumbling noise in one bathroom, the hydra sticks his head up though the other bathroom and attempts to attack one of the adventurers from behind. If the door to the bathroom is closed, the hydra opens it with his teeth. Characters who aren t watching the door behind them are automatically surprised. As soon as the characters turn to face this attack then the second head rises out of the other bathroom and attacks, with surprise if possible. If one of the heads is defeated (treat them as two separate 8 hit point creatures), then the other head will suddenly retract back down the hole for ld4 melee rounds until the second head has regen- erated, at which time both heads will resume the battle. As with the lernaean hydra, burning the neck stump permanently kills a head. If both heads are dead, the hydra dies. Incidentally, any character who uses either bathroom before the hydra attacks is in for a big surprise. Area 4 This bizarre chamber looks as if it s been tilted on its side. Stalagmites and stalactites are growing horizontally from the walls! In the center of the room is a pit covered by an iron grate. Milling slowly about the bottom of the pit are a number of giant mushrooms, their color varying from light green to bright blue. The stalagmites and stalactites are actually horizontal, jet-propelled piercers. 24 Horizontal Jet-propelled Piercers: AC 3; Move 1 ; HD 1; hp 7,7,7,7,7, 6,6,6,6,6,4,4,4,4,4,3,3,3,3,3, 3,3,2,2; #AT 1; Dmg ld6; THACO 19; AL N Horizontal jet-propelled piercers are indistinguishable from horizontal stalagmites until they are examined closely (from five feet away or less). These bizarre creatures collect methane from the dungeon air, storing it in a special lung located at the base of their cone. Adjacent to the storage lung is another organ called the pyreen. On command the pyreen emits a small flame, igniting the stored methane, which propels the piercer through the air toward its target. Horizontal piercers have a range of about 20 feet and can actually adjust their trajectory in mid-flight simply by altering the direction of the methane emissions. These piercers mindlessly attack any creature that comes within 20 feet and is directly in front of them, regardless of the size of the creature (they sense body heat). After attacking once, it takes several days for the storage lung to restock its supply of methane, until then the horizontal piercer can do nothing but cling helplessly to a wall. As soon as the characters enter the 15 room, ld4 horizontal piercers attack. Thereafter, for every round that the characters remain here, ld4 more piercers will attack until all 24 have fired. The pit is roughly cut about 10 feet deep and lined with fitted stones. The mushrooms are called leakers. 4 Leakers: AC 7; Move 1 ; MD 3; hp 12,12,12,10; #AT 0; AL N. A leaker is actually a strange variety of shrieker. Unlike a shrieker, however, a leaker makes no sound whatsoever, but when it is prodded or damaged, a brightly glowing green sap flows from the leaker s body. This sap will continue to glow, illuminating an area 30 feet in radius, for up to eight hours before fading. Each leaker can produce enough sap to fill a lantern, thereafter the leaker must rest for 24 hours. Area 5 On the outer edges of the cavern, numerous stalagmites and stalactites cover the ceiling and floor, obscuring the room s perimeter in dark shadows. In marked contrast, the center of the chamber has been cleared of all natural rock formations. Pockmarks and stumps are all that remain of the stalagmites and stalactites which once stood there. On the outer edges of the chamber are two features of interest. The first is a door on the northern wall. Painted on the door are the words, EMPLOYEES ONLY. The second feature of interest is a two-foot-diameter black sphere, hidden in the shadows against the west wall. The sphere feels smooth and rock-like to the touch, but when tapped it reverberates with a hollow sound. Solid gas spore (AC 0; Move 0 ; HD 4; hp 16; #AT 0; Dmg 2d4 + save vs. poison otherwise character is infected as per normal gas spore; SA Explode when punctured; AL N. Solid gas spores differ from normal gas spores in two way. First, they aren t nearly as easy to puncture (edged nonmagical weapons break on a roll of 1 when

17 used against a solid gas spore). Second, when solid gas spores explode they inflict 2d4 points of damage to everyone within 30 feet due to shell fragments. Area 6 Against the northern wall, separated from the rest of the chamber by a dry moat, stands an iron-bar cage. A plaque at the base of the cage reads, Extreme Danger-Do Not Feed Meat. The cage is empty except for a few bones littered about its floor. This cage used to house the two minitaurs now in area 9. There are two exits from the room-a natural tunnel leading south, and a wooden door with the words EMPLOY- EES ONLY printed on it. A ranger will recognize the bones as those of a bear. The bones were placed there by Zando to impress visitors. Area 7 An iron gate lies propped against the wall. Brownish-red stalagmites and stalactites, light grey columns, and numerous patches of grey flowstone compete for space within the chamber. A tiny stream of clear water winds its way through the chamber occasionally widening into a small pool. Lurking amongst the flowstones and stalagmites is a ropeless (i.e., a small roper without any strands). Ropeless: AC 0; Move 3 ; HD 5; hp 15; #AT 1; Dmg ld10; THACO 15; AL CE The ropeless is hiding in the southeast corner of the room and can only be spotted (10% chance) by characters actively looking. (Exception: Adventurers without torches who are using infravision automatically spot the ropeless.) The ropeless continues to hide until a character approaches within five feet, at which time it suddenly springs up and attacks, surprising on a 1-5. Like a roper, the ropeless has a gizzard-like organ that contains 3d6 platinum pieces and may contain ldlo gems (35% chance). As a simple advertising gimmick, Zando plans on asking tour groups to play Spot the monster. The first person to spot the ropeless wins five copper pieces. Area 8 The passage opens up into an unusual cavern. The left half of the room is blocked off from your area by iron bars. An iron door in the center of the bars is shut. On the far side of the bars is a pool of water. Stalactites and stalagmites droop down from the ceiling and rise out of the water, occasionally meeting to form glistening white columns. Swimming in the shallow pool between the columns are several sharks. A wooden door to your right leads out of the chamber. A sign hung on this door reads, EMPLOYEES ONLY. These are not normal sharks-these are land sharks. 3 Land Sharks;: AC 6; Move 24 /6 ; HD 3; hp 17,12,11; #AT 1; Dmg ld4 +l; THACO 16; AL N. As their name suggests, land sharks can leave the water; in fact they can stand upright, walk, and even manage a short loping sprint on their rear fins when necessary (such as when the prey is running away). Characters who check find that the lock on the cage door is broken. Adventurers may tie the door shut with available supplies (rope, cloth,, wire, etc.). When the characters enter the chamber the sharks immediately spot them, swim over to the bars, and glare menacingly. This is meant to scare the party away (the sharks, aren t particularly hungry right now). If the adventurers attack or taunt the sharks in any way, all three sharks will rise up out of the water (the water is only waist high) and move toward the cage door with surprising speed. If the door has been barred by the characters then the sharks retreat back behind the columns and hide on the bottom where they are immune to all missile attacks. Otherwise the sharks charge out of the cage and attack with mindless ferocity. (If the battle is going too much in the sharks favor, have them stop attacking and circle for a while-walk around the adventurers-until the party regroups.) Area 9 ~ This crowded room, smelling of salted meats, is lit by a glowing crystal ball attached to the ceiling high above. A small wooden table sits in the center of the room, surrounded by several chairs. In one corner stands an oak desk, the brass plaque upon it reads, Zando-Office Manager. Stacked against the far wall are several dozen crates and barrels labeled, Meat. Two creatures are struggling to tip over one of the barrels. The creatures are three feet tall with bodies like those of men, but heads like bulls. If Culum is with the group he screams in terror, (destroying any chance of surprise), crying out Oh no, not minitaurs! Upon hearing the scream, both of the minitaurs wheel about and snarl at the Party. 2 Minitaurs: AC 6; Move 12 ; HD 1 +2; hp 10,9; #AT 1; Dmg ld6; THACO 18; AL CN. These are two very hungry minitaurs and they ve staked out their claim. If the characters make any hostile gestures or approach the barrels, then the minitaws attack, trying to drive off the invaders. If the characters offer the minitaurs food, then the minitaurs drop all signs of hostility and scamper over to the party, whining and snorting like two playful pit bulls. Thereafter the minitaurs follow the characters where ever they go, behaving as domesticated dogs (snarl at strangers, etc.). This room is a combination storeroom/ officelemployee lounge. The dimensions of the room are 30 feet by 30 feet, with a 15-foot-high ceiling. 16

18 The crystal ball is attached to the ceiling with magical glue. A dwarf or gnome may attempt to remove the globe by making a Dexterity Check. Success means that the globe has been detached intact. Failure means that the globe shatters and the spell is broken. The crates and barrels in the corner contain, for the most part, low-quality meats and grains for feeding the animals. The meats are packed in salt and must be washed thoroughly before they are given to the monsters. No human food is kept here. (Employees go to the bazaar during their lunch hour.) The oak desk in the corner is Zando s. Stacked upon it are a number of papers dealing with employee salaries, release forms, tax forms, etc. There is nothing of interest in the desk. A poster above the desk shows a number of cartoonish figures laughing hysterically and rolling around the floor. The caption beneath the figures reads, You want it when? Area 10 The passage opens into a large, lowceilinged cavern, the walls of which are covered with a luminous green fungus. Flowing through the center of the cavern is a stream. A newly-made wooden bridge crosses the stream. On the far side you see a holding pool of some type. Built around the holding pond is a five-foot-wide dry moat. A water trough has been cut into the natural stone floor, leading from the stream to the holding pool. Another trough winds its way around the outside of the chamber, exiting down a wide, dark passage. A sign beside this passage reads, Zando s Performing Porpoises-Showtimes: 10:00,12:00, 2:00, 4:OO. At present both water troughs are dry, their connections to the stream blocked by boards. Two other passages lead out of the cavern. One follows alongside the stream, the other, a small damp passage, heads south. This room is frequently occupied by monsters stopping to quench their thirst. Roll for a random encounter as soon as the characters enter this chamber. The stream passing through this chamber is just one of several that flow beneath Greyhawk Castle. The water is dark and cool, but quite clean and refreshing. Characters checking for depth discover the water level to be just over waist deep (chin high on a halfling). Adventurers may freely wade up- or downstream if they so choose. When heading upstream, the ceiling gradually becomes lower and lower, until characters are forced to completely submerge themselves to continue. PCs who proceed beyond this point will eventually drown. Characters who wade downstream reach area 12. The bridge over the stream is sturdy, made of newly cut oak, sanded and polished, with guardrails on either side. The fungus covering the walls is a harmless variety of green slime. Characters who touch the fungus find that it readily stains fingers and clothes. There are no other effects. The stain will wash out in warm water. The holding pond is a natural depression in the floor, some 20 feet in diameter and about 15 feet deep at its central point. The floor of the pool is carpeted with a layer of copper coins, sprinkled with a few silver pieces. Floating just above the coins is a spherical creature with one large eye in the center of its body, two eye stalks, and two thin arms, each of which end in claws. A small plaque attached to the floor of the cavern beside the pool reads, Cast a coin, and the demon of the deep shall grant your wishes. This is the official zoo Wishing well. The treasure in the pool was placed there by Zando to encourage people to throw more coins in. The creature is an eye of the shallows (sort of a cross between an eye of the deep and a dolphin). His name is Howard. Eye of the Shallows: AC 5; Move 6 ; HD 8; hp 35; #AT 3; Dmg ld6/ld6/ld6; THACO 12; SA Hold person spell once per round; AL CG While Howard looks like an eye of the deep, he behaves more like a dolphin, frolicking about the pool, attempting to splash the characters as they walk by. (Of course, your adventures might not realize Howard is playing.) If attacked, Howard casts hold,person on the offending party and then retreats to the bottom of his pool to sulk. If especially hard pressed in battle, Howard can cast a blinding flash of light from his main eye once per day. All characters within this conical ray (cone 1/2 at eye extending 3 to a 2 diameter base) must save vs. death ray/poison or be blinded for 2d6 turns. Howard has no need for the treasure in his pool. If the characters show a strong desire for this treasure without attacking (such as trying to fish some of it out with a small net), Howard will help out, scooping up large mouthfuls of coins and then shooting them at the players (no damage but it stings a little). In all there xe 500 cp and 75 sp in the pool. The moat around the pool is five feet deep. The water troughs in the floor are one foot wide and eight inches deep. Zando carved out these troughs so he could refill Howard s pool and the dolphin pool in area 13 at will. Area 11 This is a small cavern. In the center, supported by several sawn off stalagmites, is an oaken table, on top of which sit four large aquariums. A railing surrounds the table. Two orcs are standing beside the table. They look surprised to see you. I The orcs standing before the party aren t really orcs at all-they re gas orcs, a strange mutant variety of the gas spore. Gas orcs look almost identical to real orcs, including the appearance of armor and weapons (one of the gas orcs is carrying a gas spear and the other a gas sword). 2 Gas Orcs: AC 9; Move 3 ; HD 1 Hit Point; #AT 0; Dmg 2d4; SA Explode when punctured; AL N. I 17

19 Gas orcs sense body heat. Whenever a living creature comes within 20 feet, the gas orc will drift slowly toward the creature, propelling itself with the millions of tiny cilia on its outer skin. If a gas orc suffers even one point of damage it explodes and all creatures within 10 feet receive ld4 + 1 points of damage, plus they must save vs. poison. Characters who fail their saves are infected with gas orc spores. Thereafter the victim has 24 hours to get a cure disease spell cast upon him or he will die two days later and sprout 3d4 more gas orcs. When the party enters, the orcs simply stand there staring at the adventurers. During the first round there is a 90% chance that the characters will mistake the gas orcs for real orcs. If the characters don t attack immediately, then the gas orcs true nature becomes apparent as they drift toward the characters several inches above the floor, in the best balloon fashion, without moving their legs. Characters using just infravision cannot see the gas orcs. Once the characters have dealt with the gas orcs, they can examine the rest of the chamber. As stated, there are four aquariums on the table, each containing a creature captured by Zando and a name plate identifying it. In order, the creatures are a normal gar, a normal crab, a normal crayfish, and a normal pike. With all the giant varieties of these creatures running about, people don t get to see the small ones anymore. (Incidentally, Zando is pulling a fast one on his customers, the crab isn t normal, it s just a baby giant crab, but that won t become apparent for several more years.) u-ea 12 The path opens into another large cavern. Here the stream forks, flowing around a large moss-covered island, then comes together again to flow out the far side of the cavern. A fence of long steel spikes and rope surrounds the two forks of the stream and the island. A plaque by the fence reads, Uniduck Island. The room is empty. For more information on uniducks, see ihe Wandering Monster Encounters section (on page 20). Area 13 The tunnel descends into a large rectangular chamber. On either side of you are bleachers, cut into the natural stonework, all facing toward the far half of the room. There, well lit by more of the green fungus, is a swimming pool, its bottom sprinkled with silver coins. Above the pool is a wooden bridge, suspended beneath which are three hoops, several feet above the surface of the water. As you enter, three dolphins simultaneously leap from the water, fly through the hoops, and fall back into the pool s cool, clear water. In the last chamber the characters encountered Howard, the friendly eye of the shallows. Remember how Howard got all his goodness from his dolphin half, and his horrid appearance from his eye of the deep half? Tlhese dolphins are just the reverse-these are killer dolphins. 3 Killer Dolphins: AC 5; Move 30 ; HD 2 +2; hp 16, 14, 12; #AT 1; Dmg 2d4; THACO 16; AL CE. These dolphins are highly intelligent, and they re also very hungry. When the characters enter the room, the dolphins pretend not to notice them. Instead the dolphins put on a show-they leap through the hoops, tread water on their back fins, summersault in the air, etc. After a few minutes one of the dolphins will pretend to suddenly see the party. When this happens the dolphins step up the pace of the show as if they are trying to impress the characters. The dolphins ultimate objective is to coax one of the characters into the water. If a character does come near *the water, one of the dolphins will swim by, chatter excitedly, and splash the character lightly, using its side flipper. As soon as a character enters the water, the dolphins attack mercilessly. Scattered about the bottom of the pool are 300 sp. These were placed here, once again, by Zando in an attempt to get the crowds to throw money. Zando still doesn t know that these are killer dolphins, although he is a little suspicious since three of his dolphin trainers have disappeared. Area 14 This long, wide, natural corridor leads to Zando s main exhibit area. Ever astute, Zando has used the great length of the corridor to build suspense. Posted along the walls are a series of signs- 500 Feet to Terrible Monster of Gigantic Proportions, 400 Feet to Terrible Monster of Gigantic Proportions, etc., the last sign, just outside the curtain to area 15 reads, 0 Feet to Terrible Monster of Gigantic Proportions. While walking down the corridor, dwarves and gnomes have a 50% chance of noticing that it gently slopes downward. Area 15 The chamber is circular in construction. Dominating the center of the room is a 30-foot-diameter, conicalshaped, steel bar cage surrounded by a small moat. The door to the cage lies bent and twisted near the far wall, as if tossed there by whatever was once held within. On the floor of the cage lies the leg bone of some great beast, shattered on one end. The air in this chamber feels thick and smells of animal fur. A smau bronze plaque on the side of the cage reads, Gigantic Monster of Incredible Proportions. This is Zando s main exhibit room. The main exhibit has obviously escaped. In fact, this was the creature that released all of the other creatures in the zoo. On the floor of the cage are several tufts of hair. A ranger who makes a successful Intelligence Check can identify the hair as that of a mammoth. Similarly, the bone in the cage is the leg bone of a mammoth. The bone is covered with teeth marks. In the center of the northern portion of 18

20 the wall is a wide tunnel leading north. An arrow sign, hung just inside the tunnel s entrance, reads, Herbivore Exhibit This Way. Area 16 The corridor ends abruptly in a balcony. Fifteen feet below is a large natural stone chamber. Reddish-purple stalagmites and stalactites cover the floor and ceiling, occasionally meeting to form huge, multi-colored columns. Flowing through the center of the chamber is a swift, dark stream. On the far side is a gigantic two-headed giant. Scattered on the floor beside him are a variety of bones. Beyond the giant is a cage, within which sits a dejected blue-robed figure. The air is heaw with the smell of burning flesh. This room was originally intended to be a natural habitat for dungeon herbivores, allowing them to roam free while watched by the paying public. Unfortunately for the herbivores, the cretin (sort of like an ettin but not as smart), moved here after escaping from the cage in area 15 and freeing the other monsters. Since then, all of the herbivores have been eaten as have all of the zoo personnel. Zando, the magician locked in the cage, is next on the menu. Incidentally, the two heads of the cretin are named Burt and Jimmy; like most giant heads, they speak with a cockney accent. Cretin: AC 5; Move 12 ; HD 8; hp 38; #AT 2; Dmg ld12/ld12 (each hand holds a giant spiked club); THACO 12; SD Surprised only on a 1; AL CE. If the adventurers are very quiet, allow them to observe the cretin without alerting it. Of course, at your discretion, Culum can always point and shout, Look, a monster! Burt and Jimmy are not very bright. In fact, just about any reasonable trick will work against them (getting the heads to argue with each other, throwing a rock in the corner to distract them, etc.:). Unrea- sonable tricks may also work (convincing Burt and Jimmy to club each other to death, telling them that cretins are supposed to be vegetarians, daring them to swim underwater downstream as far as possible, etc.). Strapped to the cretin s hip are keys for the cage. Thieves attempting to sneak up on Burt and Jimmy have their percentage chance of success reduced by 15% (two heads are better than one, as they say). Players who try to wait until Burt and Jimmy are asleep before acting will be sorely disappointed, as both heads never sleep at the same time. Some players may opt for the more direct hack-n-slash approach. If attacked, Burt and Jimmy become enraged, charging at the nearest opponent and attacking him repeatedly until he is oatmeal. Burt and Jimmy can easily climb onto the balcony in one round. They won t stop attacking until all perceived enemies have left the immediate area (or been turned into oatmeal). If the cretin spots the characters while they re still on the balcony, then Burt and Jimmy simultaneously let out a bloodcurdling yell, designed to scare off the adventurers. (Normally Burt and Jimmy would attack but, having just eaten an entire herbivore habitat over the last two days, they re rather bloated.) Zando (4th-level magician): AC 10; Move 12 ; MU 4; hp 12; #AT 1; Dmg by weapon; THACO 20; ST 10 IN14 WS7 CNll DX13 CI-18; AL CN. Spells: none memorized. Wears a small key on a silver chain around his neck. This is the master key to all of the locks on this level of the dungeon. Because of his hectic business schedule, Zando hasn t studied any spells for the last three weeks. Not having any spells at his disposal, fearing that Culum failed, and knowing that he s next on Burt and Jimmy s list of appetizers, have all left Zando feeling rather depressed. When the adventurers arrive, Zando is sitting in the cage with is head hung low. At some point in the rescue, Culum whispers, There s dear 01 dad and points toward Zando. If the characters want, they can try to signal Zando by throwing a rock near the cage. If successful, and if Burt and Jimmy haven t been alerted, Zando witl suddenly become very animated, trying to come up with a plan for getting around Burt and Jimmy. In fact, he may become so animated that the characters fear discovery because of Zando s wild arm gestures. If the characters start to leave after signaling, Zando becomes very irritated. In fact, he becomes irritated to the point of yelling, Don t leave me. (If nothing else, more prisoners mean more appetizers for Burt and Jimmy to select from, reasons Zando.) If Zando is rescued, Culum immediately walks up to him, plants both feet in front of the magician, and demands, That s 15 silver pieces you owe me for rescuing you. Zando grumbles, reaches down inside his robe, pulls out 15 silver pieces, and counts them out, one at a time for Culum. Now get outta my face, kid, you bother me. Needless to say, your players may be somewhat disgruntled by this turn of events, especially if several of their companions died during the adventure. Zando then turns to the adventurers and makes them an offer. If they ll help him get the zoo back into running order he ll give them 5% of the first year s gross. Hard-bargaining players might work Zando up to 2090, but he won t go any higher than that ( Hey, I gotta protect my profit margin, right? ) Getting the zoo back in running order means rounding up all the creatures running loose and putting them back in their cages unharmed. After that Zando has a secret room where, These critters just appear out of thin air, from time to time. The room Zando refers to is area 18. The Random Monster Generator on the lowest level teleports defective monsters to that room at a rate of about one monster per week. If the adventurers agree to Zando s offer, then Zando shows them the secret door leading to his private office (area 17), takes them there, and has them sign numerous legal documents. 19

21 During the entire proceedings, play Zando like an overly slick, used-car salesman. If you re doing it right, paladins and lawful good characters should fear for the pureness of their spirits. At the end of the one-year period each percentage point of profit is worth 25 gold pieces. For example, if the characters agreed to Zando s offer of 5% of the gross, they would receive 125 gold pieces to split amongst themselves. Area 17 The winding tunnel ends in a small natural cavern. Stalagmites and stalactites circle the perimeter of the room, but in the center all such obstructions have been cleared. Situated at one end of the clearing is a finely polished mahogany desk, behind which sits a blue plush chair. A set of bookshelves stand against the far wall and covering the floor is an exquisite silver-threaded rug. As you step across the rug, you hear the hollow sound of wooden planking beneath it. This is Zando s private office. The bookshelf contains numerous editions of various tax manuals, along with all of Zando s spell research material. The desk also contains iiles on the various employees, as well as notes on the various creatures (what they eat, how much they eat, how to care for them, etc.). Characters who search the desk find a small secret compartment in the back of the top right-hand drawer. There, wrapped in soft cloth, is a 50-gp ruby with a spell cast upon it. This is Zando s office light. The blue chair is extremely comfortable. Characters who search the chair have 25% chance of finding the secret compartment beneath the seat. There, neatly stacked, are 350 gold pieces. The rug is of fine quality and was won by Zando in a card game several years ago. At the bazaar similar rugs sell for 200 gold pieces. Beneath the rug is an even layer of pine boards. These were placed here by Zando to. keep the rug off the floor so that it won t get damp and to cover up the deep hole. Unknown to Zando this hole leads to the next level of the dungeon. Area 18 This is the room where defective monsters are teleported. Fearful of escapes, Zando had a solid iron door installed to keep the creatures in. Zando keeps this gate locked at all times and wears the key around his neck. Once per day Zando drops by to see if there are any new arrivals. If the adventurers get past the lock and open the door, tell them it appears to be a normal empty room, except for one wall that shimmers grey, twinkling almost as if it was sprinkled with silver dust. This unusual wall is the portal that connects the Random Monster Generator with this level. Creatures flop through this wall at a rate of about one per week. For all practical purposes, the wall is solid to the characters (i.e., it is a one-way portal, monsters check in but they don t check out). Wandering Monster Encounters This table is included as an aid to the DM. Roll ld4 once per turn. On a 4, the party has encountered one of the wandering monsters listed below. Roll again to see which monster is encountered. Note that there are a limited number of wandering monsters in this dungeon; once one of the monsters listed below has been slain or captured it cannot be encountered again. If the encounter die roll calls for a second encounter with the same monster, there is no encounter. 1. One Gelatinous Disk (AC 8; Move 1/4 ; HD 4; hp 14; #AT 1; Dmg 2d4; SA Paralyzation; THACO 20; AL N. Similar to a gelatinous cube in most respects, the gelatinous disk is much less feared because its unusual shape leaves it almost immobile. Thus while the gelatinous disk has 4 Hit Dice, it only attacks as a 1-1 Hit Die creature. There is nothing of interest within the body of this gelatinous disk. 2. Four Little Guys: AC 8; Move 9 ; HD 1 + 1; hp 9,9,8,7; #AT 1; Dmg ld8; THACO 18; AL CN. These are miniature giants (about five feet tall). In order of most hit points to least, there is Arghh the fire guy, Glacon the frost guy, Rocky the stone guy, and Jethro the hill guy. Since they got smaller and became subject to being eaten by bears and wolves and gelatinous disks, they ve become pretty nice to most adventurers. In fact, these guys will do just about anything to get out of fighting. 3. Four Uniducks: AC 7; Move 3 / 15 ; HD 1-1; hp 4,4,2,1; #AT 1; Dmg ld2; THACO 20; AL LG. Like unicorns, uniducks are loyal and true beasts, the very essence of all that is noble and good. However, unlike unicorns, uniducks make very poor steeds, as they are just knee-high, and tend to squash when sat upon. 4. Six Goblins: AC 6; Move 6 ; HD 1-1; hp 7,7,4,4,3,2; #AT 1; Dmg ld6 (spiked club); THACO 20; AL LE. These really are normal goblins. They wandered onto this dungeon level two days ago and have been exploring it ever since. The leader of the goblins, Gunter, is an especially nasty fellow, he s always quick to commit his troops to a fight to the death. 20

22 Greyhawk Dungeon Level 2 Door Locked Door BBroken Door I T r a p Door (Ceiling) Trap Door (Floor) Broken Wall Pit Random Encounter Check Scale: 1 Square = 10 Feet N En t ryway This adventure is designed for up to five characters of levels 3-4. A variety of character classes will help, but not much. DM Introduction This level of the castle is entirely occupied by arcs, ogres, goblins, and other evil types. They re d bored stiff and hate being stuck here because there s nothing to do. Sure, there s an occasional gang fight between the orcs and goblins, and once in a while there s a lost adventurer to slaughter, but most of the time it s dull, dull, dull* Everyone dreams of finding an evil power to Serve. a mghty demon Or devil who ll take them away from their miserable existence and lead them on a glorious conquest of Greyhawk and the rest of the known world. Trouble is, nobody knows how to go about this, since there s not exactly a surplus of brain cells in these parts. Wyperag, the bugbear chieftain, has trouble finding the pointy end of his sword, let alone a halfway-decent demon lord. Gorgie, the ogre leader, can t remember how to work a doorknob. The evil mage Mortykraken and his assistant Mudstone have up with a few semi-interesting magical devices, but have zippo for plans to attract an evil master. Until recently, that is. A few days ago, while trying to decipher of the big words in a volume of arcane lore, Mortykraken got an idea. Since everybody likes a good party, why not throw a big get-toknow-you bash for the evil powers and invite them all to attend? They could introduce themselves to all the local dev- ils and demons and impress them with how good they were at serving and groveling. And out of all the evil powers that were sure to show up, at least one of them would be impressed enough to take them on as followers. The plan was met with immediate enthusiasm. Nobody was quite sure what kind of party to throw, but Mortykraken figured that even demons must like to eat, so they decided to make it a banquet. Also, nobody was quite sure how to go about inviting the guests of honor, but Mortykraken came up with an idea for that, too (see room 26 for details). Unfortunately, the day before the party, Mortykraken brought in a giant frog which promptly ate him. Without the organizational talents of Mortykraken, meager though they were, the plans be- 21

23 gan to falter, until Wyperag and Gorgie rose to the occasion and sorted out assignments as best they could. General Course of Play The adventure opens on the morning before the party. The residents are under the impression that special servants have been summoned to help out at the banquet. This may have been the intention, but nobody every got around to doing it. When the PCs show up, the residents will assume they re the expected servants and will treat them accordingly. The Setting All the rooms and corridors in this level are made of stone. Torches are set in the walls at regular intervals to provide illumination. The whole place is filthy and stinks of rotting garbage and orc dung. All of the doors are numbered and none of them are locked, except those at the entryway and room 24. Orcs, goblins, bugbears, and ogres are everywhere, pushing carts, hauling crates, and carrying out all the tasks necessary to prepare for the party. Their typical statistics are given below. Orc: AC 6; MV 9 ; HD 1; hp 6; #AT 1; Dmg ld8 (axe or sword); THACO 19; AL LE. Carries 2d6 ep. Goblin: AC 6; MV 6 ; HD 1-7 hp; hp 5; #AT 1; Dmg ld6 (short sword or spear); THACO 20; AL LE. Carries 3d6 sp. Bugbear: AC 5; MV 9 ; HD 3 + 1; hp 16; #AT 1; Dmg 2d4 (sword); THACO 16; AL CE. Carries 2d4 gp. Ogre: AC 5; MV 9 ; HD 4+1; hp 21; #AT 1; Dmg ld10 (two-handed sword); THACO 15; AL CE. Carries 2d4 x 10 gp. Additionally, there are a number of bugbear and ogre guards patrolling the corridors and stationed at various rooms. Here are their typical statistics. Bugbear guard: AC 4; MV 9 ; HD 4; hp 24; #AT 1; Dmg 2d4 (sword); THACO 15; SA +1 to damage; AL CE. Carries 2d4 gp. Ogre guard: AC 3; MV 9 ; HD 7; hp 30; #AT 1; Dmg 2d6 (two-handed sword); SA +1 to damage; THACO 13; AL CE. Carries 2d4 x 10 gp. Impress upon the PCs that these creatures are all over the place. If the PCs want to demolish a few, that s fine, but there are plenty of replacements. For game purposes, assume there are as many bugbears, orcs, ogres, goblins, and guards as you need. Use the above statistics when running any of these creatures, but feel free to vary the hit points, weapons, and treasure, within the guidelines given in the Monster Manual. Random Encounters Whenever a PC enters an area on the map marked with an X, roll ld8. On a roll of 1 or 2, there is a random encounter. Roll ld10 to determine which one, as follows. 1. Goblin Butchers (ld6): (same statistics as regular goblins) From around the nearest corner (choose randomly), a group of goblins dressed in white aprons and armed with meat cleavers (Dmg ld8) charge the PCs. The goblins believe the PCs would make a tasty dish to serve at the party and intend to butcher them on the spot. If more than half of the goblins are killed, the rest flee. 2. Headless Mouse Horde (100): AC 10; MV 6 ; HD 1-1; hp 1; Dmg 1; THACO 10; SA claws; AL N. From around the nearest corner (choose randomly), a horde of headless mice runs frantically toward the PCs. Each PC must make a Dexterity Check on ld20. Those who fail fall down and get swarmed by the mice. The mice only attack for one round, then they continue on their way. Every successful hit from a PC kills ldlo mice. Mudstone has been making mousehead hors d oeuvres for three days in room 25, but he is too lazy to dispose of the bodies. He uses a special m mate dead spell to order the bodies to run to the swill pit (room 18) and dispose of themselves. 3. Giant frog: AC 7; MV 3 ; HD 3; hp 22; #AT 1; Dmg ld3/ld6, 2d4; THACO 16; SA surprise on 1-4, leap 18, tongue strikes at +4 to hit: AL N. This is the giant frog that escaped from room 11 (see Encounter Key for details). It attacks the PCs from around the nearest corner (choose randomly). The frog is hungry and will eat as many PCs as it can. If the PCs flee, the frog pursues, but if the PCs duck into a room or elude it for three rounds, the frog loses interest and hops away. (If the PCs kill it and this encounter is rolled again, roll for another.) 4. Baby Bugbear: (see room 2 for statistics) A baby bugbear is casually crawling down the corridor. This is the escaped baby from room 2 (see Encounter Key for details). If the PCs haven t been there, they probably won t attach any special significance to it. All other creatures in the corridor will ignore the PCs requests for help or information, and no one else will take the infant. The PCs can take it along if they like or let it crawl away, whichever they prefer. If the PCs have been to room 2, they should recognize this as the missing baby. They are still free to let it crawl away, but if they return it to room 2, Yekki (who will be back on duty) will thank them and reward them with mouse-head hors d oeuvres. (If the PCs return the baby and this encounter is rolled again, roll for another.) 5. Flesh Golem Butler: (see entryway encounter in Encounter Key for statistics) The PCs see a flesh golem stumbling towards them, muttering, Hors d oeuvres? over and over. Like the golem they met in the entryway, this one carries a covered tray of mouse-head hors d oeuvres. The golem misunderstood his orders and believes that all guests must take one, and he assumes the PCs are guests. If the PCs each take an hors d oeuvres (they don t have to eat it), the golem continues on his way. If they refuse, he gets angry andinsists. He won t attack, but he follows the PCs relentlessly until they each take one of his treats. If they go into a room, he will be waiting outside. 6. Frantic Orc: An orc breathlessly runs up to the party and says they ve been ordered to a particular room. (RoU 22

24 ld20 to see which room; for instance, on a roll of 6, the orc is refening to room 6.) The orc doesn t know why they re wanted, but insists they ll all be killed if they don t go. Questioning him does no good. If the PCs try to hold him, the orc says he has to go. Jf they don t release him, the orc screams for help, attracting the attention of as many guards as it takes to convince the PCs to release him. In truth, the PCs aren t wanted anywhere. Like so many here, the orc is hopelessly confused. If the PCs don t go to the room, nothing happens. If they do go, use the information in the Encounter Key and treat it as a normal encounter. 7. Ogre Guards (2): Two ogre guards confront the PCs and order them to go to a particular room (choose as in random encounter 6). If the PCs resist, have as many additional guards arrive as needed to convince them to cooperate; unlike the previous encounter, the PCs have no choice but to go. The guards will accompany the PCs to the indicated room. If the door is closed, the guards wait until the PCs knock, then leave. Use the information in the Encounter Key and treat it as a normal encounter. 8. Garbage Collector: A goblin pushing a cart full of rotting vegetables, decaying meat, and other fetid garbage approaches the PCs. He demands they relieve him and take the stuff to the swill pit. If they refuse, he calls for guards, and enough show up to make sure the PCs do what the goblin asks. If the PCs don t know the location of the swill pit, the goblin gives them directions. It only takes one PC to push the cart. Any time the cart turns a corner, the PC (or PCs) pushing it mast make a Dexterity Check on ld20. If a check fails, the cart topples over and garbage spills all over the floor. The guards in the area demand that the PCs clean it up. If they refuse, the guards take them to the swill pit for punishment. (See the Disobedience section below.) Any PCs who pick up the garbage must roll on ld6. On a roll of 1, the PC is attacked by rot grubs (apply flame or cast cure disease to avoid ld6 damage). On a roll of 2, the PC is attacked by green slime (must be scraped off or otherwise disposed of or the affected PC turns into green slime in four rounds; see the Monster Manual for details). These creatures are hidden in the garbage and cannot be spotted by ordinary means. If the garbage is delivered to the swill pit, the guards there accept it for disposal and send the PCs on their way. 9. Dish Carrier: An orc scurries around a comer (choose randomly) and heads toward the PCs. He cames a tall stack of dishes that prevents him from seeing where he s going. The PCs must make Dexterity Checks on ld20 to avoid crashing into him. The first PC to fail his throw collides with him, sending dishes flying everywhere. The orc is furious. If the PC apologizes, the orc mutters to himself and tells the PCs to get lost. If the PC doesn t apologize, the orc yells for the nearest guards who will take the entire party to the swill pit for punishment. (See the Disobedience section below.) 10. Magical Broom: An animated broom is whisking down the corridor toward the PCs. It is sweeping up dust and debris. When it nears the PCs, it attacks them as if it were a 4 Hit Dice monster. It attacks with its blunt end twice per round, causing ld3 points of damage when it hits. It is AC 7 and has 18 hit points. If the PCs stand and fight, it will attack until destroyed. If they flee, it sweeps on. If the PCs destroy the broom and this encounter is rolled again, roll for another. Disobedience When punishment is called for, as many guards as necessary immediately show up to take the entire party to the swill pit. Unless otherwise specified, guards will take the PCs back to the scene of the scene of the crime after they ve been punished, usually for another chance to complete their task. Don t roll for random encounters on trips to and from the swill pit. (For details about the swill pit punishment, see room 18.) Note that killing orcs, goblins, and other residents isn t necessarily a pun- ishable crime. Squabbles of all kinds often result in a fatality or two, so nobody pays much attention to bodies lying around. If the PCs go on excessive and unwarranted killing sprees, however, the DM has the option of a swill pit trip to convince the PCs to lighten up. Getting Started The PCs begin the adventure by dropping through a trap door in the ceiling into the entryway. Since the PCs need all the time they can get to explore this level before the party begins at midnight, tell them it is early morning when they arrive. If circumstances are such that the PCs arrive here at a later time of the day, have them wait in the entryway until morning to get a good rest. In any case, no amount of pounding or lock picking will open the north door of the entryway before morning. As the PCs explore this level, it should dawn on them that something is scheduled to happen at midnight. If they don t figure this out themselves, they have a couple of chances to learn the details in rooms 18 and 25. When midnight rolls around, go to the final encounter, Party Time. The only way out of this level is through the trap door in room 25. Encounter Key Entryway You re in a dark stone room where the air is cold and dry. The room is 20 feet square with a 10-foot high ceiling. A 10 x 10 rusty iron door is set in the north wall. The door has no ornamentation or visible locks of any kind. From the other side of the door come the sounds of heavy bolts and latches slowly unlocking. The door groans open, moving toward you. You can see the door is nearly three feet thick. Standing in the doorway is a sevenfoot-tall man, ghostly pale, looking as if he has been stitched together from pieces of dead bodies. He wears a tat- 23

25 tray covered with an iron bowl. He speaks in a low monotone, What-isthe-password? The monster is a flesh golem, ordered to make periodic checks to see if any of the extra help has arrived. The golem was instructed to ask for a password, but nobody ever got around to thinking one up. The golem is actually asking the PCs if they know what it s supposed to be. Flesh golem: AC 9; MV 8 : HD 9; hp 40; #AT 2; Dmg 2d8/2d8; THACO 12; SA 1% per melee round cumulative chance to go berserk; SD no harm from normal weapons, fire- and cold-based spells slow it by 50% for 2d6 melee round, other spells have no effect; AL N. The golem accepts any response from the PCs as the password. If they hesitate or try to talk to him, he repeats his question until he gets some kind of answer. The golem won t attack, but he will defend himself by kicking (Dmg 2d8). Getting past the golem does the PCs no good, as the next chamber of the entry way has a similar iron door that only the golem can open. If the PCs paclfy the golem by giving him a password, he bows and takes the lid off his tray. He then offers the PCs one of his treats, sugar cookies frosted with whipped sour cream with a mouse head in the center. The golem will not let them by until they each take one. Whether they eat the treats is up to them, but anyone who does must roll a Constitution Check on ld20. Failure means a sick stomach and 1 point of damage. When the golem is satisfied, he leads them into the next chamber and closes the door behinld them. He unlocks several bolts and latches on the next door and pulls it open wide. Ahead of you is a stone corridor, dank and stinking, lit by flickering torches imbedded in the walls. The corridor teems with scurrying creatures. Five goblins rush by carrying arrnloads of boxes and sacks. Several bugbears pass the other way carrying long wooden planks. They in turn pass two orcs pushing a cart overloaded with meat scraps and other garbage. Two fierce-looking ogres armed with large swords stalk by. They all glance in your direction, but none of them shows much interest in your group. The golem ushers the PCs inside, then pulls the door closed behind them, locking it. With the entryway door secured behind them, the PCs can t get back the way they came in; there are always enough guards,around to make sure they don t try. Note to the DM: Make it clear to the PCs that all of these evil creatures see them standing in the doorway but basically ignore them. This should puzzle the PCs, as these creatures normally would treat them as enemies. What the PCs don t know is that the creatures assume the PCs are the expected extra help. Unless directed otherwise in the Encounter Key or by a random encounter, the creatures ignore the BCs and go on about their business. If the PCs question or speak to an17 of these creatures, the reaction will always be a gruff Mind your own business! or Get back to work! If the PCs persist, the creatures wdl run or fight back, whichever the DM feels is most appropriate. Killing the creatures won t generate any particular interest from other passing creatures. The DM should assume he has an unlimited number of creatures to fill the corridors and use as he pleases. Room 1-Meeting Room This room appears to be the site of a recent battle. It is filled with overturned tables and broken chairs. Papers and broken dishes litter the floor. A goblin with a knife in his back is slumped over one of the chairs. Three dead orcs are piled in a corner. This is the room where the creatures had their final organizational meeting last night, supervised by Gorgie and Wyperag. A few fights broke out, resulting in these dead bodies. The scraps of paper contain only meaningless scribbles. If the PCs search the bodies, they come up with 24 ep and 10 SP * Room 2-The Nursery A huge bugbear female is standing in the doorway, looking up and down the corridors. She shouts at you. Get over here! Now! Two large male bugbears emerge from the room and stand beside her, pointing their swords in your direction. The males are bugbear guards, the female is named Yekki (same statistics as a bugbear guard). If the PCs don t come as asked or if they attack, Yekki yells for help, and enough guards instantly appear to make sure the PCs comply. This room is a bugbear nursery, and Yekki is the nanny who s been waiting impatiently for someone to show up to relieve her from caring for the obnoxious tots. There are nine bugbear infants crawling all over the place, some crying hysterically, some playing with their toes, some whacking each other with stuffed bugbear dolls. Ten empty wooden crates line the walls. Yekki and the guards usher the PCs into the room and close the door. Yekki says she has business elsewhere and orders the PCs to take care of the babies. She says the babies must be diapered, fed, and tied into their cribs. Since nobody wants this miserable job, Yekki assumes that whatever the PCs tell her is an excuse to get out of it, so she ignores anything they say. If the PCs resist, Yekki and the guards threaten them, calling for more guards if necessary to haul them to the swill pit (see room 18 for details). If swill pit punishment is necessary, the PCs will be returned here to do what Yekki wants. Assuming the PCs agree to cooperate, Yekki gives them an arrnload of diapers, baby bottles filled with weasel milk, and 24

26 strands of heavy rope. She offers no further instructions before leaving. The guards stay behind to keep an eye on the PCs, ready to summon help if the PCs require punishment for disobedience. 9 Baby bugbears: AC 6; MV 6 ; HD 1; hp 4; #AT 1; Dmg 1 (bite); THACO 19; AL CE. The babies are used to a very specific routine. If the PCs attempt to feed or diaper them before tying them into their cribs, the babies attack; they won t do much damage, but they refuse to eat and will rip off their diapers. If the PCs wise up and tie them into their cribs first, the babies coo contentedly while the PCs put on their diapers and give them their bottles. When the babies are fed, diapered, and tied, the guards tell the PCs they are free to go. Observant PCs will notice that there are 10 cribs but only nine babies. If asked, the guards shrug, saying they have no idea what happened to the other one. (Earlier the baby crawled away unnoticed. For details, see random encounter 4. The only way the PCs can recover the baby is by discovering it through a random encounter.) If the PCs return a second time by choice or because of a random encounter, and the baby has not yet been found, Yekki tells them they better bring back the baby or they will pay for it later. If the baby has been returned, Yekki tells them to go away because the babies are sleeping. (See the final encounter, Party Tiie, to see what happens to the PCs if they don t recover the missing baby by midnight.) Room 3-Barracks This room used to be a barracks for some of the orcs, but a troll wandered in, killed all the orcs, and took it over for himself. He is very nasty and has no interest in the plans for the party or anything else that goes on in this level. Except for an occasional foray in search of food, he never leaves his room. Troll: AC 4; MV 12 ; HD 6 +6; hp 48; #AT 3; Dmg ld4 +4/ld4 +4/2d6; THACO 13; SA can fight three opponents at once; SD regeneration; AL CE. The troll is fed up with all the commo- tion connected with the party preparations. If the PCs knock on his door or open it, the troll jumps out and attacks them in the corridor. The troll will fight to the death, but if the PCs flee, he only chases them for 30 feet before returning to the privacy of his room. If the PCs defeat the troll and search his room, they find a cloth sack under a garbage heap in the comer containing 900 gp, a black opal worth 1,000 gp, and a clay jug containing two doses of potion of sweet watex Room 4-Barracks These are the barracks for the bugbears. Most of them are occupied elsewhere, but 12 of them are here now, relaxing after a hard night s work. The exhausted bugbears ignore any calls from the outside or knocks on their door. If the PCs enter, the bugbears angnly stare at them, hands on their weapons, refusing conversation. If the PCs persist, the bugbears attack, fighting to the death or until the PCs leave. If the PCs search the room, they find little here other than dozens of straw sleeping mats and a few wooden chests containing filthy bugbear clothing and dirty eating utensils. Hidden among this junk are 500 ep, 40 gp, and an axe + 1. Room 5-Closet This is a dark closet containing rows of wooden shelves filled with towels, bedding, and rags. Piles of dirty laundry are stacked in the back. Aprons, smocks, and similar garments in all sizes hang on hooks along the wall. The PCs are free to outfit themselves in work clothes if they think it ll help them fool the creatures, but it isn t necessary, since the creatures are fooled already. Room 6-Private Quarters This is the private quarters of Wyperag, the bugbear chieftain. The room is empty, as Wyperag is presently arguing with Gorgie in room 15. A black silk robe has been carefully laid out across a large straw sleeping mat. A chest at the foot of the mat contains Wyperag s regular clothes, along with a leather pouch containing 10 sp and eight gp. An ink pot, a feather pen, and a parchment are on a wooden desk in the comer. The parchment contains many boxes and check marks; ME is written in large letters across the top. Any PC succeeding in an Intelligence Check on ld20 recognizes this as a crude seating chart with ME in a position of honor. Room 7-Construction Room From behind this door come the sounds of hammering, sawing, and other construction activity. There s much shouting as the workers strain to be heard above the racket. There are 20 bugbears and 18 goblins doing carpentry work in here; the east wall connecting with room 9 has been broken down to give the workers more space. The work is being supervised by Rampit, a bugbear guard. Rampit is in a bad mood because he has been given too many workers to supervise by himself. No amount of pounding on the door by the PCs can be heard inside. If they open the door, an exasperated Rampit demands to know what they want. Rampit makes it clear that he doesn t need any more help and tells them to go away. If the PCs are curious about what s going on inside, they need to convince Rampit why he should let them in. Rampit doesn t have time to argue, and he ll let them in if they come up with any reasonable excuse. The goblins and bugbears ignore the PCs as they go on with their work. Most of them are making tables and chairs of various sizes. One chair under construction has legs that are about 30 feet long. (This is for Wyperag; the workers don t know what it s for, they ve just been ordered to make it.) In one comer is a large burlap bag, tightly bound with thick rope. Something is moving inside. The workers don t know what this is, either, but they tell the PCs to leave it alone. (It con- 25

27 / P tains a lurker above which will later be made into a party decoration. If the PCs are stupid enough to let it out, it attacks everyone in sight. Its statistics are given in the final encounter, Party Time.) If the PCs linger too long, Rampit orders them to leave. If the PCs resist or start a fight, Rampit yells for guards who instantly show up in sufficient number to take the PCs to the swill pit for punishment. Room 8-Construction Room From behind this door come the sounds of hammering, sawing, and other construction activity. Sounds of shouting are mixed with loud banging and screaming. There are 12 ogres and 40 orcs working here; the east wall connecting with room 10 has been broken down to give the workers more space. The work is being supervised by Scrud, an ogre guard. Unlike his counterpart across the corridor, Scrud welcomes all the help he can get because his workers spend too much time fighting. Since Scrud is hoping more help will arrive, he s at the door immediately if the PCs knock or peek in. He demands they enter. If they resist, Scrud summons enough guards to see that they do. Once inside, the PCs see construction work similar to that going on in room 7. There s no huge burlap bag, but there is another 30-foot chair being built. (Gorgie has the same idea as Wyperag.) Unlike the other work room, there is a lot of squabbling. The orcs slap at each other, toss hammers across the room, and constantly insult each other, much to the amusement of the ogres. The PCs are ordered into a corner to pound nails into boards with a group of eight orcs. (Resistance is handled in the usual manner.) No sooner do the PCs start work than the orcs begin to insult them and flick nails at them. Regardless of the PCs response, the orcs attack them with their hammers (Dmg ld8). As the fight begins, the rest of the workers stop what they re doing and rush to form a tight circle around the PCs and orcs, forcing them to fight to the death. Assuming the PCs are victorious, the circle breaks up and everyone goes back to work. Scrub tells the PCs to get outhe doesn t need any more trouble- 26

28 makers. (If the PCs return as a result of a random encounter or for any other reason, Scrud refuses to let them in, calling for the guards if necessary.) Room 9-Construction Room The west wall of this room has been tom down to give the workers in room 7 more space. Treat an encounter here the same as for room 7. Room 10-Construction Room The west wall of this room has been tom down the same as in room 9. Treat an encounter here the same as for room 8. Room 11-Broken Door The door to this room has been completely shattered. Wood splinters are scattered on the floor as if something burst through the room. This is the room where a giant frog was kept. It was the intention of some goblin chefs to use the frog in a special dish for the banquet, but the frog ate the goblins and broke down the door. Unless the PCs have already found it and killed it (see random encounter 3), the frog is hopping through the corridors looking for more food. The room is empty, except for some torn ropes and a scribbled parchment. Any PC succeeding in an Intelligence Check on ld20 recognizes the scribblings as a recipe for frog s legs. Room 12-Storage This is a storage room containing shelves stacked with iron plates, wooden cups, and eating utensils carved from bone. There are a few covered wooden barrels along one wall. In the back of the room is a large crystal fountain nearly 10 feet in diameter. The fountain is filled with a golden liquid that gives off a greenish tinge. The liquid in the fountain is actually a transformed varrdig. The varrdig took great pains to assume this shape and hopes to impress the evil powers at tonight s banquet. Varrdig: AC 5; MV 6 //18 ; HD 6 + 6; hp 45; #AT 2; Dmg ld4/ld4 (4d4); THACO 13; SA. water jets; SD +1 or better weapon to hit, immune to waterbased spells; AL NE. If the PCs disturb the liquid or the fountain in any way, the varrdig instantly resumes its actual form and attacks with its water jets until dead or until the PCs leave the room. There is nothing here of interest. The barrels contain goat tripe, glazed ticks, and other delicacies. Room 13-Centerpiece Room An ogre guard is standing in the doorway, looking up and down the comdors. Beside him is a pile of coconut-sized purple globes and another pile of weeds. He shouts at you. Hurry up! We haven t got all day! Where ve you been? The ogre guard is named Hock. About an hour ago, he sent another ogre to find somebody to move the globes and weeds into room 13. (The ogres won t do itthat s what servants are for.) Hock assumes that s what the PCs are here for, and he won t listen to any excuses. If the PCs won t do as he says, he summons enough guards to convince them. Hock wants the PCs to pick up this stuff and put it on the tables inside for the workers to process. There are 12 globes and six armfuls of weeds. The PCs can divide the chores among themselves any way they please, but Hock insists they do it now; there s no time to look for a cart or any other carrying device. The globes are actually retch plant fruit. Regardless of how they are transported, each globe has a 10% chance of bursting. If a globe bursts, it splashes nauseating fluid over a five-foot-radius area (25% chance for contact at five to nine feet away). Those splashed will vomit and retch for the next three rounds and will be at 50% normal strength for the next six hours. If the PCs don t clean up any messes, Hock summons guards to take them to the swill pit. The weeds are strangle weeds. There is a 25% chance that a given armload contains one still-living frond. Because the frond has been out of the water for some time, it has enough strength for only one attack. The frond grabs the nearest PC for ld6 points of damage, then expires from the effort. Hock finds this quite amusing. Inside, eight ogres are seated around a long table, putting together centerpieces for tonight s banquet. The centerpieces consist of a pile of strangle weeks with a retch fruit carefully placed in the center. If the ogres see any sign of movement among the strangle weeds, they beat the weeds savagely with clubs. When the PCs finish their job, they are sent on their way. If a random encounter brings them back later, Hock tells them they aren t needed and sends them away. Room 14-Dessert Room Six female bugbears are seated at a table in the center of this room facing the door. Next to the table is a large tank filled with floating eyes. The bugbears remove the eyes with tongs, place them on the table, then use spatulas to completely cover the eyes with whipped cream. If the PCs knock on the door, one of the bugbears sweetly calls out, Come on in! Door s open! If they like, the PCs may open the door without knocking first. If the PCs open the door, find out specifically which ones are looking inside. There is no way for these PCs to avoid gazing into at least one of the floating eye;. These PCs must make saving throws vs. paralyzation or become hypnotized and remain stationary for 2d4 rounds. 20 Floating eyes: AC 9; MV 30 ; HD 1-4 hit points; #AT nil; Dmg nil; SD hypnotism; AL N. The bugbear females weren t expecting anyone as ugly as the PCs. When they see them, one of the bugbears shrieks at 27

29 ~ ~ the top of her lungs. Two bugbear guards instantly show up and fight to the death. Paralyzed PCs can do nothing until the effects wear off. The female bugbears do nothing but huddle inside the room. Assuming the PCs win the fight, the female bugbears demand they leave. If the PCs hesitate, the females scream for guards to take them to the swill pit. (After punishment, the PCs will not be returned to the scene of the crime, but instead will be released in the corridor outside the swill pit.) There is nothing in the room of interest to the PCs. If they return later as a result of a random encounter or for some other reason, the females cry for guards as soon as they see the PCs. If the PCs don t take off, the guards show up for another swiu pit trip. Room 15-Private Quarters Two creatures are arguing loudly inside this room. One sounds like an ogre, the other a bugbear. If the PCs listen at the door, they hear that the creatures are arguing about seating arrangements. All the good ideas was mine! So I get to sit in front! Orc dung! I m gonna sit in front! The creatures are Wyperag and Gorgie. They have spent most of the day arguing about the party. Each wants to make sure he s the one who makes the best impression. They ve both ordered special thrones built, now they re arguing where they ll put them. Wyperag (bugbear chief): AC 3; MV 9 ; HD 4; hp 30; #AT 1; Dmg 2d4 (sword); THACO to damage; AL CE. Carries eight gp. Gorgie (ogre chief): AC 4; MV 9 ; HD 7; hp 35; #AT 1; Dmg 2d6 (two-handed sword); THACO 13; SA +2 to damage; AL CE. Carries 50 gp. Wyperag and Gorgie will not tolerate interruptions while they hash out these important decisions. Therefore, if the PCs open the door or knock, Wyperag and Gorgie scream for guards who instantly descend on the PCs. Haul them to the swill pit commands Wyperag, and off they go. (The PCs are released in the corridor outside the swill pit when their punishment is c:omplete.) Room 16-Barracks This is the barracks for the ogres. Four of them are here now, resting. The ogres hate to be disturbed. If the PCs knock or open the door, two of the ogres angnly rush to the doorway to see who s bothering them. The ogres consider anyone other than a guard or a fellow ogre to be fair game, so they attack the PCs. As long as the PCs stay and fight, the ogres continue their attack. If things go badly for the ogres, they are joined by their two companions. If the PCs flee, the ogres let them go. If the PCs kill al four ogres, they can search the roomi to find an iron chest containing 300 sp, 350 gp, five emeralds (1,200 gp each), and a ring of shooting stars. Room 17-Latrine As the stomach-wrenching stench clearly indicates, this room is used for a latrine. Waste products from the latrine run through grates on the floor and are collected in a large pipe that empties into the swill pit. Room 18-Swill Pit The swill pit always has two ogre guards stationed outside. If the PCs come here on their own, the guards send them away. The room has a 15-foot-diameter pit centered in the floor, about 30 feet deep with an iron grid lining the bottom. About five feet from the top are two large pipes opening into the pit. One pipe leads from the latrine, the other from the kitchen. When a guard puills a chain near the doorway, both pipes open and spill the last hour s worth of :sewage and garbage into the pit, where it eventually seeps through the grid in the bottom and into a bottomless cavern. When the PCs are brought here for punishment, they are tossed in the pit, taking ld6 points of damage each when they hit the layer of sludge on the bottom. The guard then pulls the release chain, and the PCs are drenched in a torrent of disgusting muck from the kitchen and latrine. There is always enough muck per torrent to fill the pit to a depth of four to five feet. After the muck is released, each PC in the pit must make a Constitution Check on ld20. Those who fail take ld6 + 3 points of damage. Those who succeed take ld4 + 2 points of damage. The damage represents injuries from heavy chunks of debris and general nausea. At the end of the punishment, the guards lower ropes into the pit and haul out the offenders. The walls are too slimy to climb, and the watchful guards stand ready to summon help if necessary to thwart any serious escape attempts. When the PCs are hauled out, they are doused with a bucket of water. Guards then escort them back to the scene of their crime, unless otherwise specified in the Encounter Key. If the PCs are brought to the pit a second time for punishment, they find an orc named Kurd in the bottom waiting to be punished along with them. Whether the PCs ask or not, Kurd mumbles about being treated unfairly by someone name Garcan (see room 19). How am I supposed to know how much time s left? Do I look like a clock? The PCs have about 15 minutes to question Kurd while the guards wait for the pipes to fill up with muck. Since Kurd is angry, he ll talk freely with the PCs if they ask the right questions. Kurd was assigned to pluck sea gulls in the kitchen and was sent here for plucking too slowly. He knows everybody is frantically getting ready for a big party tonight at midnight. Demons and other evil powers are invited, and if they re impressed, they ll lead the locals on a grand conquest of Greyhawk and the rest of the world. Kurd is fuzzy on the details, but knows that Mortykraken, the mage, thought it al up before he died. When everyone is hauled up after the punishment, Kurd is escorted back to the kitchen while other guards escort the 28

30 ~~ PCs to wherever they re supposed to be. This is the only opportunity the PCs have to meet Kurd; if they make it to the kitchen, Kurd has already been sent elsewhere. Treat subsequent trips to the swill pit as regular punishment routines. Room 19-Kitchen The delicious aroma of roasting drifts from behind this door, mixed with some definitely less appetizing odors that are difficult to identify. If the PCs knock or open the door, an imposing bugbear wearing a greasy apron and holding a large iron spoon immediately appears and looks at them with disgust. Don t stand there like idiots, he says. There s still a lot of work to do! If the PCs resist, the bugbear hollers for nearby corridor guards who make sure they go inside. The bugbear is named Garcan (same statistics as a bugbear guard, spoon does ld6 points of damage). He is in charge of this kitchen and assumes the PCs have been sent to help. Attempts at conversation are ignored. If a PC resists any of Garcan s orders or starts a fight, Garcan summons guards to take him to the swill pit, after which he will be returned here to pick up where he left off. The kitchen is a flurry of activity. Along the west wall, eight bugbears remove dead sea gulls from a large pile, chop off their heads, pluck their feathers, and impale them on spits to roast over a large fire pit. Six goblins scrub pans and dishes in a long sink that covers half of the east wall. Seven more goblins stir sizzling pans and boiling pots on three iron stoves along the south wall, while five bugbears work at a counter on the west wall, kneading black dough and chopping vegetables. Four bugbear guards circulate throughout the room to make sure everyone keeps busy. Garcan selects two PCs (choose randomly) and sends the rest to wash dishes. He takes the chosen PCs to the stoves. I want you to taste this, he says. Give me your honest opinion. He offers the PCs a spoonful of thin gray soup with black lumps. Cream of leech, he says. Eat it! If a PC resists, Garcan whacks him with the spoon; further resistance is met with the usual threats of the swill pit. The soup tastes as good as it sounds; a failed Constitution Check on ld20 results in ld4 points of damage from nausea. Garcan repeats his request with the other selected PC, this time offering a forkful of steamed beetle and goat cheese casserole. Same threats, same damage on a failed Constitution Check. He asks the PCs how the dishes tasted; if the PCs aren t enthusiastic, Garcan forces them to eat another sample. After the dishes are sampled, Garcan announces that the time has come to prepare the main course. He asks for volunteers to be the butchers. Of course, there aren t any, so he selects the PCs and gives them each a meat cleaver (Dmg ld8). He orders the guards to take them to the butchering room (see room 22 for detads). If the PCs put up a fight, enough guards show up to make sure they com- Ply. When the PCs finish their business in room 22, the guards bring them back to the kitchen where Garcan thanks them and sends them on their way. If the PCs return to the kitchen because of a random encounter or for any other reason, Garcan will force one of them (choose randomly) to sample his scalloped scum creeper (same threats and damage as with the other recipes), then sends them on their way, saying he has no further use for them. Room 20-Barracks This large room is the barracks for the goblins. It is empty now, as the goblins are all occupied elsewhere. The room is filled with sleeping mats, assorted goblin debris, and several wooden chests containing their personal items. If the PCs rummage through the chests, they only turn up 22 cp and a chunk of rock crystal (value of 70 gp). However, in the northwest corner of the room is a pair of bone dice and a pile of coins totalling 151) cp, 110 sp, and 80 gp. The coins were left behind when the goblins were abruptly ordered to work. Room 21-Barracks The sound of deep snoring comes from behind this door. This room is the orc barracks. Only nine are here now. They were ordered to clean up their filthy quarters, but they re sleeping instead. The orcs have stacked a tower of metal cups behind the door. If the PCs knock, there is no response, but if they open the door even a crack, the cups fall over and wake up the orcs. The orcs leap out of bed and pretend to be cleaning, certain the PCs have been sent to check on them. The orcs are fearful and cooperative, although they have no information. The PCs may freely inspect the barracks while the orcs pretend to clean. The contents are similar to those in room 21. If they search the place, the PCs turn up a box containing 10 pink pearls (200 gp each), 50 gp, a flask containing two doses of potion of healing, and another flask containing one dose of potion of clairaudience. The orcs are too intimidated to stop the PCs from taking their treasure. If the PCs go along with the charade, the orcs won t attack, although they defend themselves if necessary. Room 22-Butchering Room Vigorous scratching and clawing can be heard from behind this door. The room is empty except for a carrion crawler and the remains of a large burlap bag. The carrion crawler is intended as the main course for tonight s banquet, but so far nobody has gotten around to killing it. Carrion crawler: AC 317; MV 12 ; HD 3+1; hp 18; #AT 8; Dmg paralysis; THACO 16; AL N. If the PCs have been brought here from the kitchen, the guards throw them in, tell them to kill the crawler, and slam 29

31 ~ the door shut. The guards won t let them out until the battle is finished. If the PCs succeed in killing the carrion crawler, the guards take them back to the kitchen, leaving the body for someone else to process. If the PCs go to this room before they go to the kitchen, they are under no pressure to fight the camon crawler, although they may if they wish. If they kill it and are brought here later by the kitchen guards, the guards return them to the kitchen after they see the crawler s body. The carrion crawler fights viciously with its tentacles. It intends to paralyze all its attackers (saving throw vs. paralyzation when hit to avoid effects), then eat them at its leisure. Room 23-Freezer iron. Its surface is cold. The door is unlocked. In spite of its size, two PCs of average or higher Strength can pull it open. If they do, they are hit with a blast of cold air. This room is used for a freezer. Frost covers the walls, and heavy slabs of frozen meat hang on hooks from the ceiling. In the back of the room is a block of ice 20 feet across and 15 feet high. The block is completely covered with a black cloth. A large white toad sits in the center of the room, facing the door. Ice toad: AC 4; MV 9 ; HD 5; hp 25; #AT 1; Dmg 3d4; THACO 15; SA radiates cold; AL N. The ice toad keeps the freezer cold and also protects the block. If the PCs come in, the ice toad attacks and continues to attack as long as PCs remain in the room. Because a lot of its power is used to keep the room cold, creatures within 1 suffer only 2d6 points of damage instead of the usual 3d6. If the PCs kill the toad or otherwise manage to get past it, they can uncover the block. It is a solid ice block containing a frozen ceratosaur. The ceratosaur is to be a special offering at the banquet. Note to the DM: Since the ceratosaur is needed for the banquet, have a squad of guards show up to chase the PCs out of the freezer if they attempt to thaw it out. Room 24-Banquet Room iron door, seciirely locked with a number of heavy bolts and latches. Two ogre guards stand at attention on each side of the door. This is where the party will be held tonight. If the PC linger in the area, the guards angnly tell them to go away and come back at midnight. If necessary, the guards summon help to chase them away. Note to the DM: Although a few guards are occasionally allowed through the door to help set up for the party, do your best to keep the PCs out until you re ready for the final encounter, Party Time. (If the PCs miss the party, the adventure will be a lot less fun.) If the PCs do manage to sneak in (say, by turning invisible and following in an ogre delivery boy), tell them that all they see is a few ogres and bugbears setting up tables and chairs. A stack of chairs covers the trap door so the PCs don t see it. Room 25-Private Quarters As you approach this door, a friendly voice calls from inside the room. Come on in! I know you re out there! This is where Mudstone the magician lives. His ESP informed him the PCs were in the corridor. Since nobody ever visits him, he is eager for company. Mudstone (9th-level magic-user): AC 7; MV 12 ; hp 20; #AT 1; Dmg ld4 (dagger); THACO 19; St 7, In 10, Wi 7, Dx 6, Co 9, Ch 6; AL LE. Spells: 1st level: dancinglights (x 3), light 2d level: ESP (x 3) 3d level: feign death (x 3) 4th level: charm monster, plant growth 5th level: animate dead Mudstone was the assistant to the late Mortykraken. He is middle-aged and has a pot belly and long greasy hair. He wears a wrinkled purple robe that hasn t been washed in months. He spends most of his time sulking in his room. The room is sparsely furnished with a table, two sagging beds, two dusty desks, and shelves of seldom-used books. In the northwest corner is an enormous pile of dead mice. A flesh golem (see Entryway encounter for statistics) sits beside the pile, cutting off mouse-heads to make sugar cookie and sour cream hors d oeuvres. When the mouse bodies pile up, Mudstone uses his special animate dead spell to send them to the swill pit. If the PCs enter, the smiling Mudstone greets them and seats them around the table. He eagerly asks them how the party preparations are coming along, sighing that he wishes he had more to do than prepare hors d oeuvres. If the PCs ask the right questions, Mudstone tells them whatever they want to know: the purpose of the party, what happened to Mortykraken, what s supposed to happen at midnight. He doesn t know a way out of this level and also refuses to leave his room. At some point, he ll mention that he s got a plan to make the best impression at the party, cackling, Tonight, the dead will rise! If attacked, Mudstone uses feign death on himself. The golem ignores any battles, except to defend himself. Room 26-Message Center The room is empty except for the ceiling, which is completely covered with bats. All of the bats have notes attached to their legs with string. Unless the PCs startle them with a loud noise, the bats stay clinging to the ceiling. Since the ceiling is only about six feet high, a bat can easily be plucked from the ceiling without disturbing the rest. 100 Bats: AC 8; MV 1 /24 ; HD 1-2 hit points; hp 1; #AT 1; Dmg 1; THACO 20; SA cause confusion by swarming 30

32 when startled; AL N. All of the bats have the same message: ATTENTION FIENDS OF ALL PERSUASIONS-PARTY TONIGHT AT MIDNIGHT. ALL YOU CAN EAT! JUST FOLLOW THE BATS. Mudstone released these bats out of a small window located in the east wall of this room. This was Mortykraken s plan for sending invitations to the evil powers. All of the bats have now returned. There is a sheer drop from the window into a bottomless cavern. Party Time About half an hour before midnight, all of the residents stop what they re doing and move toward room 24. If the PCs don t join them, guards approach and force them in the right direction. When they near the door, the PCs see swarms of goblins, orcs, bugbears, and ogres pouring into room 24, chattering excitedly. If necessary, guards are available to herd them inside. If the PCs didn t recover the missing baby bugbear, Yekki and her two guards spot the PCs in the corridor outside room 24 and attack therm, crying Baby killers! They fight to the death, but stop if the PCs duck into room 24. Once in the room, the PCs see it has been prepared for a magnificent banquet. There are tables and chairs for hundreds of guests. The tables are loaded with platters of roasted sea gulls along with serving dishes of soup, casseroles, and other treats from the kitchen. The tables also contain frosted floating eyes and centerpieces of strangle weed and retch globes. On a platter on the main table parallel to the north wall is the roasted carrion crawler with a retch globe stuck in its mouth. In the center of the room is the varrdig fountain (assuming the PCs didn t kill it). The ice block with the frozen ceratosaur is centered against the west wall. Under the ice block and out of sight is a trap door leading out of this level. Near the middle of the main table are two 30-foot-high chairs. Wyperag and Gorgie are already in them, trying to look impressive. Mudstone is seated at a table near the high chairs. Behind them, the lurker above is spread out and nailed to the wall. The greeting WELCOME HELLSPAWN is painted across its body in large red letters. When the PCs get inside, four ogre guards hand them water pitchers and order them to keep glasses filled. By 10 minutes before midnight, everyone is seated, except the servers (including the PCs). In all, there are about 400 present. Five minutes later, several servers bang iron gongs, signaling that midnight is at hand. The room falls silent. Tension is high as the final minutes crawl by. Midnight arrives. Nothing happens. More time passes. No one moves a muscle (guards #guarantee silence from the PCs). Still nothing. An hour goes by. Gorgie and Wyperag shift uneasily in their high chairs. Some of the creatures begin to mutter. Two orcs begin an argument. One breaks a retch globe over the other s head. Just as it looks as if a food fight is about to start, the room begins to tremble, gently at fist, then hard enough to rattle the glasses. The room grows silent again as the tremors increase. There is a crack of thunder from outside the south wall, and the door slams to the floor. Standing in the doorway is a horned fiend over 13 feet tall; he looks angry. Three 12-foot-high homed monstrosities accompany him. Asmodeus (arch-devil): AC -7; MV 12 /24 ; HD 199 hit points; #AT 1; Dmg 2d6 + 2; SA pyrotechnics, produce flame, wall of fire, ice storm, wall of ice, continual light, read languages, read magic, detect invisible, locate object, invisibilitx dispel magic, hold person, hold monster, shape change, beguile, rulership, mass charm, geas, restoration, raise dead fullx wish, all once per turn or melee round; symbol ofpain, symbol ofinsanitx symbol ofhopelessness, unholy word, all once per day; gaze causes fear, fear and weakness, or chill; SD +3 or better weapon to hit; MR 90% AL LE) 3 Pit fiends (greater devils): AC -3; MV 6 //15 ; HD 13; hp 70; #AT 2; Dmg ld4+4/ld6+6; THACO 9; SA Pyrotechnics, produce flame, wall of fire, detect magic, detect invisible, polymorph self, hold person, gate, all once per turn or melee round; symbol of pain once per day; SD +2 or better weapon to hit; MR 65%; AL LE. Asmodeus studies the room, shaking his head in disbelief. At last he speaks, his voice like thunder. Who dares summon- Mudstone leaps to his feet, and Asmodeus stops in mid-sentence. Mudstone thrusts his hands in the air and cries, Let the dead arise! Instantly, Mudstone s special animate dead spell takes effect and every roasted sea gull in the room begins to dance on the table tops. Asmodeus watches the dancing sea gulls for a moment, then erupts in a roar of laughter. He and the pit fiends cast a total of nine produce flame spells around the room, then vanish, never to return. Al this happens so fast, the PCs can do little else but watch. However, if they try to escape, attack, or otherwise draw attention to themselves, the pit fiends cast pyrotechnics and produce flame as necessary to keep them in their place. When Asmodeus departs, the entire room is ablaze, and panic sweeps the room as quickly as the flames. Creatures are screaming and trying to make their way to the south exit. One of the fire blasts struck near the ice block. The ceratosaur will be free in five minutes. Ceratosaur: AC 5; MV 15 ; HD 8; hp 50; #AT 3; Dmg ld6/ld6/4d4; THACO 12; AL N. The ice block was concealing a trap door. When the ceratosaur is free, the trap door is revealed. (If the PCs aren t looking, have the ceratosaur roar to attract their attention.) The confused ceratosaur won t leave the area, so the PCs will have to kill it or drive it away with torches to get to the trap door. When the ceratosaur is out of the way, the PCs can open the trap door and escape to the next level. As for the locals and their problems, they ll have to dream up a new plan some other time. 31

33 ungeon-level3 * Secret Door **** Bars Curtains Scale: 1 Square = 10 Feet Too Many Cooks is prepared for use by five to eight characters of 5th to Sth level, though DMs should be prepared to be flexible, based on the performance of the characters in the first two levels of the Castle Greyhawk dungeon. Encounter Setting The entrance from the level above leads to a prison level once used by the rulers of Greyhawk. This area was walled up years ago but has recently been reopened-from the inside! The prisoners of this level were a trio of inept cooks: Chef Ellolenhowad, Baker Larifyne, and Candymaker Kurlenshembes, who served many inedible meals in the castle above. They were consigned to long imprisonment after one disastrous effort that left 30 important guests in the care of the castle s healers. With the help of Galomohgen, an inebriated wizard who was similarly imprisoned, the cooks escaped into a series of caverns connected to the dungeon level. Apparently swept away in the current of an underground river, the cooks and the wizard were forgotten and the level was sealed off. The quartet of fugitives actually survived, however. Though they feared pursuit, in truth everyone was glad to be rid (of them. The cooks have made their home below ground ever since, learning a bit of magic from their companion and growing increasingly dotty as time wore on. Galomohgen created a safe haven for his friends in the hidden caves, while they searched for the perfect menu that would win them back into the good graces of the rulers of Greyhawk. Years passed, and Galomohgen s alcoholic excesses finally got the better of him. Knowing he was soon to die, the crocked-but-kindly magic-user prepared magical items that would help the cooks survive until they could return to the outer world as true masters of the culinary arts. But after the wizard s passing, the strain of magical cookery on the lessthan-keen brains of the chefs just made them more and more eccentric. The eccentricity would have remained harmless had it not been for the activation of the Random Monster Generator. Somehow, the cooks magical kitchen utensils tied into the vast power of this bizarre artifact, bringing their culinary creations to 32

34 life. Some of these melt-in-your-mouth monsters are harmless, some are strange and dangerous, and a few are downright evil. To survive this level of the dungeon and pass on to the next, the characters will need to deal with the cooks creations, find the key to their connection with the Random Monster Generator, and defeat the plans of their most intelligent and dangerous creation, Mentu the Mind-Fileter. An ally is available to them in the pudgy, adorable form of Boppinfarsh, a miniature dough golem. It is also possible that the party can summon the spirit of Galomohgen himself for aid. NPCs Chef Molenhowad: AC 8; MV 12 ; MU 1; hp 6; #AT 1; Dmg by weapon; THACO 20; ST 12 IN 12 WS 3 DX 11 CN 17 CH 11; AL N. Molenhowad has a spoon of stiningand an apron ofprotection +2 (as ring). He also has a key ring that opens all doors in the cooks complex. The Chef is the most belligerent of the three cooks; he tends to be suspicious of everything and everyone that is new or unfamiliar. He is strong-willed, tricky, and hard to reason with under the best of circumstances. Molenhowad and his two partners are only magic-users by the broadest definition. They have received enough training to operate Galomohgen s magical items, but they know no spells of their own. Baker Lanfyne: AC 8; MV 12 ; MU 1; hp 6; #AT 1; Dmg by weapon; THACO 20; ST 11 IN 10 WS 3 DX 12 CN 16 CH 11; AL NG. Larifyne has a self-rolling rolling pin and an apron ofprotection +2 (as ring). He also has a key ring that opens all doors in the cooks complex. The Baker is the most reasonable of the trio, but he is easily swayed from one viewpoint to another by his fellow cooks or by others of strong will, such as Mentu the Mind-Fileter. Candymaker Kurlenshembes: AC 8; MV 12 ; MU 1; hp 7; #AT 1; Dmg by weapon; TMACO 20; ST 12 IN 8 WS 3 DX 10 CN 18 CH 12; AL CG. Kurlen- shembes has a candy probeltaster of cooling and an apron ofprotection +2 (as ring). He also has a key ring, but it is rarely with him. (At this time, he has lost it and it can be found by the characters.) The Candymaker is open and friendly but hopelessly scatterbrained. He is childlike and subject to a child s mood swings, tantrums, etc. He gets bored easily, and is very much a coward, even more so than the other two. Poppinfarsh the Dough Golem: AC 5; MV 6 ; HD 3; hp 12; #AT 1; Dmg nil or by weapon; THACO 16; SA nil; SD see below; AL LG. Poppinfarsh is unfailingly friendly, helpful, courteous, and cute to the point of making the average person ill. He has a pleasant little giggle that rapidly becomes annoying, a bouncy way of walking that gets on people s nerves after a while, and an innocently optimistic outlook on life that would make the mildest saint want to strangle him after about 20 minutes. Poppinfarsh has the mind and attention span of a six-year-old. Despite this, he is the closest thing to a friend the characters are likely to find on this level. Galomohgen the Wizard: AL CG. Standard statistics are meaningless for Galomohgen, since he exists at this time only as a disembodied spirit called by the Goblet of Ghosts. Unlike a true ghost, spectre, etc., Galomohgen cannot affect or be affected by anything on the Prime Material Plane, except to drink from the Goblet and converse with those who summon him. He cannot roam more than 30 feet from the Goblet of Ghosts (and would not want to in any event), and will remain only as long as the Goblet has wine or other alcoholic beverage inside it. Galomohgen is constantly drunk, and gets more drunk still as he guzzles from the Goblet. The characters will have a hard time making the beverage in the Goblet last long enough to keep Galomohgen s spirit on this plane for any length of time. He is friendly with anyone who buys the drinks and seems to have the best interests of the chefs at heart, but he is hostile and uncooperative to those who are stingy and mean-spirited. Even at his most cooperative, Galomohgen s mind wanders, making him an unreliable source of information at best. Though he will try to pace himself if asked, he loves wine, ale, etc. and will guzzle it rapidly as long as it is available. Mentu the Mind-Fileter: AC 5; MV 12 ; HD 6; hp 20; #AT 1; Dmg 2d4 or by weapon; THACO 13; SA mind fileting; SD nil; AL NE. Mentu is seven feet tall, and his body is stitched together from various cuts of meat. His thighs are huge hams, his arms are legs of lamb, his fingers are sausages, etc. His head is a rather poorlypreserved octopus. Mentu avoids combat whenever possible, preferring to use his special mind-fileting attack. By concentrating, Mentu can cause the minds of up to 10 intelligent foes to become fogged. Victims of this power suffer a -4 penalty to all saving throws and rolls to hit for as long as Mentu concentrates. If Mentu is wounded for more than 3 points of damage, or directly engaged in melee, his concentration is broken. The mind-fileter is a born plotter, delighting in elaborate and dastardly plans to conquer the Upper World (which he has never seen). In fact, he is better at planning than at carrying through his plans. (Otherwise, he d have been out and conquering long since.) Mentu is very strong-willed and his influence over the cooks is very great. They recognize his intelligence (but not his evil) and consider him their most trusted adviser. He uses this position of trust to feed their egos and manipulate them into creating ever-more-powerful and useful creations, which Mentu will soon gather into a conquering army. Mentu is convinced of his physical and mental superiority over breadthings like Poppinfarsh and unenhanced animals (his private name for intelligent beings who do not consist of sewn-together meat products). Encounter Key The Prison Section The exit from the level directly above leads only to a large archway that was apparently bricked up at one time but is now passable. Broken bricks lie mostly to the 33

35 outside of the walled-up area. Any character making a reasonable inspection will realize that the brickwork was smashed from the inside (by gummy werebears sent on a surface errand by Mentu). There are unidentifiable footprints of something large, shoeless, and twolegged in the dust. Beyond the entrance is a stairway going down to the prison level, opening into a second archway and the Entry Hall. Area 1: Entry Hall This room was once the place where arriving ofi-shift guards checked in. It is in a state of disrepair. It is rough-hewn from the surrounding rock, with large wooden pillars and beams now beginning to dry-rot. A wooden rack for cloaks, sword belts, etc. still hangs crookedly on the north wall. The open eastern door is of heavy but now-rusting metal, and hangs loosely from broken hinges. It has a small, barred peephole at eye level. Area 2: Guard Room The guard for this cell block once spent most of his time here. The room is now in a state of disrepair similar to that in area 1. A half-rotted wooden table and a decidedly rickety chair are the only furnishings left. The door to the south leads to a storage area that holds racks, shelves, and a couple of empty barrels. (The storage room was cleared out years ago.) The door to the west is of similar construction to the door from area 1. It is closed, but not locked, The door to the north is of lightweight wood and has no lock. Area 3: Cell Block This corridor has two barred cells each to the north and south. The cells are separated from the corridor and each other only by closely spaced iron bars. The cell doors are all open, and each cell contains only a thin metal platter and a ragged pile of cloth and sawdust that might have once been a crude mattress. There is graffiti scrawled on the walls of the cells, mostly in the common tongue of Greyhawk. A set of tally marks, numbering 394 in all, covers one section of a wall in the SE cell. A number of tic-tactoe games have been scratched in the wall near the bars between the NE and NW cells. A number of recipes for chocolate mousse are scratched in crude handwriting on the walls of the NW cell. Magical symbols and numbers adorn the walls of the SW cell. At the end of one incomprehensible string of symbols is written the word Eureka! The wall and floor near this point are blackened, as if by a small fire. Area 4: Corridor This corridor is breached at one point. on the north by a crude hole in the wall. Again, there is evidence this had been walled up, then broken out from the inside. Down the comdor to the east is a lightweight wooden door that hangs open on one hinge. Area 5: KitchedDining Area Once used by the guard on duty, this was a small kitchen in which both the guard s lunch and the prisoners gruel was prepared. A heavy table with two chairs still stands in the room s center, though it is dusty and covered with spider webs. A few cupboards along the east wall stand open and empty, with a few rat - gnawed bags and casks still inside. A small fireplace is set in the south wall, with a couple of logs in it along with lots of ashes. An odd sharptsweet smell can be detected faintly near the cupboards or the fireplace. Two black licorice snakes are curled up in the fireplace. If it is approached and examined closely (ashes stirred, etc.) they wili be disturbed and will attack. A third black licorice snake is in one of the floorlevel cupboards and wiu attack by surprise anyone searching the cupboards. Disturbing one snake awakens all of them. 3 Licorice Snakes: AC 6; MV 12 ; HD 2; hp 7; #AT 1; Dmg2d4; THACO 16; SA constriction; SD none; AL N. These appear at first glance to be large black con- strictor snakes. They make a similar hissing sound, but are actually just hollow tubes of licorice that cannot bite, but can swallow and eventually digest prey several times their diameter after killing it in their crushing coils. They smell sharp/ sweet, like black licorice, and once killed are just inanimate candy. They are also available in red strawberry flavor, if the DM wants another encounter somewhere. (See MMI entry for giant constrictor snakes for details on constriction attacks.) Area 6: Food Storage Caves This natural cavern section was discovered when the corridor to the south was first dug. It is used to store foodstuffs to make the prisoners gruel. There are various broken and empty barrels here. A small spring of cool, clean water is located in one corner. Area 7: River Opening This tunnel opens onto a small section of a fast-moving underground river, which runs into the cavern and out again through openings below the surface of the water. A rickety wood-and-vine bridge has been slung across the water to an opening on the far side. It is safe, but the DM is urged to make the PCs as nervous as possible here, describing the swaying, creaking, decaying bridge in loving detail. The water is cold, clear, and rather deep. It moves fast from south to north and has a tricky undertow. Anyone jumping or falling in will be very lucky not to be swept away to drown. (This is where the cooks and the wizard were thought to have been killed.) The tunnel across the bridge leads north and south. Area 8: The Greenhouse The door into this cavern is heavy metal, in excellent repair, and is lighttight (thanks to strips of leather around the inside of the doorjamb). It is not kept locked. There are two empty torchholders affixed to the walls just outside the door. The spacious room is brightly lit from 34

36 above. Anyone looking up will see three glowing quartz crystal spheres hanging from the 20-foot-high ceiling. The spheres are three feet in diameter and are enchanted with permanent continual light spells as bright as noon sunlight. Removal of any sphere wil cause it to shatter violently and stop glowing. (This will annoy the cooks no end if they find outthey have no way to replace the spheres.) The southern part of the cavern is filled with a large stand of wheat and a few rows of corn. Both are tall enough to conceal a full-grown man. The grain rustles, and stray noises can be used to lead characters to believe someone or something is inside. (The DM may wish to place an encounter with several licorice snakes here.) The yield of corn and wheat seems unusually large-much larger than any the characters have seen before. There are many types of vegetables and herbs growing in the northern portion of the greenhouse cave, including sugar beets, carrots, lettuce, and onions. All seem enormously healthy and very large. All the plant Me is irrigated by a well-tended network of small ditches, fed by a small spring in the southwest corner. The entire installation is nothing short of ingenious. Anyone walking through the carrot patch will find a large key ring holding several keys and a number of thin strips of metal of various lengths and shapes. This is Kurlenshembes s key ring, and it opens most of the doors in the complex (except those to Mentu s lab, study, and quarters, and the secret doors in that wing). Area 9: Cave 1 This open cave has several empty metal torch holders set about three feet from the floor. It is very clean for a cave and has a small spring outlet with a pool of cool water in the southwest comer. The secret door to the west looks like part of the rock wall and is very cunningly disguised. All chances for discovering it by nonmagical search are reduced by one-half. The door is a heavy section of wall that slides back on a counterweight. It is triggered by the insertion of the proper thin metal strip from any key ring into a narrow slit between the rocks. Finding the slit and the proper key from Kurlenshembes s key ring will be difficult and time-consuming. Even if the door is discovered, it cannot be forced open without blasting or tunneling. Halve all chances of picking this lock, as it is of a particularly cunning type. As the characters start up the corridor to the north toward area 10, they detect a strong odor of strawberries. Area 10: Cave 2 Moving up the corridor toward area 10, the odor of strawberries gets even stronger, as the party sees a transparent pink jelly-like wall moving toward them. The corridor is blocked at the north end by a strawberry gelatinous cube moving slowly south. Several metallic objects are caught up in it, including three spoons, a small dagger, a flour scoop, and a breadknife (the Mithril Breadknife of Greyhawk-see below). Strawberry gelatinous cube: AC 8; MV 8 ; HD 5; #AT 1; Dmg 2d4; THACO 15; SA paralyzation, smell; SD see below; AL N. Strawberry gelatinous cubes were one of the first magical creations of the cooks. These monsters are scavengers similar to their non-edible cousins. They have the same paralyzing touch and dissolving effect as the normal gelatinous cubes (see MMT). Because of their pink color and strong odor, they cannot surprise their victims. Instead, they lure their victims, salivating hungnly, to them (saving throw vs. poison to resist). Once familiar with the cubes, no saving roll is needed. The cube is affected by weapons, fire, magic, etc. just as a normal gelatinous cube. When killed, it loses its shape and becomes a pile of yummy strawberry gelatin that soon becomes a sticky mess if not cleaned up. There are several of these cubes in the complex; for every 15 minutes of play, there is a 1 in 6 chance of an encounter. If left alone, they move through the halls and rooms, eating anything organic and leaving the tunnels neat and tidy, with a fresh strawberry scent. Of course, the residents know enough to stand aside when one comes through. The Mithril Breadknife of Greyhawk Back when the cooks were employed in the kitchens of Castle Greyhawk, they made the mistake of serving the manor lord a loaf of bread that he could not cut with a battle axe. Enraged, he ordered them put to death if they ever again served him bread too tough to cut. The terrified cooks bribed the castle armorer to forge a specially enchanted breadknife made of mithnl that was able to cut any sort of bread or pastry with ease. Thus, the manor lord never again had problems cutting the bread. When sent to the dungeons, Kurlenshembes brought the knife with him. The guards confiscated and used the knife, but it was misplaced after a time. The strawberry gelatinous cube recently turned it up on a sweep through the prison wing. The Mithril Breadknife will cut any sort of baked goods with ease. This is a minor magical ability, to be sure-unless you are faced by monsters made of pastry or dough! Against creatures such as the Gingerbread Man, flapjacks, doughplegangers, bread pudding, or poor little Poppinfarsh, it serves as a dagger +6 that does twice normal damage! If driven into the pulsating raisin on the back of the Gingerbread Man (by a successful backstab), it will kill him outright! The Mithril Breadknife is not balanced for throwing and doesn t really look like a fighting weapon. It is obviously very valuable, however (perceived value about 2,000 gp), and radiates a strong aura of magic. The Seal of Greyhawk is engraved in the handle. The cooks and Mentu will all recognize it on sight, and want it back very badly. Poppinfarsh has never seen it and knows nothing about it, but the very sight of it will make him very nervous until it is put away. There are two secret sliding rock 35

37 doors on the north and west walls. Both open with keys from either Poppinfarsh or Kurlenshembes s key rings, but they are well-concealed. Treat as the secret door in area 9. A narrow leg of the cavern to the east is illuminated by a small torch set in a holder on the north, wall about three feet off the ground. The torch is half burned down. The tunnel to the east is covered at one point by a series of thick, coarse curtains made of woven vines. These form a light trap to keep light out of the mushroom room. The curtains can easily be pushed aside to enter this corridor. Area 11: The Mushroom Room This room and the corridors leading to it are deliberately kept dark. Mushrooms grow best in the dark, and the special mushrooms grown here are rather annoying when exposed to light. As the characters enter, from either entrance, take note of what light sources they have. The corridor opens up ahead of them, and their light will dimly show a room ahead. The room s walls seem to glow very, very dimly of their own accord. There is a strong odor of decay in the room, as if from a compost pile. Decaying stalks, leaves, and clippings can be seen scattered about. The shapes of large mushrooms can be seen in the gloom ahead. Suddenly, the party will notice the movement of something white among the shadows. The white shape is Poppinfarsh, the dough golem (see NPCs). If the characters call out, he will hide. Whether the intruders are strangers or bullying gummy werebears, he has nothing to gain by speaking up. Poppinfarsh can see well enough in the half-dark created by the phosphorescent moss on the walls to find his way about. If the characters approach with torches or unshuttered lanterns, they will spot Poppinfarsh s little wheelbarrow about the time they come within range of the morel shriekers. The lights will cause the shriekers to emit a piercing, high-pitched scream. 20 Morel shriekers: AC 7; MV 0 ; HD 2; #AT 0; Dmg nil; THACQ nil; SA nil; SD see below; AL N. These close cousins of the regular shrieker fungus have been raised by the cooks for their mouthwatering flavor. Unlike the normal shriekers, they are not mobile, nor does movement disturb them. This makes them a bit easier to tend. Bright light (such as from a torch or unshuttered lantern) within about 15 feet causes them to suddenly emit a painfully piercing shriek that lasts for ld3 melee rounds and can be heard at least 200 feet away with ease. These specimens are about four feet tall and are crowned with tall, spongy caps rather than the broad flat caps associated with normal shriekers. If the shriekers start making noise, Poppinfarsh will panic. He knows the noise will disturb the gummy werebear guards. He wil pop out of hiding and run around frantically. The party can easily fade back into the shadows of the other big normal mushrooms and hide. If they stay in plain view, with torches lit, Poppinfarsh will see them and run for the far exit. One turn after the noise starts (or when Poppinfarsh tries to leave), two gummy werebear guards (one red, one green) enter through the opening opposite the one the players entered. Each is carrying a short spear made of candy cane and has a short sword at his belt. If the party is hidden, the guards will blame Poppinfarsh for the noise, and start kicking him around a bit, calling him a clumsy dough-thing and a lazy refugee from a cookie-cutter. The punching and kicking won t actually injure Poppinfarsh, but it hurts and he will cringe and complain. The aim of the DM should be to get the party interested in protecting the poor little dough golem from the big bullies. If the party stays hidden, the guards will go away after awhile. Poppinfarsh will brush himself off and go retrieve his wheelbarrow. He will spot the hidden party at this time. If, for any reason, the guards see the party, they will drop-kick the little dough golem out of the way. He will cringe in the comer as one of the guards blows a whistle. This calls four more guards, who will arrive in five melee rounds. The guards order the intruders to surrender and drop their weapons. If the party surrenders, they are marched directly to Mentu in area 13, with Poppinfarsh dragged along as well. If not, the guards attack. 2 Gummy werebears: AC 6; MV 3 ; HD 5; hp 18, 17; #AT 1; Dmg ld6 or by weapon; THACO 15; SA nil; SD see below; AL CN. These critters are intelligent guards now under Mentu s orders. They resemble big, muscular man-bears made of some sort of flexible, transparent material in bright red, green, blue, yellow, and purple. They move slowly and are not very dextrous, but they are much stronger than a normal human. They have no sharp claws, but their big rubbery paws hit for ld6 points of damage. Gummy werebears speak the common tongue, but are no smarter than the average orc. Impact weapons such as maces do only half normal damage against the rubbery werebears. They do not bleed or have vital organs, therefore cutting and slashing weapons such as swords and daggers do half damage as well. Magical weapons, spells, and fire do full damage. Gummy werebears are an odd form of lycanthrope that never changes from the were-form except in death. When killed they become cute, one-foot-tall jelly babies of humanoid shape. Poppinfarsh will be grateful to anyone who rescues him from the cruel gummy werebears. He is quite unconcerned about their deaths. Easy come, easy go. The Great Chefs will just make more, I suppose, he will say. If questioned, he will introduce himself as Poppinfarsh, the dough golem, and declare himself the servant of the Great Chefs of Greyhawk. This, of course, will make the party want an explanation, and Poppinfarsh will be only too happy to oblige, telling the story as the chefs have told it to him. 36

38 as possible about what is really going on here, and will answer their questions with more questions whenever possible. He will tell the party that the Chefs can t possibly be disturbed at this time, and will not change his mind on that score. If the characters mention that they are on a mission to the lower depths, or that they are searching for the Random Monster Generator, he will look thoughtful, stroking his tentacled chin. Perhaps I can help you, Mentu will say. I know of a secret tunnel that goes down into the depths of this dungeon where none of us have ventured in recent years. I will take you there, if you will give me a bit of assistance first. The task Mentu wants performed is very simple. In the storage area adjoining the lab are several huge loaves of unbaked dough. He will tell them to handle the loaves carefully once unwrapped, commenting that the gummy werebears are too clumsy to do the job right. He will ask them to place the loaves in the large oven in the lab. If the characters agree, Mentu will unlock the airtight door into the storage chamber to the east (only his keys work). The chamber is cool and dry to preserve the dough, Mentu explains. He has no idea how this is done-it has always been that way. (Powerful magic is at work here, provided years ago by Galomohgen the Wizard.) Inside are 15 man-sized loaves of dough wrapped carefully in wax-coated parchment. He will unwrap one loaf at a time and ask each character in turn to carry it to the oven and shove it inside. The loaves are heavy, but none of the characters will have any trouble moving one. He will admonish them to be gentle, while trying to ensure that each character has camed one loaf. (DM Note: Keep a secret record of who has and has not carried a loaf. The players should not be allowed to suspect anything unusual at this point!) If any characters refuse, Mentu will appear reluctant to give them the information they need. After all, if one cannot count on one s friends.. Once one loaf per PC is placed in the oven, Mentu will lock up the storage area and thank the party. He will close the oven door and order the gummy werebears to stoke the fire, :urning over a large hourglass as he gives his orders. Even if some have refused to help, Mentu graciously offers to help put them on their way to the lower depths, and will lead them to the secret door in area 15. If the lab is approached at any other time in the adventure, it IS locked. The heavy metal door can be opened only by major force or by a key OII Mentu s own key ring. The lab is empty at such times, with something in1 the hot oven if the characters have earlier aided Mentu in moving the loaves. If the baking loaves are checked, they are discovered to be half-formed but recognizable duplicates of the characters who carried them. If found in the oven, they are not yet alive. These are doughplegangm, explained further in encounter 24. Area 14: Mentui s Quarters The heavy wooden doo? here is kept locked. Mentu has the only key. The inside is not opulently furnilshed, but it is more comfortably maintained than anyplace else in this complex, with a couple of rather nice tapestries that were once the property of the wizard Galonnohgen. (These two bulky tapestries arc. worth about 200 gp each, if they can be brought to the surface.) There is a bed with a worn but still serviceable mattress. Beneath it is anonmagical wooden staff. A large table is covered with papeirs and notes, most of which are impossible to read because of Mentu s poor handwriting. The wooden door to the west leads to a walk-in closet. It is locked and Mentu has the only key. Inside, just above the doorsill, is a countenveighted bell and a thin glass sphere filled with Insf ant Taffy. The bell will ring and the sphere will fall if the door is forced in any way, but not if the lock is successfully picked. When broken, the sphere releases a gas that hardens instantly into tough taffy-like strands that act as a web spell. This fills a 10-foot space around the doorway. These strands remain until burned or cut away. The bell summons two gummy werebear guards in two melee rounds, with four more arriving five rounds after that. Inside the closet are several garments worn by Mentu, some of which once belonged to Galomohgen. Four sets of robes are decorated with gold thread and semi-precious stones. These are worth about 250 gp each. One rather drab grey robe (that Mentu never wears) is a robe of useful items containing the standard items called for in the DMG, plus the following: two flasks of fine elven wine, 1 scroll (Tenser s floating disc), 1 potion of extra-healing, 1 bag of 100 gold pieces (these are very old coins, worth three times face value to a collector), and one five-foot-wide by four-foot-deep cast-iron cauldron. All other items of clothing are virtually worthless. The floor has a concealed panel (found like a secret door) beneath which Mentu has stashed a large chest containing treasure that the gummy werebears have brought back from their expeditions to the upper levels and the surface. The trap door is neither locked nor trapped, but the locked chest has a concealed needle on the lock mechanism that will jab anyone who tries to pick it (unless spotted and disarmed first). The needle is covered with Essence of Blueberry, which will cause the stung hand to turn blue and swell up like a balloon, making it useless for holding items, picking locks, etc. for about 24 hours. No saving throw is allowed. The chest contains three green gems worth about 150 gp each, 200 gp in coins, two flasks marked Nectar of the Gods (actually they contain a rather bitter dwarven wine, but Mentu has a weakness for the stuff), and a golden crown set with red jewels worth about 1,000 gp. The latter is something Mentu intends to wear when he becomes Ruler of the Upper World. The western wall of the closet slides aside to reveal a secret door. The narrow passage behind it leads to the Gingerbread Man s lair in area 18. This is the entrance that Mentu would normally use to approach the monster. Anyone coming into the lair this way automatically gains 38

39 surprise on the contentious confection, who expects only his master to use this door. Area 15: Small Guard Station There is a recessed nook in the corridor at the bend, where a single gummy werebear guard is always stationed. He will challenge anyone corning through the corridor except Mentu or the cooks (or those escorted by them). A secret panel behind the guard s chair reveals a roughhewn cavern corridor through which Mentu disposes of intruders. He will lead the party here, claiming that this is the way to the lower depths. In fact it is, but Mentu doesn t know that. He is really sending the characters into a trap, intending for them to be killed by the bread pudding. He will allow Poppinfarsh to accompany the characters, and Poppinfarsh will be quite happy to go. If the PCs won t take him, Poppinfarsh will be taken by the guards to Mentu s quarters and locked in after the characters leave. The sliding rock that conceals the entrance is closed behind the characters after they proceed down the corridor a bit. Once closed and blocked from the outside, it cannot be opened again from the inside short of a major explosion or multiple attacks by forces as powerful as a lightning bolt. Area 16: The Bread Pudding s Lair The corridor widens at this point into a dark cavern, with stalactites hanging from the ceiling. Large boulders are strewn randomly across the ground. Shadows move across the uneven ground in all directions as the torches move, making this a perfect location for an ambush. The characters detect an awful smell as they approach, as if something large and unsanitary had died here. The opening to the west is clearly visible from the eastern entrance. Once the characters are halfway into the room, the bread pudding flows silently to the attack from a hiding place near the southern wall. As the monster moves, it releases its characteristically atrocious stench, which the party must overcome to battle it. Poppinfarsh has no knowledge of the pudding. It will not attack him, however, because both are bread creatures. Poppinfal-sh does not attack unless directly ordered to do so, but he yells encouragement throughout the battle. ( Wow! This is great! Hit it again! Ow, I bet that smarts! ) Bread pudding: AC 6; MV 6 ; HD 5; hp 21; #AT 1; Dmg2d8; THACO 15; SA see below; SD immune to sharp weapons and fire; AL N. The bread pudding is a sloppy and horrible-smelling concoction that even the cooks won t admit to creating. Mentu was told to dispose of it, but instead he hid and fed it until it grew to a size of about eight feet across. It is now loyal only to Mentu, and will attempt to devour anythng else it encmnters. The pudding is free-flowing, formless, greyish-brown, and lumpy, thus it conceals itself well among rocks and dirt. The disgusting smell of the pudding is unmistakable and is its greatest weapon. It smells bad when standing still, but its scent is overpowering when it moves to attack. This requires all in the area to roll a saving throw vs. poison. Failure leaves the victim unable to de end himself, throwing up uncontrollably for ld6 melee rounds. (Poppinfarsh can Fmell the pudding, but it doesn t bother him.) It attacks by flowing over a victim, causing damage with an acid-like secretion. Full plate armor protects a victim for two melee rounds before the acid gets inside. Other forms of armor protect for only one round. The pudding is not harmed by sharp weapons. Impact weapons such as maces hurt it by breaking up the lumps that form it. It is invulnerable to fire, but other attack forms cause normal damage. The niche against the southern wall, where the pudding is waiting, contains the skeletal remains of some of its other victims. Among the awful-smelling debris can be found 180 gp in miscellaneous coins, a normal long sword, and a mace +2. Area 17: The Trash Pit The heavy iron door to this room is tight-fitting and unlocked. Beyond is a smooth, bowl-shaped room. The cavern ceiling rises 30 feet above the doorway and is covered with stalactites and outcroppings. From the doorway, torches illuminate the ceiling dimly, with lots of dancing shadows. A huge pile of junk almost fills the room. Stone steps wide enough for one person at a time lead down into the room. The junk includes discarded items of all sorts, such as bent spoons, broken crockery, discarded boxes, barrels, and bottles. Also present are a few rusty suits of armor, bent swords, and other weapons, none of which prove useful if examined. The mounds of junk are so high that the party must climb over them in order to cross the room. One item will attract the attention of Poppinfarsh if he is here-a battered metal bottle that looks vaguely like a pitcher. If the dough golem is not with the party, the first person to declare he is looking through the junk will find this item. The bottle is made of an odd and attractive reddish metal. It is tightly closed with a metal stopper marked with a set of unusual runes. Poppinfarsh will recognize the marks as the signature-runes of the old wizard, Galomohgen. The stopper is tightly wedged into the bottle, requiring a Strength Check on 3d6 to pull free. Poppinfarsh will be enthusiastic about opening the bottle, sure that it is full of one of the wizard s wonderful potions. The bottle is heavy, but does not slosh. It must be opened to determine its contents, if any. If opened, the bottle will rapidly fill with a translucent yellow liquid, with floating slices of lemon and chunks of ice. It is, in fact, a decanter of endless lemonade. The lemonade is cold and delicious, and continues to well up in the bottle and overflow as long as it is unstoppered. As soon as he sees what is inside, Poppinfarsh will squeal delightedly and grab for the bottle to take a drink. In the process, he will knock the stopper from the hands of the person holding it and it will

40 bounce away into the trash pile. If the characters look for it, they will not find it immediately among all the metal and crockery. Meanwhile, the lemonade continues to flow, complete with lots of ice chunks and lemon slices. The flow accelerates the longer the bottle is open, until lemonade is gushing out at a rate of gallons every second. Covering the bottle with a hand only works until the pressure builds up a bit. Likewise, any other sort of stopper only holds back the delicious flood for a few minutes. Drinking the lemonade is a temporary solution at best. The intent here is to get the characters frantically searching among the junk for the missing stopper. Roll dice secretly for their attempts, but ignore the results. They just can t seem to find that stopper! DMs are encouraged to play this for all it is worth. The high-pressure stream of lemonade should soak everyone. It will soon fill the bowl-shaped room, lapping at their ankles within five minutes. Of course, looking for the stopper gets much harder in ankle-deep lemonade. If the characters decide to abandon the lemonade gusher, introduce a couple of new complications. The sides of the bowl-shaped floor are too smooth to climb, so the only way up and out is the narrow stone steps. When the PCs start up, they hear a rustle from above. Looking up they see moving shadows among the stalactites. When they are halfway up, a group of flat, disc-shaped forms dives down into the room. These are the flying pies, an odd life-form for which the cooks could find no use, and abandoned here. 12 Flying Pies: AC 6; MV 18 flying; hp 1; #AT 1; Dmg ld2; THACO 15; SA see below: SD nd; AL N. These monsters resemble spinning, flying cream pies about 10 inches across. They come in lemon, coconut, and Boston creme varieties. They normally remain attached to high ceilings, feeding off moss and absorbing water through their bottom crust. Movement attracts them, causing them to swarm about and make suicidal diving attacks on anything in motion. They are fast and hard to hit. They control their flight well, making their attacks quite accurate. Each successful attack ends with the pie creatur: splattered in the face of the victim. Tho se hit suffer little damage, but are blinded by gooey pie for ld3 melee rounds. If a victim fails to roll his Dexterity lor less 3n ld20, he is knocked down. There are at least 12 flying pies in the swarm, but the GM should feel free to add a second swarm and keep up the attacks as long as they are funny. The pies concentrate on those characters climbing the stairs, trying to knock i.hem back into the lemonade lake. When the players begin to get bored, allow them to make it up the stairs. If anyone decides to make one last dive for the stopper, he will find it with little difficulty. Poppinfarsh will!offer if no one else wants to try. Once found, the stopper can (easily be replaced. The decanter can then be taken along bv. the party. If the stopper is not replaced, the level of the lemonade in the room will continue to rise. Note whether or not the characters close the door behind them if the lemonade is left running. Also, require saving throws for any items carried by the party that might be damaged by moisture (like scrolls and books). The party will be pretty sticky until they hake a chance to clean up. Area 18: Lair of the Gingerbread Man The northern door is made of heavy iron, like that of area 17, but it is not locked. The room is, darkened and roughcut, looking more like a natural cavern than something that was deliberately dug out of the rock and soil. The roof is domelike and rises 20 feet above the rocky floor. There are two similar doors on the wall to the south. Sitting on the ground in front of them is an eight-foot-tall monstrosity of baked goods--the Gingerbread Man. Gingerbread Man: AC 5; MV 6 ; hp 50; #AT 1; Dmg 3d10; THACO 10; SA nil; SD nil; AL N. The Gingerbread Man is actually the ultimate pioduct of the same series of experiments that produced Poppinfarsh. Howek er, while the little dough golem is cute and soft, the Gingerbread Man is nasty and powerful. He is flattened grey-brown gingerbread of unusual toughness and his arms and legs are outlined with icing. His body is studded with crushed nuts and oversized raisins. If viewed from behind, one raisin in his back seems to throb and pulsate. If this raisin is stabbed with the Mithril Breadknife (requiring a - 4 penalty to the attack roll for the small size of the target), the gingerbread monster dies instantly. The Gingerbread Man is only semiintelligent, but he is a fearless and tireless fighter. He is the guardian of this area and attacks all who enter, except Mentu. If the PCs manage to kill the Gingerbread Man, they find that only the easternmost door is unlocked. This leads to Mentu s quarters. The other is locked and only Mentu has the keys. A successful lockpick attempt or major force will open it. The door also has a small amount of open space at the bottom. If a character suggests it, Poppinfarsh is flexible enough to shove his doughy body under the door. It opens easily without a key from the inside. Poppinfarsh will not think of this on his own. Area 19: Galomohgen s Tomb The door opens onto a short corridor, decorated with crude but recognizable paintings of an elderly wizard. The paintings show various scenes, including the escape of Galomohgen and the chefs from the prison cells, the rescue at the rushing underground river, and the creation of the greenhouse cave. (DM: Make up detruls as you desire.) In each scene, the wizard is carrying a golden goblet. The corridor opens into a large cavern. Against one wall, on a raised stone platform, is a marble vault adorned with the rune-signature of Galomohgen. A golden goblet, now dusty and long-unused, sits atop the vault. If Poppinfarsh is present, he will enter with reverence. This is the tomb of the great and powerful Galomohgen, wizard to kings and king of wizards! He wdl encourage characters to remove hats and helmets and approach with dignity.

41 I haven t been here to see the mighty one since Mentu took over, Poppinfarsh will explain. I d almost forgotten he was here. Then he will become agitated. Oh, dear! Oh, my! Do any of you have any wine? If the characters do, he will ask to have the cup fzed in honor of the old wizard. He so loved his wine, explains Poppinfarsh. If the characters do not have Poppinfarsh as a companion, they will have to figure things out for themselves. The magical runes around the edge of the golden cup can be read by any magicuser. They read May your cup never run dry. The cup itself is exquisitely made and decorated with small jewels, worth no less than 400 gp in the city. If wine (or any other alcoholic beverage-lemonade doesn t work) is poured into the cup, a satisfied sigh can be heard from within the marble vault. The transparent ghostly form of Galomohgen will rise from his body s resting place, pick up the cup, and take a deep dnnk. That hits the spot, says Galomohgen. His voice is deep but his words are a bit slurred. He looks at the nowmuch-lowered level of fluid in the cup and says Looks like I haven t long to be here. Who summons me? Galomohgen will answer questions as long as wine is placed in his cup, but it never takes him long to drink it all, no matter how often the characters tell him to take it easy. He will explain, hesitantly and in a rambling, undirected sort of way, that he used his magic to help the cooks for many years before his liver finally gave out on him. They re good men, though they never were much in the kitchen without me, to tell the truth. But they were my friends, so when I knew I was dying, I made them each a magical kitchen tool that would protect them and let them turn the few things they could raise down here into decent food. Little Poppinfarsh was my final &t to them-a loyal and true servant. Galomohgen will be surprised to hear about the variety of nasty food-creatures that have been cooked up since his demise. I can t imagine how my magical kitchenware could have instilled such evil lifeforce into simple food. Certainly I am not surprised that the poor chefs could be tricked by an evil one. They are simple souls-not in the least evil, just misguided, I imagine. Be gentle with them. If the Random Monster Generator is mentioned, Galomohgen will express the theory that the magic utensils somehow are drawing on the wicked power of the evil artifact in the dungeons far below. Galomohgen s main concern is with the welfare of the chefs. Promise me that you will get rid of those who use my friends as dupes, and that you will escort them safely to the upper world. If you will do this, and get them the pardon of the Lords of Greyhawk, I will grant you a &, and point you on the correct path for your quest. He will insist that the cooks be rescued and brought to his tomb before he discusses the bargain further. Once the wine is gone (and before the characters ask more questions), his spirit will burp once and return to its resting place. Pursuit of the Chefs The return, which must be made through the secret entrance into Mentu s quarters, is without incident. No one is present in the quarters or labs at this time. At the guard station (area 12), the guards only fight to stop tbe characters if the party acts guilty or suspicious. As the party enters the corridor at area 12 again, they see Mentu come around the corner at area 15. He is accompanied by three men in chef hats and aprons. They all stop and stare at the party for a second, then turn and run back around the corner. 1t s the Great Chefs, says Poppidarsh. We must warn them of Mentu s treachery! The guards will suddenly realize something is up at this point, and will try to delay the party. Don t let them be delayed more than a few melee rounds, though. It is important that the party have the opportunity to pursue the chefs at this time. Area 20: Guard Barracks The door to this area is of metalbanded heavy wood and is never locked. Two gummy werebear guards are always on duty immediately inside the doorway, armed with candy-cane spears and short swords. The southern wall on either side of the doorway has racks holding 30 each of these weapons. Al of the other walls are broad shelves set floor to 15-foothigh ceiling. Gummy werebears of all colors lie unmoving on these shelves. When more guards are needed, the guards on duty simply drag them down from the shelves to activate them, and send them out, If the inert werebears are disturbed at all, they will begin waking up. Area 21: Kitchen Wing Entry Hall As the party rounds the corner at area 15, they see Mentu leading the chefs through the door into this room. By the time they reach the light wooden door, it is bolted from the inside. The characters will have to chop it down. Meanwhile, Mentu herds the by-now-terrified chefs through the eastern secret door. It is closed and well-concealed by the time the characters enter. The southern door, however, is wide open, and leads to a trap prepared at area 23. If the characters stop to search, they have the usual chance to locate the eastern secret door. Poppinfarsh is not familiar with this part of the complex, so he is of no help navigating. Area 22: Griddle Controls The cooks had this special griddle prepared to cook giant flapjacks. When the flapjacks turned out to be dangerous (see area 23), they closed them off in the griddle room and abandoned it. This room contains the controls for the griddle. Mentu has sent the cooks ahead to the main kitchen. He is waiting here and watching through the grating overlooking the griddle until all the characters enter. Using these controls, he pulls a large lever that locks the counterweighted door behind the PCs. A second sliding control operates the magical fire that heats the griddle. Mentu sets the heat on high to warm up the 41

42 party (and stir up the flapjacks). He then proceeds to the main kitchen. Area 23: The Griddle Both northern and southern doors are made of heavy metal, but they swing easily, as if counterweighted by a hidden mechanism. If the doors are examined closely from the outside, the party will see that the mechanical lock system can be disabled with a few minutes work (or a couple of good whacks with a battle axe). The room inside has stone walls and a smooth metal floor. The ceiling is stone, with three circular discolored spots about 10 feet across. (DM: Do not describe the ceiling unless the characters make a point of examining it. They are likely to be in a hurry and might miss this clue.) There is a metal grating set in the center of the eastern wall at eye level, through which light can be seen. The door may be spiked to prevent its closing, but there is only a 1 in 6 chance that a single spike will do the job. Failure will only delay the closing for one melee round. More spikes will improve the chances-2 in 6 chance for two spikes and so on. Six will hold it firmly open, jamming the closing mechanism. The floor begins to heat up rapidly once the doors close. The characters hear Mentu s evil laughter and hear a door close beyond the grating. Barefoot characters, like Poppmfarsh, and those with thin footgear will notice the rising warmth first. Just as the floor begins getting really hot (after about five melee rounds), the characters will hear a popping sound from above. As they look up, one of the discolored patches on the ceiling pops loose. It is a flapjack, which falls on the PC with the lowest Dexterity and forces him to the floor, smothering him. 3 Flapjacks: AC 8; 2 ; HD 4; hp 17, 19, 16; #AT special; Dmg special; THACO nil; SA smothering; SD d; AL N. About 10 feet wide and several inches ~ c k the, flapjacks are attracted by heat, which is why the griddle hasn t been used in a while. When they sense heat, they fall from the cehg, where their rough exterior conceals them. They glide down and try to land on the nearest moving object. Anyone trapped by a flapjac k is thoroughly pinned by its bulk and strength, and cannot use weapons or spells. Others must free the victim within six melee rounds or he will smother. Flapjacks are immune to all fire and heat attack s. They are repelled by cold, which causes them to withdraw rapidly and leap back to the ceiling. The characters have four melee rounds to free the trapped member of the party before a1 second flapjack falls. Arrows or spells may be used against the flapjacks on the ceiling once they are recognized. The third falls five melee rounds after the second. When a flapjack falls, all untrapped characters, inclvding Poppinfarsh, must roll ld6. The character with the lowest roll is trapped. Elreak ties with a second roll. After the first surprise attack, victims get a last weapon attack before they are crushed to the floor. Besides the danger of sniothering, victims trapped beneath a flapjack suffer ld6 points of damage per melee round from the hot floor. Those standing on the hot floor take ld3 points of damage per melee round. If characters look through the grating, they can see into area 22. The iron grating is set firmly into the stole and cannot be removed. The bars arl: two inches apart. The control panel is only halfvisible from the grating, but one big lever can be seen sticking up. 1 is about six feet from the grating. A lorig pole weapon s haft or a slim staff could be used to push it, or it could be hit by :an arrow ( - 6 penalty to the attack. roll). This opens the doors. A safety mechanism turns off the griddle when the doors are open. The floor cools enough to be nondamaging in three melee rounds. If Poppinfarsh is trapped, he does not smother, but if not freed in three melee rounds, he comes out as a flat, hrown, cookie golem. He is otherwise unhurt, and his statistics do not chaige. Only his appearance is altered. Area 24.: Main Kitchen The northern entrance to :his room has no door, just a high arched entryway. Above the door is a bronze plaque with the phrase Don t disturb the Chefs! The room is lit by two of the perpetual light globes seen earlier in the greenhouse. The walls are lined with cabinets and shelves containing an incredible array of cooking utensils and supplies. The great fireplace in the western wall conceals a secret exit. A huge cook pot hangs within. There is an open fire pit containing hot coals in the center of the room. A metal spit is suspended over the fire; it turns constantly with no visible means of operation. There is a smaller archway to the southeast. Against the southern wall sits a four-foot-tall by seven-foot-wide closed wooden bin marked Flour. As soon as the PCs have had time to get a look around the room, they hear someone sneeze. A second sneeze is soon heard from the direction of the flour bin. If the characters attack, or call for the hidden individuals to surrender, the cooks pop out of the bin in a cloud of flour. Alternatively, if someone opens the bin, Molenhowad pops up and brains the intruder with his magical spoon. No damage results, but the character is surprised and stunned for one melee round. All the cooks, covered with flour, jump out and run around the room. Play this for as many laughs as possible. The panicked cooks toss flour, sugar, and other foodstuffs, shoot whipped cream from small tubes they get out of a cabinet, run around and around the fire pit, etc. Use your imagination. If the characters get serious about hurting the cooks, the three flee through the southwest archway to the safety (?) of their individual rooms, where they must be coaxed out from under the beds. If the party ceases all attacks and makes an effort to calm the cooks down, they are willing to chat. They had no idea that Mentu tried to kill the characters. Mentu had told them that the party was a group of assassins sent from Greyhawk to hunt them down and slay them. Once the cooks are convinced that this isn t true, they beg the party to intercede with the Lords of Greyhawk to allow the cooks to return to the surface. Wait until the party notices that Mentu 42

43 is not present. Then one of the cooks will wonder about him. He told us to hide, and he d take care of you, says Lanfyne. Where did he go? At this cue, the big fireplace slides away and Mentu makes his dramatic entrance. With him are any doughplegangers activated earlier by the party (see area 13). He also has two gummy werebear guards for each member of the party who refused to carry one of the loaves in that encounter, and one each for the three cooks and Poppinfarsh. I m right here, says Mentu, and now I will slay you all! Then my edible army will march on the Upper World! The intruders then attack the party. Each doughpleganger attempts to engage its original, and the werebears attack the others. Mentu stays out of direct combat as long as possible and uses his special mind-fileting power on the party, reducing their concentration and ability to fight. He stops concentrating only if directly engaged in combat and wounded. The doughplegangers and Mentu fight to the death. The guards, however, surrender if Mentu is killed or captured. Role play the combat for maximum fun and excitement. The cooks and Poppinfarsh should be able to hold their own against one guard each with no trouble, hitting them with their magical utensils or throwing things at them. If one of the party finishes off his foe too quickly, make it necessary for that person to rescue one of the cooks or Poppinfarsh to keep things interesting. Bring in more gummy werebear guards if you need to-there is an endless supply avdable. If, on the other hand, the party seems overwhelmed, the cooks and Poppinfarsh can hush off their foes quickly and then rescue their rescuers. If the characters earlier left the decanter of endless lemonade running somewhere, this would be a good time to bring a flood of lemonade, ice, and floating slices of lemon in to sweep everyone off their feet and break hlentu s concentration. The more outrageous this combat is, the better. In the end, however, the party will no doubt triumph over the nasty meat-thing and his hordes. (Surely your party is not so inept as to be beaten by crummy candy monsters?) Doughplegangers (number varies): AC 5; MV 9 ; HD as the original; hp as the original; Dmg ld6 or by weapon; THACO 15; SA nil; SD nil; AL N. The doughplegangers are a variant of the dough golem and Gingerbread Man formulae. Mentu tricked the cooks into making a set of loaves, which he then hid until forgotten. These loaves have the potential to develop into living forms because of the magical utensils connection with the Random Monster Generator. Once touched by a living being, then baked, they become duplicates of the person who touched them. A baked doughpleganger has the general appearance of its original and has hit points and weapon abilities to match. Mentu has provided candy cane duplicates of the appropriate weapons as well, although the weapons do not duplicate magical abilities. Doughplegangers have no spell abilities. They have only their natural armor class to protect them, though they appear to be wearing the same armor as their originals. A doughpleganger above all wants to kill its original, and will fight its original to the death before turning to any other foes. Area 25: Molenhowad s Room This is a bare little cubicle, with a bed, desk, and large closet full of identical white pants, tunics, aprons and hats. Dirty clothes tossed on the floor of the closet magically clean themselves and hang themselves up, thanks to Galomohgen s magic. The attached privy also is magically self-cleaning. Area 26: Larifyne s Room Similar to area 25, including the magical closet. The walls are lined with shelf after shelf of cookbooks. Many are truly odd, like Trollburgers: The Never-Ending Meal and 1001 Ways to Prepare Yellow Mold. Area 27: Kurlenshemhes s Room Just like the other two, except that empty food containers clog every nook and cranny. Under the bed can be found a couple of dozen comic books featuring Captain Koala and ZapMan. What s for Dessert? With Mentu destroyed and his creations dealt with, the cooks are grateful for the party s help in exposing his plotting. They make a great ceremony of presenting the party with their greatest treasure, a set of heavy gold-decorated cook pots that are worth 1,200 gp. These are very bulky and heavy, and weigh about 100 lbs., counting the trunk in which they are kept. The cooks fix a snack for the party, then propose that they take a skin of wine to Galomohgen s tomb. When Galomohgen is summoned by filling his goblet, he thanks the PCs for their help. (Heaven help them if they ve hurt the cooks! Galomohgen may haunt them forever, or at least until they perform some sort of task to redeem themselves!) He confirms that the magical utensils are trapping the power of the Random Monster Generator. He removes the magic from the items with a wave of his hand. At this point, all the creations except Poppinfarsh cease to exist. If the party promises to see the cooks safely back to Castle Greyhawk and obtain a pardon for them (which will be granted swiftly, as no one even remembers the cooks anymore), Galomohgen will show the party a secret button that causes his marble vault to move aside, revealing a hidden corridor. The tunnel moves past an odd section of smooth wall that glows with a mild pearly light to a stairway leading down. Galomohgen then returns to his final rest, and his goblet vanishes with him. Poppinfarsh decides to return to the Upper World and remain with the cooks. Once the party has helped the cooks, they may use this level as a base camp for explorations deeper into the dungeons. This provides the party with food and water and a relatively safe place to rest, at least until monsters start wandering in from the other levels. 43

44 The fourth dungeon level of Greyhawk Castle is designed as a challenge for about six PCs of 7th-8th experience levels. Although this level need not be played before attempting the dungeon s lower levels, the PCs may gain some advantage if they attain ths level s magical prize first. The Dungeon Master s Guide, the Player s Handbook, the Dungeoneer s Survival Guide, Monster Manuals I and 11, and the FIEND FOLIO tome are necessary to play this level. Other game manuals are not required but may be used as desired. DM s Information The builders of Castle Greyhawk and its dungeon took great precautions against the eventuality that their creations would get out of hand. For this purpose, they created E Secrete Tome of Inestimabile Knowledges and carefully hid it on the dungeon s fourth level. The tome was supposed to be used only in case of an emergency, such as huge hordes of monsters invading the castle. Although it is centuries old, the item s magical effect is to provide current and useful secrets (for details, see page 53). The Herzog Akitrom knows of the Tome and its potential value, but until now he has never seen a need for its use. For all he knows, it could be just a oneuse item. The Adventure To get the party to investigate dungeon level four, set up the following scenario: Somewhere in the castle s Citadel Union (where the adventurers reside) a scream echoes, loud enough to drown out even the 24-hour (no waiting) bar fight. When the BCs arrive, a group of very attractive and obviously quite wealthy young men and women (courtiers on a holiday-including the lovely, but menace-prone princess Risotta) are being menaced by three of the most gruesome horrors yet seen. Unless dis- tracted, these creatures will soon have a yummy snack that builds bodies in twelve disgusting ways. Any nearby low-level castle guards are already just smears on the wall. For this scenario, the I)M must make up three monsters from the Random Monster Generator. Au thee sliould be of the icky-awful v,ariety and have at least one special ability Two of them have 7 Hit Dice, the biggest (and ickiest) will have 10 HD and at least tvro special abilities. During the fight, the monsters will go out of their way to trash up the place. Herzog Akitrom the Merely Worried is distraught. Never have monsters actually invaded the castle in such force. A baluchiterium in the dining hall is one thing, but such ickyness in the Citadel TJnion is altogether untoward. Something is seriously wrong down in the dungeon. Maybe it s time to get out the dungeon s secret instruction manual. In response to questions of Why didn t you give this to us before? What secret instruction manlal? or just Huh? Herzog Akitrom mill explain that he doesn t actually have the manual, just instructions on how to find it. Actually, it never really seemed all that important before. From a secret compartment in the castle s wine cellar, a crumbling wooden box is brought forth. In it are instructions on how to find the entrance to the fourth dungeon level (which, coincidentally, is the same door the monsters just came from) anid a sparkling skeleton key carved from a single ruby--one of 1.he Tome s 12 gemstone keys (this key checks in at about 5,000 gp). Unfortunately, what apparently were at leaist a dozen pages concerning ithe Tome s defenses have been reduced by centuries of neglect to and rememberest thou to looketh out for ye.. Of course, the Herzog harnimphs, If you ist not interested in returning mit der Tome und basking in glory und riches, dose odder adventurers may be interested in making an eesy hundred tousand or so gold pieces. Area 1: The Entryway from Anywhere The stair down from the castle (or down or up from any other dungeon level or darkened passage) ends at a locked door just outside area 2. The stair ends at an eight-footdiameter circular stone door carved and painted in the likeness of a huge jack o lantern face. Magical light streams from its eyes, nose, and mouth. On the pumpkin face s forehead is a carved sign that reads: Are You Prepared for Eternal Autumn? To the left of the door is a familiarlooking patch of opalescent wall. Deep in the recesses of the jack 0 lantern s mouth is a keyhole that, once unlocked, will open the door. The key provided by the castle owners (or any of the Tome keys) will unlock the door. Any attempt to pick the lock, or use any other type of key (including a magical key) will cause the trapped mouth to rapidly shut and open again (doing 2d10 damage to the violator who fails to make a Dexterity Check). The door is wizard locked (as by a 12th level magic-user). A magic mouth spell shrieks trick-or-treat, trick-ortreat! If the door is forced, all orifices on the pumpkin face belch eight-foot-long tongues of magical fire while the magic mouth spell shrieks trick-or-treat, trickor-treat! The flames do 14 points of damage to characters who do not save vs. spell (the effects are similar to a glyph of warding). Characters who make the saving throw take half damage. 44

45 Greyhawk Dungeon-Level 4 To Cast1 Cross Section of Spherical Arena Front View Shaft tolfrom Area 16E Side View & 'ALL z Roof 3 Roof 2 Roof 1 Cathedral Views (Area 12) Down to 509 and 610

46 Area 2: E Secrete Tome of Inestimable Knowledges ~ The room beyond the jack 0 lantern door is plain and unadorned except for a tapestry on the far wall, a small sign next to it and a door mat beneath it and a pile of pumpkins in the corner, coated lightly in frost. The tapestry depicts angelic beings walking up and down a glowing stair case that ascends toward a heavenly glow. Inscribed above the stair is the motto Re Prepared. The sign next to the tapestry reads as follows: Ereh eb ey eterces emot of elbamitseni segdelwonk. The door mat says, Welcome. Beneath the door mat is a sapphire gemstone key, another of the 12 (hey, where else would anyone keep a 4,000- gp sapphire key?). The pumpkins are here solely for color. Behind the tapestry is a vault door with 12 key holes arranged in a three-by-four pattern. To open the door, at least seven of the Tome Keys must be inserted and turned, each key within 30 seconds of the previous key. If any other attempt is made to open on the vault door or if the party pulls aside the tapestry and does nothing to open the door (for at least a minute), then IT happens. IT is the following: Everything (including tapestries, welcome mats, pumpkins, stupidly enciphered signs, walls, ceilings, the room with the pumpkin door..just everything) disappears and the floor rips open loudly like overstressed paper, and you fall into swirling mist and fall and fall and fall.. Go to area 2A. Area 2A:..and fall and fall.. The mist parts and you seem to be falling just above tree tops. The air is chilly and leaves show the brilliant golds, oranges, and reds of autumn at its peak. The autiimnal forest extends as far as you can see above and below you. It also seems to surround you like you re falling through the inside of a tube or shaft. Through the treetops, you glimpse piles of raked leaves and bushels of ripe apples. The branches sting as you fall tlirough 1 hem. If the PCs wish, they can fall forever. However, the sting of the branches inflicts 1 point of damage every two rounds of falling. Eventually, this will batter a character to death. The PCs can stop themselves by grabbing on to tree branches (a Dexterity Check to grab and a Strength Check to hold on), lassoing brancheij (only a Dexterity Check if the rope is tied to the PCs, otherwise it s just as if they grabbed at branches), casting web spells between the branches ahead of them, using feather fall to slow their rate of descent, any flying magics to control their descent or anything that would reasonably work. Assume that each round the IPCs fall 1,000 feet regardless of physics. So if it takes five rounds for all characters to come to a complete stop, they will be strung out over about a mile of territory on encounter map 4. The first PC to stop always stops at area 6. Area 3: Yuck If the players are running out of hit points because they can t figure a way to stop falling, then warm up the 01 deus ex machina (an improbable plot device used to resolve a tangled situation). Unfortunately, the only one available at the time is a large, bloated blob (the #inflated ego of something with little to he proud of). Needless to say, the goo is unpleasant. with you, is a huge, writhing, bloated If the PCs attempt to destroy the goo, treat it as a super-dooper ochre jelly. Subsequent contact (collision) will result in damage (each colliding character inflicts ld6 damage to the goo). Inflated Ego (ochre jelly): AC 8; MV 3 ; HD 12; hp 45; #AT 2; Dmg 3d4; THACO 10; SD lightning divides creature into smaller blobs; SZ XL ( Holy Cow, Get a Load of That! ). The impact with the smelly goo causes it, the disgusted PCs, and a small flock of pigeons to careen into disgusting entanglement with the tree tops, leaving the party hanging on huge stringers of mucus a few feet above the ground. Unfortunately, their Charisma scores are reduced by 2d4 until they can properly bathe (if they do not remove the goo within 48 hours, reduce Charisma by 1 point permanently). The party is together on encounter map 4. Area 4: The Upcountry To reach the ground, the party must climb down the tree limbs. (Note: The first PC to land is assumed to be at encounter 6 and follows directions given there.) A non-thief can climb down a tree at 30 Iround (or about three rounds to reach the ground). A thief climbs twice as fast. Thieves climb at their normal climbing skiu plus a tree bonus. Non-thieves climb at a base climbing skill of 40% plus the tree bonus. The tree bonus is 20% (characters in metal armor are -15, those in leather or padded armor are - 5 and those in plate mail of any kind cannot climb at all). Characters who fail to make their climbing roll take ld6 of damage for each full 10% by which their roll exceeds their climbing chance, minimum of ld6 damage. Once the party is all down, they find themselves in the endless expanse of the Eternal Autumn Woods (area 4). Although the woods continue on endlessly in every direction, its major landmarks

47 are repeated. Assume that when the party leaves one edge of map 4, they enter again on the opposite edge (though foes encountered are left behind). Even though the landscape appears level from where the party stands, the cardinal directions here are not north, south, east and west-they are up, down and sideways (right or left). Characters move sideways at their normal speeds. Characters move up at half their normal rate (unless flying) and feel as if they are climbing a steep hill. Characters move down at double their normal rate, as if running down a steep hill. Once they begin to move down, it is hard to stop (Dexterity Check required) without falling down. Characters move diagonally up at 3/4 normal speed and diagonally down at 1 1/2 times normal. The PCs can see three hexes (3,000 feet) in all directions. Food is plentiful here (fall is harvest time). Meanwhile, the servants of Voyeux are on the move. Make an encounter check on the following chart for every five hexes of travel. Of the fixed encounters, encounter 7 cannot occur until the party has met Verticulous Vibratiuncle (encounter 5). Encounters 11A and 11B are airborne. Encounter Table D20 Roll Result 1-9 Nothing 10 A random monster Flail Snail: AC 4; MV 6* ; HD 6; hp 35; #AT 12*; Dmg ld8/ tentacle; THACO 13; SA/SD Its shell causes a special magic resistance-40% chance of a spell malfunction, 30% chance of spell working normally, 20% chance of failure, 10% chance of spell affecting someone else (usually the PC nearest the snail). The hasted flail snail is smashing its way through the wooh, mace-like tentacles a blur as they mow down trees before it. It searches for the PCs and attempts to close with them. Kdling the snail summons the levitraito-s (see below) Garbugs (violet): AC 5; MV 6 / 9 ; HD 3 + 1; hp 17, 19, 21; #AT 2 and 6; Dmg ld6/ld6/paralyzation; THACO 16; SA Paralyzation from tentacle attacks. These flying purple lobsters with yellow claws harry the party. On a d8 roll of 7-8, the levitraitors are near enough to hear the commotion. 16 Levitraitors. ThroTigh the forest, the party can see 3 group of four men in oriental garb floating above the trees, obviously searching the woods for something. These are former adventurers, now the Fervants of the wizard Voyeux (see encounter 19 for details). They are searching for the party to prevent them from gaining more keys and the Tome. The flail snail and garbugs are their allies. If the party fights them here, the girbugs join the battle in round three and the flail snail joins the battle in round seven Verticulous Vibratiuncle (see encounter 5). Area 5: Why is up? You encounter an uptight little man wandering around in the black robes of a university professor. Oblivious to the world, he is up to his nose in a scroll of some sort. Something crystalline dangles on a cord at his waist. Of course the something crystalline is a gemstone key, a 6,000-gp emerald gemstone key to be exact. It is in the possession of Verticulous Vibratiuncle, a strange little philosopher who has been wandering through Eternal Autumn for what seems like..well..an eternity. If distracted from his reading he will look the party straight in the eyes and ask, Why is up? Like all philosophers, deep thinkers, and sports broadcasters, he is serious and thinks that his question is a reasonable one. Any reasonable answer will do: Without up, there would be no down, or Without up, we would have nothing to see when we tilted our heads back, or The sky gods would be out of ajob, etc. If insulted, ignored, or attacked, Verticulous begins to ooze tar from his pores and sprout wings as he polymorphs into a farastu (tarry) demodand and makes the party pay for their uppity attitude. Tarry Demodand: AC -1; MV 15 / 30 ; HD 11; hp 62; #AT 3; Dmg ld6 + 1/ ld6+1/3d4; THACO 10; SA spell powers and sticky skin that makes any object it strikes or that strikes it have a 5% chance of sticking; SD immune to nonmagical weapons, fear, illusion, acid, and poison, half damage from cold and fire; MR 15% If the party answers his question he thanks them and goes on hs way, then stops and says Was there something else? If the party asks for the gemstone key, he will continue to ask questions like Sideways-fact or fiction? and If there were no down, would there be an up? If the party answers with something reasonable again, he is amiable to trade the key for something (preferably food other than apples). Again, uppityness brings out the demodand in him. 47

48 Area 6: Up the Down Staircase You find the ruins of a grand staircase. No building, no upper floors, just a grand staircase. Next to it is a historical marker that reads: On this site.. oh, about an eternity or so ago.. the upwardly mobile young upstart, Verticulous Vibratiuncle, built the first stair, symbolizing the belief that the only way out of Eternal Autumn is up. From this point, if they look up, the PCs should be able to see a glowing door hanging at least 500 feet in the air above them. Above the door in glowing red letters is the word EXIT. Area 7: And She s Buying a Stairway to.. This encounter can only occur after the party has encountered Verticulous Vibratiuncle. It then occurs within ld3 hexes of movement thereafter. If the party descends the well (area 9) and opens the door at the bottom, the drop down to the grlound is 500 feet. A small wooden hut stands next to a shiny metal box with a door in it. the brightly glowing sign above both of them proudly proclaims Ascendus s Scandent Coin-Op Acclivity. The entire affair is surrounded by many glowing, blinking, and flashing arrows, all pointing skyward. The floating exit door is clearly visible from here. The hut belongs to Ascendus, a smartly dressed little grippli (a 2% foot tall tree frog-like humanoid) smoking a big cigar and talking like a gangster. Up good people? Up? Only a coin, one coin will take you up, he says with a froggy grin. Ascendus the grippli: AC 9; MV 9 l 15 ; HD 1 +l; hp 7; #AT 1; Dmg ld4; THACO 16; SA surprise on 1-4 Ascendus s Scandent Coin-Op Acclivity is a coin-operated stairway. To operate, the PCs must insert a coin (a silver piece) into the slot in the door. The door then opens and a single step is visible (but only through the door). A second coin receptacle sprouts from the step. The cost for the next step isl another silver piece. This continues for each step. However, steps 11. through 20 cost two sp each, steps 21 through 30 cost three sp, and so on up to step 101 at the glowing door which costs 11 sp (for a grand total of 561 SP). However, each step ordl lasts 20 seconds if the step beyond It is not purchased. Thus it is possible io lose ground if delay is incurred. If the party does not have sufficient silver pieces (only silver works), Ascendus will make change (he always cheats by ld3 splgold piece). If caught, he is shocked and aghast and quickly makes up the difference. The EXIT door only opens with a 1,000-gp citrine gemstone Tome key possessed by Ascendus the grippli). Ascendus couldn t part with tke key for less than 5,000 gp. After step 30, lbegin mlling an encounter check on ld20 each 10 steps No encounter The party has been sighted by the Levitraitors (see area 4) A nasty randlom monster is either flying up or (climbing the stair behind the party. Area 8: Pearly Gates Shimmering like mother- Df-pearl, an opalescent panel stands upright between a pair of lustrous posts. This is one of the gates from the Random Monster Generator on level 12. If it is touched, roll ld61. On a roll of 1-2, a random monster steps through. Area 9: Upwellirig The exit from map 4 opens onto a 10- foot-diameter, dark, cylindrical shaft (a well) made of mortared field stone and filled with fresh water to a depth of four feet. A strong current runs through the water. If the party looks up, they can see a dim light. If the party climbs up the slippery stone shaft (the 50-foot-deep well can be climbed only by thieves, at the rate of six feet per round, with a 10 times normal chance of falling). An opening in the side of the shaft 30 feet up leads to encounter 13, the slime slide. The top of the well opens onto the paved stone floor of area 12. The bottom of the well feels pebbley. If the PCs check it, they find treasure: 2,000 cp, 300 sp, 500 gp, three gems (2,000 gp each), a 1,500-gp jade dog sculpture, chain mail +1, a mace of disruption, and a topaz Tome key (4,000 gp). Let the party bob for goodies for four rounds. On the fifth, somebody grabs a tentacle (or vice versa). Regardless, on the fifth round in the well, eight tentacles come up out of the water and attack the PCs (use giant squid statistics). 8 Giant squid tentacles: AC 7; MV Nil; HD 12; hp 10 per tentacle; #AT 8; Dmg ld6 (x8) + 2d6 constriction on subsequent rounds; THACO 9; SA constriction Area 10: Upfitter s Emporium Multicolor lights proclaim the entrance to Upfitter s Emporium, specializing in all that s fit to go up and stay up. Through the glass you can see a vast array of bottles, ropes, spikes, wings, cloaks, boots, and something moving around. This is a store that contains items useful to the PCs in their upward quest. Of course they are all hideously expensive. Upfitter s Emporium reappears later in the adventure to allow the adventurers to restock, but each time the prices go up. The proprietor, Garbug Upphitter (pronounced Up-fitter) is an intelligent violet garbug. Around his neck is violet garnet U key (worth 1,000 gp and on sale now for only 3,000 gp). Garbug Upphitter: AC 5; MV 6 /9 ; HD 3 + 1; hp 25; #AT 2 and 6; Dmg ld6/ ld6/paralyzation; THACO 16; SA tentacle hits paralyze Upfitter s sells both normal and magical 48

49 items. The normal items are to be had at a mere 10 times their usual cost. However, each time the PCs visit Upfitter s, the cost is double the previous time. Terms and Credit Garbug Upphitter prefers to take the PCs magical valuables in trade for his items. He will take promissory notes but states that the PCs will owe double the sum borrowed upon repayment. Magical items are initially for sale at the prices given in the DMG. However, they may be rented for l/loth that amount (returnable intact at the end of the adventure). 50 of rope: 2 gp Iron spikes: 10 cp each 10 pole: 30 cp Hammer: 1 gp Grappling hook: 10 gp 12 Wooden ladder: 20 gp Leather gloves: 5 gp Wings of flying (1): 7,500 gp Gauntlets of swimming and climbing (1): 10,000 gp Ebony fly (1): 5,000 gp Serpentine owl (1): 4,000 gp Broom of flying (1): 10,000 gp Carpet of flying (1): 25,000 gp Boots of levitation (1): 15,000 gp Ring of feather f&g (2): 5,000 gp Potion of flying* (7): 750 gp Potion oflevitation* (6): 400 gp Potion of diminution* (4): 500 gp Bag of winds (1): 5,000 gp This bag contains wind. When opened a stiff breeze blows out, equivalent to the MU spell, gust of wind. Djinn bottle: 8,000 gp Opening this bottle (once per week) summons a commandable djinn for six turns. Djinn: AC 4; MV 9 /24 ; HD 7 + 3; hp 37; #AT 1; Dmg 2d8; THACO 13; SA create whirlwind Flask of Air Elementals: 6,000 gp Opening the flask summons a commandable air elemental for three turns (once per week). Air elemental: AC 2; MV 36 ; HD 8; hp 45; #AT 1; Dmg ld10; THACO 10; SA whirlwind; SD +2 or better weapon to hit Magical Rope: 1,000 gp This one-use rope works only in the confines of level 4. Throwing it up in the air allows the party to escape or avoid one encounter (see encounter 11). * Items marked with an asterisk are for sale only. All displayed items are fake, but represent what is available. Upphitter will explain each if asked. All the real items are stored out of sight. Killing the garbug causes the store to collapse in on itself and all goes dark. When light returns, the characters are once again falling across the Eternal Autumn landscape (area 2A). Garbug Upphitter and a few friends return (even if killed) later in the adventure to collect any rented items (see encounter 21). Encounter 11: Using the Magical Rope This encounter occlvs if the party buys the magical rope from Upfitter s Emporium or if they climb the rope in room 16D. The PCs can use the rope to bypass any one encounter. Whenever magical rope is thrown upward, read the following: The rope seems to fly upward, stiffening into an easily climbable pole that fades into nothingness at the top. If they climb up, read the following: You climb upward into thickening, damp mist. Suddenly you break free into bright light on top of a flu fy cloud. As soon as you are up, a fiery blast strikes the cloud, destroying a huge tract of fluffy real estate and barely missing you. Less than 1,000 feet away, a red dragon wheels about for another pass and, as luck would have it, a black gemstone key hangs around its neck. The black opal Tome key is worth 3,500 gp. The dragon will not consider giving it up. The cloud is roughly 100 feet in diameter and hilly. It is like walking on a soft sponge. It begins at location 11A above map 4. Far below the cloud, the endless forest of Eternal Autumn can be seen. All around the PCs are other clouds similar to their own. Some even have occupants (roll random monsters if the PCs move to these clouds). If the party surveys their surroundings closely, read this: Several miles away is a flashing sign that brightly states EXIT as it hangs above a shimmering door set into the side of another cloud. The Exit cloud is located at position 11B above map 4. If the PCs did not buy the bag of winds, 4inn bottle, or air elemental flask, their cloud is probably motionless, a sitting duck. If the PCs possess any magical item or can command any creature that can make wind, the cloud is class E maneuverability and has a speed of 9. The red dragon s fire will punch a hole 20 feet in diameter all the way through the cloud. The hole reseals in two rounds, but the cloud loses 5 feet of diameter. Red dragon: AC - 1; MV 9 /24 ; HD 10; hp 60: #AT 3; Dmg ld8/ld8/3d10; THACO 10; SA breath weapon If the party causes its cloud to collide with another cloud, 1 to 3 10d6 dice lightning bolts are generated. They hit anything within 300 feet (to give the hint, have the PCs cloud accidentally collide with another). If characters fall off the cloud (whether dead or alive) or if the dragon is killed, the bodies drop until they are once again falling endlessly over the crisp orange treetops of Eternal Autumn. It is possible to bring the PCs cloud low enough to recover lost friends or keys. The dragon s belly is encrusted with 50,000 gp worth of gold coins and gems (it takes one turn to remove 5,000 gp worth). If the PCs use the magical rope to come to this encounter and then use the Exit door in the cloud, it takes them to the en- 49

50 counter that would follow next in sequence after the encounter they use the rope to avoid. If they climbed the rope in area 16D, they come out of a closet in the back of Upfitter s in area 16E. The PCs may also retrace their steps through Eternal Autumn (area 4), if they so desire. Area 12: Flying Buttresses ~ You seem to be standing next to the walls of a great cathedral. The blackness here is pushed back only slightly by the harsh light from the Upfitter s sign and the warm glow that filters down from the stained glass windows above. Looking up even farther, beyond the multi-colored glass is the faint shimmering rectangular outline beneath the shining letters E, X, I, and T. There are three places to go here. Upfitter s (area lo), up the cathedral walls to the exit door, and out into the intense darkness, away from cathedral. The darkness is flecked with pairs of pinpoint glows, like eyes. Their location is indistinct, and they cannot be reached. Light of any kind only functions within 50 feet of the cathedral. If the PCs head into the darkness, it is like walking downhill. Each round the PCs spend in the dark roll ld20. On a roll of 10 or more, an encounter with a monster created by the Random Monster Generator occurs. Monsters that attack the PCs always attack with surprise. If the party wants to go back to the cathedral, roll ld8 for the direction they walk each round. Only a result of 5 will return them to the lighted area again. Climbing or flying up through the flying buttresses that support the cathedral wall is a challenge. Climbing characters treat the walls as smooth but cracked. A thief must lead the way and set ropes. Flying characters must make a Dexterity Check each round of flight to avoid colliding with the three-dimensional maze of buttresses and pillars. A collision does ld3 damage and the character must make a second Dexterity Check to avoid falling. The back-lit glass panels depict dungeon scenes. The left-most window shows living food menacing victims. The center window is a huge b ob in the center of a web of pipes surrounded by smaller blobs and spiders. The rightmost whdow depicts a fat orange-andblack striped cat with bulging eyes sitting on a black book, surrounded by a dozen multicolored keys. If the PCs examine this glass panel closely (within 10 feet), they see that one of the keys is not a picture, but is,actually a Tome key made of fire opal (2,000 gp). To remove the key, th- party must break the window. During the ai-tempt, shadowy forms gather on 1 he far side of the glass. When the glass breaks, six bony hands on the ends of armored tentacles clutch and grab at anything nearby for two rounds. If they hit they pull in with an effective Strength (of 21. Any hit to a tentacle causes it to retreat, but it inflicts 2d6 damage to the attacker. 6 Tentacles: AC -2; MV Nil; JID 10; hp N/A; #AT 6; Dmg special; THACO 10; SA grab, SD hitting it causes attacker damage; MR Anythnng or anyone pulled through must roll a successful saving throw vs. death ray or be shriveled down to charred bones and melted metal and then spat back out. Those who ire dragged through but make their save are spat back after taking 5d LO point j of electrical, fire, cold, and acid damage and another 6d6 points of falling damage if they hit the ground. The glass then me1.s together to seal the hole. Complicating matters here are the vicious gargoyles who guard the Exit. They attack once l.he characters reach the stained-glass window level. Gargoyles (2 per PC): AC 5; MV 9 / 15 ; HD 4; hp 20 each; #AT 4; Drng ld3/ ld3/ld6/ld4; THACO 10; SD magical weapons needed to hit The Exit door here is very small. In fact, any character larger than a halfling must drink of potion of dimnution before entering. The cathedral exit opens onto the lobby of the Hellivator (area 14). Area 13: Slime Slide The opening is an access into a fivefoot-wide, five-foot-high, 25-foot-long passageway that ends in a locked wooden door. A brass plaque on the door says Diamond Key Repository. The door can be picked, forced, or knocked at normal chances. Beyond the door, read the following: The door opens onto a 10-by-15 foot room in which every surface is covered in damp moss. Ten feet away on the opposite wall is another mosscovered wooden door. Near the center of the room is a moss-covered, box-shaped lump. Any attempt to open the door (which is false) or the box causes the entry door to slam shut and the floor to swing down like a trap door, dumping all in the room down a slimey, mossy slide to an arena on the fifth dungeon level-room 9. Carefully read the encounter key description for this room on level 5 and tell the players what their characters see going on in the arena, then read the following: As you peer past the pyrotechnic mayhem surrounding the golem and its foe, you glimpse a glowing red Exit sign above a faintly shimmering door. You also hear a magically mouthed message, Warning to scarlet clearance intruders. The abacus has determined that you do not have proper security clearance for this area. Leave immediately or you risk premature termination. Thank you. The abacus is your friend. Have a nice day. If the PCs look behind them, the entrance is (of course) gone. The marked exit they see takes the place of one of room 9 s normal entrances. To reach it, the party must either cross or circle around the arena, risking fallout from the battle. The golem and its foe completely ignore the PCs. However, the destruction they hurl like rain will affect any caught 50

51 within it (refer to the room 9 description for details). Once the PCs reach the exit, it is locked, completely unopenable. However, the small sign spray-stenciled on the door gives a hint of what is required: Emergency exit only. Use diamond key. -House Hacknslashi. If the PCs watch the iron golem, they see that a diamond Tome key (worth around 10,000 gp) is inserted about eight feet up its right leg. If they can manage to get to the golem and grab the key, it comes out easily. Unfortunately, it also turns the golem off. The angry orc inside the golem bails out and the attention of his titanic foe is turned toward him and the other tiny humanoids in the arena. Should the PCs survive to reach the exit door, it opens onto an unseen closet in Upfitter s Emporium, which at this point is located just off whatever encounter would have been logically next in sequence had the party not explored the passage leading to the slime slide. By the time the party returns to dungeon level 5, the iron golem is back in operation, but without the diamond key problem. You can also be sure that the orc in the golem will pay a little more attention to teeny humanoids in the arena. Area 14: Hellivator The door opens onto a smartly decorated room with a polished granite floor, gold trim everywhere, a ceiling painted to look like open sky and a pair of ornate red and gold sliding doors on the opposite wall. Adjacent to the doors are two buttons. The one with an arrow pointing up is labeled Ye Secrete Tome of Inestimable Knowledges. The other with an arrow pointing down is labeled Diamond and Amethyst Keys. However, what you thought to be a mirror is actually an opalescent panel set into the wall. The opalescent panel is a gate from the Random Monster Generator. Each time the PCs enter the Hellivator lobby, roll an encounter check on ld20. If the result is 17 or greater, a monster walks through the panel. If either button is pressed, a loud ding sounds and the red and gold doors slide open to reveal a well-lit, 5-by-4 foot cubicle, also immaculately decorated. There are three buttons inside, one up and two down. The doors close once the party enters (or after 30 seconds). If the party pressed the down arrow, the Hellivator immediately drops downward so fast that the party is knocked to the floor. The Hellivator does not stop until it reaches room 10 on the 6th level. If they pressed the up button, there is a brief pause and then a ghostly face and torso pops out of the woodwork and spectrally whispers, Going down? as it reaches for the down arrow buttons. At this point both the I>M and one of the players roll ld6. Subtract 1 from the player s roll. If the player s modified roll beats the DM s, the PC presses the button of his choice before the ghost can press one. If the DM s roll beats the player s modified roll, the ghost presses one of the down buttons. If the difference is only 1 to 2 points, the HeEvator goes to room 9 on the 5th level. I-. the difference is 3 or greater, the HeUivator goes to room 10 on the 6th level. As the Hellivator drops, it becomes intensely hot and seems to drop forever. When it stops, the doors slide open with a ding. Room 9, Level 5: If the party has never been here before, go to encounter 13 at the point the PCs eqter the arena. The back wall slides forward to force the PCs out. If they have the diamond Tome key already, the arena is heavily scarred and cratered. A giant iron golem lies prone on the floor. If the PCs wish, they may try to pry magical devices from it. However, ldl0 rounds after they enter, the iron golem s foe retunis and begins to attack. The exit on the opposite wall is still the only way out and it opens onto the Hellivator lobby again. Room 10, Level 6: The doors open onto a library and cool dusty air replaces the parched heat of the Hellivator. As the doors open, the ghost reappears and whispers, Sixth floor. Books, gastropod poetry, egos, and really bad dead things. Enjoy your stay. The back wall slides forward to force the PCs out and the Hellivator door seals tight. Only a keyhole remains. The room s other exits are also sealed. To get out, the PCs must find the amethyst Tome key. It is between the pages of a book of poetry labeled Ode to the Ground Snails of Greyhawk, Volume 7by Snagly Hairtooth. Only the amethyst key will reopen the Hellivator door. However, the door opens onto the Hellivator lobby again, as if they had just stepped out of the cathedral exit. Going up: Should the PCs manage to do this, the Hellivator door dings open at encounter 16. Area 16: You and Your Little Dog Toto Too! The Hellivator doors open into a shabby, drab little room in what seems to be a shabby, drab little farmhouse. That is, except for the fact that a biting wind is howling through the open windows, the house seems to be spinning about madly and a green-skinned woman in black clothing is flying around the house on a broom stick and throwing balls of flame into the house and cackling at you. Otherwise, everything appears to be normal. Miss Gulch, the woman on the broom of flying, is a green hag who has the special ability to hurl an unlimited number of Melfs minute meteors at the rate of three per round (ld4 points of damage each) as she circles the house. This is in addition to her other innate powers. Green Hag: AC -2; MV 12 //12 ; HD 9; hp 44; #AT 2; Dmg ld2+6/ ld2+6; THACO 12; SA spell powers; MR 35%. She can fire into any room once per round. The house seems to be spinning and 51

52 whirling in a gray misty area (actually the border area of the Ethereal plane). Four of the five rooms of the house each have ld4 ogres lounging around on its shabby, drab furnishings and laughing at the party s attempts to attack the green hag or avoid her attacks. The ogres move about in all the rooms as if gravity pulled toward the floor. Ogres (4-16): AC 5; MV 9 ; MD 4 +l; hp 21 each: #AT 1; Dmg ld10; THACO 15 The house consists of five rooms: A. Hellivator Room: Contains the red and gold Hellivator doors, ld4 ogres, and gravity toward floor. B. Dining Room: The room appears to have a level floor. However, the gravity pulls toward the east wall.another ld4 ogres are on the east wall. The floor feels like a steep slope. C. Bedroom: Gravity pulls toward the north wall. The floor is like a vertical wall to the PCs. A rope lies on the floor from a door in the north wall; ld4 ogres are lounging around on the north wall. If the party climbs the rope through the door, go to encounter 11. D. Upfitter s Emporium Redux, Too: Yes, it s Upfitter s again. No ogres here. E. The room with no ceiling: The small, drab room has no ceiling. Instead, a wide shaft extends upward as far as the PCs can see. In the center of the room is a fiery orange gemstone Tome key (made of jacinth, 4,000 gp). If the party attempts to retrieve the key, go to encounter 17. There are ld4 ogres here. Area 17: Updraft Beneath the shaft, gravity is reversed. Anyone under here who is not restrained in some way is automatically sucked upward. Anyone holding onto something must make a Strength Check to resist being sucked upward and then flung into the spherical arena (area 18). Area 18: Through the Air with the Greatest of Unease Encounter 17 flings the PCs upward into a 1,000-foot-diamei er spherical arena. The opening of the shaft then closes to a mere five feel across. The PCs fall for 3dE damage if they cannot stop themselves in some way. There is gravity on the walls of the sphere up to the equator line. Opposite the entry shaft is a small five-foot o-3ening with a ladder hanging down. This is the exit. Located around the equator are three equally spaced opalescent random monster gates. Three rounds after the party enters, a group of levitraitors (see area 19) enters through a gate and swoops down to attack the PCs. Every five rounds thereafter, make,an encounter check (1-3 on Idlo) for more random monsters to come through the gates). The way out is up (to area 20). Encounter 19: L,evitraitors The levitraitors are adventurers who have chosen to serve the wizard Voyeux (see level 12). Their mission here is to prevent characters, from reaching the Tome. Use the adventurers from the castle section of this module (the ones who compete against the party), Modify their statistics as necessary to make them all 7th- and 8th-level characters. Although they are dutiful, they will not fight to the death if the situation turns ugly. Each levitraitor possesses one of the following magical items: wings of flyhg, broom of flying, winged booi s, ring of levitation, and fan-lnke swim fins (MV 9 ). One levitraitor possesses a gemstone Tome key, a crimson coral key (800 gp). Area 20: There s No P lace Like Tome The ladder up from the spherical arena ascends a 60-foot-long, five-foot-diameter shaft that ends in a locked trap door. Any one of the Tome keys will open this door. The trap door comes up beneath the welcome mat in area 2. If the characters use the seven keys needed to open the vault, read the following: The heavy vault door creaks open to reveal..a cat-a large, fat, orangeand-black striped cat with bulging, half-lidded eyes. It blinks at the light, scratches the key holes in its belly and says Hi, I m Ye Secret Tom. What s to eat? The X.P. value for each Tom key retrieved is equal to 25% of the gp value of the key. Encounter 21: The Game is Up! If the party has rented anything from Upfitter s and not returned it, Garbug Upphitter returns to collect, along with six trolls. 6 Trolls: AC 4; MV 12 ; HD 6 +6; hp 32 each; #AT 3; Dmg ld4+l/ld4*1/ 2d4; THACO 13; SD regeneration If Garbug Upphitter is not paid here, he returns later in the adventure (usually the castle) to plague the adventurers with even larger groups of monsters.

53 Appendix Ye Secret Tom of Inestimable Knowledges No, it s not a typographical error. If you read encounter 20 you ll see that this is indeed a tom, a tomcat that is. Tom is an intelligent, personable, gem-encrusted, animated magical construct in the form of a normal-sized, male house cat. On Tom s tummy are 12 keyholes, numbered 1 through 12. When any of the Tome..er.. Tom gemstone keys is inserted into a numbered keyhole and turned (and Tom s belly has been scratched to his satisfaction), Tom recites the clue relating to the corresponding keyhole. As he recites, the key crumbles into dust (although if asked, he will recite the clue a second time without a key). Tom acts in most ways like a normal cat (demands petting, likes to play with string, chases mice, rubs legs, purrs, meows when startled, etc.). However, he also talks and wisecracks about characters appearances or the quality of their skills. The last comment he may ever make may well be Hey, watch it! Remember, no Torn..no Inestimable Knowledges! Still, if treated like a member of the party, he will use his other skills and powers to aid them. Ye Secret Tom: AC -1; MV 15 ; HD 3; hp 18; #AT 1 combination claw/claw/ bitehip; Dmg Id6 +special; THACO 13*; SA attacks as a 7-HD monster, successful hit causes flesh and blood foe to lose one level of attack skill per round until poison is negated or one hour, whichever is sooner; SD same immunities as a stone golem; MR 15%, immune to all mental spells; gp value 40,000 gp; XP 6,000 Tom s special powers: In addition to those described above and his questionanswering powers, Tom can hide in shadows, move silently, and climb like a 15th-level thief. He can also use magical spells like a 9th-level illusionist (but must have access to an illusionist s spell books to learn any). Tom s Clues The keyhole number the key is inserted into corresponds to the levels within the dungeon. Some levels have no clues. Level 1: No clue. Level 2: The fun begins at midnight. The Boys are gonna party til they hit bigtime. Level 3: No clue Level 4: The way out is up. But hey, you guys already know that, right? Level 5: The game never stops, The game never ends, Some you meet are enemies, And some you meet are friends. Play by the rules, Whichever you may find, Then drive away The Sk, And the madness stays behind. Level 6: If you hope to make your mark, you d better trademark it first! Level 7: No clue Level 8: No clue Level 9: Look before you leap Level 10: Slime and bugs, ick and goo. They re pals of something bigger than you. Level 11: No clue Level 12: Look before you cast, and He s watchmg. 53

54 This level is designed for six to 10 characters of 9th to 10th level. Setting Among the uninvited guests that have moved into the lord s dungeons are a group of wizards. Whether or not the Random Monster Generator brought them is anyone s guess. Since multilevel, subterranean dungeons are every wizard s dream, this group has made itself at home. Of course, no wizard could be satisfied by merely being an occupant. Aware that there are other realities and parallel worlds, the wizards got together and attempted to conjure forth representatives from innumerable time periods and realities. Imagine their disappointnient when, instead of massive armies, they were showered with brightly colored boxes made of strangely textured paper. Opening these boxes revealed odd books and dice of strange shapes. Possibly thinking that these were tomes of power, the wizard 5 began translating the odd book:; using unsafe, forbidden spells of unpredictable results. Their hopes were shattered when they discovered the books were rules for things called role-playing games. Disgusted, they tossed the books to the monsters for them to eat. Ah, but here is where the unpredictable magics came in to play! Enhanced by the forbidden ancient magics, the rule books took on a life of their own. transforming the creatures mivds andi physi- cal appearances to enable the games to be played on a level-wide scale. The games then returned to the wizards room, to stay close to their source of new-found life. Every attempt the wizards made to drive them away failed. However, they noticed that the games did no harm to them, so they let them be and resumed their quest for power. In order to properly play this level, bear the following things in mind. AU creatures have been empowered to speak Common, whether or not they had the brains or even the vocal cords to do so in the first place. This does not mean that their intellects have been raised. AU game systems are in competition with each other, but will probably not chase the PCs into another territory unless especially irritated. 54

55 Encounter Key After the adventurers descend the stairs from level four, they come up to a set of 10-foot-high double doors made of iron. The doors are unlocked, and the party can hear harmonious singing from within. The stairs continue down to level 6. Area 1 This 40r-by-40 chamber is devoid of detail except for the brass doors on the east wall. Huddled in a circle in the middle of the room are 10 bearded men wearing tight blue pants with small rivets on the pockets. They also wear odd shortsleeve shirts of bright colors and flimsy fabric. These shirts are donned by pulling them over one s head. Emblazoned on their chests are odd words ending with the letters CON. There are oddshaped dice scattered at their feet, and swords and axes in their hands. When the PCs enter, the men stop singing, and warn the characters away, fear evident on their grizzled faces. They babble on and on about monsters not actin like they should. These men were once proud adventurers now reduced to the mental level of berserkers because of the horrifying things they saw. If the party refuses to go away, they attack in berserker fashion. Berserkers: AC 7; MV 12 ; HD 7; hp 50; #AT 2; Dmg ld8, ld6; THACO 13; AL N; They may attack once at +2 or twice at no bonus. They have no treasure. Area 2 Anyone who listens at this door hears a grand commotion, with no recognizable words. The chamber is 100 feet by 60 feet and filled with ruined furniture. A white drape is hung over a 10-foot section of the east wall. In this room are five red imps, four orange bugbears, three yellow gnolls, two green trolls, a blue dragon, an indigo cloud giant, and a blue storm giant. All have glassy eyes and chant in unison, The abacus is your friend, serve the abacus, traitors are everywhere, trust no one! The imps, bugbears, gnolls, and trolls carry hand-held1 crossbows. The giants carry ballistae. They all fire upon the party, the dragon using his lightning breath with no regard for his companions. Oddly enough, all the monsters except the dragon use only their hand-held weapons. They cannot be reasoned with. They shout Traitors! to the party and continue firing. In each corner of the room, where the ceiling meets the walls, there is a small golden orb which upon inspection is found to be a wizard eye. Imps: AC 2; MV 6 /18 ; HD 2 +2; hp 16; #AT 1; Dmg ld4 (bolt); THACO 16; AL LE; SD only magic weapons can hit, regenerates one hp per round, save as 7- HD creature. Bugbears: AC 5; MV 9 ; HD 3 + 1; hp 20; #AT 1; Dmg ld4; THACO 16; AL CE. Gnolls: AC 5; MV 9 ; HD 2; hp 14; #AT 1; Dmg ld4; THACO 16; AL CE. Trolls: AC 4; MV 12 ; HD 6 + 6; hp 34; #AT 1; Dmg ld4; THACO 13; AL CE; SD Regenerate 3 hp per round, three rounds after being damaged. Blue Dragon: AC 2; MV 9 /24 ; HD 10; hp 50; #AT 3; Dmg ld6/ld6/3d8; THACO 10; AL LE; SA Breath weapon: lightning. Cloud Giant: AC 2; MV 15 ; HD ; hp 67; #AT 1; Dmg 3d6 (ballista); THACO 9; AL NE. Storm Giant: AC 1; MV 15 ; HD ; hp 77; #AT 1; Dmg 366; THACO 8; AL CN; SD Immune to electricity. Note that this giant is unable to (cast spells. All these creatures are c larmed by the high wizard who programs the abacus. They will defend the abacus to the death, and may even chase the party down the halls. Area 3: The Abacus Room The most dominant feature of this 50 X 60 room is the 60-foot-long abacus propped up against the south wall. This room is comfortably furnished with a soft bed, work bench, desk, and wardrobe. Atop the desk is a crystal ball, which is somehow connected to the four wzard eyes in the previous room. From here Wes Tend, the game wizard, programs the abacus and oversees his charmed followers as they root out traitors. He uses his wizard eyes to see that they do not slip up. Wes Tend: ST 9, IN 18, WI 14, DE 16, CO 10, CH 9; MU 11; AL CN; AC 2; MV 12 ; hp 26. Select spells for the wizard. He wears bracers of defense, AC 6 and carries a staffofpowerwith 16 charges. While exploring this level, Wes found a copy of a game and was charmed, and consequently charmed some monsters to help him play. He is dressed in white and is quite paranoid. His treasure is under his bed in a wizard locked chest. It contains 500 pp, two diamonds worth 500 gp each, a pair of golden lion figurines, and a decanter of endless water. Area 4: Antechamber The stone doors to this 40 -by-60 chamber are locked. Freshly carved on the walls, close to the ceiling, are the words The room of many marvels. Tarry at your own risk. Closer inspection shows that the carvings are recent. The room is nicely decorated with expensive tapestries and soft, comfy sofas. An expensive platinum urn worth 5,OQO gp sits atop an ebony stand. If touched, a magic mouth screams out It s clobberin time! repeatedly. This brings forth the occupants from the adjoining rooms. Area 5: The Amazing Driderman A huge male drider lives in this sparse chamber littered with corpses. He wears a red hood that covers his face from view. As he fights the party, he drones on and on about his sick aunt and finicky girlfriend. Al who hear this must roll a saving throw vs. spell, allowing no bonuses except Wisdom. If failed, the PC screams in disgust and recklessly charges Driderman and tries to strangle him, screaming shut up, shut up! repeatedly. Such PCs lose Dexterity bo- 55

56 nuses to Armor Class and cannot use spells. The drider has no treasure. Driderman: AC 3,; MV 12 ; HD 6 +6; hp 40; #AT 1; Drng ld8 long sword; THACO 13; AL CE; SA spells as a 7thlevel MU Area 6: The Inedible Bulk A huge, green-tinted clay golem charges at the party. It has a mop of green hair and wears ugly purple pants that look shredded. It has no treasure. It is permanently hasted. Clay Golem: AC 7; MV 7 ; HD 11; hp 50; #AT 2; Dmg 3d10; THACO 10; AL N; SD struck only by blunt magical weapons Area 7: Da Ting Da Ting is an orange-colored stone golem that looks as if he was made of bricks. He wears a pair of stupid-looking blue shorts. As he hits his victims, he yells such intelligent phrases as Thoom! Pow! Whom! He has no treasure. Da Ting: AC 5; IlW 6 ; HD 14; hp 60; #AT 1; Drng 3d8; THACO 8; AL N; SA cast slow spell; SD +2 or better weapon to hit Area 8: The Non-Human Scorch Scorch is a fire elemental who was summoned a whde back and decided to stay (OK, so he s an odd fire elemental, so sue him.) He runs around yelling Flame on!, which is sort of stupid considering his flame is always on. He has no treasure. Scorch: AC 2; MV 12 ; HD 16; hp 90; #AT 1; Dmg 3d8; THACO 7; AL N; SD +2 or better weapon to hit Area 9: Arena This vast 80 -by-160 chamber has a sandy floor and a vaulted ceiling 40 feet high. Along the north and south walls are vast stone benches for spectators. The most unusual feature is the 30- foot-tall iron golem squaring off against an Apparatus of Kwalkh. Both combatants are bristling with wand tips, self-loading crossbows, nozzles and spearheads. A successful Wisdom Check (on ld20) by a party member means that he notices a humanoid form inside the head of the golem. If the party enters, the combatants notice them but are too busy fighting to worry about the PCs very much. Iron Golem: AC 3; MV Wr ; HD 18; hp 80; #AT 8; Dmg see belou; THACO 8; SA see below; AL N; SD +3 or better weapon to hit, affected only by electrical spells. The golem has two wands: fireballs and lightning bolts. Each inflicts 6d6 points of damage. The two crossbows are heavy and automatically self-loading; they cause 2-5 points of damage. Two spear launchers are also self-loading and cause ld6 damage. The nozzle :;hoots flaming oil in a 40-foot-long jet, inflicting 8d6 points of damage, a savrng throw vs. breath weapon cuts the damage in half. This can fire every other round. The final attack is the golern s fist, which causes 3d8 points of damage. The golem has a control center inside its head, arrayed with 1evei.s and buttons. There is room for one operator, in this case an orc by the name of Fahzah. Fahzah: AC 7; MV 9 ; F3; hp 23; #AT 1; Dmg ld6 short sword; I HACCI 16; AL LE The Apparatus is armed with the exact same inventory except the golem s punch. Instead, it has two.jincers that do 2d6 each, 25% chance to lit. The driver is a Type V demon named Katrina, who hijacked the Apparatus for its cargo of treasure! Katrina: AC -7/-5; MV 1% ; HD 7 + 7; hp 55; #AT 7; Dmg 2d4 + 6 x ld8 swords; THACO 12; AL CE; SA constriction; SD + 1 or better weapon to hit; 80% MR If the PCs attack either combatant, both stop their fight and attack the PCs. If the PCs try to sneak through the arena without bothering the behemoths, they are inadvertantly caught i n the crossfire of one of the combatants weapons each round (roll randomly for which weapon and which PCs are affected by it). Inside the Apparatus are two locked chests. One contains 5,000 gp, the other contains an arrow of demon slaying, a cloak +2, a ring of wizardry levels one and two, and a shield +3. Characters who wish to control the golem must roll a successful Intelligence Check (on ld20) each round. Failure causes the golem to move and fire in a random direction. Area 10 Through this set of sturdy iron double doors, the party sees a 20-foot-wide corridor extending 60 feet to the east and trailing off into darkness. Once they get to the X, the corridor, which is illusory, vanishes, revealing an arena much like the one to the west. In the northeast corner there is an oddlooking, steam-powered vehicle manned by four dwarves wearing odd-looking white helmets. In the southeast comer there is a similar vehicle manned by gnomes in red helmets. Both vehicles have armor plates hammered onto them, as well as the exact same sort of armament that the golem and Apparatus had in room 9. The cars are AC 2, can take 100 points of damage before breaking down, and can move at a rate of 18. The gnomes and dwarves are fighting over a pile of emeralds and gold ingots, the gold valued at 10,000 gp and the emeralds at 30,000 gp. This pile sits out in the open in the southeast comer. A female dwarf (bearded) and a female gnome, wearing blonde wigs, bikinis and big smiles, are to present the awards to the victors. The sight of these two in bikinis should be enough to cause any male human to roll a Constitution Check (on ld20); those failing become violently and copiously ill. Of course, both contenders stop their fighting and attack the players, yelling at them to get away from the loot. Dwarves: AC 5 chain mail, crash helmets; MV 6 ; F5; hp 45; #AT l; Dmg ld4 + 1 hammers/ld8 battle axes; THACO 15; AL CN Gnomes: AC 7 leather, crash helmets; MV 6 ; F4/IL4; hp 20; #AT 1; Dmg ld6 short swords; THACO 15; AL CN; SA il- 56

57 lusion spell use Note that neither vehicle will give chase, since they don t trust each other alone with the gold and the (shudder) girls. Area 11: Beam Me Up This wooden door is locked. Beyond it stands an odd scene. An ogre lies face down on the floor. A skeleton kneels beside him, while a six-foot-tall green elf looks aloofly about the room, and a djinn wearing a gold shirt looks heroic. At their feet are a drum, a lute, a flute, and pipes. They are playing a very discordant tune of their own accord. The room is otherwise made up as a very comfortable looking parlor. He s dead, djinn, the skeleton says as the party enters. You did all you could, Bones, the djinn replies. Damnit, djinn, I m a cleric, not a serving wench! the skeleton sputters for no good reason. Captain, the green elf intones, our instruments indicate the presence of other life forms. The elf points to the wildly playing musical instruments, then to the party. The trio introduce themselves as the djinn Kork, a Captain of the guard at the palace of the djinn viziers, his elfin monk/ sage companion Mees Taspark and the skeleton cleric Bones. Kork and Mees were plane traveling when they decided to rest here. A wave of magic went through them, then they met Bones. Now they are trying to piece together what happened and what the exact nature of this level is. Al three are pleasant. They are not hostile. If asked about the drums, etc., Mees will explain that these are his instruments used in gathering data. They are 100% reliable and honest, for they do not have a single lyre in their midst. Captain Kork (djinn): AC 4; MV 9 / 24 ; HD 7 + 3; hp 56; #AT 1; Dmg 2d8; THACO 12; AL CG; SA whirlwind plus see below. Kork is a very handsome djinn. So much so that any female who sees him must roll a successful saving throw vs. spell or fall in love with him. So enamored are they that they will be will- ing to do unbelievably stupid things for his sake, even betray their party. Mees Taspark (elf): ST 15, IN 18, WI 18, DE 18, CO 13, CH 12; Monk 9; AL LN; AC 3; MV 23 ; hp 28; See Players Handbook for monk abilities of this level. Mees is a scholar devoted to logic. He has his emotions under tight control. Mees is also a sage, specializing in the Physical Universes. Bones (skeleton): AC 7; MV 12 ; HD 1; hp 8; #AT 1; Dmg ld6+1 mace; THACO 19; AL N; Level I cleric. Bones was a normal human cleric wandering down on this level, when the wave of magic washed over him and turned him into this. He s a bit emotional about it, and gets these urges to say I m a cleric, not a (insert noun here). None of the group has any treasure or magical items, and as a bit of advice they warn the party away from the north door. They claim there are cling-ons behind it. Kork then yells energize! and all three disappear. Area 12: Vargouille Lair This 40 -by-60 room is gloomy with its arches and flying buttresses casting shadows all about. Great cobwebs hang menacingly from the ceiling, obscuring vision. There appear to be no living creatures in here. One round after the door has been opened, two dozen vargouilles swoop down and attack the party, clinging onto them as they repeatedly bite them. Vargouille: AC 8; MV /12 ; HD 1 +l; hp 9; #AT 1; Dmg ld4; THACO 18; AL NE; SA save vs poison or damage is permanent Under a particularly large pile of cobwebs are the remains of two humans. One has field plate +1, shield +2, and carries a flame tongue long sword + 1, the command word being Kriket. The other has nothing of value. By the way, the robed corpse was Fubar the Continuously Unfortunate Wizard, and the warrior was Phydeaux the Stubbornly Loyal Even Unto Painful Death. Area 13 The door to this four-room complex is unlocked, but bears the sign: Danger! DO NOT ENTER! Go away! Vamoose! Amscray! Beat it! Take off, eh! Scat! Shoo! If the party enters, a chorus of 10 magic mouths say, You ll be sooorrrrrryyyy! in sing-song voices. The complex consists of four rooms, each 30 feet by 30 feet and interconnecting via doors in the middle of the appropriate wall. Odd music at a fast tempo blares continuously, featuring horns, xylophones and kazoos, and every noise the party makes is exaggerated and comes out almost phonetically (Le. when a door is closed, the party hears Slam! or when an arrow is loosed, they hear Twang! ) The rooms are all empty, with gaily colored murals on the walls depicting countryside landscapes, village squares, the open sea, the Abyss, and the polar regions. There are six denizens of this complex, with ld6 of them appearing in any of the four rooms at any given time, even if encountered in the previous room. When met, they always have full hit points and look fine even if killed in an earlier encounter. Party members who were killed, maimed, or otherwise injured are instantly brought to life and good health when the party enters another room. The murals themselves act as gates into their environments. One can also travel into an adjacent room by going into one mural and coming out another one. The murals are as follows: A: The west wall has a mural of a village. One can make out a smithy, an inn, a stable, a tailor, and a butcher. The PCS can avail themselves of these NPCs services and even bring non-living things back with them into reality. B: The west wall has a mural of polar landscape, with a howling blizzard and large snowdrifts. Sadistic DMs may roll for wandering monsters using the Arctic subtable in the DMG. C: The north wall contains a mural of a pleasant field with a road running to the horizon. The weather is spring like, with 57

58 lush green trees and chirping birds. If the party persists on using the road, let them stay on it for a turn, then hint that it continues to the horizon. If they still continue, have five talking heads of stone come bouncing down the road singing We re on a road to nowhere! If they remain stubborn, then let them keep going for an hour; eventually they come upon the remains of a lion, a tin golem, and a scarecrow, all having died horribly. If even this does not deter them, then tell them the road is now paved with odd bricks. Anyone who checks them out will find that they all have writing on them saying Good intentions in Co-mmon. Anyone who continues for another hour lands smack in the middle of the ninth plane of Hell. If this sounds harsh, remember that they had their chances. D. This room has two murals. The east wall shows the open sea, a strong breeze creating waves as sea gulls fly by. Anyone in armor who steps through sinks lie a rock. Seaborne encounters may be rolled randomly. The second mural is on the south wall, and portrays what is clearly the Abyss, the 663rd layer to be exact. Roll or random abyssal (see IManual (of the Planes) encounters once a round. Note that in all cases, intelligent monsters will not give clhase oui side their mural. Travel from one mural to another takes one round, and is done simply by willing it so. The denizens of the rooms are as follows: * A bugbear with buckteeth, wearing a pair of fake rabbit ears. He talks as if he s from Brooklyn or the Bronx. He wields a carrot +2, which he chews but never seems to be able to finish, since it replenishes itself. Bugsbear Bunny: AC 5; MV Y; HD 3+1; hp 25; #AT 1; Dmg ld4 (+a) carrot; THACO 15; AL CE * A dao wearing a fake duck bill. This dao is quite insane, bouncing off walls and yelling Woo-hoo! Woo-hoc)! He speaks with a lisp. Daffy Dao: AC 3; MV 9 /15 ; HD 8 +3; hp 64; #AT 11; Dmg 3d6; THACO 12; AL NE; SA spell use; SD immune to earth-affecting spells * A fat, stuttering orc with very pronounced pig-like features waves at the party. He appears to be friendly. Porky Orc: AC 6; MV 9 ; HD 1; hp 8; #AT 1; Dmg ld6 club; THACO 19; AL LE * A stench kow with fake moose antlers stares balefully at the party. This is a bull. Slowly it advances upon the party, and says, in a silly voice, Hey, Rotty, watch me pull a tarrasque out of this helmet! A giant black flying squirrel wearing a leather cap with two lenses on it pops into view and says Aw, that trick never works! The kow grabs the nearest PC helmet, mutters Nothin up muh sleeve.. and reaches into the helmet. If the kow is not stopped, he has a 30% chance of pulling out a tarrasque, who wdl proceed to go berserk. The other 70% of the time, the kow pulls out a far worse creature. If the PCs interfere with the trick or if they express their dislike of it, the kow and squirrel attack. Bullstinkle the Stench Kow: AC 2; MV

59 15 ; HD 3 +3; hp 23; #AT 1; Dmg 2d4; THACO 15; AL NE; SA bad breath, charge damage; SD immune to cold, fire, poison Rotty the Giant Flying Black Carnivorous Squirrel: AC 6; MV 9 /15 ; HD 1 + 1; hp 9; #AT 1; Dmg ld3; THACO 18; AL NE. * The last denizen is a flind wielding a double-barreled heavy crossbow. He wears an odd cap with ear flaps, which covers his bald pate. When he sees the party, he puts a finger up to his mouth and says, Shhh. Be vewy, vewy quiet. I m hunting wascally wabbits. In fact, anything he says is tainted by his pronouncing all r s and 1 s as w s. If the PCs tell him that there s a bugbear imitating a wabbit..er, rabbit, his face lights up with joy, and he demands to know where it s located. He ll dash off, muttering, At last I got you, you wascal, you! Elmer Flind: AC 5; MV 12 ; HD 2 + 3; hp 15; #AT 2; Dmg ld4 + 1 heavy crossbow; THACO 16; AL LE As the party departs this suite of rooms, the orc s face magically appears on the door and says, Th-th-th-that s all, folks! Area 14: Crypt The ponderous door is made of steel, and feels veq7, very cold. Moisture condenses on its rusty surface. Engraved in stark letters is the word Crypt. An iron ring, twisted to the right, opens the door easily, as it squeals on rust hinges. The crypt is cold and damp. The ceilmg is vaulted, and extends 60 feet and even farther into darkness. Rows upon rows of stone tombs, with carved effigies atop them, extend along the floor into the far corners of the room. Shelves containing yet more coffins are recessed into the west and east walls. Suddenly, three kobolds leap out from behind a sarcophagus and say, Are you ghosts? These kobolds are dressed in coveralls with their names stitched on their left breasts. Their names are Gurk, Woohag, and Pattoie. Each holds a nozzle of some sort that is at- tached by a tube to an odd box strapped to their backs. They explain that they are Ghostbreakers, and have heard that there are ghosts in here, and seeing as they ain t fraid of no gbost, they decided to come in here and wipe them out. If questioned about theit backs, they pridefully declare that these are spirit weapons used to kill ghosts, but will not divulge their exact nature. Any further questions are interrupted by an unearthly howling as a ghost materializes at the north end of the crypt and advances at the party. The three kobolds bravely advance forward and spray the ghos: with strange liquids. The PCs smell wine, mead, and brandy, and well they should because these idiotic kobolds are using spirits against this spirit, the only result being a wet, angry ghost. The furious spirit materializes, and in one swell foop kills all three kobolds, this taking one round. Then it advances on the party. Ghost: AC 0 (or 8); MV 9 ; HD 10; hp 57; #AT 1; Dmg age years; THACO 10; AL CE; SA mgicjac fear by sight; SD semi-material ghosts unaffected by nonsilver and nonmagical weapons. There is no treasure in here except what was buried with the corpses. The kobolds wine, mead, ard brandy are each worth 500 gp. Area 15: Study This richly-decorated 30 -by-40 room has a plush red carpet, overstuffed chairs and sofa, and shelves of books. There is a wooden door on the east wall. Poring through the books are three green slaad, plus a fourth off in the far southeast comer putting on a black turtleneck sweater. The three studious slaad are dressed in odd tan coats with many pockets. They each wear a Fedora hat and dark glasses, and are armed with hand-held crossbows. They explain that they are agents for the NSA, Nice Slaad Agency, and are hunting those dirty Reds. They introduce themselves as Shef Slaad, Toonah Slaad, and Seezar Slaad. Their companion in the corner, they say, is Lohkal Slaad, dressing. Green Slaad: AC 3; MV 9 ; HD 9 +3; hp 60; #AT 3; Dmg 2d8/ld6 +2/ld6 +2; THACO 12; AL CN; SA spell use; SD + 1 or better weapon to hit, MR 50% Before any further conversation can be attempted, a thump is heard from the eastern door. The slaad rush to the door and break it down. Area 16: Office This 40 -by-40 room is just as comfortable and lavish as the study, but instead of bookcases, there is a massive oak desk. This apparently is where the lord of the castle conducts business. Clustered around the desk, picking the lock, are three red slaad, attired similar to the green slaad, with a fourth in the southeast comer, putting on a tuxedo. They look up and say, Curses, comrades, the imperialists have found us! They pull out hand-held crossbows and begin firing. These slaad are members of the GRU, Great Reds United. Their names are, Froot Slaad, Makaronee Slaad, Poh Tayto Slaad, and the one in the corner is Ruhshin Slaad, dressing. These slaad were apparently breaking into the lord s desk to acquire information. After a furious crossbow battle, the reds gate back to Limbo. Of course, if the party fights them, the slaad may end up dead before they can escape. Red Slaad: AC 6; MV 6 ; HD 7; hp 35; #AT 3; Dmg ld4/ld4/2d8; THACO 13; AL CN; SA poison pellets and spell use; SD regenerate, MR 35% If the red slaad are repulsed, the green slaad begin investigating the desk. They find dead roaches in the desk and under the rug ( Just as I thought, they planted bugs. ). Documents in the desk give evidence of the existence of a Random Monster Generator and Magical Item Coin-Operated Dispenser. The only other document of interest is an order form for a Ranger Fooler and a Dungeon Cleaner, whatever they are. If the party helped the green slaad, the 59

60 slaad express their gratitude and give each member a 500-gp gem. They will also allow the party to take the slaad symbols out of any dead red slaad s skull. Area 17 This 50 -by-50 chamber appears to have recently sunrived an explosion. There is nothing identifiable in here, but as the characters look around, an oblong blue box slowly materializes in the room, making loud wheezing and rattling noises. Before the startled party can react, out bounds a halfling with thick, curly, brown hair. A large, floppy hat covers most of his hair, and a long, multicolored scarf is wrapped around his neck. Flanking him are two absolutely gorgeous women in flimsy mini-dresses. They appear to have no romantic interest in the halfling. Al males must roll a successful Wisdom Check (on ld20), or start to salivate uncontrollably and do stupid, attentiongetting things for the women, who, of course, appear oblivious to this. The last thing to emerge is a suit of canine-shaped armor, with some sort of dog obviously in it. It introduces itself as B-9, a friendly and helpful blink dog. It refers to the halfling as Master, and seems to be quite intelligent, even more so than the halfling himself. The halfling introduces himself as Professor Why. If asked about his device, he shrugs and says that it is his CURDIS, which is an acronym for Chronically Unable to Reach Destination In Silence. Prof. Why: ST 9, IN 11, WI 18, DE 17, CO 14, CH 15; Cleric 5; AL CG; AC 7; MV 12 ; hp 20 Absolutely Gorgeous Women: ST 7, IN 18, WI 10, DE 18, CO 10, CH 18; Fighter 1; AL CG; AC 6; MV 12 ; hp 10 Any who enter the CURDIS find it is much more spacious inside (the size of a large mansion) than outside (a 10 -by-10 cube). If asked about this, he says he stole the technique from some female witch by the name of Bobbi Yogurt, Barbi Yuckka, Babababa barbara-ann, or something like that. Suddenly, a hut mounted on a pair of gi- ant chicken feet materializes next to the CURDIS. Oops! It s he-!! Oh, well, must pop off! Chelerio!, the Professor says as he ushers his lovelies back into the CURDIS. Male PCs still affected may attempt to follow, but if they do, they ll never be heard from again, since the Professor cannot control this thing properly and won t materialize here again for ages to come. However, the hut s door opens, to reveal an absolutely horrendous hag. This is Baba kga. If you do not have the good fortune of owning magazine #83, which features this powerful witch and floor plans for her hut, then play her as a short-tempered, 25th-level neutral evil wizard. She juts her head out aqd says, Alright, where is he? WherI2 s that furry footed fruitcake? If the party asks Who? or What, she shakes her head and says, No! Why! This could obviously start a rather confusing dialogue. Consider her to be under 90% cover, making her virtually impossible to hit. After about two rounds of pointless conversation, she ll leave in pursui t of Professor Why, her hut fading into the nethenvorlds as it clucks ominously. Area 18: Trashed Room This 40 -by-50 room is similar to area 17, in that it is scorched and ruined. The cause is still here, too. Eight orcs, sheathed in steel cones with a stick-like projections at eye-level, are running about the room shouting Exterminate! The orcs are speak.ing in Common. The stick-like projections are wands of lightning bolts. The orcs, from inside their cones, fire the wands at anything that moves-sometimes at things that don t move, too! When they see the party, one orc shouts, Look! Adventurers! Let s dust em! Another orc will say, Shh! Stick to the script! The first orc will whisper, Sorry. Then shout out, Exterminate! as will the others. They have no treasure, and each wand is conveniently expeinded by the time the party eliminates the orcs. Area 19: Indiana Gnome When the party arrives at the X, they hear a low rumbling, which increases in volume. Three segments later, they hear heroic, upbeat music. In another three segments, they see a gnome running toward them wearing a leather jacket and battered fedora hat. The gnome has a whip attached to his belt, and he appears to be running with much urgency. Tucked under his arm is a golden idol worth 1,000 gp. Seeing the party doesn t slow his stride. Gripping his fedora so it won t blow off, he says, Sorry I can t stop and talk. You d better go too if you know what s good for you. He dashes down the hall to area 1, enters it, and is not seen again. Indiana Gnome: ST 16, IN 12, WI 14, DE 17, CO 18, CH 10; Fighter 5; AL CG; AC 7; MV 12 ; hp 50; Dmg ld2, whip The rumbling is now ominously loud, and a massive boulder comes rumbling down the hall at 12 per round. Any poor soul overtaken gets hit for 6d10 points of damage, and all items must save vs. crushing blow. One round later, a dozen kobolds in black uniforms and red armbands come up to the party. The leader, who has a monocle, interrogates the party. Vere ist der Indiana Gnome? he demands. Do not remain silent. Ve haf vays of making you talk! Each kobold is armed with a hand-held crossbow. Kobolds: AC 7; MV 6 ; hp 4; #AT 1; Dmg ld4 hand-held crossbow; THACO 20; AL LE. They have no treasure. Area 20 The cyclopean iron portals that face the frail party are awash in the primordial slime of the ages. The rusty iron is cold as the grave to the touch. The skullshaped door handle squeals in protest when turned, and centuries-old hinges groan under their burden. The air is dank, filled with the odor of something that nature never wished alive, and never had a hand in creating. Shouts echo from the chamber beyond. 60

61 . w I The stalwart heroes go in, their eyes widening in horror at the vision of insanity that looms before them. A great humanoid, 20 feet high, with great bat-like wings and blood-caked claws stands in defiance like some accursed statue. Its bulbous head trails horrid tentacles from its mouth. It s horrible, it s maddening, it s..it s.. It s a mind flayer who drank one too many wineskins laced with potions of growth. It fashioned a pair of bat-wings out of thin wood and vellum, and now it runs around drunkenly scaring the daylights out of any hapless creature it finds. Mind Flayer: AC 5; MV 12 ; HD 8 +4; hp 66; #AT 4; Dmg 2 points each; THACO 12; AL LE; SA mind blast; SD MR 90% All PCs who see this thing roll a successful Wisdom Check (on ld20) or go insane for ld4 hours. In any case, the party is paralyzed into inaction for ld3 rounds. One round after the party enters, a group of six halflings talking in British accents push their way in. Out of our way, we know the ancient ways to put down this foul abomination! the one who is obviously the leader grumbles. He has a thick book called the Metrognomicon, commonly known as the Field Guide of City-Dwelling Gnomes. This halfling begins to chant deep, arcane phrases of banishment: Ti od em edam draeh ecurb! Siht rof em emalb t nod! One halfling bums a candle at both ends. Another picks his nose with a dagger. Yet another stands on his head and blows a razzberry at the mind flayer. Even another makes hand gestures at the beast, while the last one takes out selected pieces of fruit and dashes them against his forehead while chanting, Oogah Boogah! repeatedly. The mind flayer looks amused, waits around, then blows their little minds out of their little heads with a mind blast. Area 21 This 60-foot-diameter chamber is more like a cave, with stalactites on the ceiling and unusual crystal formations jutting out of the walls. In the center of the chamber is a pool 30 feet in diameter. The room is ominously quiet. Suddenly, out of the pool, a half dozen six-foot-tall turtles come leaping out. They are attired in samurai armor and wield katana. B efore the party reahzes what the heck is happening, they are attacked. All six turtles holler Banzai! as they charge. Adult Samurai1 Mutated Turtles: AC 2; MV 6 ; HD 8; #AT 2; Dmg ldlo katana; AL N. Detail-loving DMs may wish to flesh out the turtles with samurai abilities from the Oriental Adventures book. These turtles cannot be bargained with. Furthermore, they only speak Japanese. The party has invaded their turf, and honor demands that the turtles either kill the PCs or drive them OY. Since killing is much more fun, they attempt that first. They will not pursue fleeing opponents. Should the turtles be defeated, the lucky victors will find treasure hidden on a shelf one foot under the surface of the pool. The treasure is made up of 20 pearls worth 500 gp each,.wo potions of water breathing, a jade statue of Su Shi (the goddess of raw fish) wlxth 2,500 gp, and an arcane book that teaches the reader the proper way to wash a car ( Wax on, wax off! ). The crystals in the walls are valuable. A party of six digging for 2d4 turns will free 3d6 crystals, worth 5d4 x 20 gp each. Area 22 This massive chamber contains a vaulted ceiling painted ski blue with an occasional painted cloud. The air is and and hot, and the floor is covered in brown dust. To the northeast lies I small hill,30 feet high at its apex. It is dotted with boots. To the west lies a large wooden structure. The walls are miirals of desert landscape. They are nonmagical, but a cruel DM can hint that they are similar to the ones found earlier. Anyone smart enough to explore the hil finds dozens of pairs of boots. For every round spent looking around, there s a 5% chance of firding a pair of boots of elvenkind, dancing, levitation, speed, striding and springing, winged, or north. Allow no more than one pair of each type to be found. Also in area 22, two manticores are face to face. Both human heads are wearing cowboy hats, and one chews for a while then spits out some disgusting brown juice. Perched on a cactus are two harpies, watching the manticores with malign anticipation. They are drooling, and mumbling things like, Dibs on the fat one, Sure wish they d hurry up, I m fam- ~~ ished. You low-down, philanderin polecat! the first manticore growls, I told yuh ta get outta town by sundew down. Indeed, if the party looks to the northwest, one can see a sundew on the wall, looking very depressed. Ah don t take no orders from some tin-plated lawmanticore. Draw! the other growls. Both tails rise up over their heads and prepare to fire. Before the manticores unleash their volleys, the harpies sight the party (unless the PCs came in invisibly or otherwise concealed). Look! they screech, Interlopers! Humans! Lunch! The manticores turn and face the PCs, and each unleashes a spike volley, then attempts to melee, while the harpies begin singing. The sundew remains in the comer, looking depressed. Manticores: AC 4; MV 12 /18 ; HD 6+3; hp 48; #AT 3; Dmg ld3/ld3/ld8; THACO 13; AL LE; SA tail spikes Harpies: AC 7; MV 6 /15 ; HD 3; hp 24; #AT 3; Dmg ld3/ld3/ld6; THACO 15; AL CE; SA singing & charm If the party approaches the sundew, the PCs notice it still looks quite depressed. Suddenly, a canine figure materializes between it and the party. The canine is a moon dog, and it politely explains that it is eclipsing the sundew, so that it will die and not be a threat to any living thing. If asked why he didn t help fight the manticores, he explains that the eclipsing takes all his energy. If left unmolested, the sundew will be dead in one turn. Armstrong (moon dog): AC 2/0/-2; MV 30 ; HD ; hp 80; #AT 1; Dmg 61

62 3d4; THACO 12; ALNG; SA spellusage, howl; SD +2 or better weapons to hit, spell use The building has a sign over the entrance that says Saloon. The sound of a piano playing can be heard. The entrance has swinging doors. Inside, an elf wearing flashy clothes and gem-studded eye glasses plays piano while a voluptuous woman wearing a lowcut dress and large hat and veil belts out a tune. Elfin John (high elf): AC 6; MV 12 ; HD 1; hp 8; AL CG. Don t kill him, he s just the piano player. Mae Doosah (medusa): AC 5; MV 9 ; HD 6; hp 45; #AT 1; Dmg ld4; THACO 13; AL LE; SA petrifying gaze + poison. Mae is the chanteuse who gets the customers stoned. Among the customers, suitable for fleshing out by the DM: * A 10th-level ranger who wears a black mask and travels alone. He also loans people money if they need it. * A group of three deva who wear yellow coveralls and1 welders goggles. Every five minutes, they rise in unison, salute, and chant, Are we not men? We are deva! * A poker game between a needleman, a drow, an erinyes, and ogre, and a wizard. There is a total of 934 pp, 1,472 gp and eight gems worth 250 gp on lhe table. Feel free to also include any still-living NPCs whom the party has already met. At some point, a brawl breaks out when a stench kow wanders in and breathes on the card-playing wizard. Everyone in the saloon joins in, smashing each other with furniture (treat as a club). Area 23 This door is locked. If it is unlocked and opened, the party finds a 30-foot square room, with someone sitting at a desk. The person is a man with brown hair and eyes. He is wearing one of those odd shirts found in area 1. Pinned on his chest is a disk with the letters Author. The man takes a bite of a strange bread covered with cheese, tomatoes, and mushrooms, washes it down with some liquid in a red and white nietal canister, and begins pressing buttons on a box in front of him. A second box with a greenish glowing face lights up with odd sigils and runes. The man does a doubletalre at the party and scowls. All right, very funny! Now why don t you jokers just get out of here and let me finish my work in peace? I m past the deadline and they ll have my hide if it s any later. Now go on, get out of here! If the party refus,es to budge, he grins evilly and begins typing fi~riously. Suddenly, a titan appeirs, and lifts the floor up, dumping the party back through the door and into the hallway. The sound of more furious typing is heard, and the door vanishes. Author: AC -10; MV IJnlimited; HD 25; hp ; #AT unlimited; Dmg unlimited; AI, N; SA Can alter reality at will, whatever he says or writes goes; SD cannot be hit Area 24: The Answer to it All Ths vast room measures 60 feet by 90 feet. The door is locked and trapped with explosive runes. Through the door, chanting can be heard. If a magic-user succeecls in listening, he can tell it s definitely a spell being cast by sk people. Entering the room, the party finds six wizards sitting cross-legged around a cauldron belching forth prismatic smoke. Strewn about the floor are brightly colored boxes, all glowing with an evil light. Many odd-shaped dice are whirling around the room like insane ioun stones. An odd, metallic box 10 jeet square sits in the northwest comer. It has a small slit, a lever, and a chute. The sound of the party entering shakes the wizards out of their spell casting. These six are the ones who conjured all these games here in the first place. They re still trying to conjure true power from other worlds and dimensions. Naturally, when they see the party, they attack with spells. Evil Wizards: MU 11; AL NE; AC 3; MV 12 ; hp 35. All of them have bracers AC 6, rings of protection +2, and dag- gers +2. Each has one of the following wands: fire, conjuration, wonder; polymorph, paralyzation, lightning. The first one has a staff of the magi. Their names are Randalf, Berlin, Morty Kanen, El Finster, Timmy, and Harry. As for spell selection, give them the normal amount of spells, trying to avoid excessive duplication. Their spell books are tucked away in the northeast corner, so they will not cast area-effect devastation spells in this room. If they are gravely injured they will try to teleport out or bargain with the PCs. They have no treasure. They will explain why this level is as it is. Their departure will cause the games to lose their power, and the creatures will begin acting themselves again. All the props that would normally not be found in a fantasy setting will vanish. The big metal box is a magical item dispenser. A PC need only deposit a gold piece, pull the lever, and out pops a random magical item. Use the Unearthed Arcana random treasure charts to determine what comes out. This only works once per PC. Area 25 The door to this 30-foot square room is wzard locked at 11th level. In the room lies a friend of the lord of the castle, Sir Cumference, a man with a roundabout way of talking. If released, he will thank the party profusely in a roundabout sort of way. Sir Cumference: ST 16/20, IN 11, WI 13, DE 17/76, CO 18/12, CH 10; Cavalier level 10; AL LG; MV 12 unarmored; AC 7; hp 88. Sir Cumference is a friendly man who was waylaid by the wizards. Area 26 A stairway heads downward. On the wall is carved, in Common, You are leaving Level 5. Please have a nice day. 62

63 Greyhawk Dungeon Level 6 Gate Glowing Wall Scale: 1 Square = 10 Feet This adventure is recommended for four to six characters of 11th to 12th level. The scenario should be played after the adventure on the preceding pages and before the next one. Of course, if you want to ignore our instructions, fine, go ahead, play this scenario whenever you want, you won't catch us pouting. Much. DM Information The adventure begins at the entrance to the Temple of Really Bad Dead Things. While descending the staircase the party will have to wade through parchment sheafs of errata and addenda from the previous level. The stairway soon clears. The party will have noticed that the stone has changed from the color of the pre- vious level to soft robin's-egg blue, crystalline veins the color of amethyst running throughout the walls, floors, and ceilings. The air is mild, but humid enough to cloy uncomfortably to the skin. The temple is dedicated to the god Genericus Brant the Universally Bland. At one time Genericus was worshiped by a medium-sized horde of average followers, served by a bunch of undistinguished Priests of the Mediocre, all of whom served under the Faceless One, who was renowned for his bottomless barrel of cliches. Alas, the good old days are no more. An Evil Presence invaded the temple, ignoringrepeated requests tbat it leave. Its minions enthusiastically slev the horde of average followers, and engaged in joyous combat with the Priests of the Mediocre. It wasn't quite so joyous for the priests. After hours of fighting priests who were mind-numbingly alike, it wasn't so much fun for the minions either. Just as the attackers were about to succumb to the boredom of the temple, the minions overwhelmed the defenders, putting the priests to the sword. The final defender, the Faceless One, was trapped in the Reasonably Inner Sanctum. There he was confronted by the Evil Presence, who still had faint hope of wringing some drama from this confrontation. The Evil Presence stood before the Faceless One. Its aspect grew, arms thrown wide, towering over the Faceless One. Laughter rumbled from the walls as if the room itself were laughing. The Faceless One cocked his head, crossed his arms, and said, 63

64 Yeah? Well, he who laughs last laughs best. That did it; the Evil Presence could not take any more. It vented its rage in a curse upon the Faceless One, a curse full of polysyllabic horrors and short gruesome words such as flense. It was quite an original curse. By committing originality, the Evil Presence had fallen for a completely predictable plot twist. Genericus Brant blasted the Evil Presence and its minions, stripping them all of their irndividuality and of their lives. Cursed, they are trapped in the Temple of Really Bad Dead Things, generic creatures unable to engage in more than the most hackneyed plots, hanging around in rooms waiting for adventurers to come and kill them. Ernst Magor Genericus Brant is not a cruel god. In fact he is a decent enough guy. He saved the Faceless One from his curse. Not before the Faceless One had died, but hey, even a god has his limits. He reincarnated the Faceless One as Ernst Magor, Bureaucrat Ordinaire Second Class and put him in charge of the Trademark Office in the temple. Ernst Magor is a man in his middle 30s, with close-cropped brown hair, dark eyes, a pleasant smile, firm handshake, and a nearly inexhaustible supply of sports shirts. He will always cite the Cyclopedia of Proper Procedure, by volume, section number, and paragraph as reason for not doing anything helpful other than run the party through the paperwork maze of trademark application. Ernst Major (15th level-cleric, but no spells): AC 2 (very tough hide and thick skull); MV 12, Cleric 15; hp 65; #AT 1; Dmg by weapon; THACO 12; ST 12, IN 11, WS 17, DX 11. CN 11, CH 14 Ernst is armed with a diamond-tipped stylus, good enough to do ld6 points of damage, although he prefers to be rude rather than violent. Area 1: The Not-Too-Bad Foyer The landing is lit by the soft glow emitted by the crystalline veins in the wall. There is a large ebony door in an archway flanked with ivory gargoyles. In the center of the archway is a pattern of vertical black and white lines, with the words Genericus Brant underneath. There is a bronze plaque on the north wall. The gargoyles are wortk 8,900 gp, but they weight 450 pounds each. Just imagine what the elephant looked like.. The plaque reads Bessamo Underearth Construction CCI. Our MA- GIFLECTION construction and appearing wall traps are the best in all Greyhawk. As soon as the party either reads the plaque or opens thle ebony doors, a blue wall appears to block access the the stairway. As soon as the wall appears, the crystaltine veins begin to energize, and after 60 seconds the veins have the same amethyst glow of all of the (other walls. As soon as the glow matches that of the other walls, the IWag~flection construction is complete. The appearing wall is 10 feet thick. Magiflection constructicn is indeed the greatest achievement of Bessamo Underearth Construction Co. Adagiflection reflects all magic cas1 at it. Not just lightning bolts and fireballs, but all magic. A character using spider dimb would be repulsed by the wall. Disintegrate spells would reflect back. A character who tried to teleport through Magiflectjon construction would simply bounce about until the energy of the spell dissipated. Maflection construction extends through several dimensions; spells, that are classified as conjuration/sumrnoning do not work unless the target of the summoning is within the Temple of Really Bad Dead Things. The symbol on the archway is a Universal Product Code, or UPC. Look at the back of this book if you want to know the sort of thing the PCs see. Many things in the Temple of Really Rad Dead Things, including most monsters, are labeled with a UPC. In the monster descriptions there will be a line that will read something like UPC: Fuzzy Cuddly Flesh-Eating Dungeon Denizens. The UPC descriptions are used when the party finds the code reader; they are particularly important in the Trademark Room. Area 2: An Atrium eight pillars. Each pillar has a mantle, and on each mantle is a bust of a hooded figure. As soon as the party enters the atrium, the image of Rostros the Well-Robed appears, issuing from a cracked agate broach in the northeast comer. Rostros is a rotund man dressed in a robe of translucent material, nose and cheeks containing a bit too much color. The image is grainy and gets worse as Rostros s speech goes on. ~ Ah, I am glad to see you have made it this far. You will find that this level has FRATZ can be mastered with FLICKER, WAVER reader (the image of Rostros holds up a truncated oval about two thirds again the size of his hand, the truncated edge covered with a gray-tinted crystal). Once the code BLATZZZZZBUZZZ on the creature, take the DISTORTION to the Trademark Off-CRACKLE, WAVER AND BUZZZ and you can send them straight to-squawking FIZZLE SPARKS AND BOOM!!! The cracked agate broach lies smoldering in the corner, its magic gone. The busts are made of alabaster, each portraying a man. The features of ean - LLII statue look as if they have been thc 3roughly sanded, eliminating the unique facial feature of each bust. Each bust is labeled with a UPC on a brass plate. If t :he players get the code reader, they c :an read the names of the eight Face16 :ss Ones who have so blandly led the temp le : 64

65 Almandbar, S trepticus, Ayded n abeded, Corfus, Eeniegh, Meeniegh, Mynee, and Moe. Moe was the Faceless One who was reincarnated into Ernst Magor. Area 3: The Hallway of the Design Glitch The ever-present amethyst glow is strong here, the fluted columns casting complex, muted shadows on the walls. Without warning harsh orange writing appears in the air not six feet from you. It appears to be a gigantic printed table of some kind, filled with columns of numbers and names. You hear the sound of dice being rolled, and the view of the table lurches and then zooms in on a single entry in the table. The party has just seen portions of the Random Monster Generator in action. Choose some undead monsters from the table, and have them attack the party. The magic of the Random Monster Generator has summoned them. But.. wait.. isn t the entire Temple of Really Bad Dead Things constructed of Magdlection material? Yes, it is. Then how can the monsters be summoned when summoning monsters from outside the temple is specifically forbidden? What if some player points this out? You would think that Highly Paid Game Design Professionals could avoid glitches like this. Apparently we cannot; the best advice we can give you is to have you tell your players, Look it s called the Hallway of the Design Glitch, so, like maybe the designer meant this to happen? This may fool your players, but don t you believe it for a second. The players will probably have to travel through this hallway again. If you want to tinker with the encounters a bit, we have the following suggestions: 1. If you roll the same type of monster, let them really be the same monsters the characters faced before. Maybe the monsters are out for blood, better armed and prepared than the first time. Perhaps the monsters can see the writing on the wall and try to strike a bargain with the players ( Look buddy, we know where there is a really good random treasure table.. ), or quaill in terror. Maybe they will try to reason with the PCs ( Look buddy, if you kill us we just wait around for another roll of the Dice Cosmic, but if you buy the farm you are nothing but fertilizer. Let s forget the vhole thing, okay? ). 2. Build the drama, then have Genericus Brant deflate it: You see the orange glowing letters erupt into a fiery line. You can make out the number..( roll dice) 104 and the words A Tremendously Interesting and Enriching Encounter. Suddenly a symbol like the one on the archway appears..(roll dice)..uh oh, it passes over the words and they dim. Now they read Same Old Monsters. Refer to 1 above. Area 4: Room of the Provocatively Clad Prisoner As you enter the room you see a pair of sturdy manacles on the back wall. In the middle of the room are a randomly generated number of corporeal undead creatures. They are dressed in spa spiked metal collars and quartz studded brass knuckles, drinking pints of bitters and smoking home-rolled cigarettes. The rolling papers are stuck on their ermine-colored spiked hairdos. 3d6 Ghasts: AC 4; MV 13 ; HD 4; hp 20,15,15,15,15,10,20,15,15,15,15, 10, 20, 15, 15, 15, 15, 10; #AT 3; Dmg ld6/ld6/ld8; THACO 15; SA Paralyzing touch; AL CE; UPC: Disgusting Bad Smelling Punk Undead. In addition, ghasts have a terrible odor that will cause opponents to attack them at a - 2 penalty unless a saving throw vs. poison is made. The brass knuckles not only look spdfy, they allow the ghasts to do ld6 points of damage rather than ld4. When the party opens the door, the ghasts attempt to speak with them, asking the party to come back later. Approxi- mate the following script using your worst British accent. First Ghast: Sorry mate, you and your blokes will just have to come back later. We aren t ready for you yet. If the players demonstrate any curiosity as to why they are not ready, the ghast continues. First Ghast: See mate, this is one of them rescue rooms so popular in dungeons of this type, you know the kind.. Ghast Number Two: The kind with the damsel in distress who, when you rescue her, turns out to be a succubus or an evil sorceress or.. First Ghast: Other form of nastiness. Well mate, our bird has flown the coop, refusing to be manacled or otherwise go with the gig. Ghast Number Two: Said she wasn t going to do it anymore, she did. Said she was tired of dungeons filled with such sexist sh-(first ghast slugs ghast number two, sending him spinning into a wall). First Ghast (snarling, loose flesh wiggling in indignation): This is a family publication! Ghast Number Two: Anyways, she says why not just rip them right away, open like? Why not just sneak up behind them and.. At this point the Lady Vampire whacks a PC, preferably a cleric. She just seemed to appear out of thin air, gaining +2 to hit for the first round. She is wearing a tight-fitting red satin bodice, the lacing of which threatens to give way any second, black hip boots and black cocktail-length gloves. She is not at all happy about the hack s (area 13) choice of clothing. The ghasts join the attack. Vampire: AC 1; MV 12 /18 ; HD 8+3; hp 44; #AT 1; Damage ld6+4; THACO 10 (+2 Strength Bonus) UPC: Seductive Lady Vampire Mad As Hell About Her Role And Not Going To Take It Anymore. Vampires are affected only by magical weapons. Vampires may use their gaze to charm their victims, the victim taking a -2 penalty to the saving throw vs. spell. Vampires can drain two 65

66 I experience levels with their touch; this Lady Vampire is wearing gloves, and the drain is not effective as long as she wears her gloves. She is very angry. She will not take off her gloves the first time she is very angry. While she is very angry her blows, in addition to doing ld6 +4 points of damage, will stun the victim for ld4 rounds of combat. Stunned characters can do nothing but make silly sound effects. The PCs might try to calm the Lady Vampire. If they are completely successful, the Lady Vampire will stop her attacks and the attacks of the ghasts. If the players role play the negotiation well, they should be successful. If they offer the Lady Vampire something decent to wear, they have a 40% chance of calming her even if they have not role played well. But if they insult her or make fun of her, she will again become very angry. And this time the gloves are coming off. When calm, the Lady Vampire tells the history of the Temple of Really Bad Dead Things, unless the PCs show absolutely no interest. She knows the Code Reader exists and she knows of its powers, but as she is cursed by Genericus Brant, she has never been able to find it. Area 5: The Room of Death Warmed Over The blue walls are covered with threadbare tapestries of a darker blue. In the center of one tapestry is a red heraldic shield illustrated with a blackbereted skull gripping a dagger in its teeth. The motto ribbon reads Death from Everywhere. Once the party enters the room 7 a revenant will begin to materialize, taking three phases to form completely. Revenant: AC 10; MV 9 ; FTR 15; HD 8 hp 37; #AT 1; Dmg 2d8; THACO 12; AL N; UPC: Extremely Tough Undead Misused By Designer Who Gave It Far Too Much Stuff And Then Placed It In A Poorly Designed Encounter. The revenant is a gaunt corpse with pallid skin drawn tightly over hollow cheekbones, wearing a black beret. The beret has a patch labeled Fiends Forever. On each hand is a large brass and glass ring that looks a lot like class rings. The revenant appears with a dagger in its teeth, although it will immediately drop the dagger as revenants never resort to the use of weapons. The revenant is immune to all weapons, including magical weapons. It cannot be turned and is not affected by holy symbols, holy water, or any other religious paraphernalia. A revenant can regenerate 3 hit points per round, unless it has been destroyed by burning. It is immune to gas and acid. It attacks by locking its claw-like hands around its victim s throat to strangle him, not letting go until the victim or the revenant is destroyed. It has the saving throws and fighting ability of a 15th-level fighter. The ring on its left hand is a ring of fire resistance that adds + 3 to the revenant s saving throw vs. lire attacks, takmg onequarter damage if it makes the saving throw, one-half damage otherwise. The ring on its right hand is a class ring from Eastern Negative Material Plane University, class of 721. If the adventurers are still in the room when the revenant forms, the vile creature will ask them Are any of you my killers? If any of the PCs answers yes, or if they attack the revenant, the creature will attack them with a rusty shriek, not to mention its devastating grip. If the party answers no, and leaves the revenant alone, the revenant will pause, then ask the question again, explaining that he really cannot attack the party unless at least one of them claims to be his killer or else attacks him. Continuing in a voice which is both creepy and calm, the revenant will mention that if he does not attack the party there is nothing else that can happen in this encounter; wouldn t that be boring? If the party decides to tangle with the revenant..well, good luck to them. If the party leaves the room before the creature forms, it will wait in the room until the adventurers return to ask them the question. Area 6: The Code Reader Room The doorway opens onto a room filled with rows of dark-stained pews. The ceiling of the vaulted dome rises to obscurity beyond the range of your light sources. On a dais sits a peculiar stone, glass, and metal altar, behind which there are dozens of shelves filled with white objects with green stripes. The altar looks like the checkout line at your local supermarket, with the conveyor belt leading to the optical plate that reads UPC codes. Beneath this plate is a truncated oval about two thirds again the size of a hand, the truncated edge covered with a gray-tinted crystal; the code reader mentioned by the built-in display that shows the result of a UPC. Currently it is hooked up so that it also shows the result of its scan on the screen above a cash register. Removing the code reader without damaging it requires the characters to make two Dexterity Checks on ld2os. If two consecutive rolls are less than or equal to the removing character s Dexterity, the reader is removed. If a character fails a roll, he must add 3 to his next roll if he wishes to continue to remove the code reader. If two consecutive rolls are failed, the code reader is ruined. Each roll takes one round, and a character may stop after a Dexterity check in order to let another character have a crack at it. The code reader can decode the UPC symbols found throughout the Temple of Really Bad Dead Things. To decode the UPC on a monster, the wielder of the code reader must declare that he is trying to decode the monster s UPC and make a successful attack roll against the monster. If the player character is successful, read him the UPC description. Read it to him slowly, but only read it to him once per successful hit. In addition to decoding the UPCs, the code reader gives its owner the power of command over the decoded creatures. To command a creature, the possessor of the code reader must address the crea- 66

67 ture by its full UPC description. For example, if the code reader wielder were attempting to order the wraiths in this room to leave his party alone he would have to command them by saying, Flying Undead Stupid Enough To Attack A Party Far Tougher Than They, leave my party alone! If a character messes up the name of a creature he has not yet commanded, it ignores the command. If the creature had been previously commanded, the wielder s hold on the creature is broken. The creature may now do as it wishes until it is again read by the code reader. The shelves are lined with generic grocery products: dishwashing liquid, peas, corn flakes, bathroom tissue, creamed corn, beer, disinfectant, greeting cards, corn chips..you know the sort of stuff. The shelves display a sign that reads YOU are being watched. Shoplifters will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. Scanning the generic goods across the code reader causes their description and price to be displayed on the code reader, and if not disconnected, on the cash register display. The goods range in price from one to 20 silver pieces. If the party takes goods off the shelves and does not pay for them, they will be attacked by the 30 wraiths hiding in the shadows of the dome. 30 Wraiths: AC 4; MV 12 /24 ; HD 5+3; hp 28, 25, 24, 22, 22, 22, 22, 22, 22, 21,20, 20, 20,20, 19, 19, 18, 17, 16 15,15,15,15,15,14,14,14,12,12,11; #AT 1; Dmg ld6; THACO 15; AL LE; UPC: Flying Undead Stupid Enough To Attack A Party Far Tougher Than They. Wraiths are vulnerable only to silver weapons (which do half damage) or magical weapons. Wraiths are powerless in full sunlight. The touch of a wraith will drain the target of one level of experience. The wraiths will descend in groups of 10 per round. If the party happens to have a clerical continual light going, the wraiths lose their ability to drain levels, and attack at - 3 modifier on their attack rolls. A lesser light spell will penalize the wraiths by -2 to attack, but will not affect their ability to drain levels. While they attack, the wraiths hiss phrases such as Crime does not pay, young man, and You are going to have to live with this for the rest of your life, and Shoplifting is stealing. If the characters pay for the goods, the wraiths let them go, at least this time. Area 7: The Empty Room The sturdy wooden door to this room is locked. Hung on the door is a sign reading Positively No Admittance For Adventurers. Go Away. Painted in large sloppy letters all around the sign are the phrases This means you, Go Away, Kill someone else s monsters, Don t even THINK about going in. The room inside is empty. The party can hear the sound of a typewriter keyboard clacking away. If they enter the room, the sound of the keyboard slows down, becomes more sporadic, and then stops. After a few moments of silence, the party hears a strained, distant voice, as if the speaker were at the end of a long brass speaking tube. Great, just great, you guys have broken my concentration. How am 1 supposed to make deadline if some squamous..no sorry, I mean famous, adventurers come storming through before I can fish the blasted dungeon? The voice is that of the hack in area 13. He will impatiently explain that he just hasn t had the time to fill in every detail yet, that the editor wants it turned in tonight, and would they please leave him alone. If the party outstays its welcome, the hack will write in a whirlwind which dumps them back in a random room. Roll ld6 and place the party in the appropnately numbered room. Area 8: The Other Empty Room The strong iron door into this room is locked. On the door is a plaque that says Stay Out. Scrawled over the door are the words, I really mean it this time, guys. If the party enters the room they will hear the sounds of a keyboard clacking away. As they examine the featureless room they will hear the keyboard pounding away furiously. As they watch, wet dripping stalactites and stalagmites appear, and a small shining pool of a silvery liquid wells up from the floor, and.. and..the party then hears a vigorous scratching sound, followed by a tearing and a crumpling of paper. The features of the room fade and disappear. There is the rapid, rhythmic sound of fingers rapping on a desktop. The hack (area 13) speaks. So..y ou are here. How exciting for me. Deadline is really close, guys. You know what a deadline is, right? It s the line beyond which something dies. Probably me. So if you bright, resourceful adventurers could leave me alone in my predicament..wait a second! Maybe you could help me out! The hack will ask the PCs to describe a really exciting room setting, one full of atmosphere and visual detail. He will also ask for a fabulous treasure and a hideous monster. The hack will cajole, wheedle, and otherwise egg on the creative juices of the players to come up with something really nasty. As the party comes to a consensus, the room will begin to appear. The hack will take the monster description given him by the party, make it undead (this is the Temple of Really Bad Dead Things, after all), and unleash it on the players. You will have to create the monster s characteristics from your players descriptions. If they describe a really wimpy monster, have the hack say something like hey, yeah and then the critter turns out to be filled with enough anti-matter, that the destruction of the thing blows the whole dungeon apart! and let the players try to subdue it without killing it. Of course, the editors would never allow a single entry in an anthology have the capacity to destroy all of the other levels in the anthology, but your players don t have to know that. As for the treasure, the hack will say he wanted something more original, like 2d6 x 1,000 gold pieces and a sword +1, +3 against all monsters whose type-names 67

68 merchandise centering around the character sent to marketing. Bubble bath, paper towels, diet soft drinks, hats, shoes, pencil sets, three-ringed binders, breakfast cereal, monthly fan magazines, costumes.. anything you can think of is fair game. Sales of the player character line should be superior to those of other creatures from the Temple of Really Bad Dead Things. Area 10: The Library Large double doors of polished birch open onto a short hallway of the everpresent blue stone. The floor is covered with finely woven rugs showing people reading intently in uncomfortable cubicles. In case they must know, the rugs are worth 1,150 gp apiece and there are three of them. They weigh 15 pounds apiece. The library proper begins under the huge dome marked by the 10. The dome rises over eight storeys, intricate iron and silver work containing hundreds of panels of stained glass that depict scenes of men and women painting, singing, sculpting, writing, engaging in every form of creative art. The stained glass murals are stunning when sunlight streams through them; of course, since the temple was built underground, your players will just have to take your word for it. The murals look sickly with the uniform blue glow behind them. There are 10 exits from the dome. The entrance from the hallway is unmarked, but each of the other nine have a statue of a woman built into a niche beside the exit. The statues are labeled with a name written in common and a UPC code. The nine statues are: 1. Calliope, UPC: Heroic or Epic Poetry. Engraved in the base of the statue are pictures of a plumed pen and a lute. 2. Clio, UPC: History. Pictured in the base of the statue are a laurel wreath and a scroll. 3. Erato, UPC: Love and Marriage Poetry. Carved in the base of the statue is a representation of a lyre. 4. Euterpe, UPC: Music and Lyric Poetry. Impressed in the column supporting the statue is the image of a flute. 5. Melpomene, UPC: Tragedy. Embossed on the base is a mask caught in an expression of extreme sadness (tragic mask) and a thick-soled high boot (buskin) that was worn by actors in ancient times. 6. Polyhymnia, UPC: Sacred Songs and Rhetoric. The base of the statue has a bas relief of a veil. 7. Terpsichore, UPC: Daxe. Sculpted from the base are a crown of laurel and a pair of cymbals. 8. Thalia, UPC: Comedy. Etched on the base of the statue are a shepherd s staff and a comic mask-a mask that appears to be laughing. 9. Urania, UPC: Astronomy. Emplaced in the base are a small brass globe and a pair of compasses. The statues indicate what topics may be found in the sections of the library to which their exits lead. If your players are interested in technical manuals, they are just out of luck. Now you may be asking yourself, Why Greek muses in a temple dedicated to an imaginary deity named Genericus Brant? Well, um.. truth is, every hack knows that if you want to add some class to an adventure, you reach 4r some classical mythology. The hack in area 13 is no exception. In the center of the domed area is a large circulation desk. About the desk are flitting four will-0-wisps. 4 Will-0-wisps: AC -8; MV 18 ; HD 9; hp 68,53,44,40,37; #AT 1; Dmg2d8; THACO 12; AL CE; UPC: Icky Monster Made Cutesy By The Hack, With Permission Of The Designer. Will-0-wisps are immune to all spells except protection from evil, magic missile, and maze. They cannot be turned. These will-0-wisps are involved in a book hunt. When the party enters the dome, the creatures stop moving for a moment. In thin, quavery voices the will- 0-wisps begin to speak. Corporeals! Someone who can pick UD books! At last! At last we can play book hunt. Come on guys, will you play with us, pretty please? Yeah, we haven t been able to play book hunt in years. The will-0-wisps will not attack unless their lives are threatened. They wdl be shocked and hurt if the adventurers do not wish to play with them. Do your best cheerful-but-spoiled-rotten kid imitation when playing the will-0-wisps. They really want to play. To conduct the book hunt, the party and the will-0-wisps divide up into two teams. The ghostly voice of the chief librarian (an entity who exists in sound only) tells the teams the title of the book to look for, and the first team back with the correct book wins. There are three rounds, with a different book each round. The will-0-wisps need the player characters because they cannot pick up the books. The will-0-wisps will head in a random direction (roll ldlo), going through the numbered exit. They are just too excited to think clearly, and they cannot read Common, which puts them at a distinct disadvantage when it comes to finding books. If the party members are not following them, they will rejoin the heroes in ld4 rounds, darting in and out of the book shelves trying to find the proper book, being very vocal about their search. To find a book, a character may either use his Intelligence or his Dexterity. The player rolls Id20 every turn. If the roll is less than or equal to his chosen characteristic the character gains points equal to the difference. For example, a magician decides to use his Intelligence to discover the organization of the library shelves. His intelligence is 17, and the player rolls a 12. The character has gained five points that turn. To find a book a team must have at least two characters with at least 25 points, one character s total gained through Dexterity, the other s through Intelligence. A single character might be able to gain at least 25 points twice and get the books, but in that case the Intelligence points must come h t. If a team uses the UPC code or their 69

69 own knowledge of the muses to pick the correct corridor in which to begin their search, modify their characters rolls by -3, making it easier to find the book. Now racing around the library with loony will-0-wisps may be exciting enough..nah, we didn t think so either. Don t forget you have the wonderful : Random Monster Generator with which to spice things up. The monsters might have several reasons for being there: 1. Perhaps they are having a serious discussion on the philosophies of Genericus Brant. They would not appreciate being interrupted by a group of adventurers rampaging through the book shelves. 2. The chief librarian has checked, and according to our records, the adventurers have been long overdue. The monsters have been sent to collect the fine and reshelve the party. 3. Are the adventurers making a lot of noise as they ransack the stacks? Everyone knows you are not allowed to make noise in a library. The creatures have been sent to escort the PCs from the library. 4. Oh No! The hack (area 13) made a mistake; the adventurers hear the sound of clacking keys, and then a number of displaced beasties arrive to harass the party. Maybe the hack will get it right next time. The Books And1 The Prizes Round One: Ode to the Ground Snails of Greyhawk, Volume VIII by Snagly Hairtooth. This most tedious poem is located in the Euterpe (lyric poetry) section. Retrieving the book is worth one point. The prize is a scroll with three cure serious wound spells. Round Two: Popular Dervish Whirling Blade Tangoes of the Northern Deserts by Horace Oneleg. The book is located in the Terpsichore (dance) section. Retrieving this book is worth two points. The prize is a wand of digging containing 25 charges of the dig spell, and a matching set of earrings (500 gp). Round Three: A Complete Illustrated History of Bureaucratic Forms, Including the Recent Conversions Utilizing the Q313 by Ernst Magor. This is located in the Clio (history) section. Retrieving the book of forms is worth three points. The prize is a teleport scroll, a scroll with five linked word of recall spell ;. When read, the scroll casts five simultmeous word of recall spells, sending the party back to the Citadel Union on the surface. This scroll is readable by all characters except thieves. Whichever team has the most points at the end of the three rounds is the grand champion. The will-o-wisps had not thought of a grand prize, so they will offer the winning players the book on bureaucratic forms. If there is a tie, the will-owisps dl crown as champions the team that won two of the hunts, and give the book to the team that found it as a consolation prize. The book contains an explanation of the various forms requested by Ernst Magor in the trademark room (area 9); With the modernization of the Civil Service of the Worshipers (of Genericus Brant, a move that was long overdue in the modest opinion of this author, although I must admit I am qualified to speak to such a topic, the forms were stimdardized. The following forms ;Ire identical except for their names and colorations: 27-ABK on yellow parchment FILX14 on blue parchment IK721.1A on purple parchment with gold thread Q313 on white parchment In compliance with the Cyclopedia of Proper Procedure, volume 17A, Section 2113, Paragraph , all forms must still be filed to obtain a trademark. Of course, all forms must be requisitioned before they may be filled out. In the back of the book are three REQ- UISITION 80 forms on orange parchment. Required Forms (please circle) 27-ABK FILX14 IK721.lA Q313 REQUISITION 80 Quantity (please print) These forms are for record keeping purposes only. Applicants must provide their own forms, except Q313. Have a nice day. Area 11: The Gate to the Rest of the Place There is a gate that completely blocks the passageway. The gate is constructed of the same blue-amethyst stone as the walls, and its four-inchthick bars are set just two inches apart. There is a steel box with lots of buttons on the north wall. The box has red, yellow, green, and gold buttons, 10 of each. Each set of buttons is numbered from 0 through 9. The readout on the display has room for five digits. When a button is pushed the number of the appropriate color lights up on the display. Underneath the box is a long UPC code, which when decoded says, The hack writer has introduced a red herring. The buttons have nothing to do with opening the gate. Just say Genericus Brant is an okay guy, and enter. When the party says the phrase the gate will open to the labored grinding of metal gears. The gate cannot be lifted, but it can be broken. It has AC 0 and 120 hit points (remember the wall is of Maflection construction). Area 12: Knight of the Living Dead and Spare Parts The door to this room is sealed with intricate runes. The runes are complicated patterns of twisting lines that intertwine and connect with one another to completely surround the door. On the copper surface of the door are four sets of etched lines, Each set of etched lines forms the holy symbol of Genericus Brant. The runes are connected to the holy symbol by finely traced lines in the copper. The polished copper is given an extra sheen by a coating of ice.

70 The holy symbols are UPC codes. They may be read with the code reader. At the DM s discretion a few of the words may be blurry due to the effect of the ice. Symbol One: Beyond this door waits a death knight. Beware, for his powers are greater than any you have seen in this temple. If not, what are you complaining about? Symbol Two: In yon chamber lies the Holy Wire of Genericus Brant, spun from gold. The wire has no efficacy against undead, but it doth look impressive. Symbol Three: Besides the designer believeths you might have some use for gold wire elsewhere in this adventure, and so had to put it in somewhere. Symbol Four: Oh yes, we almost forgot. The door is a powerful ward that prevents the death knight from leaving the chamber. In addition it will allow any cleric or paladin to utter a holy word spell once every 10 minutes, as long as the spellcaster is in the chamber. The 10- minute count starts from the first holy word uttered. All of the information is correct. The death knight awaits them inside. Be aware that this encounter is deadly; if the death knight gets to act for even one round after combat is started, many of your players can mail their character sheets to Paraguay; they won t be needing them anymore. Some quick thinking and a little bit of luck is necessary to dispatch the death knight. Death Knight: AC 0; MV 12 ; HD 9 (10 sided); hp 70; #AT 1, Dmg ldlo+6 (Strength bonus); THACO: 9; AL CE; UPC: Horrid Magic-Resisting Undead Who Is Immune To The Power Of The Code Reader. The death knight has a magic resistance of 7570, and if an 11 or lower is rolled on percentage dice, any magical spell cast is reflected back at its caster. The death knight cannot be turned or dispelled and has the power over undead of a 6th-level cleric. The death knight has 18(00) Strength, and is armed with a twohanded sword. The death knight continually generates fear in a 5 radius, can create a wall of ice at will and has innate powers of detect magic and detect invisibizit5 Twice a day it can gate in demon type I (20%), type I1 (25Yo), type 111 (30%), type IV (20%), or type VI (5%), the gate working 75% of the time (we bet your players will think it s a darn shame the Maflection construction prevents the gate from working). It can dispel magic twice a day. Once a day it can use any one of the power word spells, a symbol of padfear, and generate a 20-die fireball. For purposes of effect, a death knight s magic use is that of a 20th-level wizard. A holy word spell will stun the death knight rather than dispel him, as this death knight is of this plane. The death knight is immune to the commanding power of the code reader, but for all his contempt he is not immune to being trademarked. The icy coating on the door is from the wall of ice the death knight keeps up as a barrier. The room has murals depicting the history of the construction of the temple. The north wall shows dwarves carving out fine white marble from a huge mountain quarry. The east wall shows several dwarves surrounding a shimmering field that holds the death knight. One of the dwarves, whose smock has the name Bessamo stitched on it, is holding a beaker of blue liquid in hls right hand, and thin gold wire in his left. Some of the other dwarves are looking at the death knight, but most are regarding Bessamo. The southern panel shows spools of gold thread, the thread passing around and through the field holding the death knight. The other end of the thread is wrapped around a large block of white marble. Alchemists are covering the block with the blue liquid of Bessamo. Where they have treated the block it has transformed into the familiar blue stone of the temple. Beneath this last panel are six spools of gold thread, each spool being one foot in diameter. The spools rest on capped rods of the blue stone; the spools may be spun but they cannot be removed without considerable effort, and they turn quite slowly. It takes three rounds to acquire enough thread for a single IK721.1A (on purple parchment with gold thread). Each spool has 2,000 gp worth of gold thread, enough for several hundred IK721.1A s. Area 13: The Hack and Slash The cheap wooden door opens easily, revealing a room strewn with rubbish. There are paper cups and Styrofoam sandwich containers, crushed aluminum cans and empty bottles of every size. A piece of rope hangs from the air in the middle of the room. The room has the half-smell, half-taste of burnt coffee. The incessant sound of rapidly clicking keys reverberates off the walls. To one side is a large sievelike device, and behind that huge black wooden vat full of a pulpy mush. In front of the vat is a pit full of murky water. There is a rack of oversized tools and pieces of cloth as well as shelved beakers on the wall opposite the sieve. The beakers contain colored dyes that may be used to color the paper created by Slash (see below). There are beakers of red, yellow, blue, green, orange, and purple dye. If the heroes have the gold thread, they may add the thread to the pulp used by Slash to create paper. They can then create the forms necessary for trademarking creatures or themselves. As the heroes enter the room, they wdl hear a voice shout, Slash! Slash, I am running low on paper! From behind the vat, an index finger the width of a strong man s thigh appears over the rim of the vat. It moves in a manner that suggests it is looking around, and then all five digits of a huge hand can be seen beyond the rim of the vat. The hand flexes and stretches as it wakes from its sleep, making a loud yawning sound. Slash: AC 2; MV 12 ; MU 20; hp 50; #AT 1; Dmg As per Bigby s hand spells; THACO Always Hits; AL N; UPC: Loyal Servant Of The Hack Who Is Included In This Adventure For Reasons Of Humor So Weak They Scarcely Deserve Mention. 71

71 Slash is a customized permanent version of the Bigby s hand series of spells. He is capable of operating in the modes of any of the spells. He has a low Intelligence of his own, and can be counted on to cany out orders that do not require too much initiative. Slash cannot cast any spells; his level is that of the magician who created him. Slash can sub-vocalize, making sounds but not words. Have Slash whimper, snarl, moan, quaver, whistle-just do not allow him to speak. Slash will fiercely protect the hack. Other than that he is just an 850-pound friendly, playful bundle of energy. Once Slash is fully awake he will grab a handful of the goop in the vat and throw it against the sieve. Then he grabs the sieve, shakes it a bit, and lowers it into the pit. He sloshes the sieve around, raises the dipping frame every few sloshes, and then removes the sieve entirely. Grabbing two press cloths and a roller from the pulp, he then props the sieve against the wall, and while humming a simple tune he fans the paper until it is dry enough to handle. Slash then gets a spear-sized cutting blade from the rack, and props it against the wall. Picking up the new paper, Slash twists from side to side as if examining his work, making thoughtful hmmm noises. Finally, he drifts over to the cutting tool, throws the paper into the air, grabs the tool, and with a flurry of deft motions cuts the paper into pieces. Slash drops the tool, picks up the paper, and heads to the rope. If the party has not announced themselves before now, Slash notices them, and whistles excitedly up the rope. The sound of clacking keys becomes irregular, slows, and then halts entirely. The hack is irritated at being interrupted. The Hack: AC 4 (leather and -4 Dex adjustment); MV 24 ( Gotta be fast to make a living in this business ); HD 12; hp 64; #AT 1; Dmg ld4; THACO 9; SA & SD: Gains +3 to his initiative roll, plus see below; AL N; UPC: The Evil Presence Who Became A Hack As A Result Of A Curse From Genericus Brant. The hack appears to be a balding thinfaced man of thirty. He is no more than four and a half feet tall, with an ample tire around his middle. He wears smau wirerimmed glasses. The hack lives in a cramped little space atop a permanent rope trick. There is a sleeping pallet, a desk and desk lamp, a chair, and a peculiar typewriter of dwarven construction. The hack is immune to the code reader ( Look, you think K could get hurt by my own material? ), althoug i he may be trademarked. If attacked lie will leap to his typewriter and write the attackers out of the adventure. Poof. Gone. The hack is cursed to continue to write The Temple of Really Bad Dead Things again and again. Every time an adventuring party comes through and changes something, even killing a monster, he has to rewrite it ($0 it returns to its original form. He lives in constant fear of deadlines and The Editors, beings of great power he has nevel- seen but who oversee all of his work. He sometimes gets to write other adventures, but they are always derivative of someone else s, such as his rejected manuscript Sparrowloft. Maybe if he wrote something about rescuing a princess before a horde of undead stormed the land.. The hack will apologize for nnt writing in an exit to this level (the hack has not thought through how to use the trademark room), and if bribed, might be able to write in an exit that was not originally there, although he will be sure that The Editors will delete it, and perhaps himself, if he is not careful. The best way for a p~rty to ingratiate itself with the hack is to praise his work on The Temp1,e of Really Rad Dead Things. If the praise is not obvious, blatant hoo-ha (well, maybe even if it is), then the hack would be willing to alter small portions of the temple. The hack will moan about his fall from greatness, rue the day lie set foot in this temple, and offer the adventurers anything they may want if they can think of a way to get him out of here. If the characters think to trademark the hack, the hack will leave them his typewriter and three pieces of paper. With this typewriter and those three sheets of paper, the party may rewrite any three scenes that occurred in the Temple of Really Bad Dead Things. If you are feeling particularly generous, you might allow the players to rewrite other scenes in this dungeon as well. Don t worry, The Editors can always disallow any grandiose changes the party tries to make, scratching out the new scene with a ghostly red pen. 72

72 Scale: 1 Hex = 10 Feet Encounter Setting Long ago a certain demon queen of spiders (who shall remain nameless) harassed a certain region of Greyhawk (also nameless) using many vaned and sundry creatures (likewise unmentionable) to do her dirty work. Her web of intrigue and deceit was renowned and feared-it was rumored that she even had her own demiplane to play with! Not wishing to be outdone in front of their mutual friends (outer planar society is quite elitist after all), a certain overweight bee queen started her own following and rented some space below the castle (the unfortunate broker is currently resting somewhere within the lair). After she d redecorated her little demi-hive, as she calls it, a number of now-ardent supporters were coerced into joining the club. Her dreadful plots and schemes are close to fruit,ion and her wretched hive s stingers are poised to pdlinate the world. The party may have been led here by the massive increase ir killer bee attacks around the world, the global shortages of honey (caused by striking bee colonies, agitated to insurrection by agents of the bee queen), or the fate 3 (read: blind bumbling or stupidity). In any case, the treat is critical and millions ef grubby little children are depending on the return of their honey as soon as possible, and millions of equally grubby parents are tired of their whining. The party should arrive here via a sweetly scented wax chute, which will unceremoniously deposit them at point A on the map. The DM may also teleport them here if they swat a bee or wasp anywhere in the vicinity of the castle. Their goal is to recover the candle key from area 4 and journey throughout the hive until they find a way to use it. They can then meet and defeat the queen of the honeybees herself (in area 24)! Wds within the complex resemble wax but are impervious to all attacks or spells (including passwa. They are diffusely lit from deep within. All doors are simply sliding panels of wall material. There are no random encounters with silly monsters within the hive or ridiculous spell alterations. All monsters attack intruders immediately because of their uptight and stressed-out condition (there are very few females within the hive). 73

73 Area 1: B-Men Headquarters This chamber is the central headquarters of the hive s secret police, the B- Men. These half madhalf bee creatures are fully trained in all investigative techniques. They wear heavy black trench coats (with holes in the back for wings and stingers), big dark sunglasses, and black hats pulled down over their hideous features. They always follow the book even though they can never find it. Beings entering this chamber will be asked to show their hall passes (available at most high schools throughout the country). Characters without a hall pass are attacked. Any hall pass will do, since none of these bees have ever really seen one to begin with. They are therefore very unpopular with everybody and have earned a reputation for obnoxiousness. All bees in this adventure will be found carrying little slips of paper signed by the mysterious Mrs. Abby Hoffman. Counterfeit hall passes are big business within the hive. 10 B-Men agents (hornet half-breeds): AC 0 in flight, 2 when settled; MV 12 / 24 ; HD 7; hp 50 each; #AT 2, gun and stinger; Dmg see below and ld4 plus poisons; THACO 13; AL NE; XP 500 each; SA poison and incapacitation as per giant hornet. Each agent has a hall pass in his hand and a gun of honeyed globs prominently bulging from beneath his trench coat. The preferred attack form of the B- men is to fly over their prey, stinging and shooting their guns of honeyed globs. The famed wand of viscidglobs employed by the demon queen of spiders and her minions was actually stolen from the design employed here. The gun of honeyed globs is identical in function to the aforementioned wand (a patent suit has been taken up with Interplanar Spell-Users Congress, or I.S.U.C.). The gun resembles a german luger, circa 1940 (patterned from a war souvenir found in the wreckage of areas 23-29). Each has 100 charges before combat begins (as Big Bee always keeps them fully charged). If aimed and the command words spoken (usually bang, bang, pow, or stop or I ll shoot ), a single charge from the gun fires a glob of gooey, sticky, sweet honey up to 6 away. The gooey glob covers a circular area about five feet in diameter. Those thgs within that area are permanently bonded to each other (hands to weapons, arms to shields, armor to bodies, codpieces to cods, etc.). A successful saving throw vs. wands indicates that the target dodges and avoids the glob, but the glob wdl land somewhere-either behind the original target, or on the floor lode feet beyond (leaving a sticky mass that vill solidlfy in 10 rounds). The bond created by this glob is extremely strong. Strong morlsters and individuals will tear their own bodies apart before breaking the seal. Creatures with Intelligence of 7 or higher wiu be aware of this, but those of 2-6 Intelligence should get a saving throw to avoid tearing themselves apart. The globs can be dissolved by alcohol (or water). The amount found in ordinary wine IS sufficien: to free two glued areas (painfully if flesh is involved). The wand may be recharged by a magic-user of 7th or higher level. A full gun is worth 4,000 xp and 20,000 gp. Each agent has 4d40 pp in his pockets, is fond of singing %he blues, and loves dry white toast, whole fried chickens, and a Coke. Area 2: Honeybear Lockup When the part17 enters here they will be attacked by a mad B-man who is frustrated in his attempts to exact confessions from the crimhals held within. In each of two cells is a werehear (in bear form). They are pleading mercifully for their jailer to give them some of the food he is carrying. As soon as the B-man sees the party he wil boldly display a jar of sweet honey and a handful of roasted almonds, ominously (great DM control required here) proclaiming that I m gonna tempt your tummy with the taste of nuts and honey, werebears! If any member of the party just happens to be a werebear, he must make a saving throw vs. spell (at -4) to avoid being forced into werebear form. Such a beast will be grabbed up quickly and thrown into an empty cell. If the party is obviously unimpressed with the B-man s ravings, he will attack. The werebears, if released, will aid the party until any large pool of honey is encountered, whereupon the bears will sit down and gorge themselves until they blow up and die. Captain Cheer Eo the B-man jailer (hornet half-breed): AC 0 in flight, 2 when settled; MV 12 /24 ; HD 7; hp 50; #AT 2, gun and stinger; Dmg see below and ld4 plus poisons; THACO 13; AL NE; XP 500; SA poison and incapacitation as per giant hornet. Captain Eo has a hall pass in his pocket, a jar of honey and some almonds in his hands, a gun of honeyed globs beneath his trench coat, and one sequined glove that makes him look very stupid. 2 Werebex prisoners: AC 2; MV 9 ; HD 7+3; hp 50, 46; #AT 3; Dmg ld3/ ld3/2d4; THACO 12; AL CG; XP 1,325, 1,285; SA hug (2d8); SD hit only by silver or magical weapons. Besides the food items, there is nothing of value in here. Area 3: Company B The main militia of the B-men is stationed here. They will attack anyone who enters unless he is wearing the hat, coat, and sunglasses of an authorized agent. Green Hornet, captain of the B-men soldiers (hornet half-breed): AC 0 in flight, 2 when settled; MV 12 /24 ; HD 8; hp 64; #AT 3, two guns and stinger; Dmg see below and ld4 plus poisons; THACO 12; AL NE; XP 600; SA poison and incapacitation as per giant hornet. The green hornet has a hall pass and two guns of honeyed globs that he can wield simultaneously. He wears a green trench coat and a green hat of fire resistance. 40 B-men soldiers (hornet halfbreeds): AC 0 in flight, 2 when settled; MV 12 /24 ; HD 7; hp 48 each; #AT 2, gun and stinger; Dmg see below and ld4 plus poisons; THACO 13; AL NE; XP 530 each; SA poison and incapacitation as per giant hornet. Each agent has a hall pass in his hand and a gun of honeyed 74

74 globs prominently bulging from beneath his trench coat. The only treasure here is a yellow jacket of protection rom rain. Area 4: The Room That Lets the Party Make It to the Next Set of Rooms The party will enter this room to see just enough seats for them to sit in, behind a long table. Directly across from these are a like number of famous celebrities and evil villains from within the hive. A large ovoid-shaped man with a graying beard and poor eyesight will tell the gentle contestants to take a seat for the game. An audience of 300 cheering spectators is on hand for the event. 300 Spectators: AC body 4, eyes 7; MV 10 ; HD.4+4; hp 35 each; #AT 1; Dmg ld4+1; THACO 15; AL LN; XP 665 each; SA central eye reflects spells, four smaller eyes cast create food and water, cause serious wounds, paralyzation ray, and telepathy; SD senses psionic disciplines, better initiative rolls; MR 5%. The spectators are guarding their seats (as treasure) and won t relinquish them without a fight. Egg, master of ceremonies: AC 10; MV 1 roll; HD 1 hp; #AT 0; Dmg 0; THACO 21; AL LN; XP 5. The Egg is simply a rather wordy egg-shaped gentleman hired by the bee queen to amuse her followers and confuse the party. He is a retired toy designer. The Bad Guys include Sting, Buzzy Aldrin, Steven Biko, Big Bee (area lo), Aunt Bee (queen of the hive) and B.B. King (her consort, both from area 24). The Good Guys are the party (statistics found on character sheets). The game consists of three sets of questions. One side must win two of the three sets to win the grand prizes. The first category deals with the anatomy of bees. The second round investigates the many habits of bees. The last round is devoted exclusively to the study of pole arms, their nomenclature, and relevance to all aspects of gaming (including eating, personal hygiene, and planetary exploration). Al three categories should be won handily by the Rad Guys and the party will be losers. During the last round, the DM should roll a secret Intelligence (Check for each party member. Successful characters will notice that their opponents have been looking at their laps during this line of questioning. A protest by the party will reveal a large number of Unearthed Arcana volumes secreted imderneath the enemy table (conveniently open to the pole arms chapters). They will be disqualified and the party will get to go to the final round in order to win the grand prizes. Their foes will vow vengeance before they teleport away. The party will be asked three questions. Each correct answer gets them a prize. They have 30 seconds to answer each question. Question #1: What is your favorite color? Any answer is correct, as long as they don t yell out more than one. Under Box #1 is a (tacky) hexagonal shaped wax candle, made of 10 different shades of green and orange! This is the true object of their quest and will allow the lucky party the opportunity to reach the upper level of the hive. Question #2: What is your quest? Again, any answer will do. Behind Curtain #2 is a new chariot! The latest from Apollo Industries. Horses not included. What the characters do with this fine vehicle is up to them. It is worth 20,000 gp and runs like a dream. Question #3: What is the best way to defeat a flumph? The correct answer is turn it upside down, or something to that effect. If the party manages this one, they get what s behind Door #3. Door #3 is a portal to area 18 and leads directly to the upper levels of the dungeon. Since it is unlikely that the party will get question #3, they will have five rounds to gather up their treasure before Egg waves them goodbye. The characters will hear a buzzing sound in their ears and will find themselves at point B on the map. Area 5: Gooey Guard Room The walls of this room are covered with sticky animated honey. The effects are identical to an entangle spell cast at 20th level of ability. Any creatures other than bees that enter the chamber will be attacked. Magic resistance does not apply, since this is a living, but unintelligent substance. The party must either wait out the effects if held or proceed onward while slowed. Area 6: Otto s Irresistible Dance Studio A dreadful ritual dance marathon is going on in this large chamber. Hundreds of dexterous bees are performing the irresistible dance. Their leader, Otto the Bee-Holder, keeps the rhythm going and severely chastises anyone who gets out of step. The party will be attacked by the bees and Otto when they enter. 200 Samba Bees (trained giant bumblebees): AC 5; MV 6 /24 ; HD 6 +4; hp 50 each; #AT 1; Dmg ld6 plus poison; THACO 13; AL N; XP 1,000 each; SA poison stinger does 5d4 points of damage (save for 2d4 hp), characters are - 1 to save (strong poison) Otto (beholder): AC 0/2/7; MV 3 ; HD 75 hp (about 18 HD); #AT 1; Dmg 2d4; THACO 6; AL LE; XP 14,400; SA magic; SD anti-magic ray. Otto wears one large dark sunglass over his eye and talks with lisp. The shades don t affect his spell casting in any way. This is one of the most dangerous rooms in the hive. Every round, a party member will be affected by an Otto s irresistible dance spell (at 20th-level effect), while Otto kills these helpless characters with death and ffesh to stone spells. Initiative and a quick cleaving of Otto are necessary here. Otto almost has his latest chorus line ready (a bee line if you will), and has received his first payment in weeks. Fifty rubies worth 250 gp each are hidden beneath some pink legless leotards in the southeast corner of the room. 75

75 Area 7: The Not-So-Funny Funhouse Mirror This is just another one of those nasty mirrors of opposition parties love so dearly, except that it was made some time ago by a rather chaotic old soul who put a little twist in it. Characters will meet their doubles as usual, except that they will be randomly distorted some way. They might be twice as td and skinny, or short and fat. A long neck or legs is also humorous. In addition, the party member will be equally mutated for the duration of the battle. In any case, there will be no change on the effects of combat on the participants. When the character wins against his double, award full experience and return him to his normal shape. If the mirror is inspected, an inscription that reads Always Be Yourself is engraved along the top. The mirror can be removed if the party wants it. Area 8: Great Honey Chamber This massive room is filled with honey, being purified by some ancient and unknown process (strainers). Hundreds of honey bees are guarding this area to keep their treasure pure and uncontaminated. Three clear hexagonal tubes hang vertically from the ceiling and the bees send garbage up these suction pipes every round. The party must enter these tubes to reach point C on the map. 150 Giant Worker Honeybees: AC 6; MV 9 /30 ; HD 3 + 1; hp 20 each; #AT 1; Dmg Id3 plus poison; THACO 16; AL N; XP 230 each; SA sting once with poison that does 5d4 points of damage (2d4 if save is successful). The tubes are made of the same material as the walls and if examined closely a small silver plaque can be found on each one. The inscription on the plaque reads Another fine product of Wile E. Wonk- Ah (broker and inventor), Inc. There is no treasure in this room. The bees will not pursue into the tubes. If a character is killed or knocked unconscious, the bees will throw him up the tubes. Area 9: W.A.S.P. The priests of the hive are part of the organization known only as W.A.S.P. ( We Are So Powerful ). These are the only human followers of the bee queen (three men and two women) and they are unique in a number of respects. 5 Human bee-following priests: AC 4, banded mail; MV 6 ; C110; hp 80 each; #AT 1; Dmg 1-8, stinger sword plus special; THACO 4; AL NE; XP 2,000 each; SA spells, stinger swords; SD spells. Each has a long sword of stinging + 2 that paralyzes any being hit for 1 d4 + 1 rounds unless a successful saving throw vs. wands is rolled (at a -4 penalty), and wears painted banded armor, silly springlike antennae and painted sunglasses. Spells: Level 1: cure light wounds, purify honey, penetrate disguise, sanctuary Level 2 : hold,person (x2 1, silence 15 radius, chant Level 3: create royal.ielly (for the queen), dispel magic, feign death Level 4: improved giant insect (also works on already giant bee. to further increase size), sped immunity (fireball), protection from good 10 radius Level 5: flame strike, mimate dead monsters Each priestess wears her hair in a beehive and all of the priests have a pair of decorative antennae (platinum, worth 1,000 per set). They all wear banded mail (painted in yellow and black stripes) with the detachable sword ofstinging attached to the rears. Usually the priests are responsible for purifying the honey and healing boo-boos, but they can fight if forced to do so. When combat begins, they will retreat to the rear of the chamber, past a large rock in the center of the room. Rock Lobster: AC 0; MV 20 shuffle; HD 10; hp 80; #AT 3, claw/claw/bite; Dmg 2dlO/Zd1011dlO; TH4CO 10; AL N; XP 1,200; SD camouflages as large rock. Usually found at the hottom of the sea, this large specimen is hing it up with free food, just for sitting around. He is semi-intelligent and about 15 feet in diam- eter when in lobster form. Rock lobsters are fond of rock music (especially new wave). The rock lobster is a rare type of sea creature that arrived with the new wave of crustacean-like monsters jamming the oceans. Of course, areas 10 and 11 will be alerted immediately to any intrusion. Area 10: Attack of the Killer Bees The door to this room is labeled Bee Mine. Within are giant worker honeybees, giant hornets, giant wasps, and one leader, (very) slowly building an expansion room to the east. The leader is none other than Big Bee, dreaded bee mage of power. Big Bee (bumble bee crossbreed): AC 0 (-1 wlarmor spell); MV 12 /24 ; MU 14; hp 60 (82 wlarmor spell); #AT 1 (sting); Dmg ld4 plus poison; THACO 16; AL NE; XP 4,000; SA spells, sting once with poison; SD spells. Big Bee has a Zagyg s spell component case, the largest bag of holding (with his spell books and 500 pp inside), bracers AC 3, ring of protection +3, shades of charming (as per eyes), gun of honeyed globs (100 shots), and a potion offire resistance. He has an armor spell and a contingencyspell (tireball upon his person if slain) cast on his person. Spells: Level 1: charm person, magic missile (~31, enlarge Level 2: invisibilitx &or image, vocalize, stinking cloud, detect invisibility Level 3: haste, hold person, fireball, slow Level 4: fire shield, polymorph other, polymorph self Level 5: Big Bee s interposing stinger, teleport Level 6: Big Bee s forceful stinger, globe of invulnerability Level 7: forcecage 40 Giant Worker Honeybees: AC 6; MV 9 /30 ; HD 3 + 1; hp 20 each; #AT 1; Dmg ld3 plus poison; THACO 16; AL N; XP 230 each; SA sting once with poison that does 5d4 points of damage (2d4 if 76

76 save is successful) 20 Giant Hornets: AC 2 in flight, 4 when settled; MV 24 ; HD 5; hp 35 each; #AT 1; Dmg ld4 plus poisons; THACO 15; AL N; XP 330 each; SA poison, incapacitation 20 Giant Wasps: AC 4; MV 6 /21 ; HD 4; hp 30 each; #AT 2; Dmg 2d4/ld4 plus poison; THACO 15; AL N; XP 440 each; SA paralyzing poison Big Bee is responsible for most of the construction of the hive through magic and labor. Like any good leader, he s always the first to leave when the going gets tough (or even mildly difficult). There is no treasure in here except for that on the participants. Any combat in here will be noticed immediately in areas 9 and 11. Area 11: The San Francisco Bay-Bees These mellow beings are constantly buzzed on the scent of honeyed incense. The entire rear of the giant chamber is filled with the smoke. Originally from another world and another time (San Francisco Bay, 1967), these ex-school teachers still believe they are on one heck of a bad trip. They have painted themselves in yellow and black stripes and constantly talk with a low buzz to their voices. One of them is responsible for the fake hall passes throughout the complex. These hip-bees teach young hivelings what they need to become adult bees and how to tie-die the trench coats of the B-men as well. 3 Hip-bees (human school teachers): AC 6 (high Dex); MV 12 ; HD 1; hp 8 each; #AT 0 (peaceniks); Dmg 0; THACO 19; AL N Buzzed; XP 100 each. Each hip-bee bee is wearing a button that says make love, not war and a silver peace symbol worth five gp. The walls of the area are painted in bright, swirling colors and have phrases lie Let it bee and We all live in a yellow submarine scribbled all over the walls. A pile of black flexible plates stands in one corner. Small pieces of paper glued to the centers of each are labeled with The Beatles, the Bugaloos, Buddy Holly and the Crickets, and Iron Butterfly, as well as other famous insect titles. Dozens of small, noncombatant bees mill through the air here. Some are wearing little cone-shaped hats on their heads that say bumble bee, stumble bee, tumble bee, rumble bee, as well as other silly phrases. One of the hip-bees is carrying 100 pp in a small hooka ofholding (250 lbs. max). There is no other treasure here. Area 12: Beam Me Up Scotty A large slanted table stands just within the doorway to this chamber. A hexshaped depression rests squarely in the middle. Seven hex-shaped silver plates lie on the floor to the west. If the candle from area 4 is placed in the depression in the table, anyone standing on the silver pads (after two rounds have elapsed) will begin to shimmer and shake and awaken to find himself at area D on the map. Any character who says the magic words Jim, I can t push her any faster than that or Damn it Jim, I m a doctor not an engineer (or magician) gets 5,000 xp for being a Star Trek fan. The following two chambers are filled with the results of the bee queen s attempts to open up the hive to other worlds and bring in new followers. Area 13: To Bee.. The door is labeled in gold numerals 2B (worth 10 gp per letter), If it is opened, a long corridor with a door at the end will be revealed. Any character proceeding down the corridor and opening the door at the end will arrive outside the door to area 14. Area 14:..Or Not 7% Bee This door is similar to the one above, but has the words Not 2R affixed to it. Following the corridor leads back to area 13. It is possible for both doors to be open at the same time, $lowing characters to see themselves down the passage and across the room. The corridor serves no useful purpose. Area 15: Look Ma, No Hands! This door is unmarked and opens into air. As far as the eye can see there is nothing but sky. A large sign hangs suspended in mid-air, labeled Watch the first step-it s a doozy. Any characters prone to showing off are likely to get their just desserts here. No flying magical devices or spells will operate on this plane (only polymorph potions and spells, etc.), so flying wizards will drop out of sight with a puzzled look on their features. A character stupid enough to jump out deserves to fall for eternity. If the DM is feeling particularly nasty, a copper coin should be suspended some 100 yards out (seen only as a glint of gold in the distance). Area 16: Demi-Plane of Flowers Opening this door reveals one of the bee queen s few success stories. A gigantic plain covered with every imaginable type of flower and plant stretches on to the horizon. Aunt Bee opened a gate to the demi-plane of Flowers and Other Green Things. This is where most of the bees do their dirty work. The only intelligent inhabitants of this region are a large giant, his son, and a rather slow-witted gardener. Joliet Green (storm giant): AC 1; MV 15 ; HD 15 + ld6+1; hp 127; #AT 1 (club); Dmg 7d6; THACO 7; AL CG; XP 8,370; SA lightning bolts, call Lightning, weather summoning; SD levitation, predict weather, control winds, immune to electricity. Joliet is a jolly green giant who has no treasure and wears only a large green ratty tunic. Green Sprout (young storm giant): AC 1; MV 15 ; HD 15 + ld6 + 1; hp 60; #AT 1 (club); Dmg 4d6; THACO 7; AL CG; XP 7050; SA see above; SD see above. Sprout s only treasure is a small bird s eye opal worth 500 gp. Chauncey the Gardener: AC 10; MV 12 ; HD 1; hp 8; #AT 0 (noncombatant); Dmg 0; THACO 19; AL NG; XP 10; SA easily misunderstood; SD high charisma. Chance retired here after a successful 77

77 term as president of the United States of America. Nobody ever noticed his very low Intelligence because he s so pleasant to be with and looks so good on TV. World peace was finally achieved under his steady hand. The three peaceful beings will not attack unless provoked. Provocation includes picking any flowers, relieving oneself on a hedge or tree, making ridiculous jokes about Mr. Green, etc. In one nearby clearing are the remains of three men, wearing tight satin clothing and piles of gaudy jewelry. A spear has been driven through each of their hearts, with a flag stating that Disco is dead! flying in the breeze. One of them is holding the remains of a small black plate. The still-legible writing says simply Staying Alive. The normally peaceful hip-bees are responsible for this attack, but will claim that it was in the best interest of the human race. In any case, there are 16 gold chains and amulets each worth 500-2,000 gp (if sold to people with tastes equally appalling). If tastefully smelted down, the items are worth 75% the previous value. At this point the DM should pick out one character with a random die roll and increase the magical plus of one randomly chosen item on their person. If the players ask why, tell them because it s written in the module. As implied earlier, the beautiful field is a favorite place of the hip-bees and they are usually accompanied by hundreds of normal, peace-loving bees flying harmlessly about the flowers. Area 17: Nut n Honey This door when opened will reveal a beautiful, finely crafted, blood-red brick wall. As far as the characters dig, disintegrate, or passwall through this wall, there ll still be more bricks, in all directions. This backfired experiment opens into the elemental plane of Inferior Construction Materials (Brick Department). Since bees dislike bricks immensely, it hasn t proved very useful. Area 18: Deja Vu This door is the flip side of Door #3 from area 4. If opened, the sign saying Door #3 will be seen hanging from a nail on the inside. Beyond the doorway is Egg, just waiting for some new contestants. If the party enters, they will be shuffled immediately into their seats and will have to start all over again. Area 19: Silly, Positively Silly. Beyond this door lies the most dreaded land ever discovered, the plane of Siy and Unused Monsters. This is nerd monster central. The achaierai, almi raj s, ascomoids, atomies, axe beaks, basidironds, berbalangs, boggarts (not Humphrey, though), boggles, boobies, bookas, brain moles, brownies, bullywugs, bunyips, carbuncles, cerebral parasites, clubnelts, denzelians, diakka, &e corbies, ear seekers, eblis (storkmen), envelopers, ettercaps, flail snails (in abundance), flumphs (prime food source here), foo creatures, forlarrens, fungi, gallbits, gibbemg mouthers, gorbels, elemental grues, gryphs, generic herd animals, hollyphants, intellect devourers, jellies, jermlaine, khargas, killlmoulis, larvas, luck eaters, mephits, minimals (make the party bigger), mites, modrons (except Primus), morkoths, myconids (fungus heads), norkers, opinicus, oozes, osquips, pech, pedipalpi, puddings, rust monsters (who can respect a creature with a propeller?), scarecrows, screaming devilkins, slimes, snyads, solifugids, stench kows, tasloi, thorks, thought eaters, tiraphegs, trillochs, tweens, unplebies, vegepygmies, vulchlings, witherstenches, and warts all infest the oceans and Rands of this seemingly endless plane. They are led by a fat little nilbog. Most of these creatures have retired here due to lack of interest, lack of senous fear portrayed by their enemies, or outright contempt and humiliation. They eat rutabagas ( the vanishing vegetable ) and flumphs. They have the usual chances for equally wimpy treasure should the party be that desperate. Areas 20 & 21: Boarded-Up Doors Both of the doors have been boarded up with signs saying Closed because it s just plane Silly. Area 22: A Raisin in the Sun. The party will set their sights on a beautiful tropical island, covered in lush, green palm trees and fine white sand. A burning yellow sun rests in clear blue sky. If these colors don t look right to you, adjust the tint control knob on your left ear. A wooden sign on the bench near the doorway reads Bee Ware. Beside the sign, in a big reclining multi-colored fabric chair, is a large black blob wearing dark sunglasses. Its skin is wrinkled and it is holding a tall glass filled with pieces of fruit and ice. It will not say anything unless the party greets the strange creature. Then it will tell them this, I heard it through the grapevine that you cats were looking for the big queen. Look no more. She s just behind those trees in her giant bee ship. It will not join the Party. Marvin Grape (giant raisin): AC 8; MV 3, slow groove; HD 1 hp; #AT 2; Dmg 4d10/4d10 (martial arts expert); THACO 20; AL N; XP 300; SA martial arts punches if annoyed; SD mellow attitude. Marvin has an all-natural cool-dude drink in his hand. The characters might believe they have stepped into another world, on some mysterious desert isle. Actually, the trees are plastic, the sun is a permanent customized continual fight spell, and the balmy breezes and ocean smells come from gust of wind and illusion spells cast by Big Bee. The plane-shaped structure hidden behind the palm trees is in fact a plane. It is a renovated B-52 bomber (B-52G to be specific) now used as the secret headquarters of the colony leadership. The body of the plane has been painted with yellow and black stripes, while the nose of the craft has two big bee-like eyes adorning it. A non-operational set of rearmounted guns has been modified to look

78 like a stinger affixed to the tad of the fuselage. The B-52 has no landing gear and its belly is resting in the sand. The only entrance to the craft is at area 23, and the DM should ma,gicajly ward the walls of the ship to prevent the party from entering anywhere other than here. The DM should award 5,000 xp to the first player who mentions that B-52s never flew in WWII (double it if discovered by a civilian). Area 23: Smoking or Non-Smoking? A large metal ramp leads up into the rear of the strange metal bee-ship. Two tightly clad wasp-women wearing silly little hats are waiting at the top of the ramp. Bar Bee and Bar Bee Cue (waspwomen stewardesses): AC 4; MV 12 l 21 ; HD 4; hp 24, 21; #AT 0; Dmg 0; THACO 15; AL N; XP 200 each; SA high Charisma; SD high Charisma. These beauties serve Aunt Bee as handmaidens. If the party <climbs to the top of the ramp, the two creatures will greet the party, take their hall passes, rip them in half, give one half back to the party, point to the front of the plane and say, Take your seats, the captain will be with you in a moment. Thank you for flying Bee Line. The party will enter to see eight leather-covered uncomfortable seats mounted along the walls, with a large metal door in the northern wall. The door is barred with a wall of force spell on the other side. During the party s wait, Aunt Bee will prepare for battle (if she has not already done so) and put on some lipstick and rouge. On a small table in the middle of the room are 10 assorted magazines (circa 1940) of the type found in doctors offices. They are uninformative and useless to the party. Antennae-like headphones have been provided for their listening enjoyment. Muzak versions of such completely anachronous tunes as Let it Bee, Be my Little Bay-Bee, and Bay-Bee Love are playing over and over again. After one boring turn, the party will be allowed in. The women carry no treasure and will only squeal loudly if attacked. Area 24: Aunt Bee s Kitchen The majority of the B-52 s fuselage has been stripped of all decks imd equipment and now serves as the lab of Aunt Bee, queen of bees. She rests in the north end of the chamber constantly gorging herself on royal jelly, pumped in?om the wing tanks (see area 28). The smaller, almost human form of Aunt Bee (as seen by the party in area 4) is attached to a massive bloated yellow and black sac suspended by cargo nets and connected to the royal jelly tanks via rubber hoses. She can detach herself but loses the healing benefits of the symbiosis if she does so (see below). When complete, she looks like a gigantic bumblebee with a human head and arms, beehive hairdo, small bee wings, large bee eyes, and two antennae. Aunt Bee: AC -8 (-5 wlo apron); MV 12 /24 ; C18; hp 99 (1 6 + HD); #AT 1, staff Dmg ld6; THACO 7; AL CE; XP 14,890 (148,900 if deity options used and killed on home plane); SA clerical spells, summon giant insects/bees (at will), teleport (no error) once per day; SD spells, +2 or better weapon to hit (or any weapon dipped in honey) regeneration when attached to food sac, supersensory antennae act like true seeing spell in 120 -radius sphere, impossible to surprise, immunity to fire; MR 60%. Aunt Bee always wears a white apron of protection +3 (vs. frontal attacks only). DM s option: give Aunt I3ee full lesser deity abilities (see Manua of the Planes or Legends and Lore volumes), assigning the Prime Material plane or the demiplane of Flowers and Other Green Things (see area 16) as her home plane. Spells: Level 1: command (x:3), sanctuam, cure light wounds (x4) Level 2: enthrall, withdraw, silence 15 radius, hold person (x3), chant, messenger Level 3: continual light, animate dead, cause blindness, cause disease, death s door, dispel magic (x2), curse Level 4: protection from good, 10 ra- dius, giant insect (x2, even works on large forms), cloak of fear, spell immunity (to lightning bolt), spell immunity (to cone of cold), poison Level 5: animate dead monsters (d), flame strike, insect plague, magic font, quest Level 6: bee barrier (bees instead of blades), word of recall, heal (x2) Level 7: unholy word Royal Jelly Food Sac: AC 10; MV 0 ; HD 100 hp; #AT 0; AL N; XP 500; SD royal jelly regenerates (3d8 + 3 times ld4 + 1) hit points per round on itself and Aunt Bee (when attached). Six black rubber tubes attach this semiintelligent blob to the royal jelly tanks in the wing. Each tube is AC 6 and requires 20 points of damage to sever (blunt weapons do no damage, thrusting weapons do 10% damage). When all of the tubes have been cut or the sac destroyed, the healing effects of the food sac will end after two rounds, leaving Aunt Bee vulnerable. Until then, it is impossible to kd her with mere physical damage alone (assume instant regeneration). Other spells could still end her reign though. Aunt Bee was once a slightly batty, but lovable, housekeeper for a famous sheriff, Andy Taylor. One day the sheriffs son, Opey, showed his Aunt the description of the royal jelly found in his Monster Manual II (which he had just purchased with lunch money secretly extorted from other students). Being rather naive about such things, she believed that it would restore her already faded youth. She quickly became addicted to the expensive substance and ran away with a wealthy honey baron from Texas. The slow transformation turned her into the creature she is now, doing anything for that one quick fix. She killed the Texas baron, took over his hives, and began to draw a following. Soon, she transported herself to ths plane where her activities would be less noticed. After renting this property from Mr. Wonk-Ah (see area 29) and disposing of his body, she set about to rule the world, or at least comer the market on honey. The party is the only thing be- 79

79 tween her and a total monopoly. Aunt Bee is accompanied by her pet and chief male consort, B.B. King. Both are always protected by four drones (who always lie to her about how beautiful she is) and an army of B-men soldiers, giant soldier honeybees, giant hornets, and giant wasps. B.B. King (giant rare black hornet): AC -2 in flight, 0 on ground; MV 24 ; HD 10; hp 80; #AT 1; Dmg 2d6 plus poison; THACO 10; AL NE; XP 900; SA poison, incapacitation. B.B. King is a double-sized hornet. Larry, Curly, Shep, and Moe drones (sturdy bumblebee cross-breeds): AC 2 with shields; MV 12 /24 ; HD 7 +4; hp 60 each; #AT 2, sword and stinger; Dmg ld8/ld4 plus poison; THACO 12; AL NE; XP 1,000 each; SA long sword of stinging, +2 (see area 9), sting once with poison. Each of these four stooges of Aunt Bee has a shield and a gold necklace worth 5,000 gp. 20 B-men soldiers (hornet halfbreeds): AC 0 in flight, 2 on ground; MV 12 /24 ; HD 7; hp 56 each; #AT 2, gun and stinger; Dmg see below and ld4 plus poisons; THACO 13; AL NE; XP 530 each; SA poison and incapacitation as per giant hornet. Each agent has a hall pass and a gun of honeyed globs (100). 40 Giant Soldier Honeybees: AC 5; MV 12 /30 ; HID 4 + 2; hp 34 each; #AT 1; Dmg ld4 plus poison; THACO 15; AL N; XP 370 each: SA sting once with poison that does 5d4 points of damage (2d4 if save is successful)-victims are at - 1 to save. 40 Giant Hornets: AC 2 in flight, 4 when settled; MV 24 ; HD 5; hp 40 each; #AT 1; Dmg ld4 plus poisons; THACO 15; AL N; XP 365 each; SA poison, incapacitation 40 Giant Wasps: AC 4; MV 6 /21 ; HD 4; hp 32 each; #AT 2; Dmg 2d4/ld4 plus poison; THACO 15; AL N; XP 448 each; SA paralyzing poison The great battle may be fought in here, or out on the beach (if the party alerted the whole place). The DM is encouraged to barrage the party with aerial combat, flying spells, and blobs of goo. If the party attempts to rush past Aunt Bee s guardians, the enemies id lead the rash characters right over the trap doors (area 27). Aunt Bee will then pull the lever just to the right of her great bulk and send the party right back where they started from, loudly laughng at them as they fall away. The immense amount of treasure to be found here is not in the form of gold or jewels, but in the form of the royal jelly. Access to the jelly is through the rubber tubes. Much of it will have drained out into the chamber (contaminated and ruined), but tons of the stuff still fills the fuel tanks. Therefore, the treasure takes the form of cosmetic value, or a lifetime supply of extra-healing potions, as long as the party has space to carry them all. After a careful search, the party will find the remains of a body gooed to the wall and filled with dozens of stinger holes and bites. Examination will reveal that it is the corpse of a middle-aged woman with short, permed brown hair. Metal plates on a chain around her neck (no value) have the name Ripley engraved on them. Area 25: Red Rain Atop the bomber is a turret emplacement, manned bj7 the only surviving creature of the crash that broug5t the B-52 to rest in this time (before it was physically brought here). He is Striper, a strange little reptilian creature knoun to modern science as a gremlin. Created by Japanese alchemists early in the 20th century, these little devils were responsible for more casualties than the entire Japanese army during WWII. Most were killed in the crashes they caused, but this little creep sent the entire plane through a time warp by sneezing during a bombing run. The crew either died in the crash, were killed by norkers (a great victory celebrated every year), or went on to invent disposable diapers. Striper the Gremlin: AC 4; MV 12 ; HD 1; hp 4 each; #AT 3; Dmg ld3/ld3/ ld6; THACO 19; AL CE; XR 300; SA unluck power. He mans a converted machine gun, with a full view of the area around the plane. The gun shoots 60 little crimson stingers every round. Treat this as a breath weapon attack that causes 60 points of damage per round (save for half damage) to any within its effect. It can fire for five continuous rounds before reloading. As long as Striper remains alive, there is a 10% chance that any magical item used, spell cast, or saving throw made by the party will fail. AU battles within 50 feet of the plane will be so affected. The villains are not subject to the gremlin s unluck. Striper speaks in meaningless phrases like Baker, Baker, 1, 9 and This is Roger. Do you copy? which he picked up from the ex-crew members. Area 26: Ceiling Pizza This is what used to be the upper deck of the cockpit for the craft (the lower deck is filled with junk). Two B-men stand on lookout in here, through the little holes in the giant insect eyes mounted to the nose of the plane. If the party fails to take adequate precautions, the B-men will alert the gunner in area 25 and the entire force of the bee queen in area 24. An ambush will be laid involving spells and honey globs, while the gunner fires on the already besieged party members. There is no treasure in the cockpit. If the two B-men are attacked from within the ship and wounded, they will snicker loudly about their secret escape chairs and then each will press a hidden button-explosively launching themselves upward via two ejection seats. However, the system is not completely operational, as the roof will not open to accommodate their egress. The sneaky spies will be splattered upon the ceiling like street pizza except in reverse. 2 B-men (hornet half-breeds): AC 0 in flight, 2 when settled; MV 12 /24 ; HD 7; hp 50 each; #AT 2, gun and stinger; Dmg see below and ld4 plus poisons; THACO 13; AL NE; XP 500 each; SA poison and incapacitation as per giant hornet. Each agent has a hall pass and a gun ofhoneyedglobs beneath his trench coat. 80

80 Area 27: Bomb Bay This is the group of bomb bay doors (treat as secret trap doors) in the floor of the main hold (area 24). If the lever in area 24 is pulleld, they will drop open, revealing a magtllficent view of Bombay from 20,000 feet in the air (circa 1940). The plane appears to be circling over this landscape at over 600 mph and winds and sweet scents will rush up through the open bay doors. The party might believe that this is an illusion, but is another one of Aunt Bee s failed gate spells. If the party jumps (or falls) through here, they will exit this dungeon level (editor s choice as to final destination, but best to make it somewhere in or near Greyhawk Castle or dungeon). Unknown to the party, Aunt Bee, or the residents of Bombay, a gate centered above the city leads directly back to this world. This is indeed the only way out of the hive except through the interplanar doorways of this level. The bomb bay doors can be closed again by returning the lever to its previous position. Because of the enchantments placed upon the region, there will be no explosive decompression when the doors are opened. Area 28: The Flight of the Bumblebees These two wings are still strongly attached to the fuselage and in relatively good condition. Instead of fuel in their internal tanks, they contain gallons upon gallons of royal jelly. The jelly has been deposited here regularly by the queen s followers and is constantly purified by spells. It is extremely valuable for cosmetic purposes and for its medicinal properties (see area 24 and Monster Manual 11, p. 17). The jelly is fed to the queen via metal pipes and rubber hoses. Each of the four sets of two engines (eight total) hanging beneath the wings contains 10 baby bumblebees. They constantly pretend the plane is in the air and hum the melody of Rimsky Korsakov s Flight of the Bumblebees. They are noncombatant and have no treasure. Area 29: Obligatory Secret Treasure Guarded By The Equally Obligatory New Monster This is your typical secret treasure vault hidden behind your typical secret door. It contains typical random magical items (to make up for the ridiculous lack of treasure the party has 5een subjected to). The DM should choose items appropriate to the performance of the party. There are two atypical things in here. The always expected obligatory new monster and a mysteriouc body. Obligatory New Monster: The statistics for this creature depends on the wonderful game monster to be mutated here. The DM should chose a favorite hostile monster (or roll randomly on whatever table he wishes-always trying to avoid any of the stupid monsters listed in area 19), and then decide which trait or traits have been changed (ld4 variations possible). 1. Color (stripes, etc.) 2. Size (+/ %) 3. Horns (yeslno) 4. Casts a random magic-user spell once per round 5. Immune to physical damage (made of rubber) 6. Armor Class ( + /-2) and so on.. The monsters are in all respects the same as those found in the game, but are often used 1 o replace creativity in role playing tried and true monsters. The DM should have a red neon sign attached to the back of the creature, which reads I m this adventure s obligatory new monster. Kick me! Obligatory new monsters have no treasure in this adventure. The mysterious body is that of a man dressed in a purple tuxedo with a crushed top hat. He was stung repeatedly and has been dead for months. A business card in his upper shirt pocket reads Wile E. Wonk-Ah, Inc., broker and inventor. In his left pants pocket is a small multicolored rock. It is an everlastinggobstop- per, one of the inventor s many wonderful confections. It is a sweet piece of candy that changes fruity flavors once per turn and lasts forever. It is made with Nutrasweet and does not promote cavities. Mr. Wonk-Ah sold strange properties on the side to support his habit for inventing. He was killed because he knew too much. He knew the bee queen s plans and where she was based-after all he had rented her the property. There is a group of little orange men staying near the castle who have offered a reward of three golden tickets for the return of his body. After a little starch and a bubble bath, he ll be as good as new, and offer the party a tour of his candy factory (no free samples) as a reward. Area 30: Bare Aspiring. Three half nude and starving men are lying here, close to death. They are grossly dehydrated and cannot speak. Death will come in ld4 turns to each man unless the party helps them. If healed, each man claims to be a physician stranded on this desert isle by Bandwagon, god of truth in advertising. Indeed, each man can bind wounds on others and set sprains and broken bones, but none of the men have any real curative spells or even bloodletting tools (marks of true healers). They have no treasure, but each carries a small bottle of white tablets which they will try to peddle as wonder drugs. If swallowed, the pills can relieve the minor muscle aches felt by fighter-types after a good hackand-slash, or the throbbing head of a mage after casting any spell over fifth level. There are 100 tablets in each lightweight container. Because of their unusual properties, the tablets are worth 10 gp each to an interested alchemist. 3 Physicians: AC 10; MV 1 crawl; c1 0; hp 4 (max), 1 due to depleted condition; #AT 1, knives only; Dmg variable; THACO 21; AL NG; XP 10; SA big words cause confusion, high Dexterity, and Intelligence; SD healing proficiency. 81


82 ~~ ~ Encounter Setting In this level of the Greyhawk Dungeon, the intrepid adventurers find themselves in the midst of a covert war between Colonel Sandpaper and King Burger. The situation may be summarized as follows: Colonel Sandpaper has been using his terroristic cockatrice minions (available in extra crispy as well as traditional recipe) to make sandstone statues of innocent passers-by. These are then ground up and made into sandpaper. The sandpaper is then diverted to supply the Countertop Rebels, who are struggling against the autocratic regime of King Burger by wearing away at his Profits. But there are dangers for Colonel Sandpaper. General Public has been pleasantly oblivious, beyond the Veil of Secrecy that hides from him the Web of Intrigue, passing the time eating popcorn. But if a leak is made and a kernel of truth is slipped through the curtain, the General, angered by the deception, might seek a more truthful colonel to replace Sandpaper. In the words of Col. Sandpaper to his secretary and apprentice, Tela Vision, It would not be lingerlickin good. The Colonel would then have to have his cooks generate some sympathy to regain the General s favor. (Sympathyis a type of dinner roll, the primary ingredients of which are shredded player characters and kernel of truth.) The player characters objective is simply to get through this level alive. This is best accomplished by not getting entangled in the Web of Intrigue. They ll have enough trouble with the Colonel trying to shred them into coleslaw, cockatrices trying to get them stoned, and cooks trying to get them baked into dinner rolls. (Despite the references to getting stoned and baked, it is generally believed that the Colonel isn t involved in the drug trade.) The realm of King Burger makes up dungeon level 8. Here the player characters encounter the Countertop Rebels, who struggle against King Burger and his mystical Profits. The Profits predict the inevitable domination of the Market by King Burger, and they serve that cause. The Countertops, in trying to disrupt that service, have several strai egies. The latest ones are to infiltrate King Burger s ranks with Chicken Tenders trained by Colonel Sandpaper, and to flood the Market with free-willed soft drink refill elementals. Again, the player characters are advised to simply watch oui for their own skins. Taking sides in the conflict is not recommended, as most intellectuals and gourmets agree that the Countertops are at least as greasy and unappetizing as King Burger himself. Encounter Key Web of Intrigue This magical curtain of sticky strands surrounds the operations of Colonel Sandpaper. It is a permanent, specially modified web (as the spell). Any character who is in direct physical contact with it for more than one round must roll a successful saving throw vs. spell or develop paranoia (see DMG, p. 84). The Web is partially resistant to fire; if set aflame, approximately 10 feet of it burns before the fire dies out. It can, of course, be relit. The Web s enchantments prevent viewing by Astral color pool of the area inside; however, ethereal creatures can pass through. Besides crossing areas 1 and 4, the Web fills a narrow passage that runs around most of this level. The height of the passage varies between and 12 feet. Anyone traveling through the area has a 1 in 20 chance per 10 feet traveled of being attacked by a pair of phase spiders. 2 Phase Spiders: AC 7; MV 6 *15 ; HD 5 + 5; hp 45 each; #AT 1; Dmg ld6; THACO 13; SA poison (save at -2); SD shift out of phase; AL N. Area 1: And You Thought Salmonella Was Bad Just beyond the Web is a contingent of the Colonel s crack troops, cockatrices waiting to ambush any who would pass further. There are six regular orders and two extra crispy. 6 Cockatrices: AC 6; MV 6 /18 ; HD 5; hp 24; #AT 1; Dmg ld3; THACO 15; SA Petrification; AL N. 2 Pyrolisks: AC 6; HD 4 +3; hp 26 each; #AT 1; Dmg ld4; THACO 15; SA Gaze causes victim to explode into flames (instant death)-successful saving throw vs. petrification reduces this to ld points of damage; SD immune to fire; AL NE. These beasts primary task is to make statues that may then be ground up and made into sandpaper; therefore the pyrolisks refrain from using their gaze attack. If however, they seem to be faced with a powerful group (this means going two consecutive rounds of combat without turning a PC to stone), the pyrolisks will make full use of their incinerating gazes. Area 2: Secretary In the center of this brightly-lit room is a desk. Behind it sits a comely young woman, perhaps in her mid-20s. She introduces herself: Hello, I m Tela Vision, the Colonel s secretary and receptionist. Do you have an appointment? Light in this room, as in others on the level (except the maze, area S), is provided by glass tubes attached to the ceiling, upon which have been cast permanent continual right spells. Tela, the Colonel s protege, is loyal and diligent. Nonetheless, she s having second thoughts about the Sandpaper Affair. The business about the Countertop Rebels also concerns her. She chats with the characters, and idly toys with the beans on her abacus. She asks whether they d prefer a morning or afternoon hearing with the colonel, and should General Public be there? Are they interested perhaps in commissioning a tower, since the Colonel has access to a lot of stone for construction? The barrage of such shop talk will probably go way over the heads of the bewildered adventurers. 83


84 Then she ll spill the beans. The abacus falls, shattering and making an awful clatter, as Tela sobs her confession and begs for the characters assistance. A few hours ago, she made a leak to General Public. With the Veil of Secrecy thus broken, it s only a matter of time before trouble comes. What must be done, she explains, is the kernel of truth must be slipped to General Public. She then takes out that magical corn kernel from a desk drawer, presents it to a PC, and hurries the party through the south door (using her suggestion spell to encourage them, if necessary). You ll have to fight your way past the guards and through the Web of Intrigue first, Tela comments as she slams and locks the door behind them. The kernel of truth is the size and appearance of a normal corn kernel. It glows bright red whenever a lie is told within 30 feet of it. If the proper command words are known, the kernel can also be used to store information or carry messages: The user speaks the correct incantation, then states the information into it, and says another command to turn it off. Still other commands cause the kernel to recite th.e information it carries. The kernel will not record any statement that is false at the time it is spoken. The kernel can retain up to 90 minutes of information, and currently holds (in Tela s voice) details of Colonel Sandpaper s operations. If assaulted, Tela defends herself to the best of her abilities. Tela Vision (human illusionist): AC 0; MV 12 ; 17; hp 30; #AT 1; Dmg ld4 +3; THACO 16; SA & SD Spells, ring; AL LN; ST 11; IN 17; WI 12; DE 18; CO 15; CH 17; Possessions: bracers of defense AC 4, dagger + 3, ring of fire resistance; Spells and cantrips memorized: blur, chromatic orb, color spray, fascinate, haze, mask, mirage, mirror image, paralyzation, rainbow, spook. Tela s spell books are kept in her desk (locked, of course). The spell books contain those spells memorized, plus continual light, hypnotism, and read illusionist magic. If the characters come to this room a second time, Tela will have been replaced. The Colonel learned of her treachery and decided to have her petrified and brought to the sandpaper production room (area 10) to await use in the next batch. To fill Tela s post until a permanent secretary can be found, Sandpaper will have hired Bunny. She is tall, gorgeous, scantily clad, bat-winged, and has the most alluring, delicate little horns and fangs; she is, in a word, a succubus. Bunny was, in fact, Tela s predecessor, but she was relieved of the post because she kept seducing the Colonel s business partners and clients-with disastrous financial and personal results. Bunny has a special talent for helping visitors pass the time pleasurably while waiting for a7 appointment with the colonel. Bunny (succubus): AC 0; MV 12 /18 ; HD 6; hp 48; #AT 2; Dmg ld3/ld3; THACO 13; SA energy drain, darkness 5 t, charm person, ESE clairaudience, suggestion, shapechange (to humanoid form of roughly same size only), gate (40% chance of success, type IV (70%), type VI (25%) or lord/prixe (5%); SD +1 or better weapon to hit, etherealness, teleport no error: MR 70%; AL CE. Area 3: Guards A trio of extra crispies have orders to keep everyone away from the living room of General Public. (Tela was able to get past the guards and the Web by using oil of etherealness.) 3 Pyrolisks: AC 6; HD 4+3; hp 35 each; #AT 1; Dmg ld4; THACO 15; SA gaze causes victim to explode into flames (instant death)-successful saving throw vs. petnfication reduces this to ld points of damage; SD immune to fire; AL NE Wrapped up in the Web just beyond this area is some treasure: a backpack full of platinum (300 pp) and a beautiful necklace (gold decorated with platinum wire and 15 emeralds of various sizes and shapes, depicting flowers and leaves) worth 15,750 gp. Area 4: The Veil of Secrecy This normal-looking curtain of cloth is a powerful magical cloaking device. When functioning, it creates a magical curtain around a prescribed area. This barrier s effects apply to those on both sides of it. Scrying devices, spells and effects, such as clairaudience, clairvoyance, crystal balls, ESE telepathy, and x-ray vision cannot penetrate the barrier. Neither can the area protected be viewed by astral or ethereal beings, nor can such beings pass the Veil to materialize beyond it. (This means, of course, that characters who enter those planes from within the Veil s area would not be able to move elsewhere in those planes until the Veil was lifted.) In a similar vein, spells such as blink, dimension door, gate, and teleport cannot transport beings or objects across the curtain. Finally, the Veil itself is soundproof and totally opaque. Beyond the Veil lives General Public, the official ruler of this level. The General leaves all the administrative details to his assistant, Colonel Sandpaper, and spends his time relaxing, eating popcorn, and watching programmed illusions. Insulated by the Veil of Secrecy, he is blissfully oblivious to what has been happening beyond the Web of Intrigue. But only a few hours before the characters arrival, Sandpaper s secretary (see area 2) came and cut a hole in the Veil, disrupting its magic. If the characters met her and received the kernel of truth, they might slip it through the tear in the cloth. In this way, all of the drama will have been brought right into the living room of the General Public, by Tela Vision. Public wdl pick up the kernel, learn instantly of Sandpaper s covert operation, and fly into a rage over the deception. He ll tear down the Veil, stomp past the characters, and fly to the Colonel to have a little man-to-ogre mage chat. In order to regain the General s favor, the colonel will have to cook up some sympathy-and the PCs are the primary ingredient. For the full recipe, see area 7.

85 Area 5: Living Room This large chamber is comfortably and luxuriously furnished with plush carpeting, soft couches, reclining chairs, footstools, an oak cabinet, and several small tables made of exotic wood. On the tables are oil lamps, bowls of popcorn, halfdrained mugs of warm beer, and back issues of such magazines as Town & Castle, In terdimensional Geographic, Wars Illustrated, and Better Lairs & Dungeons. Various tapestries, rugs, and paintings hang on the walls. These depict General Public, his family, and relatives. In the center of the room is a huge (100-pound) glass cube. By mental command, the cube can depict any of several dozen programmed illusions. As characters enter, the one playing is The Brownie Bunch -a light-hearted docudrama depicting dragons devouring diminutive demi-humans. Unless the kernel of truth was slipped to him (see areas 2 and 4), General Public will be here, and will engage intruders in combat. General Public (extra-strength nonaspirin ogre mage): AC 2; MV 9 /15 ; HD 10+4; hp 84; #AT 1; Dmg 2d12; THACO 10; SA Fly, invisibility, darkness 1 L, polymorph self to humanoid form, charm person, sleep, cone of cold (Dmg 8d8); SD assume gaseous form, regenerate 2 hplround; AL LE The room s furnishings are valuable, but also extremely bulky (they re ogre mage-sized). If somehow transported and sold, perhaps 50,000 gp could be garnered. The 12 tapestries, rugs, and paintings are each worth 2d4 x 100 gp. Inside the oak cabinet are treasures more suited to the mobility of player characters: 27 assorted gems (five are base 10 gp value, three are base 50, seven are base 100, six are base 500, four are base 1,000, and two are base 5,000), 17 flasks (six oil, three unholy water, one oil of slipperiness, and seven potions: extra-healing, giant control, growth, healing (2), and poison), and an efreeti bottle. Area 6: Hall of the Faun 1 This is a normal-looking hallway, 50 feet long with a door at the end. Halfway along is a perfectly-sculpted, lifesized statue of a satyr. The hapless satyr stumbled out of a plane-shifting wardrobe one day, right into the reach of Sandpaper s sandstoning solicitors. Following their pecking orders, the cockatrices petrified the bewildered fellow. To commerrorate the odd occasion, the Colonel decided to use the new faun statue as a hall decoration. If returned to flesh, the satyr will babble about how four thrones must have been filled, sing about the loveliness of springtime and some lion being back in town, and then run off in search of the nearest interdimensional wardrobe. Area 7: Headquarters This room is, of course, Colonel Sandpaper s headquarters. The true form of this room is plain and virtually unadorned. (The only real objects to be found here are Sandpaper s spell books; these are kept in a wau niche hidden by a permanent illusion). The room is enchanted to respond to Sandpaper s will and appear as the Colonel desires. The appearance that the Colonel chooses will deperd on the composition of the party. Since he wants to choose a decor that will appeal to the majority, the general class that the party composition leans toward most determines the room s appearance and the colonel s actions: Fighter (the Loyal Soldier approach): The room appears as spartan barracks, and Sandpaper seems to be a wamor in full battle dress. He describes his operations as a quest to serve the greater glory of the General Public, and besides that, he was only following orders. Magic-Users (the Seeker of Knowledge approach): The room appears to be a combination alchemy laberatory and research library. Wearing a white apron over a professor s gown, Sandpaper begins a lecture on the ecology of cocka- trices and pyrolisks, and the sociology and unique powers of the Countertop offshoot of the svirfneblin race. He explains that this information was only accessible through covert operations, and protests that, appearances aside, all Profits were used for humanitarian purposes only, and he was chiefly concerned in observing and recording the situation. Clerics (the Devout Believer approach): The room is adorned as the shrine of a deity worshiped by party members. Sandpaper, in priestly garb, explains that he has been bringing faith and hope to the Countertops, and waging a holy war against the infidel King Burger. Thieves (the Economic Pioneer approach): The room appears to be an affluent merchant s office. The.merchant himself, Sandpaper, explains that the economic effects of the Countertop Affair have been profoundly advantageous to the General Public. As to the ethical side of the Burger Wars-well, this is all free enterprise. As a corporate raider, Sandpaper is of course a necessary part of the capitahtic system. The PCs most likely will have absolutely no idea of what Sandpaper is talking about, but that s OK. The objective is to confuse them and get them off their guard, so Sandpaper can face them in combat on his own terms. Colonel Sandpaper (human illusionist): AC -3; MV 12 ; I1 26; hp 51; #AT 1; Dmg; THACO 11; SA & SD Spells, devices; AL LE; ST 16; IN 18; WI 13; DE 18; CO 15; CH 17; Possessions: bracers of defense AC 3, ring of protection +2 Spells memorized: alter self, chaos, chromatic orb, continual darkness, continual light, dancing lights, darkness, deafness, delude, demi-shadow magic, demi-shadow monsters, dispel exhaustion, dispel magic, hallucinatory terrain, hypnotic pattern, hypnotism, major creation, mass suggestion, maze, m sdirection, permanent illusion, phantasmal killer, phantom armor, phantom wnd, prismatic spray, prismatic wall, programmed illusion, projected image, rainbow pattern, shades, shadow monsters, shadow walk, solid fog, spectral force, summon shadow, ultravision, ventdo- 86

86 quism, Vision, wall of fog, weird, whispering wind. If at all possible, Sandpaper will seek to neutralize party members. He can then make them into sympathy, General Publids favorite dish. The recipe consists of shredded paper and player character, sawdust, and kernel of truth. Area 8: Maze of Paperwork Actually, Paperwork lives in the Shredding Room (area 9), but he is in charge of maintaining the maze. Here in the maze one has random encounters with the Irate, Confused, Comatose and Criminally Insane-each deahng with the maze in their own manner. A sample encounter list follows: 1. Irate: Tronsuth the pit fiend is, to say the least, irked to have recently been placed in this devil-forsaken dungeon as a prank, and he d like to express his feelings in a most graphic and violent manner to anyone he meets. Pit Fiend: AC - 3; MV 6 /15 ; HD 13; hp 85; #AT 2; Dmg ld4+4/ld6+6; THACO 9; SA constriction, pyrotechnics, produce flame, wall of fire, polymorph self, hold person, gate (70% success: ld3 barbed devils (60%) or one pit fiend (400/00>, symbol of pain, radiate fearin2o r.; SD detect magic & invisible, regenerate 2 hp/round; MR 65%; AL LE 2. Confused: This is a group of five fire giants who had been fighting a pleasant little war in Gladsheim when POOF! they found themselves miniaturized to the height of four feet and transported across the planes to this dungeon. Needless to say, they are quite bewildered, and would like very much to physically express their confusion and frustrations to anything that comes their way. Despite their size, they fight as normal fire giants. Each carries a total of approximately 3,000 gp in coins, gems, jewelry, furs, etc. 5 Fire giants: AC 3; MV 12 ; HD 11 +5; hp 62 each; #AT 1; Dmg 5d6; THACO 10; SD immune to fire; AL LE. 3. Comatose: Three berbalangs, in astral trances, are found leaning against a wall in yoga positions. If their bodies are disturbed, the creatures psyches return to them in ld10 rounds. 3 Berbalangs: AC 6; MI 6 /24 ; HD 1 + 1; hp 9 each; #AT 3; I)mg ld4/ld4/ ld6; THACO 18 ; AL CE 4. Criminally insane-one beholder: AC 0/2/7; MV 3 ; hp 75: #AT 1; Dmg 2d4; THACO 7; SA charm person, charm monster, sleep, telekinesis. petrification, disintegration, fear, slow, cause serious wounds, death ray; SD anti-magic ray; AL LE The DM should check for these encounters whenever he feels like it, having the party run into one of them on a roll of 1 on ld6. Each should be used only once. Area 9: Shredding Room This room is dominated by a giant, metal monster that puffs steam and makes hideous, screeching noises. Out of what appears to be a mouth comes a stream of shredded rubbish, which falls into a large vat. The monster seems to have another mouth on top of it; a gnome is dumping a bucket of paper into this. The gnome seems oblivious to your presence, since he pays you no attention as he runs around, examining knobs and protrusions of the metal behemoth. The monster is a shredding machinepurely mechanical, steam-operated, and non-sentient. The gnome is named Paperwork. Paperwork feeds raw materials into the shredder, which reduces them to thin strips that are then used for sandpaper production (see area 10). The shredder can also be used on PCs (it does 5d10 points of damage per rounc to any creature placed in it), in preparation for making sympathy Paperwork (gnome thief/illusionist): AC -1; MV 6 ; T 15/18; hp 65; #AT 1; Dmg ld6+2; THACO 14; SA & SD Spells, thieves abilities; AI, LN; ST 14, IN 19, WI, 13, DE 18, CO 17, CH 10; Possessions: leather armor +3, ring of protection +2, dagger +2 longtooth; Spells: blur, color spray, dancing Lights, fog cloud, gaze reflection, invisibilitx rainbow pattern, spectral force, wall of fog, wraithform. Paperwork cames no treasure and is really concerned with nothing but maintaining the maze and producing sandpaper. He fights only to defend himself, and even then prefers to flee or hide. Otherwise, he ignores all passers-by. Area 10: Sandpaper Production This is a very cluttered room. A most bizarre creature is in the center. It consists of two main parts: one is a cubic metal box, 10 feet on each side. This box is featureless, except for a thin horizontal slit across the middle of one face. A tangle of slime-dripping tubes connects the box to a giant, demonic head, which is supported by a metal tripod. The head is covered with knobs and horns, glistening with ooze, and has a vast, gaping maw. Its slitted, serpentine eyes blink at you suspiciously. Scattered around the room are many sandstone statues of people and monsters. There are also several small stacks of sandpaper. The monster/machine is simply called the Sandpaper Producer, for lack of a better name. It is very stupid and of uncertain ancestry. The Colonel finds it useful, however, because of its curious diet and excrement. If fed a correct diet (and it must be fed; though possessing a voracious appetite, the monster is unable to move and acquire its own food) of sandstone and shredded paper, it will digest those substances and, after ld4 hours, excrete a magical waste product (from the box) that in appearance most closely resembles sandpaper. If crumpled up into a ball, this can be used as a weapon-if hurled against something (it can be thrown up to 30 feet), it explodes in a cloud of tiny mineral particles. The concussion of the explosion does 2d8 points of damage to those within 10 feet of the point of impact (successful saving throw vs. petrification for half damage). The cloud of particles obscures vision (as if a wall offog20 feet on a side) until it settles 87

87 (in 2d4 rounds). Sandpaper producer: AC 0; MV Nil; (head)/5 (tubes)/-10 (box); HD 30; hp 240 (head: 80, tubes: 40, box: 120); #AT 1; Dmg: 10d6; THACO 2, but can only attack something that comes within three feet of its mouth; SD corrosive ooze on head and tubes inflicts 3d8 damage to flesh that touches it and ruins nonmagical objects, regenerates 5 hp/round (even if reduced to 0 hp or lower, like a troll) except electrical damage; MR 50%; AL N The Sandpaper Producer cannot initiate hostilities, since it is immobile. However, it will not hesitate to bite something that comes too close. There are a total of 40 sheets of sandpaper stored here, awaiting shipment to the Countertops. Nothing else here is of sigmficant value. Area 11: Treasure Cache For those determined (or stupid) enough to hack their way through the Web of Intrigue, here s a prize. Outside the Web, as if a bubble of air blown in the solid rock, is this roughly spherical, 24-foot-diameter room. It is filled with a huge pile of rich treasure; the sight of gold, silver, gems and finely crafted jewelry delights your wonder-filled gazes. The treasure consists of 5,000 cp, 6,000 sp, 3,000 ep, 4,000 gp, six base 500 gp gems, eight pieces of jewelry worth a total of 15,614 gp, a potion of extra healing, and a scroll of protection h-om pe trifica tion. If the phase spiders haven t been encountered (see Web of Intrigue) they will come here to attack characters sorting through the hoard. Area 12: Kitchen This 50-foot-square room is apparently a kitchen, though a terribly messy one. What grabs your attention most is a huge cauldron in the center of the room. Also, without any particu- lar organization, there are tables, ovens, stoves, pots, pans, kettles, barrels and crates of food and drink, racks of various utensils (mostly for cooking), a couple of maces and flails, meat cleavers (including a halberd), forks (not military), and a bastard sword, around which is laced a string of poppies. Strewn all about are such foods as worm-infested meat, moldy bread, and overripe fruit. There s also plenty of sawdust, various partially-emptied containers of alcoholic beverages, and an occasional page tom from a recipe book and decorated with scribhled obscenities. Everything is covered with grime, and many rats scurry around, eyeing newcomers warily. Inside the cauldron, which is being used as a primitive hot tub, are the cooks: three annis and a night hag. These evil she-monsters actually can prepare good meals for Colonel Sandpaper and his staff, but they are less than tidy housekeepers. They feed the cockatrices (area 13) whatever they sweep up off the floor, which occasionally includes a rat or two. A special thrill for the cooks is to bake such delicacies as sympathx one of General Public s favorites. They also like to cook for themselves any nonresident creature that they find on this level. 3 Annis: AC 0; HD ; hp 60 each; #AT 3; Dmg ld8 + 8/ld8 + 8/2d4 + 1; THACO 12; SA grappling; SD fog cloud, change self, -1 dmg from edged weapons/ + 1 dmg from lilunt weapons, MR 100% vs. illusion/phantasm only; AL CE Night Hag: AC 9; HD 8; hp 64; #AT 1; Dmg 2d6; THACO 12; SA missile (3/day; Dmg 2d8), ray of enfeeblement (3/day), know alignment, Dolymorph self, gate type I demon or barbed devil (50%/ 50%; 50% chance of success); SD etherealness, project astrally, silver or iron or +3 or better weapon to hit, immune to sleep, charm, fear, fire, cold; R/IR 65%; AL NE; carries a periapt for astral travel (see Monster Manual, p. 73). Most of the room s 52 rats are of the normal variety; but seven are giant rats and three more are wererats. The wererats inhltrated the level only recently; they are spies for King Burger. 42 Ordinary Rats: AC 7; HD 1/4; hp 2 each; #AT 1; Dmg 1; THACO 21; SA disease (30% chance to be carrier); AL N 7 Giant Rats: AC 7; HD 1/2; hp 4 each; #AT 1; Dmg ld3; THACO 21; SA disease (60% chance to be carrier); AL N(E) 3 Wererats: AC 6; HD 3+1; hp 25 each; #AT 1; Dmg ld8; THACO 16; SA surprise on 1-4, control rats; SD silver or +1 or better magical weapon to hit; AL LE In all likelihood, the party will engage in melee with the cooks soon after entering the kitchen. The wererats will observe on the side; if it seems that the PCs are destined to win, the wererats will command the giant and ordinary rats to fight on the cooks side, because powerful adventurers are a threat worse than cooks who were under surveillance anyway. The wererats will themselves avoid combat if at all possible, preferring to follow the party as it progresses through the dungeon. Then, at some opportune time (on this level or elsewhere) they will spring an ambush. The halberd among the utensils is a + 2 magical weapon. The enflowered sword is a specially cursed/enchanted weapon: Its magic is meant to keep it from ever hitting a target, but if a particularly able and lucky character uses it, it may hit, and for devastating effects. If the adjusted hit roll (i.e., with Strength bonuses and so on) is 22 or higher, the sword will hit a target of any Armor Class, and will inflict 5d6 hit points of damage. On any lower roll, the sword will miss (even if the target is AC lo!). For purposes of characters requiring magical weapons to be hit, the enflowered sword is treated as a + 5 weapon, though it has no bonuses for hit rolls or damage. Additional treasure is to be found in one of the ovens: 3,000 pp, 20 base 500 gp gems, and three flasks of oil (Nystul s magic aura has been placed on one). 88

88 Area 13: Flying the Coop On the door to this room is posted the following notice. WARNING: This room contains pyrolisks and cockatrices, which may make you smoke, stone you, and otherwise be hazardous to your health. (Signed) C. Everett, Coop Surgeon, General Public s friend The room beyond is indeed filled with the bird-monsters and their nests. There are presently 12 cockatrices and eight pyrolisks here. 12 Cockatrices: AC 6; HD 5; hp 23 each; #AT 1; Dmg ld3; THACO 15; SA petrification; AL N 8 Pyrolisks: AC 6; HD 4+3; hp 21 each; #AT 1; Dmg 2d4; THACO 15; SA gaze causes victim to explode into flames (instant death)-successful saving throw vs. petrification reduces to ld points of damage; SD immune to fire; AL NE The monsters are not immediately hostile to intruders-they usually know better than to indiscriminately slay those who feed and care for them, but they don t know enough to tell a party of adventurers from their caretakers. If characters attack the pyrolisks and cockatrices or try to take any of their treasure, however, they will be assaulted without hesitation. The monsters treasure is kept in their nests. Gathered together, it totals 1,318 pp, 4,673 gp, 3,801 ep, 2,548 sp, 5,487 cp, and 34 pieces of jewelry totalling 14,118 gp value. Many feathers are of course found in the nests; detect magic would reveal that three feathers are magical-quad s feather tokens, in fact (fan, swan boat, and whip). Also of possible interest is a petrified human-c. Everett, the monsters former caretaker, who made the mistake of thinking they wouldn t mind his taking a little necklace. Area 14: Chicken Tender Training Ground This room is very large-70 feet by 50 feet-and entirely empty. It is part of Sandpaper s latest scheme to aid the Countertop insurrection. He is working on creating chicken tenders, special cockatrices who wdl infiltrate the ranks of Ring Burger s Profits. The tenders are trained in this room, but it is not in use at the moment. The Market This is the vast, natural (cavern of this level. Most of it is covered with thick forests of fungi. There are many and varied species, from shme molds to tall, stalklike growths, as well as giant and normal mushrooms. Characters may be tempted to ingest some of the fungi; if they do, roll ld12 to determine the effects (which appear after 2d4 rounds): 1. Curative: Will restore ld4 hit points to a wounded character Edible: No special effects. 10. Poisonous: Causes 2d8 points of damage (save for half). 11. Laxative: Character effectively incapacitated for ld8 turns. 12. Hallucinogenic: For possible effects, see basidirond (MML?, p. 15). The fungi forests provide a haven for the Countertops, and for this reason King Rurger is having them cut down. The landscape is also adorned with stalagmites of all sizes. Some huge ones actually connect with stalactites, forming limestone pillars that rise from floor to ceiling; these are noted on the map. Except where pits and plateaus are shown, the floor has a more or less gentle slope from the walls down to the Pool of Resources (area 19). Ideological Struggles: The struggle between the Countertops and Profits is more than a mere territorial dispute. It is the clash of two opposing philosophies, irreconcilable ideologies. In most wars a truce can be negotiated; but the rift between Countertops and Profits is so profound that only annihilation of one side can provide a resolution. The Profits, on the one hand, claim to be the manifestation of progress. They believe progress is inevitable, and therefore they will emerge victorious by virtue of the inexorable process of history. Many Profits are spellcasters, since their ideology favors the cerebral and arcane. They symbolize civilization and progress, but at the price of innocence and purity; the gain of organization comes with the loss of individuality. This is illustrated by the fact that, though of diverse racial origins, all become little more than numbers when grouped as Profits. On the other hand, Countertops are long-lived and virtually unchanging, almost part of the Market itself; they are closer to material things (hence their druidic powers). Disorganized, brutal, and impulsive, civilization and culture are alien concepts to them. They represent the darker side of nature: violence, chaos, and uncontrolled power. It is perhaps ironic that Colonel Sandpaper, who is so like the Profits, is aiding the Countertops, but such are the quirks of politics. Countertop Rebels These insurgents are in fact a peculiar offshoot of the deep gnome, or svirfneblin, race. They are to be treated as svirfneblin (see FIEND tome for description), with the following modifications: Alignment is neutral with chaotic tendencies. Countertops may not be illusionists; they may, however, be druids, and they excel in this field as well as their svirfneblin cousins do in the other. Instead of summoning earth elementals, the higher-level Countertops are able to summon soft drink refill elementals from the demi-plane of Soft Drinks (which is located near the demi-planes of Gelatin, Chocolate Milk, and Crankcase Oil). Countertops of 6th level or higher may attempt the summoning once per day. The specific type of elemental is determined by rolling ld20: 1. Extracaffeinated Cola Elemental (AC 1; MV 12 ; HD 24; hp 108; #AT 1; Dmg 5d6; THACO 7; SD straw (Dmg 1 89

89 hp) or +2 or better weapon to hit; AL N) A side effect of this colossal being is to negate any sleep spells or effects within a 30-yard radius Diet Soft Drink Elemental (AC 1; MV 18'; HD 16; hp 72; #AT 1; Dmg 5d6; THACO 7; SA Those struck must roll a successful saving throw vs. poison or suffer nausea [incapacitation for ld4 melee rounds]; SD straw or +2 or better weapon to hit; AL N) Lemon-Lime Soft Drink Elemental (AC 1; MV 15'; HD 12; hp 54; #AT 1; Dmg 5d6; THACO 9; SD straw or +2 or better weapon to hit; AL N) Orange Soft Drink Elemental (AC 1; MV 24'; HD 8; hp 36; #AT 1; Dmg 5d6; THACO 12; SD straw or +2 or better weapon to hit; AL N) Swamp Water Elemental. This creature is a mixture of the other soft drink elementals. The chemical reactions of all those unnatural elements makes this an unsightly and fearsome creature. In addition to its normal attack, the monster can spit carbonic acid each round, splashing one target for damage equal to the swamp water elemental's current hit point total (saving throw vs. breath weapon for half damage). The elemental's stats are AC -2; MV 18' ; HD 10; hp 50; #AT 1 + breath weapon; Dmg 5d6; THACO 10; SA Acid spit; SD straw or + 1 or better weapon to hit; AL N Summoning fails. Watery and usually flat, soft drink refill elementals are very similar to water elementals. The ice found in them provides them with the lower Armor Class. The Countertops found on this dungeon level are fairly high level, having been trained extensively by Colonel Sandpaper. They are a fairly crude lot, however, and are as likely (and as happy) to attack strangers as minions of King Burger. Standard stats are provided here for simplicity: 4th-level Countertops: AC 1; MV 12'; HD 4 +7; hp 32 each; #AT 1 or 2; Dmg by weapon (carry non-magical dagger + 1, pick + 1, and darts); THACO 15 (+2 to hit with darts); SA blindness, change self, surprise 90% of the time; SD blur, non-detection, +3 on all savings throws except poison (which is + 2), poison gas crystals, immune to illusions; MR 25%; AL CN 5th-level Countertaps: Stats as above, except AC 0; HD 5 + 8; hp 40; MR 30% 6th-level Countertops: Stats as above, except AC - 1; HD 6 +9; hp 47; THACO 13; SA summon soft drink refill elementals; MR 35% Countertop Druid Skits as 6th-level Countertop, plus the abilities of a 7th-level druid (typical spell selection: cue light wounds, detect snares and pits, dispel magic, entangle, faerie fie, heat metal, neutralize poison, pass without trace, snare, spikegrowth, trip, ivq wood. Each Countertop Carrie'.; 2d6 base 100 gp gems and four sheets of magical sandpaper (see area 10). Profits This is the general term for any being that supports King Burger. Some specific varieties are as follows: Gross Profits (aboleths): AC 4; HD 8; hp 49 each; #AT 4; 1)mg ld6 (x4); THACO 12; SA slime transformation, illusion, charm; SD mucus cloud (in water); AL LE Net Profits (kuo-toan priestprinces): AC 4; HD 10; hr, 70 each; #AT 1; Dmg by weapon + 1 (armed with dagger, spear, and weighted throwing net); THACO 9; SA lightning stroke, abilities of 10th-level cleric and assassin; SD skin secretion, detect invisible. AL LE; Typical spell selection: curse, bless, cloak of fear, command, cure light wounds, cure (or cause) serious wounds, dispel magic, flame strike, hold person. magic stone, meldinto stone, protectioti from good 10' L, silence 15' L, spiritual hammer, true seeing, withdraw Profits of Doom (spirit nagas): AC 4; HD 10; hp 65 each; #AT 1; Dmg ld3; THACO 10; SA poison, charm gaze; AL LE; Typical spell selection (magic-user): magic missile, Melfs acid mow, Melfs minute meteors, ray of enfeeblement, shocking grasp, unseen scmmt; (cleric): command, protection kom good, wyvem watch The DM is encouraged to alter the spell choices as he wishes. Profits do not usually carry treasure. Random Encounters Since this level is so large, and space for description is limited, it is recommended that the DM uthe random encounters to add interest to its exploration. On a roll of 1 on ldlo (check for each hex entered), there will be a random encounter. Roll again to determine what the PCs encounter (all creatures can be assumed to be hostile unless otherwise noted): 1-3. Corporate Raiders: A party of Countertops in search of Profits. It consists of ld th-level, ld4 5th-level, ld3 6th-level, and 0-2 druid Countertops. 4. ld4 + 1 spirit nagas. 5. ld4 + 1 kuo-toans. 6. Profit Sharing: Characters stumble upon a skirmish between Profits and Countertops; on the Profit side are ld2 spirit nagas and ld3 kuo-toans. They face ld4 4th-level Countertops, ld3 5th-level Countertops, ld2 6th-level Countertops, and a Countertop druid. 7. Ascomoid: AC 3; HD 6 +6; hp 54; #AT 1; Dmg special; THACO; SA spore jet; SD not harmed by blunt weapons, 1 point damage from slashing and cutting weapons (but double damage from piercing weapons more than six feer long), save at +4 and take 50% damage from magical attacks except cold, immune to mind-influencing magic; AL N(E) 8.2 Basidironds: AC 4; HD 5 + 5; hp 40 each; #AT 1; Dmg 2d4; THACO; SA smothering, hallucinatory spores; SD immune to mind-influencing magic, coldbased attacks do no damage, but they slow the basidironds and prevent spore attacks; AL N(E) 9. ld4 Violet Fungi: AC 7; HD 3; hp 24 each; #AT 4; Dmg special; THACO 16 (can only attack creatures within four feet of it); SA rot flesh; AL N 10. ld3 Ustilagors: AC 5; HD 3 +3; hp 26 each; #AT 1; Dmg ld4 + 1; THACO; SA alkaline fluids, psionics; SD immune to mind-influencing magic; AL N(E). 90

90 Area 15: Rebel Encampments Though the Countertops are generally on the move, they do occasionally make large encampments such as these to launch big attacks. In an encampment are found 2d6 4th-level Countertops, 2d4 5th-level, ld6 6th-level, and ld4 druids. They are automatically hostile, since all strangers are assumed to be agents of King Burger. Area 16: Profit Outpost These are round towers, 40 feet in diameter and painted nauseating green with gray trim, from which the Profits observe King Burger s domain. Each tower has four floors, plus a dungeon1 basement, and is staffed by seven Profits of Doom and five Net Profits. In the dungeon is kept the outpost s treasure: ld6x200 pp and 3d4 gems of base 100 gp value. There is also a 25% chance of the dungeon holding a Countertop prisoner who has not yet been interrogated and executed (roll ld4: 1 = 4th-level Countertop, 2 = 5th-level, 3 = 6th-level, 4 = druid). This Countertop gladly assists in destroying the outpost, but afterward disappears into the fungi forest as soon as possible. Area 17: Illithid Camp This level of the dungeon was just recently discovered by mind flayers. Their tentative plan is to enslave the Countertops, and either destroy King Burger or make an alliance with him. Studying the situation are four powerful illithids; and their camp is this pit. 4 Mind Flayers: AC 5; HD 8 +4; hp 66, 64, 62,60; #AT 4; Dmg 2 each; THACO 12; SA mind blast, brain eating; Psionic abilities: astral projection, body equilibrium, domination, ESE levitation, probability travel; MR 90%; AL LE A large, locked chest, with contact poison on the lock (save for 2d8 damage or die), contains the illithids treasure: 1,000 gp, six gems (worth 50 gp, 1,000 gp(2), 1,100gp,1,200gp,and2,000gp), a scimitar of speed, two scrolls (protection from petrification, possession), and a potion of extra-healing. Area 18: Car Pool This pool is named after Car, a Countertop who drowned in it several years ago. It is sometimes called the transportation pool, because of the patch of pearly opalescence on the bottom, through which monsters from the Random Monster Generator enter this level. Area 19: Pool of Resources This is the home of four Gross Profits. Since they are mot very mobile on land, they spend most of their time in the Resource Pool. Countertops know better than to go near the pool; more than one careless gnome has fallen into the aboleths slimy clutches. At the bottom of the resource pool are stone ruins, the remnants of an ancient race that preceded King Burger and the Countertops. There the aboleths have stored their treasure: 4,000 gp, 700 pp, a potion of polymorph self, and a suit of gnome-sized chain mail +.I. Area 20: Palace of King Burger Atop a hdl in the southeastern part of the Market is the palace of King Burger. It is a windowless building with one entrance-huge double doors facing southwest. The charred walls drip with unwholesome substances: red, white and yellow slimes (non-monster), and scattered chunks of green and white solids. Anyone foolish enough to touch this horrid, caustic material wiu suffer ld4+1 points of damage from chemical bums. Beyond the doors is King Burger s audience hall. The interior w;llls are identical in nature to those outside. Area 20A-Audience Hall: In this room King Burger speaks with his Profits and anyone else who can tolerate his presence. The room is furnished only with stone benches along the walls and, 10 feet in front of the door to his room, King Burger s throne (sculpted from salt). A guard of four Net Profits is always to be found here. Area 20B-Stairs to Level 9: A gigantic gray ooze covers these. Gray Ooze: AC 8; HD 15+15; hp 80; #AT 1; Dmg 2d8; SA corrode metal; SD impervious to heat, cold; MR immune to spells (except electricity); AL N Area 20C-King Burger s Chamber: The only thing in this room is King Burger-if only can apply to him. He is a close relative of the demon Juiblex, in fact, and has almost identical characteristics and statistics. King Burger: AC -7; hp 88; #AT 1; Dmg 4d10; THACO 7; SA spew ochreslime, magic use (darkness 15 ~, cause fear, circle of cold 10 K, detect invisible, locate object, ESe fly, dispel magic, invisibility 1 O r., charm mons ter, hold monster, telekinese 15,000 gp weight, project image, phase door, putrefy food and water, cause disease, speak with monsters, unholy word), psionics; SD +2 or better weapon to hit, regenerates 2 hplround, half damage from cold, electricity, fie, gas; MR 65%; AL CE Area 20D-Just Desserts: This room is locked, with a poison needle trap (saving throw vs. poison or dissolve into a mass of protoplasm; successful save results in only 2d6 points of damage), since it contains King Burger s most precious things: his treasure and his pets. 2 Black Puddings: AC 6; HD 10; hp 55 each; #AT 1; Dmg 3d8; THACO 10; SA dissolve wood & metal; SD lightning and blows divide it into smaller puddings, immune to acid, cold, poison; AL N Ochre Jelly: AC 8; HD 6; hp 48; #AT 1; Dmg 3d4; THACO 13; SD lightning bolts divide it into smaller jellies: AL N King Burger s treasure is kept in huge stone coffers, protecting it from his corrosive pets. The hoard consists of 50,000 cp, 30,000 sp, 10,000 ep, 10,000 gp, 3,000 pp, 316 gems and pieces of jewelry (worth a total of 78,915 gp), a suit of elfsized plate mail +2, a wand of paralyzation (with 75 charges), and a rod of resurrection (29 charges). 91

91 m o o r msecret Door This dungeon level was created to stimulate thought about some of the important themes in Me, from violent conflict to love. Of course, the methods used to stimulate thought are highly chaotic in nature. On this level are a number of important personages: the shade demi-deity Darklock is imprisoned in a block of black malachite, the demon prince Graz zt may make an appearance, and there are a large number of high level characters and creatures in the Limbo Arena area, some of whom are seeking clues to the nature of the Random Monster Generator or are out to steal the device. This is a dangerous level. The ceilings of this level are 20 feet high, and covered with long, sharp steel spikes. All corridors are lit with non- dispellable shadowy light (thieves hde in shadows at + 10%). Divination-type spells, such as divination, detect magic, detecr evil, augury, and find traps, have a 75% chance of failure on this level. Every :,quare inch of this level radiates with a Leomund S trap. On the map key, two special phenomena are listed: P refers to Portals. All random monsters created by the Random Monster Generator that appear on this level materialize on a teleportal square. The chance of a random monster appearing is 1 in 4 per hour, for each teleportal. The map designation I refers to a magical trap that is activated when the trapped square is stepped on. The trap is determined at random, and each time the trap is activated, there is the possibility of a different effect. Roll ld8 and consult the following list when checking for traps. 1) 30-foot-deep pit trap opens up, inflicting 6d6 damage, and the victim(s) must make a Constitution Check at -2 or be stunned for ld12 rounds. 2) Dispel magic (at 25th level of magicuse) on all magical items and active spells on the victim. 3) Acid cloud causes 12d6 damage (save vs. dragon breath for half damage)- affects al in a 20 radius. 4) Ceiling falls on victim, save vs. dragon breath or die, otherwise take 12d6 damage. 5) Arrows hit all creatures within a 20- foot radius of the trap, causing ld6 damage. Damage from these arrows must heal naturally, as a sword of wounding. 6) Reverse gravity into ceiling, doing 3d6 92

92 damage, plus 2d6 x 6 points of damage from the ceiling s many spikes. 7) Character must save vs. petrification or be turned to stone, and even if saving throw is made, he receives a curse, as in the bestow curse spell. 8) Two random monsters, as created by the Random Monster Generator, appear and attack. Stairway from Level 8 At the bottom of the stairway is a trap; the last stair is an illusion, the first person stepping off the stair must make a Dexterity Check at -4 or fall on his face. He will not take any damage, but as soon as he hits the floor, a magic mouth of hideous laughter will be triggered, followed by a message: Welcome to the ninth level of my dungeon. You will find this a restful place, perhaps even your final restful place! Ha, ha, ha, now you just couldn t resist a little humor now, could you? Anyhow, this level is thematic, designed to be informative and instructive, to help you ponder the important things in life, which are often ignored by you brutes who spend your stupid lives hacking and slaying. Why do you do it, anyway? Never mind, if you survive, I ll speak to you about it later, just enjoy yourselves. There s lots to kill on this level, so you should be very happy here. Area 1: Room of Love This room is painted in pinkish tones and covered with statuary of lovers. Three columns, adorned with carved male and female figures, support the room. An overbearing perfume lingers, a sweet fragrance that is 10 times stronger than it needs to be. On the walls, if you examine closely, is graffiti saying: Mordenkainen loves Istus (in a heart, of course), and Robilar loves Robilar. The statues and the columns are not magical, but everything else in this room is; this room is very nasty. Upon entry, two stanzas of a poem will be recited by the same voice that greeted the characters when they entered the level. When the verse is concluded, an action will take place. Characters have one round to decide whether they should leave the room or face the consequences of the next verse. If they attempt to use dispel magic to counter any of the room s effects, (i.e., prevent a vision from forming or creatures from being summoned), the room should be treated as 25th level for purpose of dispel magic. Harken to that word of words, 0 Love, of all songs most absurd, Worshiped by youth, longed for by the aged; That neverending battle in which we re engaged. I ll show you Love, And let you see, A charming couple; in greatest ecstasy. In throes of passion, Iggwilv and Graz zt. Before came Iuz, that pint-sized brat. Suddenly, a vision appears of a demoness and a beautiful witch. Graz zt darling, she coos, and the black-skinned demon nearly melts. Can I ask you for something? Anything, most loved. Graz zt replies. I, well, I..I d really like a party of adventurers, darling.. Is that all? Graz zt waves his fist. Suddenly, a dozen demons appear in the room: two type 111, two type IV, a type VI, a nabassu, and six bab2.u. 2 Type I11 Demons: AC -4; MV 9 ; HD 10; hp 56, 51; #AT 5; Dmg 2d6/2d6/ ld3/ld3/ld4+1; THACO 10; SA fear, levitate, pyrotechnics, polymorph self, telekinesis (4,000 gp), gate (Type I, 11, I11 (33% each), 30Vo chance of success); SD darkness (10 radius); MR 60%; XP 3,184) 2 Type IV Demons: AC - 1; MV 9 / 12 (E); HD 11; hp 66, 60: #AT 3; Dmg ld4lld412d4; THACO 8; SA create illusion, detect magic, dispel magic, fear, levitate, polymorph sell; project image, telekinesis (5,000 gp), symbol (fear or discord), gate (Type I, 11, 111, IV (25% each), 60% chance of success); SD darkness (10 radius), +1 or better weapon to hit; MR 65%; XP 3,976 Type VI Demon: AC -2; MV (D); HD 8+8; hp 62; #AT 1; Dmg ld12 +l; THACO 12 +; SA whip and flame (4d6) fear, detect magic, dispel magic, read magichnguages, pyrotechnics, suggestion, telekinesis (6,000 gp), symbol (fear/discord/sleep/stun ing), gate (Type I11 (80%), IV (20Or0), 70% chance of success); SD darkness (10 radius), +1 or better weapon to hit; MR 75%; XP 4,324 Nabassu: AC -4; MV 15 /15 (C); HD ; hp 43; #AT 3; Dmg 2d4/2d4/ 3d4; THACO 13; SA death stealing (save vs. death magic or become a ghast), bestow death (must successfully sted death first, save vs. death magic or become a shadow); SD shadowy light (20 radius), darkness (5 radius), thief abilities, + 1 or better weapon to hit; MR 45%; XP 2,316 6 Babau: AC - 3; MV 15 ; HD ; hp 63, 60, 51, 47, 43, 41; #AT 1 or 3; Dmg By Weapon (+7) or ld4+1/ ld4 + 1/2d4; THACO 12; SA fear, levitate, fly, dispel magic, polymorph self, heat metal, ray of enfeeblement, gate (babau, 25% chance of success); SD cutting weapons do half damage; MR 50%; XP 2,756 These demons are a very unorganized attack force; they will not coordinate their attacks, but lash out with as much raw power as possible. The Type VI Demon will attempt to sit back and gate as many demons as it can, getting involved in the fight only if a fighter chooses to engage it in melee combat. If a party member is killed in this fight, he will vanish, only to reappear in the vision as a tiny creature in the palm of Iggwdv s hand. Iggwdv will swallow the party member three rounds after death, causing permanent destruction; a wish or lim ted wish is required to rescue the character. If the party members defeat the demons, Iggwdv will give Graz zt a very angry stare. 93

93 Despite this setback, all is set aright, Or awrong, if you hate these fiends of Night. But in the Abyss, there was great celebration, Fiends and banes comprised the Damned congregation; To the Loving pair, on whom black fortune smiled; Came many cheers and whoops of a party most wild. On the proud couple, many &s were bestowed. But did they forget about all the blood that has flowed? A vision of great wealth will appear; these are the wedding presents of Iggwdv and Graz zt. If the characters reach into the hoard, they fmd that they are able to grab some gems (two rubies worth 5,000 gp each), some platinum ingots (worth 15,000 gp), and a bright gold statue. If they grab it and examine it, they will find inscribed on its base: From Orcus With Love. Suddenly, Orcus s & will explode, causing 20d6 damage to everyone in the room (save vs. death magic for half damage). Then the poem will continue. Love is in spirit, Love is in flesh, And from flesh s Love, can come quite a mess, So it was with them, they had a son, His father s son, born to be scum. Iuz, the Powerful (and long-winded too). Iuz, the Delicious, whom daddy would chew, He licked his foul lips, and lifted the tot. But Iuz was hungry, daddy s thumb got caught. (In baby s fangs, that is..) The course of true Love ne er runs smooth, As this Demon Prince and witch certainly prove, They loved other creatures, their lust was an itch. Iuz loved a succubus, and Iggwilv a lich. Then they learned the truth; long the Abyss shook, Great were the fires and demons did cook. Ask Graz zt of the details, if he doesn t lie. He ll be here any second, good-bye! Suddenly, Graz zt will materialize in the chamber. He will be angry. The characters will have to flee or fight off the demon prince. Graz zt: AC -6; MV 12 ; HD 41; hp 186; #AT 4; Dmg 2d4+7/2d4+7/ 3d4+10/3d4+10; THACO 3; SA alter reality (for others), chaos, continual darkness, disintegrate (l/day), dispel magic, duo-dimension, emotion, fear (60 radius), magic missile (five missiles), mirror image, polymorph any object (1/ day), polymorph other, polymorph sell; read magic, telekinesis (15,000 gp), teleport, trap the soul (l/week, vanish, veil (l/day), water breathing, pate (ld2 Type VI Demons (6O%), ld4+1 Babau (40%)); SD + 1 or better weapon to hit; MR 70%; XP 60,000 Graz zt is angry, but prefers not to get involved in a fight if his back isn t against the wall. If he recognizes any of the party members (from reputation or previous encounters) he will not blindly lash out, but gate creatures to do his bidding, and then teleport back to the Abyss, making a mental note that he shoul?, rid himself of these irritants (so many things for a demon prince to do!) If he does not recognize the party, he will attack, but will retreat regardless if he sustains more than 50 hit points of damage in a round, or is brought below 100 hp. So end my thoughts on Love, now you know, And knowing is half the battle, so Perhaps you didn t find a fortune in gold, At least you weren t turned into cattle, I m told. Don t fall in Love, be an optimist, I m sorry if this was a difficult jest. This poet s lament was really quite hard, But then again, whoever said I m a bard? Area 2: Room of Tolerance The door to this room is wizard locked. In the center of the room are three goblins holding baskets. The room has a rancid smell, like rotting garbage, although except for a few discarded fruit peels, the room is barren. The goblins begin pelting the characters with rotten vegetables (they are otherwise unarmed). One of the goblins will cry out as soon as he sees the adventurers: We are the goblins of Ghu! (followed by the other goblins chiming in Ghu! ) And we know what to do! Do! Then they will begin shouting nasty insults such as: Your father was a suit of armor, and your mother was an air elemental, or Why do barbarians hate magic-users? They re jealous of anyone stupider than they are, or Is that your face, or does Juiblex use it for a spitoon? The goblins aren t goblins at all; in actuality, they are nilbogs. They consider themselves to be invincible, and live only to humiliate people; they will not attack to inflict physical damage. They survive by eating from their ever-full baskets of rotten food. They are extremely happy to get a chance to insult people, after such a long time. When they can no longer think of suitable insults, they will begin throwing rotten food again at the characters, chanting: Ghu! Ghu! Ghu! in an obnoxious high-pitched squeal.

94 3 Nilbogs1 AC 6; MV 6 ; HD 1-1; hp 6,5,4; #AT 1; Dmg ld6; THACO 20; SA nil; SD gain hit points per strike; XP 59) These nilbogs are a very special sort, and are not affected by healing spells and potions. However, if the party is frustrated by their inability to kill them, one of the nilbogs wdl shout: You cannot kill us, silly adventurers, we have no weakness. Actually, we have a weakness, but we aren t going to tell you! If the characters ask what it is, they will laugh and say: Well, it isn t saying our name forwardooops! The weakness is saying their names backward; pronouncing the word does 1 point of damage to each Goblin of Ghu within a 20-foot radius. The nilbogs have no treasure. Area 3: Room of Foolhardiness This room is adorned with tapestries showing heroic disasters: dragons slaying knights, mages experiments going awry, children s crusades ending with the children being sold into slavery. Upon entry in the room, the characters will see a young man, a farmboy, tied to a block of black granite, as an axe-bladed pendulum slowly descends. It will touch down in a few minutes. He is screaming in terror. This is actudly a programmed illusion. The illusion hides a sphere ofannihilation. If the player characters rush in to save him, the first PC will be instantly annihilated. If the PCs carefully examine the room in the few minutes remaining before the axe-blade falls, they will discover that is an illusion. If a character falls into the trap, a new image will appear the tapestry, showing the PC jumping into the sphere, as the tapestry adds to its gallery of foolish deeds. Area 4: Room of Chance This room is garishly lit and covered with suits of armor, large statues, wooden boxes, and curtains. To the right hand side of the entrance is a small stepped area with seats, which hold about 100 phantasmal people, dressed in weird costumes, like a masquerade for the insane. As soon as the characters en- ter the room, the crowd cheers hysterically, and a nasal voice shotits: Welcome to Steal A Fortune, the Multiverse s most exciting hour of fun and prizes. And here s your host, Jack Shade-pat, and his beautiful assistant, Zanna the Wight! Jack Shade-Pat, and Zama are both illusions; if either are attacked, they disappear and another illusion takes their place. The effects of their deals, however, are quite real. Some of these games are as follows: Game #1: Trivial Trades. Jack will offer a character 50 gold pieces for every torch that he has on his person, or if you have a tinder box, I ll give you 1,000 gp! Game #2: What Will You Do For Bucks. Jack will offer the character 500 gp if he sings Happy BirtEday to Zanna (tell the player to role-play the singing, or no gold pieces). Game #3: Not-so Trivial Trades. Jack will come up to the character and say: That looks like a pretty nice magical sword. I ll give you 500 gold pieces for it, and trade you what s in the box. (At which point the audience will shout: Take the box! ) Roll ld6 to determine what s in the box. 1) A Year s Supply of Dragon Turtle Swordshining Polish ( To give your sword the Dragon Turtle gleam, which will put fear into your enemies in battle. ) 2) + 3 Dagge,r ( Beautifully crafted by the grey elf smith Aldenor Masterforge, this dagger has a ruby-studded gold hilt, and is guaranteed to pierce even the strongest armor, sure to be an heirloom for generations to come! ; 3) A wand of wonder ( Yes, this wand can do anything, and usually will. Created by the arch-mage Xagig the Mad, and wielded by some of the greatest adventurers in the Wild Coast. ) 4) A sword +5, defender ( You ll have hours of fun with this superbly crafted long sword, one of the heirlooms of the House of Baddikis, of Flotsom Island, this sword has slain everything from demons to rocs and much more, and is still in flawless condition. Yours courtesy of Steal A Fortune ) 5) A scimitar of speed, +3 ( You ll never believe how fast this sword can strike until you try it. Newly forged from the furnaces of Ket, this mastercrafted steel blade is made for the discerning slayer of monsters. ) 6) A random monster from the Random Monster Generator appears and attacks. All items must be handed over to Jack Shade-pat before the trade takes place. They vanish instantly and cannot be recovered. Game #4: Doorway. There are three doors. One door is the only access (from this level) to the 10th level. The other two doors contain random monsters. There are seven keys, each with a gemstudded handle. They have to guess at the value of each gem, within 10% of its price, without going over. If they guess correctly, then they get to keep the key and try it in the door to the next level. If they guess incorrectly, then Zanna will try to see if the key unlocks either of the doors that contain the random monsters. Characters with the jeweler s secondary skill may make an Intelligence Check to determine their value. Obviously, four of the keys are duds; they don t fit any of the locks. (Note to the DM: Prices are based on those given in the DMG; if your campaign uses a different economic system, then change the prices accordingly.) Gem 1) Diamond 2) Emerald 3) Amethyst 4) Ruby 5) Sapphire 6) Malachite 7) Black Pearl True Value 5,221 gp 1,050 gp 108 gp 5,315 gp 1,000 gp 11 gp 531 gp Unlocks Nothing Monster 10th Level Nothing Nothing Monster Nothing If the characters fail to get to the exit this time, then, there is the Big Steal. Two characters are eligible; the character must trade any prize they have won (those who have been attacked by monsters are also eligible) to become eligible for the Grand Prize. They get to choose either what s behind Tapestry #1, Tapestry #2, or Tapestry #3. 95

95 Tapestry #1: The party may proceed to the next level, ( Where you are in for luscious pleasures and spinetingling delights! ) Tapestry #2: The character gets a helm of brilliance and plate mail of etherealness. deus appear, and offer to let them go in exchange for future favors. He will agree not to ask anything that will violate their beliefs (perhaps a demon lord has been bothering Asmodeus s servants, or one of his rival devils has a troublesome follower somewhere in Greyhawk whom he.emoved); use this as a platform to idventures. : characters eper this room after ne show is over, they will find it If they search carefully enough, ill find a rvizard locked secret door i level) leading to the next level. 5: Room of Greed oddly shaped room is empty, exr two doors on the wall. As soon as ne enters this room, a voice says: ave done well to come. You have a Behind the left-hand door is a horonster, one which rrust be slain, or jestroy,dl goodness. Behind the and door is incredible riches. You nly enter one docr. Make your 11 The monster the characters must face is Greed. The two doors lead to the same room (5A); those who enter through the left-hand door will perceive those who entered by the right-hand door as horribly evil monsters. Those who enter through the right-hand door will see those who entered via the left-hand door as greedy monsters out to steal their wealth. In the room is 200,000 gold pieces, completely covering the floor, and making all combat at -2 to attacks due to unsteady footing. Under the gold are three decks of many things. When one group of characters is victorious, the illusions will vanish, and the party will see their opposition for what it really was. DM Note: If the characters split up, it s going to be easy for the players to figure out what s going on. Some players won t use this knowledge to their advantage. Others will. If you can get a second DM, and have a DM run each party from a separate room (use notes or run out and hold conferences to coordinate the actions),this will make it more of a challenge for the characters. D

96 Area 6: Room of Mercy The door to this room is wizard locked (25th level), and is marked with glyphs saying: Ancient Darkness Imprisoned- Let It Rest Longer Yet. If the door is touched, a glyph of warding will be triggered that causes 50 points of electrical damage (save vs. spell for half damage). Upon entry, they will find that the room is barren and featureless, save for ancient dust, which heavily coats the floor. The air is incredibly musty, like a tomb after the stench of death has faded; all that is left is antiquity. If the characters try, they will find that neither light nor darkness spells will chase away the shadows of this room (Le., the lighting of the room cannot be changed). In the center of the room, levitating in mid-air, apparently untouched by dust, is a three-inch-square black cube, apparently made from malachite. As soon as the characters step into the room, they should make Intelligence Checks, at a -4 penalty. If the check is made, then the character will hear a faint whisper, in an archaic dialect: Who are you? Where are you? What are you? Why are you? Who am I? Where am I? What am I? Why am I? The whispers repeat the same words endlessly, sometimes in the same language, other times in a language that is completely unknown (unless the characters are proficient in Old Suloise). The cube is the prison for 201 Darklock, a Power of Shadow, a high level shade magic-user/fighter. If dispel magic is successfully cast against the cube (treat it as 23d-level magic), then the entity will be released. 201 Darklock (Shade Prince): AC -6; MV 12 ; FTR 161M-U 16; hp 180 (160 in normal light); #AT 2; Dmg ld8+10; THACO 2 + ; ST 18(00) IN 17 WS 11 DX 19 CN 17 CH 15 CM 15; SA shadow walk; SD shadow images; MR 80%; AL N. 201 is protected by a stoneskin spell and has bracers of defense AC 2, ring of protection +3, cloak of displacement, sword of shadows +4 (sword drains one full point of Strength on a natural roll of 17-20), ring of shadowy light (20 radius) wand of force, winged boots (15, MC:A) He knows the following spells: Level 1: magic missile, feather fd, hold portal, mount, shield Level 2: EST: knock, ray of enfeeblement, vocalize, web Level 3: detect illusion, dispel magic (x3), haste Level 4: dimension door, fire shield, ice storm, polymorph sell; stoneskin Level 5: cone of cold, feeblemind, hold monster, pass wall, telekinesis Level 6: death spell, legend lore, project image Level 7: power word: stun, teleport w/o error Level 8: binding 201 was a shadow prince who also lived for a time as a noble of the Suloise Empire. He was trying to investigate a rumor about Xodast, an Suel arch-mage who experimented with powers that most said were better left undisturbed. Xodast, it was said, had created the Bringer of Doom, an artifact that later played some part in the Invoked Devastation that destroyed the Suel (which would not occur for two centuries after 201 s imprisonment.) Xodast imprisoned 201 in The Darkness That Holds All Shadows (the cube), which was found shortly after the Devastation by a group of adventurers exploring the ruins of the Suel city Suendrako. The cube everltually came into the hands of the master of the dungeon, who placed it in an appropriate place. If 201 is released, he will be berserk with rage, thinking the PCs are responsible for his imprisonment. He will shout words in Suloise ( Death to the friends of darkness! ) and attack. Each round, 201 should make a Wisdom Check. If the roll succeeds, he will realize that these aren t Xodast s minions and stop fighting. If he is attacked by magic of an evil nature (Le., death spells, disintegrate, or withering) or a subversive nature (command, charm), he will continue fighting. 201 is in an unstable mental state following his imprisonment. Even if he calms down, any sudden shocks could drive him berserk again. If 201 stole any points of Strength during the fight, he will apologize and shrug his shoulders, stating, Life and shadowhood is not always pleasant. 201 is willing to discuss all that happened to him, but will not join the party; he will retire for a millennium or so to his fortress in Shadow, if his sister hasn t already destroyed it with her extravagant parties. Under the dust in the floor is a secret panel that contains a ladder descending into pitch darkness. An inscription in the floor says, To the 13th level. It is really a never-ending ladder; once anyone has stepped onto it, they can only get off by skipping into another plane, such as with a plane shift spell. Area 7: Room of Time The door to this room is copper, stained green from age. This door is not trapped, but feels warm (about human body temperature), and appears to have a heartbeat. When the door is touched, a magic mouth appears, saying, Haste is waste, and then the heartbeat fades and the door cools. When the door is opened, the characters will gaze into a room that is empty, except for a lectern on which a huge tome rests, and a strange arcane device hanging on the wall. The device resembles a circle with 12 numbers on its edge and two thin arrows of unequal length pointing at the numbers. The arrows are moving around the circle quite rapidly. The room is as silent as it is deserted.

97 However the characters choose to enter the room, the doors will not close; they will be left open to the outside world. As soon as the characters enter the room, they will notice the longer arrow does not appear to be moving at all. They will also hear a loud tick-tock noise that should have been audible outside the room. In actuality, this room is a time trap; time here moves very slowly compared to that in the outside world. One round in this room equals a half hour outside it. The tome is Secrets of Immortality by X. Gig, Magus Paragon, Regum Rex, etc., etc. The book is tied to the lectern by strange silver threads, as thin as gossamer. These are strands from Istus s web in the plane of Time. They cannot be broken by any force save Istus herself. Nor can any force move or break the lectern. Secrets of Immortality is readable (although highly technical in its use of language), but it is incomprehensible to all creatures with Intelligences below 21. For magic-users who have Intelligences of 21 who would read it, it would take 10 years of careful study to understand its principles. (A nonweapon proficiency taken in the study of the abstract theories of magic will reduce the time of study to only three years.) If the book is mastered, characters will know how to create an ekir of youth, become a shade or a lich, and understand general principles of life force extension. The nastiest feature of this room is that the time delay between inside and outside will allow random monsters to appear on the two teleportals outside, and they will immediately rush into the room and attack. The longer the characters remain inside, the more monsters will attack them. The clock, which is three feet in diameter, is worth 2,000 gp if resold, although technology is shunned by most buyers in the Flanaess, who consider these devices to be strange and therefore evil. Certain high-level plane-wanderers who do not share this phobia will be glad to buy it. Area 8: Room of Travel On the wall outside this room is a set of strange runes. If a read magic spell is used on them, the character can read them. They say, Beyond the wall is a place of challenge, a trial of mind, body, and spirit. It is a place of great peril. Let only the bravest and most able meet the challenge. To get to this realm, you must pass through the wall. The wall is quite sold. If a character tries to walk through the wall, he will get nowhere. If he tries to walk through the Border Ethereal, he will be thrown back, stunned for ld3 rounds. The only means to get through this wall is a passwd spell. Once the passwallis used, the area will shine with a glorious blue light. The passwd creates a 10 -by-10 room. At the far end is a curtain of sizzling energy. When the characters enter, a voice will say, This is the room of transport. To get to the surface, you must say, There s no place like theie as you walk through the curtain. If you wish to go farther on, into the place of trials, you must say, There s no place like where. From either of those places, you may return here by casting the passrvd spell at the place where you materialize, and then saying, There s no place like here. The surface exit is close to the entrance to the Castle and is easily marked. The exit in The place of trials is one of the wall areas of the Limbo Arena. Area 9: Limbo Arena Upon entry into this room, the characters will find themselves in a huge arena. The ceiling is 100 feet high; the room is very well lit by magical lights and spells. There are stairways leading to bleachers, where a few characters and creatures of great power are watching. Two men wearing loose clothing are currently wrestling. Suddenly, a grey frog-like creature, six feet tall, who appears to he officiating the contest, rises from his chair, and raises his arm. Everyone s attention focuses on the characters. The frog-thing addresses them. I am B sot Ramm, Viceroy of the mighty Slaad Master Zgotar, Dread of Limbo. It is unusual for that entrance to be used, but we are instructed to greet all who come here with hospitality. Welcome to our games, humanics, if that term does not offend. He croaks and continues: This place was created by the master of your dungeon and cursed. We hold these games to keep the monsters of your dungeon at bay, and also to test our skill. It is the law of this place that all who enter here must engage in at least one contest before they are permitted to leave. It is a law that even the slaad find necessary to enforce, as repugnant as it is to us. The contest need not be lethal; there are many ways to compete. You are free to engage in any contest you desire, to challenge and to be challenged. If you choose lethal competitions, the slaad will take all property of the losers, unless you make arrangements with your competitors to the contrary. Furthermore, we are your hosts. To attack others, except in the arena, is a deadly crime. If any creature attacks us, you will defend your hosts. He then motions to the wrestlers to resume. This room is designed to test a character s competitive spirit. The arena is adjacent to a portion of Limbo ruled by a powerful Death Slaad, Zgotar. Originally, random monsters generated by the Random Monster Generator were jumping through a portal to Limbo. To prevent his realm from being overcome by even more chaos than it already endured (some types of chaos are more desirable than others to slaad), Zgotar sealed off Limbo from the area, and built an arena around it. He then invited some of the most powerful combatants in the multiverse to come to his arena to test their skills against the random monsters and, if they desire, each other. Zgotar pays 500 gp per monster slain in the arena, a mere pittance, but most of the characters who come to the arena are 98

98 so rich that they don t care about money. Zgotar, who wishes to become the third great slaad, has used the arena to expand his contacts with high-level beings. In this way, he has made many allies and useful acquaintances. All guests of Zgotar are served by red slaad. In areas behind the arena, there are barracks where the guests can rest. These barracks are secluded, blocked by force wds with alaxm spells triggered when they are dispelled; characters may not go into their opponent s barracks, but may leave their rooms at any time by asking the slaad. If the player characters accept the hospitality of Zgotar, they will be staying with other guests: the wrestler Jak Bnddon, the archer Hasophel, the fallen paladin Percival, and the polymorphed red dragon, Fearforge. The characters will soon realize that there is more than one gate to this place. If the characters mention the dungeon from which they came, Fearforge, who is disguised as a human female magic-user, will be very interested, and try to find out everything she can about the Random Monster Generator. (She is currently working for a group of adventurers, in the service of Demogorgon, who call themselves the Colossus of Chaos.) If the characters try to follow the slaad, they will find that there is a secret exist that leads to a portal into Limbo, in the heart of Zgotar s realm. In the arena, there are a number of different contests that can be run. Characters may fight the random monsters, challenge each other to insult duels or riddling contests, wrestle, dance, debate various important issues of the multiverse, argue about whose religion is better, etc. The possibilities are endless. Here are a few of them: Wrestling: Currently, a wrestling tournament is taking place. Here is a simple but fairly comprehensive system for running these events. There are two types of wrestling in the tournament: wrestling involving mostly strength (modern day Graeco-Roman wrestling, Sumo, etc.), which is referred to as strength wrestling, and there is wrestling involving strength and speed (such as modem day freestyle wrestling, or judo), which is referred to as dexten ty wrestling. Each contest has its own formula: Strength Wrestling Rating = Strength + (Level x 2) Dexterity Wrestlng Rating = Strength + Dexterity + (Levelx2: If a character is a monk or barbarian, he is treated as if he had twice as many levels (a 10th-level monk is 20th level for the purposes of wrestling). A magic-user or cavalier is treated as if he had half his levels (a 10th-level magic-user is 5th level for purposes of wrestling). If your campaign uses nonweapon proficiencies, then characters with a wrestling proficiency are considered to be three levels higher when figuring out their wrestling ratings. There are five fighting positions in wrestling: Nearfall Disadvantage (NFD): where the wrestler is about to be pinned; Disadvantaged (DIS), where a wrestler is at a serious disadvantage; Neutral (NEU) where neither competitor has a disadvantage; Advantage (ADV) where the wrestler has an advantage over an opponent; and Nearfall (NRI ) where the wrestler is on the verge of winning. The match begins with both contestants in the Neutral position. Each impulse of the match consists of each wrestler rolling ld12 and adding the result to his wrestling rating. Highest total wins the impulse. The winner moves to the next most advantageous position and the loser moves to the next lower position. In other words, the winner of the first impulse is at the Advantage position while the loser moves to the Disadvantage position. Then the players roll again. If one wrestler is already in the Nearfall position and he wins the next impulse, he pins his opponent and the match is over. If you wish for a more realistic and interesting system, you can have wrestlers take penalties to their rolls in order to try to improve their lot by more than one position in an impulse (e.g., a wrestler who has an Advantage tries to throw his oppo- nent into a quick pin, or a wrestler who is in a Nearfall Disadvantage tries to get back to a Neutral position.) The modifiers are found on the following chart: NFD DIS NEU ADV NRF NFD X X X X X DIS o x x x X NEU -4 0 x X X ADV x X NRF x X PIN The horizontal axis indicates the current predicament, the vertical axis indicates the desired position. Thus a wrestler who is at a Disadvantage (second column from the left) who wishes to reverse the situation and put his opponent in a Near Fall gets a -8 penalty to his roll. If he wins, he succeeds. If he fails, he ll be put into a Near Fall Disadvantage. Currently the top wrestlers in the arena are the following: Bergh (half-orc): AC -1; FTR 11; hp 69; #AT 3/2; Dmg ld8+4; STR 18(62) DEX 15; AL LE; plate mail +2, +I sword of wounding. Bergh is from the Flanaess and is rumored to be associated with the infamous Lord Robilar (the rumors are false). He is the son of a renegade lord from the Bandit Kingdoms, who found a portal to the arena in the Kron Hills. Bergh is extremely sullen; he will not willingly talk to anyone, nor will he wager on his matches, nor will he issue challenges. Kayden (human): AC 2; FTR 15; hp 103; #AT 2; Dmg ld ; THACO 2; STR 19 DEX 19; Special powers: immune to hold, sleep, and slow, heal (1/ week); AL CN; leather armor +2, two-handed sword +2. Kayden is also from the Flanaess, from Lendore Island; he is actually one of the many sons of the Sue1 deity Kord. Kayden has been unbeatable so far, and does not believe any mortal can defeat him. If he is pinned, he will fly into a rage and immediately challenge the character to an unarmed combat fight to the death. Kayden is not interested in power or wealth, his existence on Lendore Island is a simple one. 99

99 Jak Briddon (human): AC -3; FTR 13; hp 78; #AT 2; Dmg ld8 +5; THACO 5; STR 18 DEX 17; AL C(G); plate mail +2, long sword +3. Briddon is not from the Flanaess, he comes from a world called Arra. He will challenge any doughty fighter to a contest, wagering large sums of money (20,000 gp-he is very rich). He is very boastful, but otherwise he will be friendly. However, to ensure the success of a private wager, a member of the Colossus of Chaos will place a tasteless drug in the competing character s drink that will rob him of 2 points of Strength and Dexterity. If Briddon is accused of cheating, he will challenge the character to a duel with weapons to defend his honor. Archery: This is a tournament with free choice of the bows provided, except crossbows. The targets are mounted on pendulums, which are swung rapidly, in order to make the challenge more difficult. Each contestant fires a dozen shots, six from medium range and six from long range, with nonmagical bows and arrows provided by the generous slaad. The character then calculates what the lowest Armor Class that his shot could hit; the location of the shot is based on the Armor Class value. Then the character calculates the number of points for the shot, and after 12 shots, the most points wins. The amount of points is based on what color of the target he hit. The bullseye is gold, AC -8, and is worth 9 pts. Then there is red, AC -4, worth 7 pts; blue, AC 0, worth 5 pts.; black, AC 4, worth 3 pts; and white, AC 8, worth 1 pt. (e.g., If a character s shot rolls hits AC -3, that shot lands in the blue; if he had rolled enough to hit AC - 4, the shot would have hit in the red). There are two top archers in the arena at this time: Hasophel (elf,): AC - 1; FTR 10; hp 54; #AT 3/2; Dmg ld8 +2; THACO 10 (8 w/ bows); STR 11 DEX 18; AL CG; Weapon specialization in long bow, ellin chain +2, long sword+2. Hasophel is originally from Celene, but she decided that she wanted to travel, so she left that kingdom, and eventually ended up in the arena of Zgotar. She does not care about money or glory, she just likes shooting arrows. She is friendly with elves and halfelves, but cool to everyone else. Ialko (human): AC 6; RNG 8; hp 41; #AT 1; Dmg ld8 +3; THACO 14 (11 w/ bows); STR 11 DEX 18; AL NG; Weapon specialization in long bow. Ialko is also from Arra; he is a good friend of Jak Briddon and will serve as his second in duels. Ialko likes to talk a lot about the multiverse, but will say little about his home, which appears to be domiqated by great evil. Combat: There are a number of potential adversaries in the arena who are willing to engage in duels of a fiercer variety. Two of these combatants fight oneon-one contests, the rest, such as the Colossus of Chaos, fight as groups. Lan-wing (monk of the Scarlet Brotherhood, human): AC -4; MV 29 ; MNK 15; hp 66; #AT 3; Dmg 6d4; THACO 12+; ST 15 IN 16 WS 15 DX 17 CN 16 CH 15; SA stun, kill, quiveringpalm; SD immune to poison, disease, slow, geas, quest, dodge missiles, herd self (ld hp, l/day); AL LE. He has a ring ofprotection +3. Lan-wing is one of the most prominent members of the Scarlet Brotherhood; he is stoic, ruthless, and cunning. He is here to o xerve; here, everyone and everything is his enemy. He is particularly disturbed by the Colossus of Chaos; if he feels they are too powerful, he will offer to ally with the characters to kill the Chaos Group in the arena. Lord Percival (ex-paladin, human): AC - 5; MV 6 ; DAV 15; hp 81; #AT 2; Dmg ld8+9; THACO 2; ST 11(88), IN 14, WI 13, DE 16 CO 16 CH 18; SD regenerates 2 hp/round (cannot regenerate from death, but regenerates fire and acid damage); AL LG. He has full plate armor +2, shield + 3, long sword + 5, gloves of missile snaring, ring of free action, ring of protection +2. Percival Ferved on one of the most prestigious Orders of Knighthood, the Order of the Golden Lion, which protected the Wild Coast from intruders (especially from 1 he Pomaj). He was a paragon of paladinhood, well respected, receiving many honors. One day, a woman came to him, asking for help, and he swore a sacred Oath to protect her from harm. She died-orc snipers shot her full of arrows while she was in his protection. Percival was so grief stricken that he renounced his paladinhood and quit the Order. Life was unbearable for him; in time, he lived for one thing-an honorable death in combat. Hearing of the slaad s arena, he decided to go there and fight until he dies, since his honor is already dead. He appears to be a Black Knight, a knight without a shield device. If any obviously high-level fighter tries to talk with him, he will immediately challenge hlm to combat, pretending to be offended by the pretense of comradeship, in the hopes of being slain in an honorable fashion. If Percival finds himself winning such a contest, he will beg the opponent to accept his mercy and let him spare him (unless the opponent has shown himself to be evil). If the characters accept his mercy and talk with him later, or if they talk to other competitors beforehand Uak Briddon knows his story), the characters might be able to help him. The Colossus of Chaos consists of five evils: the cambion Drumorg, son of Demogorgon, the death knight Duke Grave, and his steed, a retriever, the lich Rahz (currently polymorphed into human form), and the dragon Fearforge (also POlymorphed as a human). The Colossus is in the arena to find the link to the dungeon, where they are to get the Random Monster Generator for their master, Demogorgon. If Fearforge finds out where the PCs are from, she will tell the others, and Drumorg will issue a challenge, Meet us in the arena, or bow before us and acknowledge that our way is the strongest force in existence: freedom without discipline, power without restraint, the whims of the mighty being appeased without moral limits. Drumorg (cambion): AC - 5; MV 15 ; HD 16; hp 110; #AT 2; Dmg ld8 + 12(x2); THACO 2; ST 19 IN 16 WS 18 DX 17 CN 16 CH 17; SA spells (16thlevel cleric), levitate, cause fear (touch), detect magic, polymorph self; SD + 1 or better weapon to hit; MR 40%; AL CE; XP 8,700. He has studded leather +1, 100

100 long sword + 5, ring of vampiric regeneration, ring offree action, brooch of shielding. Level 1: command (x3), cure light wounds (x2), detect evil, precipitation, resist cold *, sanctuary Level 2: aid (x3), hold person (x3), messenger, silence (15 radius) Level 3: animate dead, curse, death s door, dispel magic (x3), locate object, prayer * Level 4: cure serious wounds (B), protection from good (IOf radius)*, spell immunity (lightning bolt)*, spike stones Level 5: cure critical wounds (~21, dispel good, plane shift, true seeing* Level 6: harm, heal, word of recall Level 7: unholy word Fearforge (ancient huge red dragon): AC -1; MV 9 /24 (D); HD 11; hp 88; #AT 3; Dmg ld8/ld8/3d10; THACO 10; SA breath weapon, spells, aura; SD saves as 22-HD monster; AL CE; XP 7,778 Level 1 : reduce, shield * Level 2: stinking cloud, web Level 3: dispel magic (x2) Level 4: dimension door, polymorph self Duke Grave (death knight): AC -0; MV 12 ; HD 9; hp 90; #AT 1; Dmg ldlo + 8; THACO 7; SA fear (5 radius), detect magic, detect invisibility, wall of ice, dispel magic (ax day), gate (Types I, 20%; 11, 25%; 111, 30%; Iv, 20%; VI (5% chance of success); power word (any, I/ day), symbol of pain or fear (l/day), 20d6 fireball (llday); AL CE; XP 5,140. He has a sword of Life stealing +2. Retriever: AC 2; MV 18 ; HD 10; hp 58; #AT 4; Dmg 3d6(x4); THACO 10; SA rays of cold, fire, lightning, transmutation (mud, stone, gold or lead); XP 5,888 Rahz (20th-level lich): AC 0; MV 6 ; HD 11; hp 69; #AT 1; Dmg ld10; THACO 10; SA paralyze; SD + 1 or better weapon to hit, immune to charm, sleep, cold, electricitx insanit% death spells; AL CE; XP 11,604 Level 1: light, magic missile, push, sleep, taunt Level 2: continual light, detect evil, EST: levitate, shatter Level 3: blink, dispel magic, hold person, Lightning bolt, slow Level 4: confusion, dimension door, ice storm, polymorph self*, st meskin * Level 5: avoidance, cloudkill, cone of cold, passwall, wall of iron Level 6: death spell, disintegrate, globe of invulnerability*, repulsion Level 7: reverse gravity, teleport w/o enor, volley Level 8: maze, power word: blind, symbol Level 9: Bigby s crushin): hand, shape change The strategy of the Colossus is to kill enemy clerics first (to prevent the disguised Rahz from being turned) while disrupting any attempts to cas1 spells. They want to kill the party, except for one member, whom they will threaten to kill, unless they are told exactly how to enter the dungeon of the Random Monster Generator.. If the party tried to help Percival out of his depression (talked to him, gave convincing arguments why he is important) and if the party looks to be in serious trouble in this battle, Percival will shout a battlecry: Evil shall not prevail! and leap into the battle, attacking the Colossus. He will have come to realize that he cannot shirk duty because he failed; failure is no reason to lose one s paladinhood. Nor do the gods feel that way; his paladin powers will be restored. If the Colossus is losing badly, they will either be cut down, or members will open a portal or plane shift to the Abyss. If the Colossus wins, and they are given the route into dungeon, they will spit on the last surviving party member, leave him in the dust, and depart. The Colossus will explore some of the upper levels first, giving the PCs a chance to race them for the bottom (if you choose to further involve them. Otherwise, they won t appear again in this adventure.).

101 Greyhawk Dungeon-Level 1 to Level 9 to Level 11 Secret Door -N 3 Drains Scale: 1 Square = 10 Feet This is an adventure for four to six characters of 19th to 20th level. A good mix of character classes is recommended but not necessary. Animal lovers and those without an aversion to getting their feet wet should do quite well. The Adventure Party Time Our story opens at the Herzog s tower on the mom of a very special day. On this day, 20 years ago, a brave band of tourists held off an army of invading Dirtballs by tossing water-filled sheep bladders from the castle parapets. Their heroic action not only saved the owner a huge cleaning bill, but it gave the castle an excuse to hold another annual party. Thus, in honor of the event, a magnificent feast and masquerade ball has been planned for the evening. The PCs, having been guests at the castle for a few days now, all receive beautifully engraved invitations to the night s festivities. Being,guests of honor, they are naturally expected to attend. Allow them to spend the morning in preparation for the party. They may have their hair done at the stylish Castle Salon ( Bowl Cuts Are Our Specialty ) and perhaps while there, partake of a manicure. The manicurist s name is Suzette and she is said to be a whiz with file and emery board. A small gdt for the host to show their appreciation would be in order, and of course the Castle Gift Shoppe stocks the finest in silver cheese slicers, potato wedgers, and nut picks. Perfect gdts for a formal occasion. Then there is the matter of the dress for the masquerade. The Castle Boutique has set up a special section of costumes for rent, just for the big event. Here the PCs can choose to be big bad pirates or fuzzy little lambs. Almost any costume the characters can imagine is available for rent, but of course the range of sizes is very limited. It seems that wherever the characters wander on this beautiful morning, THE topic of conversation is the upcoming Party. In the afternoon the PCs have been invited to participate in a charity croquet match hosted by the Herzog in the Castle Gardens. Dress is informal but should be tasteful. The grueling match, between 102

102 LI I the PCs and the Castle serving wenches, goes neck and neck until the final crack of the mallet when the group manages to snatch victory from the jaws of defeat with a well-placed ball. All in all an exciting game! Returning to your rooms, sweaty and sore from a hard round of croquet, thoughts of tonight s banquet and masked ball swirl in your head. You draw your bath and add just a touch of persimmon-scented bath salts and begin to ponder your choice of costume. Perhaps a cute bunny, or a dainty fairy princess. Maybe something unique like a bowl of hit or a rock. As you immerse your big toe in the sudsy liquid to test the temperature, a sudden high-pitched scream shatters your reverie. Grabbing a puce towel emblazoned with pink seahorses (compliments of the house) you rush into the hallway and the source of the disturbance. A Mystery in the Hallway Outside their rooms the PCs encounter a 10-year-old blond, blue-eyed girl standing in the middle of the hall screaming for help. She is wearing a frilly light blue party dress streaked with some kind of green scum. Pinned to the front of the dress is a damp paper name tag reading Hi! I m Penny! Who Are You? Her once-pretty face is bright red and streaked with tears and she is yelling something about dogs and drains. Because of her hysteria, her words are very incoherent. If the characters can calm her down enough to question her, perhaps with offers of assistance, she will relate the following story in a halting, sobbing voice: Penny s Story My name s Penny and I m in the Damselettes and I got to come here with 12 other girls and stay for two days ~~ cause we sold the most cookies in our cookie sale and I even sold two boxes to that mean old Mr. Crotchet who lives down the street and hates kids. And my Daddy, he s the mayor, not here, back where I live, he said if I could be a big girl I could go, as long as I minded Miss McGillicutty, she s our leader, and I even got to bring Fluffy cause she s sorta our mascot and she s my dog and I didn t want to leave her at home cause I don t think Cook likes her and probably pulls her tad when I m not around. Well we were playing a game of Kill the Orcs in Miss McGillicutty s room and she told us to go to our rooms and get ready for the party tonight cause she had a lot to do but as we were leaving I saw her lay down on her bed with a bag of ice on her head so I think she really wanted to get rid of us so she could take a nap. She does that a lot. So then I took my bath and combed my hair and put my dress on and then I saw Fluffy looking at me real sad, like she wanted to be cleaned up pretty too. Well, I membered my daddy telling me that dogs weren t supposed to take baths in people bathtubs, I membered cause I got spanked for it once, and then I membered that old pond with the statue we seen out in back so I grabbed Fluffy and her brush and a towel and soap and a ribbon and took her there to give her a bath. Well I put Fluffy in the pond and she was paddling around and having ;I good time cause she lkes water and I was getting ready to wash her cause the water was kind of scummy when suddenly that ugly statue started moving and reached into the water and pulled up a big chain on a big plug and before I could move, Fluffy and all the water drained out down a big hole in the bottom of the pool. And then I started yelling at that statue and told it to bring Fluffy back but it just stood there looking stupid and I WANT MY FLUFFFFY!!!!! Waaaaahhhh!!!!! The : Dog-Gone Pool Onc e the characters have pledged to help P enny she will lead them to the scene of the crime at the back of the tower. The bowl-: ihaped stone pool is 12 feet in diameter an id sunk about three feet into the grounc 1. The sloping sides of the pool are covert :d with shy green algae and there is a thret 3-foot-diameter hole in the center. A rank c idor of sweat and unwashed bodies seems to emanate from the hole. Whatever water was once in the pool has drained out. o-foot-wide rim composed of grey pavir ig stones circles the outside cir- erence of the pool, Standing on rim is a nine-foot-tall man-like stonc 3 statue holding a length of chain attac :hed to a three-foot-diameter, one- foot-thick stone plug. The statue is actually a stone golem. The s tone golem was a present to the Herzo g from one of his guests, a very odd but p owerful magic-user. the visiting mage so admired the pool that he wanted to ins1 Ire that it would always remain in good condition. Thus the stone golem was g~ iven a few simple commands by its creato lr including: periodically drain and fill the pool (which it is now in the process o f doing) and repel anyone who might pose a threat to the completion of your c luties. Fluffy just happened to be unluce :y enough to be in the pool at the time c,f one of the drainings. Whc in the characters come within a few feet o f the statue, the golem will swing the lar age stone plug as a weapon. The golem w ill purposely miss on its first attack as a a laming, but if the PCs retaliate, or do no1 t back off, it will strike in earnest. StOl ie Golem: AC 5; MV 6 ; HD 60 hp; #AT 1 ; Dmg 3-24; THACO 10; SA able to cast SI low spell on any opponent within 1 of its fro Int facing every other melee round; SD + 2 or greater weapon to damage, only affect( :d by the following spells: rock to mud I ;lows the golem 50% for 2d6 melee round s, mud to rock restores all damage suffer1 ed by the golem, stone to flesh makes the g( dem vulnerable to normal attacks on the fo llowing melee round; AL N 103

103 Conducting an Investigation If the PCs investigate the drain hole read the following: Looking into the drain you see nothing but a dark hole with smooth stone sides extending downward as far as the eye can see. Even with a light source, no bottom is revealed. A very offensive odor emanates from the hole. One of the larger paving stones on the edge of the pool next to the statue is removable. Under the stone is a metal valve and spigot that can be used to refill the pool. If the Herzog is questioned about the statue he will say that it was given to him a few months ago by one of his guests, a very famous but eccentric magician, as thanks for an enjoyable stay. Before he left, the magician instructed that the statue be mounted by the pool, telling the Herzog it would come in handy in keeping the pool clean. Not wanting to offend a guest, or bring the mage s wrath down on the castle, the Herzog did as he was told. So far the statue has proved quite harmless, going about its duties very efficiently, except for one time when it scared the heck out of two old ladies who happened to be soaking their feet in the pool at the time it began a cleaning. As for the pool itself, the Herzog will recall that it is still connected to an old sewer system that is no longer used by the castle because of the sour odor that kept wafting up from below. Guests kept complaining about the smell, so last year a new system was dug and the old one sealed off. Area 1: Down the Drain The pool is drained through a smoothsided three-foot-diameter stone pipe extending 100 feet straight down and connecting with a larger 10-foot-diameter pipe that runs north and south under the castle grounds from the point at which it intersects the drain pipe. The PCs can enter the drain using rope tied to the statue or by some magical means (of course the braver or more foolhardy characters may choose to jump in). Attempting to climb down the slippery pipe is very risky, even for a thief, as there are no handholds or footholds to be found (see WSG, page 33 for Movement Rates on slippery surfaces). However the PCs decide to descend, when they reach the bottom they will discover that a thick web basket has been constructed over the bottom of the drain pipe (where it connects with the ceiling of the larger pipe) and festooned with small silver sleigh bells. The web (as per web spell) will halt the PCs descent, for anyone falling on or touching the web will be stuck tight and set the bells to jingling. At the sound of tlhe bells, a Plumber ettercap riding in a small two-wheeled wooden cart pulled by three giant spiders will appear from the north to check out the disturbance. The ettercap is wearing a cloth vest emblazoned with the words Jack s Plumbing an? carrying a plumber s helper on one hand. On his cart are painted the words DrPin A Pain? Call Jack! Jack and his three helpers have the job of removing all obstructions caught in the web filters that they ve spun over the drain pipes feeding into the main sewage tunnel. As all the other drains seem to have fallen into disuse, they tend to remain in this immediate area, ever alert to unclog a filter. Jack works for the Scum God (see area 10) and has orders to bring anything of interest that gets caught in the filters to his chambers (which is what. he did with Fluffy). Thus he and his Fpiders will attempt to subdue the PCs and encase them in webbing. In the went that the characters were able to avoid the web trap without setting off the bells, they will encounter Jack and his spiders, standing at attention, 30 feet down the north passage with the same results as above. Jack takes his job very seriously, and will not answer any questions or give out any information unless it concerns plumbing. Ettercap (1): AC 6; MV 12 ; HD 5; hp 29; #AT 3; Drng ld3/ld3/1d8; THACO 15; SA Poison; SD Traps; AL NE Giant Spider (3): AC 4; MV 3 /12 ; HD 4 +4; hp 19,19,18; #AT 1; Dmg 2d4; THACO 15; SA Poison; AL CE Once the party has escaped the web trap and survived their encounter with Jack, read the following: You find yourselves in a 10-footdiameter stone tunnel that appears to be part of an old sewage system. The cracked limestone walls are dank and covered with a greenish-grey growth of algae. A grey foul-smelling liquid drips from between the cracks and there is about six inches of stagnant water covering the floor. An obnoxious smell of decomposing matter permeates the tunnel. From where you are standing, the tunnel appears to stretch north and south, although underground it is hard to tell directions. Area 2: It s No Picnic The south passage continues for 60 fee from the point where the party entered and ends in a 40-foot-diameter stone chamber. A small brass plaque over the entrance reads Sewage Treatment Plant-Guided Tours Every Hour. Beneath the brass plaque a small wooden sign reads Closed Until Further Notice-Lack of Funds. The walls and high-domed ceiling of the chamber are composed of the same material as the tunnel. This chamber once housed the machinery necessary to treat the raw sewage flowing through the pipes before it was dumped in the river. Now all the machinery has been removed from the room and the flow route to the river has been sealed by a large plaster patch on the southernmost wall. Pieces of rusty, broken metal pipes of various sizes protrude at odd angles from the walls and ceiling, periodically dripping moisture. In the center of this roughly circular room, on a raised mound of sand and silt, sits a hideous 10-foot-tall twoheaded creature. The man-like monstrosity has a roast turkey drumstick 104

104 clamped between each pair of jaws and is holding one end of a large wishbone in each hand. Around each rubbery neck is tied a white bib decorated with a picture of a lobster. Spread out on the ground before him is a red and white checkered table cloth. On the cloth are four large pots and jars and a tin plate piled high with bones. To the right of the creature sits a large wicker picnic basket. A small fluffy white head protrudes from one end of the basket. Directly behind the knoll, gathered around a piece of cake, are six giant ants. The giant two-headed troll was given the job of maintaining the sewage treatment plant, again by the Slum God (see below). Since there is nothing left to maintain (all the machinery was removed when the new sewer system was dug) he spends all his time having a picnic. When he spots the party, figuring them to be spies about to put an end to his cushy job, he will scream in rage spraying bits of turkey meat in all directions. With a cry to Find your own picnic spot! he will hurtle the jars and pots at the party, one at a time. The crockery contains condiments (gathered in the tunnels by the troll) but of a most deadly variety. The first jar contains hot mustard jelly. The second is filled with olive and pimento slime. A clay pitcher contains crystal lite ooze and an open pot is filled with chocolate fudge pudding. After the troll has exhausted his supply of missile weapons, or if the party moves within melee range, he will attack, first with the drumsticks and then with his claws. If the party retreats, he will follow and attempt to stop them on the assumption that they are leaving to report him for goofing off. In addition, the six giant ants will move into the fray, attracted by the spilt food, attacking whoever gets in their way. If the picnic basket is inspected, it will be found to contain a metal cake plate smeared with white frosting, a metal pie pan smeared with dried bluebemes, and a crude sock puppet of a dog. The puppet is covered with cotton balls and a little sign around its neck read: Puffy. This crude little toy was crafted by the troll to while away the time between picnics. Two-headed trolls are easily amused. Giant Two-Headed Trol: AC 4; MV 12 ; HD 10; hp 50; #AT 4; Dmg ld6/ld6/ ldlo/ldlo; THACO 10;!$D Regeneration; AL CE Hot Mustard Jelly (1): AC 4; Move 9 (or if the creature c ivides in half,); HD ; hp 45; #AT 1 or 2; Dmg 5d4 or 2d4/2d4; THACO 13; SA see below; SD +1 or better weapon to hit; AL N; This creature, like a regular jelly, exudes a vapor within a 10-foot radius that causes victims to become lethargi: and move at half-normal speed unless they save against the effect. In addition, the vapor of the hot mustard jelly causes a burning in the mouth, a watering of the eyes and an overwhelming desire for water. Olive and Pimento Slime (1): AC 9; MV 0 ; HD 2+2; hp 11; #AT 0; Dmg Nil; THACO 16; SA contact causes metamorphosis into vegetable creature (see olive slime MMIIpg 110); SD hwmed only be acid, freezing colds, fire, or by a cure disease spell; AL N; Olive and pimento slime is a strange combination of olive slime and pimento slime which has no properties of its own but is delicious in cooking. It may be recognized by its olive color flecked with small bits of red. Crystal Lite Ooze: AC 8; MV 1 /3 ; HD 4; hp 14; #AT 1; Dmg 4d4; THACO 15; SA exudes paralyzing pison; SD Unharmed by acid, cold, heat, or fire, electricity and magic missiles do full damage, weapons do 1 point of dawage per hit, wooden weapons must save vs. acid or break; AL N; Unlike the normal crystal ooze, the crystal lite ooze comes in a variety of colors and flavors. Chocolate Fudge Pudding; AC 6; MV 6 ; HD 10; hp 45; #AT 1; Dmg 3d8; THACO 10; SA Dissolve wood, metal and teeth; SD Blows, cold. and lightning do no harm; AL N; The chocolate fudge pudding is a very close relative of the black pudding except for its chocolatebrown coloring, its pungent cocoa odor, and its ability to dissolve teeth on contact. Giant Ants (6): AC 3; MV 18 ; HD 2; hp 15,11,11,8,6,5; #AT 1; Dmg ld6; THACO 16; SA 1 has poison sting; AL N Area 3: The Phantom of the Cesspool As you continue north down the passage, the smell of sewage and decay becomes much stronger. Spaced along the ceiling of the tunnel are the protruding ends of several more threefoot-diameter pipes, all capped with webbing. With every step your boots make a loud squishing sound, adhering to the slime and muck lying below the standing water. Here and there a melon rind, orange peel or wad of gummy hair bob lazily on the surface. Suddenly a dim light appears directly in front of your path. As you watch in horror, a spectral figure, garbed in a ghostly flowing hooded robe and carrying a large phantasmal pipe wrench, materializes in front of you. The apparition is the ghost of Melvin, an evil human who in life delighted in stopping up sinks and toilets, causing much embarrassment and suffering to those who followed him in using the bathroom. He also enjoyed overflowing the bathtub and switching the cold and hot water knobs in the shower. Such were the extent of his evil deeds that in death he was consigned to wander the sewers, carrying a phantom pipe wrench and forever searching for leaks, to atone for his evil acts. The ghost of Melvin hates all living things, especially those that practice good hygiene, and will immediately attempt to magic jar the cleanest PC. Once this is accomplished, he will semimaterialize and attempt to age them with a touch of his ghostly finger, moaning in a chilling voice, I am the Ghost of Melvin! In life I hated all things clean and hygienic. If you have no wish to share my fate, wash your hands before every meal. Ghost: AC 0 (or 8); MV 9 ; HD 10; hp 39; #AT 1; Dmg Age years; THACO 10; SA magicjar; SD can only be harmed by silver (half damage) or magical weapons when semi-materialized; AL LE 105

105 Area 4: New Construction Traveling further north through the clammy sewer, you encounter a noticeably newer 6 X 6 passage carved into the right-hand wall of the pipe. A large mound of dirt and rubble is piled up near the entrance next to a wooden placard proclaiming Dig or Dust. A dim light glowing from deep within the smaller tunnel highlights the swirling clouds of dust in the air, and the sounds of digging and cursing can be detected echoing from within. Forty feet into the tunnel is a gang of four hard-hat juju zombies wielding picks and shovels and wearing yellow helms. The zombies, dressed in fdthy tom white short-sleeve shirts and thread-bare widebottom denim pants are busily excavating the dirt and rock facing at the tunnel s end. Periodically a pick or shovel connects with zombie flesh instead of dirt, with no apparent reactim from the recipient. Each zombie has a thick sputtering candle mounted on the top of its hat, and the hot wax runs in rivulets over the surfaces of their undead faces. These zombies were hired by the Slum God to expand the sewer system. Because they work cheap, don t take long breaks and are non-union, they are perfect for the job. The zombies will not attack the party unless the party attempts to interfere with their last command which was to keep digging. They are treated as regular ju.ju zombies except for their magical hard-hats which give them a - 1 bonus to Armor Class. The hats can be worn by anyone for the same bonus protection. They carry nothing else of value, except for the picks and shovels (two of each) and a few dented steel lunchboxes containing dead rat sandwiches and thermoses of bad coffee. 4 Juju Zombies: AC 6; MV 9 ; HD ; hp 29,26,23,22; #AT 1; Dmg 3d4 with picks and shovels; THACO 16; SA Attack as 6th-level monsters, SD + 1 or better magical weapon to hit, piercing or blunt weapons do half damage, unaffected by magic that affects the mind, im- mune to poison, electricity, magic missiles, death magic, and cold spells, fire attacks do half damage; AL NE Area 5: Take a Bath The stone sewage pipe in which you have been traveling ends in a T intersection and continues onward to the right and left a few feet ahead. These new sections are the same size and constructed of the same material as the one in which you are standing. The sour, gaseous odor seems to be drifting in from the pipe to your right. Directly in the center of the intersection is a three-foot-diameter, foothigh circular pool composed of medium-sized gray rocks. A very strong sulphurous smell rises from the pool and the thick yellow water within bubbles and smokes. The bleachedwhite skull of a steer with long curving horns lies next to the pool. There is a small brown hand towel draped over one of the skull s horns and a brown 106

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106 to the skull is a small weather-beaten sign with the word Pizzen burned The rock pool encircles a natural underground mineral spring that forced its way through the bottom of the pipe. The sulphurous spring is actually about 200 feet deep and the water is scalding hot. If the party tarries at the intersection for more than three rounds, the cow skull will begin to shake and rattle and a skeletal hand will slowly rise from the center of the pool holding a cake of pink heartshaped soap in its bony fingers. In a raspy growl the steer skull will command Take it! Take the soap? and then fall silent. After five rounds the hand will slowly lower back into the pool whether the soap is removed or not. The boney hand belongs to a submerged crypt thing that is currently bathing in the pool. It is this creature s voice that seemed to emanate from the skull, seeking to confuse the party. This particular crypt thing is of the aberrant variety and has the ability to paralyze its victims while simultaneously turning them invisible. If anyone reaches for the soap, the thing will snake out its other hand and grab his wrist, employing its powers to make it seem like he has been pulled into the scalding bath, when in reality he has been invisibly paralyzed at the pool s edge. It hopes to entice one of the other PCs to jump into the burning water (ld6 hit points of burn damage per round unless suitably protected) to rescue their supposedly submerged comrade. If someone does jump into the pool, the crypt thing will swim toward the bottom and silently watch their futile attempts at rescue. The soap is a normal, rose-scented bar. However, if the cake is completely used up a small tin whistle will be found embedded in the center (a prize for keeping clean). Crypt Thing: AC 3; MV 12 ; HD 6; hp 26; #AT 1; Dmg ld8; THACO 13; SA cast paralyze and invisible; SD only hit by magical weapons; AL N Area 6: Where the Sewer Ends The path to the east feet and then is blocked by a huge wooden sign filling the entire corridor. Crouched directly in front of the sign, a menacing snarl on its whiskery face, is a giant sewer rat. The rat is wearing a black eye patch and a wicked-looking dagger is gripped between its pointed teeth. When the PCs approach, the rat will point to the sign with its long pink tail and emit a warning growl. In large letters the sign reads STOP! This is the Exit to Level 9 above and Level 11 below! If you have not successfully completed this level, please do not go any farther! Thank You. Signed The Management. The sign is actually only about one-eighth inch thick and easily removed. The rat will only attack if the PCs insist on exiting before they finish their quest. Beyond the sign, the sewer pipe has crumbled into a mass of broken stone and fetid mud. Two tunnels branch off from this point leading to Level 9 and Level 11 respectively. Giant Rat: AC 7; MV 12 /6 ; HD 1/2; hp 4; #AT 1; Dmg ld3; THACO 20; SA Disease: AL NE Area 7: A Big Hole Entering the right-hand section of pipe, you find it encased in a thick layer of brownish muck. There is still a few inches of standing water on the floor, but it is thick and muddy. If the PCs are actively searching for secret doors, there is a chance they may discover the secret entrance to the lair of the Scum God. If this occurs, proceed directly to encounter 10 and read the description. Otherwise, continue reading the following: As you continue along the tunnel, your light source reveals that the path ahead seems to drop off into nothingness. As you take a few more tenta- Many moons ago, a shifting in the inner earth caused this section of pipe to split apart. The resulting fissure opened up a huge chasm below the split, and over the years, the run-off from the pipe created a fetid man-made lake far below. You find yourselves on the edge of a huge chasm stretching several hundred feet below. The section of pipe in which you are standing extends a few feet over the edge and tilts slightly downward. Looking down, you catch a reflection of standing water far below. Approximately 100 feet across the gorge you see the other half of the broken pipe continuing onward. Looking up at the dirt ceiling approximately 10 feet above the top of the pipe, you discover clusters of long gnarled taproots hanging from the earth and extending across the entire width of the gorge. If the PCs choose to cross the chasm, they may do so by magical means, with a rope and grappling hook, or by hanging on to the taproots, which hang almost in their faces, and going hand-over-hand. The taproots will support the characters weight if they choose to cross that way, with maximum movement being 30 feet per round. The width of the cavern is 100 feet and a Dexterity Check with a +2 modifier must be made every 10 feet. Failure means the character has lost his grip on the rope, and will fall 300 feet to the 20-foot-deep pool below. (See DSG, pgs for effects of falling damage.) Area 8: Tick..Tick..Tick Any character who enters the 20-footdeep and 100-foot-wide pool, either voluntarily or involuntarily will experience the following: 107

107 You re floating in a large pool of icecold scum-coated water. The foul liquid fills the entire floor of the chasm; there are no ledges or hand-holds with which to climb out. As you frantically try to keep your head above water, you hear a loud ticking sound, seeming to come from all directions. Looking around, you see several log-like shapes, gliding through the water, heading directly for you. The creatures in the pool are giant ticking crocodiles. They were flushed down the sewers when their owners, who bought them as babies for pets, realized that they had grown too big. The eight crocodiles will encircle their hapless victim and attempt to rend him to shreds. Giant ticking crocodiles resemble normal giant crocodiles except for the loud ticking noise they generate when they sense prey. If the crocodiles are disposed of and cut open, a wooden leg, an eye patch, and a cutlass will be found inside the largest one. 8 Giant Crocodiles: AC 4; Move 6 / 12 ; HD 7; hp44,41,34,29,29,25,21,19; #AT 2; Dmg 3d6/2d10; THACO 13; AL N Area 9: A Dead End As you enter the broken section of pipe, a deep feeling of dread seems to envelope you. Shining a light around the area, you see that the pipe extends for 30 feet and then ends in a large stone cap. Embedded in the stone cap is a human skeleton. Closer examination of the area around the skeleton reveals a small gold badge bearing the legend Inspector #24 lying on the floor next to a scrap of parchment. The parchment reads Check the west pipe for possible leaks. No sleeping on the job. Signed, The Boss. If the badge or paper is touched, the embedded skeleton will wail I m not sleeping! and then fall silent. This is the remains of a sewer inspector who was caught in the pipe when it was rent apart; the force of the upheaval embedded him in the stone wall. Beyond the cap is tons of solid earth. Area 10: At Last.. The Scum God On the north facing of the sewer pipe directly behind a large fissure created by a rupture in the stone pipe is a 40 X 40 natural stone cavern. The five-foot-wide crack leading to the cavern is concealed by an old outhouse door propped up against the tunnel wall. Because the door is as thickly muck-encrusted as the rest of the tunnel, the PCs must be actively searching to notice its presence. (Treat as a secret door for detection purposes.) As you pry open the muck-encrusted door, a nauseating odor of ancient outhouses, unwashed socks, and unearthed graves assaults your nostnls. There before you, in a roughly square stone cavern, you see a nine-foot-long disgusting heap of blackish green, foul brown-and-yellow, and sickly translucent grey-and-amber stretched out on a filthy hammock. The hammock is supported by ropes held on either side by two large slime creatures. The lower body of the reclining monstrosity is encased in a pair of orange, green, yellow and blue shorts emblazoned with scenes of palm trees and grass-skirted dancers. Small pairs of dark-tinted glasses cover the rest of the creature s form. In one of its hands is a fruit jar filled with a lumpy brownish liquid with a thin reed straw rising from the jar to the creature s mouth. In the other hand is an unfolded paper fan with which the creature seems to be fanning itself. As soon as the party enters the room the heap will gurgle, Ah, visitors! Come low me to introduce myself. These pathetic creatures down here call me the Scum God, but you may address me as..j uiblex. Ah, I that some of you have heard of me. So much the better. But perhaps you are wondering how I managed to make my way to your lovely plane of existence..all in due time. First let me show you around my humble abode. This said, Juiblex will spread himself into a pool of slime and drip off the hammock. The Guided Tour Juiblex will slime around the 40-footsquare by 20-foot-high room pointing out all of its salient features to the PCs. Protruding from the ceiling in the NW corner of the room is a broken section of threefoot drain pipe. The pipe has been uncapped and is being used by Juiblex as a shower, In the NE comer of the room sits a rickety shelf composed of bits and pieces of swollen rotted wood. These shelves hold the items Juiblex has acquired during his visit to the sewers, brought to him by Jack (see area 1). Juiblex will lovingly point to each item in turn, pointing out its intrinsic value to the PCs. Tucked among the broken bottles, soggy pizza crusts, gum wrappers, fish heads, dead rats, string, bones and snakeskins are jars labeled hairballs, feces, soap scum, teeth, cigar butts, and used undergarments. But Juiblex has saved the best for last. From a splintered rectangular wood box in the SE corner, a torn label on the front showing a dancing banana, he will produce two battered wire cages. The first cage contains a green, nearly featherbald parrot and the second, a small fluffy white dog curled in a ball and sleeping fitfully. Replacing the cages in their container, and slithering back over to face the PCs, Juiblex will relate the following: You see, I ve always had a desire to visit your quaint little plane, but alas, the only way I could do so is if someone summoned me. But then the most amazing thing happened! It seems there was a pirate, who, in what I m 108

108 jure he thought was an act of cleverless, named his parrot after me. Not mly that, he taught the bird to say his ~wname, among other foul epithets, md day and night he squawked Juiblex! luiblex! (At this point the parrot will give a short demonstration by squawk-.ng Juiblex..Awwwkkk..Call me luiblex from the depths of the crate.) Well, that was all it took. One of the calls pierced the Abyss and here I am. Naturally, I killed the pirate and sunk his boat for his troubles, bringing my cute little namesake here with me to my vacation retreat. I refer to this lovely place as my vacation retreat, and yes, I was quite ready for a vacation. I was tired of the other demons shunning me and whispering behind my back, just because I didn t have a face, so I came here to get away from it all. And what better place for a little rest and relaxation, than the sewers. But before I bore you, let s get to the heart of the matter. With my infinite genius, I ve deduced that you ve probably come for the dog. Well, you see, she was a gift to me from Jack, one of my most loyal minions, and as such I really can t give her up. In fact I ve even given her a name-stinkydo you like it? This, coupled with the fact that somebody obviously flushed her down the drain, makes her mine now. But knowing what stubborn creatures you humans are, I suppose you ll want to fight for her. Very well, take that! The Fight for Fluffy With these last words, Juiblex will spray a glob of jelly-slime at the party, signaling the beginning of combat. Attention DMs: Here s your chance to knock those snooty high-level characters around a little! Jluiblex will fight as nasty as possible using every d&y trick in the book. He ll start the fight by gating in 1-4 Type I1 demons to distract the characters while he spews his jelly-like slime around the room. Then he l! probably counter by tossing off an unholy word or maybe a dispel magic to mess up the magic-users in the party. After that he might mix it up with a few forceful blows and noisome secretions, while his living hammock joins in the fun. When you, as DM, think that the characters have had enough, JuiSlex will call a halt to the proceeding hy declaring truce. He will then tell the PCs that if they swear blind obedienc(3 to him and kiss his feet, he won t kill them but will instead take them with him to his place in the Abyss to be his slaves f3r eternity. If they refuse (whch they should) he will make another proposition. Forget the slave business, he ll tell them, just kiss his feet and swear obedience and he ll let them live. Unless the characters are really perverted, they should spurn this offer as well. Juiblex has one final proposal. Turning towards his shelves of collectibles he will remove a soggy gold-embossed piece of paper with one slimy appendage and present it to the party. The characters will immediately recognize it as an invitation to the masked ball. Juihlex will state that the invitation floated down here earlier in the day (apparently someone dropped it in the pool before it was drained) and he would really like to attend. Being a demon, and a disgusting one at that, he s never been to a party and feels it would be the perfect climax to his vacation. He ll give the characters his sacred oath that if they ll accompany him to the ball, he ll promise to behave, won t eat too much and wid leave promptly at midnight. In addition he ll return Fluffy and give them the parrot i they desire. Juiblex doesn t really want Fluffy anyway. He ll tell them this is his final offer, and if they don t accept they can resume battling to the death. Juiblex was just being naughty when he made his first demands. He never really expected the PCs to kiss his feet. Al he really cared about was going to the party, but he figured by letting the PCs choose between the lesser of the evils they would be more ding to cooperate. If the PCs agree to this proposal he will telekinese himself and the group up through the shower pipe to their destination, a men s room on the first floor of the castle. 2 Slime Creatures: AC 9; MV 6 ; HD 8+2; hp 54,39; #AT 1; Dmg 4d4; THACO 12; SA Olive slime; SD only affected by acid, freezing cold, fire, magic missiles and magical powers which affect plants; AL N Juiblex: AC -7; MV 3 ; HD 88 hp; #AT 1; Dmg 4d10; THACO 7; SA shed a circle of darkness, 15 radius at will, cause fear (as a wand), cast a circle of cold, 1 O radius, plus do any of the following during a melee round: detect invisible, locate object, ESE fly, dispel magic, invisibility 10 radius, charm monster, hold monster, telekinese 15,000 gp weight, project image, phase door, putrefy food and water, cause disease, speak with monsters, speak an unholy word once per day, and gate in 1-4 Type I1 demons (70% success chance). In addition, he can spew forth a three-cubic-foot blob of jelly-like slime combining the effects of ochre jelly and green slime once per turn with a 15 range; SD +2 or better weapon to hit, regenerates 2 hit points per round; AL CE; for more information on Juiblex or demons see MM, pg ). Fluffy s Fun Fax 638-Juiblex (The Faceless Lord) As a boy, Juiblex was teased and taunted by the other young demons who used to laugh and call him names (Scum Face or Barf Breath being the most popular). They never let poor Juiblex join in any demonic games. While it is true that young Juiblex was extremely disgusting and had a tendency to spout caustic secretions at the most inopportune moments, the only playmates he could find that seemed not to mind his loathsome appearance were slimes, jellies, and puddings. It was at this point in his life he was given the cruel nickname The Faceless Lord, a moniker that has stuck with him to this very day. Perhaps this unhealthy beginning is LO9

109 c what led the adult Juiblex to seek the life of a recluse on the 528th layer of the Abyss. Here he constructed a little cottage composed of living fungus and rot. Since the entire layer is composed of decaying matter, he never has to mow the lawn or rake leaves. He has no mailbox as no one ever writes to him and a large moldy Get Lost mat in front of his domicile warns away the occasional salesman. Therefore Juiblex whiles away the centuries with his favorite hobby, spreading himself into a vast pool of slime and raising up into a 20-foot column of sickening ordure. When he s not doing this, he can be found sitting in his favorite fungi chair, thinking evil thoughts. His only visitors are the occasional black pudding or gray ooze (and even they don t hang around very long). Like all demons, Juiblex can visit the planes of Tarterus, Hades, or Pandemonium or take a short jaunt to the Astral plane. Before he became entrenched in his hermatic lifestyle, he used to take advantage of this ability but found Tarterus too crowded, Hades too gloomy, and Pandemonium too windy and noisy for his liking. His secret desire is to visit the Prime Material plane (he has heard that some excellent mushrooms and toadstools grow there) but to do so he needs some help, which so far he has been loathe to ask for. Juiblex s prize possession is a small glass jar that once contained catfish bait and now contains his vital essence. The jar is attached to a thin silver chain and well secreted in his lair. If someone were to find this amulet, perhaps by looking under the rotted-log bed in the master bedroom, that person would gain power over Juiblex for a whole day. As Juiblex tends to be quite stubborn and independent, this would probably make him very mad. If you were to meet Juiblex on the street, he would be instantly recognizable. He would most likely be slithering by in his favorite form, that of a nine-foottall cone-like heap of disgusting matter in shades of blackish greens, browns and yellows, and translucent grays and ambers. Protruding from this mess would be several glaring red eyes, the beady orbs seeming to dare passersby to make a smart comment. Of course his putrid odor would be a dead giveaway, as it is noticable blocks away. If Juiblex were ever to be invited to any social functions, he would probably be the life of the party. Being a certifiable genius, he would be able to expound his views on a wide range of conversational topics. If the festivities began to lag, he could entertain with a few simple parlor tricks, among them being locate object, ESe fly, putre& folod and water and the ever-popular circle of darkness. Although the chances of you ever striking up a friendship with Juiblex are pretty slim, be warned. If he happens to take a liking to you, he is apt to carry you away to his home to become his permanent slave. One way to prevent this is to make sure you have plenty of holv symbols and perhaps a pentacle or two on hand if he should come to visit. And iust to be on the safe side, don t talk: in your sleep. Juiblex at the Pa.rty Needless to say, your appearance in the midst of a discussion on polo techniques between Lord Buttertub and the Duke of Biscuit caused quite a commotion. Making your apologies and hurriedly leaving the startled gentlemen, you steeled yourselves for your grand entrance. Your fears however, proved to be unfounded. The guests soon found1 themselves drawn to the new arrival, captivated by his droll wit and unique outlook on life. Although most conversations were kept necessarily brief, Juiblex soon proved to be the belle of the ball and actually behaved quite well for a demon. And even though your ears were burning with the few whispered comments that your costumes were tacky, you felt a certain perverse pride when Juiblex won first prize for best costume. And true to his word, he departed at midnight, amid offers to return next year and invitations to visit country estates. [ But the highlight of the evening was when you quietly slipped away from the crowd and softly made your way up the stairs carrying your precious cargo. Slowly creaking open the polished wood door, you stepped silently toward the moonlit bed and the small pale figure lying within. As you deposited the wiggling little bundle in the child s empty arms and heard the drowsy sleep-filled sigh of Fluffy as girl and dog snuggled together under the thick quilts, you knew it had all been worthwhile. Just Desserts A few days after the adventure a large box arrives for the PCs. Inside is a note that reads: Dear PCs, Thank you so much for rescuing Penny s little dog. I was going to send each of you a 1,000-gp gem as a reward, but Penny insisted on picking out your reward herself. Enclosed please find a lifetime supply of Damselette cookies. Sincerely, Penny s father. Fluffy and Penny are characters copyrighted by Rick Reid. 110



112 Option 2 This option, believe it or not, is even more realistic than option one, but you can only use it if you are playing with miniature figures. Whenever battle erupts, each combatant grasps his miniature and holds it out over the table. The various combatants then attempt to stick each other s figures with their little swords and scream out the amount of damage they think each blow would have done, while trying to avoid being stuck by the others. Whomever gets bored first loses and is dead. Make sure to have plenty of little cutting implements on hand for all of the severed limbs, broken weapons, etc. Wandering Monsters on Level 11 Roll ldlo on the table below every two turns. D10 Roll Result 1-6 No Encounter 7-8 2d6 Giant Trolls (AC 4; MV 12 ; HD 8; #AT 1; Dmg 2d8; THACO 12; SA Regeneration). The giant trolls are some of Mordenkainen s groupies from the Pomarj 9 ld3 Nycadaemons (AC -4; MV 12 /36 ; WD ; #AT 2; Dmg ld8 +8; THACO 7; SA magic, see FE pg 69). The Nycadaemons are here as representatives of certain high-ranking officials of Gehenna who are trying to sell the film rights to their life stories. 10 Demogorgon (AC - 8; hp 200; #AT 3; Dmg Special; THACO 4; SA magic, demon lord of the abyss, see MM, pg 16). Encounter Kev Area 1: Entry Chamier There is very little of value in this room. Well-worn steps blanketed in dust lead up to level 10 from the center of the chamber, and moth-eaten tapestries de- picting frolicking elves are tacked to each of the four walls, Area2: Bijou Mordenkainen has converted this area into a small movie theater. He holds two shows per day here, and charges the monsters from the surrounding dungeon levels 50 gp each for admission (on Sundays there are 20-gp matinees). The only way tio enter the bijou is through the huge double doors on the north wall, which lead into the lobby. The other doorways are all one way, leading out. Just outside the lobby entrance is a poster for the current feature, They Saved Tenser s Brain. Immediately insidle the lobby doors is a box office where Mort and Gort (two of Mordenkainen s apprentices) will stop the party and ask them eac l for their 50- gp admission fee. If the F Cs refuse to pay, the wizards will attack and summon the iron golem ushers (see below). If the party members pay the full amount, the two wizards will offer to sell them popcorn for five gp per box. Mort and God: A,C - 2 (bracers of defenseac2); MV 12 ; MU 22; hp 42,48; ST 12, IN 18, WI 14, DE 13, CO 13, CH 15; #AT 1; Dmg ld4; THACO 11; AL CN. Both Mort and Gort wear a ring of regeneration and have the following spells memorized: Level 1: Charm Person (S), Enlarge, Protection From Evil, Sleep Level 2 : Detect Invisibility, Invisibilitx Mirror Image (x2), Scare Level 3: Blink,,Mold Perscln (&), Lightning Bolt (x2) Level 4: Fear (XZ), Minor Globe of Invulnerability, Polymorph Other, WaU of Fire Level 5: Cloud,kiU, Cone of Cold (&), Feeblemind, Wall of Force Level 6: Anti-Magic Shell, Bigby s Forceful Hand, {Geas, Flesh to Stone Level 7: Duo-Dimension, Mordenkainen s Sword, Power Wcrd Stun (x2) Level 8: Antipathy, Mindblank, Otto s Irresistible Dance, Serten 3 Spell Immunity Level 9: Imprisonment, Power Word KiUr Shape Change. The theater itself seats about 150 monsters. When the party enters, they will find the theater completely dark. On the screen is a film depicting huge armies of 90-foot-tall orcs storming all over Greyhawk, lead by a severed head floating in a fishbowl (presumably Tenser). Three melee rounds after the party enters the theater there is a problem with the projector, and the audience begins groaning. Two rounds after that, a huge riot breaks out and the various members of the audience begin to attack the theater and each other. There is a good chance that the PCs will become entangled in the festivities. The following creatures are involved in the riot: Buford (insane evil titan): AC - 3; MV 21 ; HD 22; hp 88; #AT 1; Dmg 8d6; THACO 7; SA see MM, pg 94. Buford wears a colossal backpack that is stuffed with 440 gp, three 75 gp gems, and two potions of giant strength. Todd and Sid (beholders): AC 0/2/7; MV 3 ; hp 75; #AT 3; Dmg ld8/ld8/ 3d10; THACO 10; SA breath weapon Galgathrax (huge ancient red dragon): AC -1; MV 9 /24 ; HD 11; hp 88; #AT 3; Dmg lds/ld8/3dlo; THACO 10; SA breath weapon Ygordrim (death slaad): AC -4; MV 12 ; HD 15+7; hp 127; #AT 3; Dmg 2d10/3d6/3d6; THACO 7; Special see FE pg. 81. Ygordrim is on vacation from Limbo. He carries 27,000 gp in traveler s checks, redeemable at any bank in the lower planes. Stan (death Knight): AC 0; MV 9 ; HD 9; hp 97; #AT 1; Dmg ld10 +6; THACO 12; Special see Ffi pg. 23. Mordenkainen has posted an iron golem (AC 3; MV 6 ; hp 80, 80; #AT 1; Dmg 4d10; THACO 4; Special poison gas) at each of the theater s two exists. Three rounds after the not begins, the golems will attempt to quell it. Area 3: Projection Room This chamber houses the projector that services the adjacent bijou. The projectionist is another of Mordenkainen s apprentices, Bort (with stats identical to those of Mort and Gort from area 2). If 113

113 the party enters this room during the riot, they will find Bort completely tangled in film, desperately trying to restart the movie. Needless to say, there is a 70-mm projector in the room which is enough of an oddity in Greyhawk to fetch a price of 500 gp or so on the open market. Lining the east wall are several film reels bearing titles like: Balzor The Warrior, Island of the Sorceresses, and Anak! Concealed in a film canister marked Monster Fraternity Vacation are four 500-gp gems. Area 4: Mordenkainen s Office On the door leading to this chamber is a sign reading PRIWTE KEEP OUT. From here Mordenkainen carries on all of his day-to-day operations. The office features a large ivory desk (worth 750 gp), a collection of file cabinets stuffed full of old papers, and the fabled hot tub of relaxation. Mordenkainen himself will be in the hot tub with Fiona, his very special friend, when the PCs enter. Mordenkainen: AC -2 (bracers of defense AC 2); MV 12 ; MU 29; hp 110; ST 9, IN 20, WI 17, DE 18, CO 12, CH 18; #AT 1; Dmg ld4; THACO 11; AL CN. Mordenkainen has a staff of the magi, a ring of regeneration, and the crown of might. He has memorized the following spells: Level 1: Charm Person (A?), Enlarge, Light, Magic Missile (x2), Shocking Grasp Level 2: Invisibility (x3), Mirror Image, Stinking Cloud, Web (i2) Level 3: Clairvoyance, Dispel Magic (d), Hold Person, Lightning Bolt (A?), Protection from Normal Missiles Level 4: Charm Monster (B), Fear (XZ), Minor Globe of Invulnerability, Polymorph Other (&) Level 5: Bigby s Interposing Hand, Cloudkill, Cone of Cold (SI, Magic Jar, Mordenkainen s Faithful Hound Level 6: Anti-Magic Shell, Death Spell, Disintegrate, Geas, Otiluke S Freezing Sphere, Tenser s Transformation Level 7: Delayed Blast Fireball (A?), Mordenkainen s Sword (x2), Power Word Stun, Statue Level 8: Incendiary Cloud, Mass Charm (d), Mind Blank, Power Word Blind, Symbol Level 9: Power Word Kil (x2), Prismatic Sphere, Shape Change, Wsh (x.2) Fiona: AC 1; MV 12 ; T 14; hp 84; ST 16, IN 15, WI 10, DE 18, CO 16, CH 17; #AT; Dmg ld8+6; THACO 9; AL N. Fiona wears a ring of prott*ction + 5 and is armed with a long sword +5. Also in the room are Mordenkainen s three nycadaemon bodyguards (AC - 4; MV 12 /36 ; HD ; hp 130, 128, 116; #AT2; Dmg ld8 +8; THACO 7; SA magic, see FF, pg. 69). If any of the PCs entering this room has a Charisma of 16 or bigher, Mordenkainen will frame his or her face between his two hands and immediately offer to make all of the PCs stars. Refer to this level s Appendix for the outcome of any deals. If none of the PCs meet the Charisma requirement, Morclenkainen will order his bodyguards to remove the trespassers from his office. He and Fiona will join in if necessary. Buried in the ma:js of papers found in the filing cabinets is,a scroll containing the spells wizard lock, Mordenkainen s faithful hound, delayed blast iireball and time stop. In one of the desk drawers is a dagger +2 and a map showing the location of Mordenkainen s secret stronghold in the Great Kingdom. Area 5: Mordenkainen s Antechamber This is a small alcove just off Mordenkainen s office. ]Located in this room is the dimensional gateway that Mordenkainen uses to make the journey to the Splittstein s plane. The gateway appears as a huge shimmering silver arch. Anyone stepping through the arch finds himself in Sam and Irwin Splittstein s offices on the alternate Prime Material plane. On the other plane the gateway is disguised as a cheap1 wall hanging. Mordenkainen also uses this room to store the treasure that he plans to bring back to his stronghold in the Great Kingdom. The room currently holds 15 sacks, each containing 200 pp. Area 6: Records/Script Hall The door to this room is locked. This is where Mordenkainen keeps his business records, scripts, and other important papers. Inside is a large oak desk (worth 250 gp), and several filing cabinets, all of which are literally choked with old papers. Lying on the desk are several important papers that may attract the PCs attention. These are described below: * Paper #1: A memo from Sam and Irwin to Mordenkainen. It reads, M- We got the OK! This is our big chance. Remember, we are going to get hassled unless the film is as accurate a representation of fantasy games as possible. You better give us a look at the screenplay before you start shooting -Sam & I. PS: Is there some way we can get Tom the Bomb Brannigan into this one? * Paper #2: The first page of the fantasy movie script: FANTASY THE MOVIE A Screenplay by Edgar Gordon Galaxy CASTOFCHARACTERS Boffo: A bold, hearty dwarf who often relies upon his formidable combat skills (instead of his brains) to solve his problems. Vebvennena: A bold, hearty wizard who often relies upon his mighty magic (instead of his brains) to solve his problems. The Weasel: A bold, hearty thief who often relies upon his devastating backstabbing ability (instead of his brains) to solve his problems. Buongiorno: A bold, hearty cleric who often relies upon his potent healing magic (instead of his brains) to solve his problems. SCENE ONE: The PARTY is in an underground complex deep beneath the planet s surface. 114

114 BOFFO: Quickly my friends, let us enter this chamber in search of gold and experience! VEBVENNENA: Gold and experience do little to whet my appetite, friend Boffo. I come questing magic. THE WEASEL: Spleeb this debate! Come Boffo, help me listen at this door whilst Veb prods for traps with his 10-foot pole and Buongiomo attempts to disbelieve. Need I remind you that we have but six wishes and 41 charges left in the staff of curing! BUONGIORNO: Yes, and I am sure that any moment now thousands of the demons will be unleashed onto this plane in order to spirit all our princesses off to the Abyss! * Paper #3: This is a list of the props needed for the fantasy movie. It reads: Potion of climbing, six potions of extra healing, six assorted scrolls, ring of djhni summoning, ring of fire resistance, ring of spell storing, ring of multiple wishes, rod of lordly mght, rod of rulership, staff of curing, wand of fear, wand of negation, alchemy jug, apparatus of kwdsh, boots of elvenkind, bracers of defense, carpet of ffying, cloak of protection + 3, cube of force, eyes of minute seeing, gem of brightness, helm of telepathy, javelin of piercing, necklace of adaptation, portable hole, talisman of zam, trident of subm ssion, plate mail +5 (2 suits), shield +5, shield +4, defender sword +5, luck blade. These items are gathered and in Prop Storage Area #1 -MI * Paper #4: This is a memo from Mordenkainen to his assistants. It reads, For the climactic scene of the movie we are going to have to trash Castle Greyhawk. Make sure you perform all the necessary camera maintenance. I don t want to have to waste another castle again because you are using bad cameras. Filming is scheduled for DATE-M. The date on the memo is exactly 21 days after the players find the message. Mordenkainen is indeed planning to gather his forces together and travel to the surface in order to destroy Castle Greyhawk for the climactic scene of the fantasy movie. If he and his apprentices are still alive three weeks from now you should create this encounter and run it. Most of the creatures on this level will be involved in the attack on the castle. (The druids of the Golden Bough will also join in, once they see what s going on.) Area 7: Wardrobe Room Mordenkainen uses this room to store the costumes he needs on hand for his films. Lining the walls are racks containing every sort of cheap movie costume imaginable: ninja suits, army uniforms, shining armor, space suits, police uniforms, etc. When the players enter this room they will encounter 12 mummies (AC 3; MV 6 ; HD 6+3; hp 51, 49, 47, 49, 50, 41, 40,46,49,44,48,50; #AT 1; Dmg ld12; THACO 13; SA Fear, see MM, pg 72) that are being fitted for new bandages by Vort (same stats as Mort and Gort from area 2), Mordenkainen s tailor. The mummies are going to be playing a bit part in the fantasy movie. Hanging on the racks amid the other costumes are a cloak of elvenkind and a suit of leather +3. In the pockets of a phony wizard robe are two necklaces and a ring, each worth 400 gp. Area 8: Main Casting In this room the party will find a large desk immediately opposite the door. Sitting behind the desk is Cort, another of Mordenkainen s apprentices (same stats as Mort and Gort from area 2). There is also a long line of ghouls (AC 6; MV 9 ; HD 2; hp 16, 14, 15, 16, 16, 14, 12,16, 16, 15, 14; #AT 3; Dmg ld3lld3lld6; THACO 16; SA Paralyzation) auditioning for a small walk-on part in the fantasy movie. The ghouls approach the desk one at a time and tap dance. Cort responds to their efforts with either Next!, or Don t call us, we ll be in touch. There are 11 ghouls in all. Cort wears a ring that is worth 1,000 gp. On the south wall of the casting office is a wooden door leading to a much smaller private casting office. The only furniture in the smaller room is the unique couch of casting. The couch tries to charm anyone sitting upon it (save at -2) for the director. Note: The DM should also place as many monsters created by the Random Monster Generator as he feels appropriate in the casting office. These creatures are also auditioning for parts in the movie. Area 9: Prop Storage #1 There is an ivory placard outside the door leading into this room reading, PROP STORAGE #1. Mordenkainen stores a lot of the little odds and ends he needs to make his films here. There are shelves lining each of the chamber s four walls that hold hundreds of props, gadgets, and doodads. Some of the items on the shelves include: a yo-yo, a pair of boar s tusks, a number of rubber swords and spears, a pith helmet, a stuffed ostrich, the Venom Pikes 1044 single Anarchy in the Spindrift Isles, a buddha statue with a clock in its stomach, a normal shield and helmet, and full length silver mirror. The latter item is worth 450 gp, all the others are worthless. In a concealed compartment behind one of the shelves are a ring of spell storing, a carpet of flying, and helmet of telepa thy. None of the items listed in Paper #3 in area 6 are here. Area 10: Special Effects Department Two of Mordenkainen s apprentices, Qort and Xort (same stats as in area 2) are on duty filming the special effects sequences for the fantasy movie. There are two large tables in the room. On one table is huge model of the fabled City of Brass which was constructed out of solid gold (it was easier to work). On the other are various models of dragons, xorns, titanotheres, etc. A camera is set up in the comer of the room to record everything that happens. As the party enters the room, they will 115

115 find Qort and Xort hard at work over the City of Brass model, using pyrotechnics spells to simulate a huge firestorm. If the party members do nothing to disturb their work, the two wizards will ignore them; otherwise, one of the pair will try to flee to Mordenkainen s office (area 4) to summon the arch-mage and his bodyguards to deal with the intruders. The City of Brass model is worth approximately 3,500 gp, and most of the figurines are worth 100 gp each (there are 20 in all). Hidden in with the small dragon models is a figuxine of wondrous powerebony fly. Area 11: Prop Storage #2 This room is similar to Prop Storage #1 (area 9). It too has an ivory placard outside the door. Items stored here include a sack of 450 gp, a plastic crown, a basketball, three cases of beer, a pile of old newspapers, a model of a luxury yacht, an 90-foot-long coil of rope, a bass guitar, an electric fan, a pair of knitting needles, and a trash can. Other than the gold, there is no treasure here. Area 12: Commissary This is where the cast and crew of Mordenkainen s films come for lunch. There are cafeteria tables and benches scattered all along the room. Along the west wall is a counter where one can buy food. Working behind the counter is Port, another of Mordenkainen s apprentices (same stats as in area 2). On the wall behind the counter is a price list that reads as follows: Cream of Human soup-40 gp French Fried Dwarves-35 gp Elf Kidney Salad-60 gp TODAY S SPECIAL: Hatfling Legs-20 gp. When the party members enter, they will find a number of creatures in the commissary, sitting down to a pleasant lunch. These include a salamander (AC 513; MV 9 ; HD 7+7; hp 56; #AT 2; Dmg ld81 2d6; THACO 12; SA Heat, see MMpg. 85, an umber hulk (AC 2; MV 6 (6 ); HD 8 + 8; hp 59; #AT 3; Dmg 3d413d414d3-2; THACO 10; SA Confusion), an ettin (AC 3; MV 12 ; HD 10; hp 77: #AT 2; Dmg 2d813d6; THACO 10; SA low surprise), and 16 xvarts (AC 7, MV 6 : HD 1-1; hp 7,6, 7, 5,6, 7, 5,4,6, 7, 7, 5 6, 7, 5, 6; #AT 1; Dmn ld4 + 1; THACO 20. The creatures in this room will ignore the PCs unless they are disturbed. None of the creatures has any treasure. Area 13: Kitchen The food for the commissary is prepared in this room. There are cabinets, tables, chopping blocks, pots, pans, etc. scattered about the room. In the center of the chamber is a huge iron cauldron. Suspended above the cauldron are four unconscious halflings (AC 10; MV 12 ; F 4; hp 12,11,10,12; ST 10, IN 10, WI 11, DE 16, CO 9, CH 13). As the PCs enter the room, Mike and George, Mordenkainen s djinni chefs (AC 4; MV 9 / 24 ; HD 7 +3; #AT 1; Dmg 2d8; SA see MM, pg 28), are about to lower the halflings into the boiling water in the cauldron. The halflings are actually wealthy princes from the Awesome Halfling Kingdom. If rescued and returned, they will reward each of the PCs with 3,000 gp. Area 14: Soundstage #1 This is one of five soundstages on the level. The film, Seven Secrets of Kung Fu Death is currently being shot here. Mordenkainen s prop men have fixed up the soundstage to resemble a giant Hong Kong warehouse. Currently inside the Soundstage is SSKFD s director, Fu Han (AC 9; MV 21 ; Th 15; hp 70; ST 11, IN 13, WI 13, DE 15, CO 13, CH 16; THACO 14; Dmg ld4), 12 xorns dressed as ninjas (AC -2; MV 9 ; HD 7+7; hp 63,61,61,61,62,63,62,51,61,60,54, 14; #AT 4; Dmg ld3(x3)/6d4; THACO 12; SA see MM, pg 102, and the Grand Master of Flowers (AC -3; MV 32 ; Mnk 18; hp 85; ST 15, IN 16, WI 16, DE 17, CO 17, CH 15; #AT 4; Dmg 8d4. If you have the Oriental Adventures rule book use the rules fix oriental monks and assume that each of the xorns have all the abilities of 5th-level ninjas. As the PCs enter, Fu Han will shout Action. At that point one of the xorns will trade a couple of blows with the Grandmaster, pause, say Ah, I see you ve been practicing your Kung Fu!, and motion for the other xorns to surround the monk. The Grandmaster then proceeds to beat the tar out of the whole group. Fu Han is recording this entire scene with a camera (worth 750 gp in Greyhawk as an odd curiosity). Plainly visible on the Grandmaster is a necklace of adaptation and a ring worth 75,000 gp. No one will disturb the PCs unless attacked or interfered with. Area 15: Soundstage #2 This soundstage will also be used for the filming of Seven Secrets of Kung Fu Death. It is currently completely empty save for the piles of tools and boards that Mordenkainen s workmen will be using to construct the next set. The entire floor of the soundstage is covered by wooden boards. In one corner of the room (indicated on the map) there is no real floor, and the boards cover a deep pit. Anyone stepping on the boards in this area falls 50 feet (and suffers appropriate falling damage). Area 16: Dressing Rooms These chambers house the quarters of the various stars of Seven Secrets of Kung Fu Death. Each dressing room features a bed, table, mirror, wardrobe, and desk. The individual dressing rooms are described in more detail below: A) Skrod s room: Skrod is the xorn king from the elemental plane of Earth. He has signed a four-year, six-picture deal with Mordenkainen. When the party enters, Skrod not here. Skrod keeps nothing of value in his quarters. B) Cheeha s room: Cheeha is one of King Skrod s assistants. He too is out when the players arrive in his dressing room. Cheeha keeps the 550 gp that Mordenkainen paid him to do SSKFD un- 116

116 der his bed. Lying on Cheeha s table is a pound of coal (a late night snack). C) Grandmaster s room: This room is the temporary home to the Grandmaster of Flowers. The Grandmaster has five 500-gp gems hidden under a loose floorboard, and a pair of cufffinks ofprotection +2 on his table. D) Fu Han s room: Seven Secrets of Kung Fu Death s director, Fu Han, is quartered in this room. In his wardrobe are two expensive oriental robes worth 300 gp each. Fu Han is in area 14 when the party enters his dressing room. Area 16: Soundstage #3 This soundstage has been converted into a cheap bar for use in Monster Fraternity Vacation 11: Daytona Daze. In its current state, the soundstage features a number of tables and stools, a bar, and a few neon beer signs. As the PCs approach this room they will hear bubble gum rock and roll music (the film s sound track, provided by a tape machine in the soundstage s southeast corner). As the party members enter this chamber they will notice 20 ogres (AC 5; MV 9 ; HD 4 + 1; hp 33 (x 19), 5; #AT 1; Dmg ld10; THACO 15), four frost giants (AC 4, MV 12 ; HD 10 + ld4; hp 77,73, 80,68; #AT 1; Dmg 4d6; THACO 10; SA Hurl Rocks), and a huge old green dragon (AC 2; MV 9 /24 ; HD 9; hp 54; #AT 3; Dmg ld6/ld6/2d10; THACO 12; SA Breath Weapon). These monsters make up the cast of Monster Fraternity Vacation 11. They are all wearing sweatshirts embroidered with Alpha-Delta-Delta symbols. As the party enters the soundstage, the monsters will all be gathered around in a cluster, waiting for their director to return (see area 18). Upon seeing the party, the green dragon says, No, you guys want the fantasy movie, soundstage #&out the door and take a right. The monsters will not attack the party unless molested. Lying on the ground by the door the party enters, next to a clapboard bearing the film s full title, is a 100-gp gem that someone must have dropped. Area 17: Soundstage #4 This is another; empq soundstage awaiting conversion for use in Monster Fraternity Vacation 11 (similar to area 15). It too features a concealed 50-footdeep pit. Scattered all across the soundstage are 650 sp, the remnants of last night s wild party. Area 18: Writers Chamber The screen writers for Monster Fraternity Vacation 11 spend most of their time in this area. As they eiter the room, the party members will find the six writers (fat orcs with perms,,ic 6; MV 9 ; HD 1; hp 6, 7, 8, 8, 8, 7; #AT 1; Dmg ld8; THACO 19) busily clxking away on their typewriters. The flm s director, Yort (one of Mordenkainen s apprentices-same slats as t lose in area 2) is also in the room, waiting for the writers to finish the next scene. You see, Mordenkainen is rushing this Em out in order to cash in on the success of the original Monster Fraternity Vacation. The screenplay is being written scene-byscene in order to save rime-as each scene is written, it is filmed. Each of the writers wears a small sack containing 2 sp (what did you expect, these are writers!). Area 19: Incredible Reasure Give-Away Room This is an empty room containing 1000 gp, six gems, 500 pp, 22,000 sp, a necklace worth 401) gp, a ring worth 275 gp, apotion offrostgiant control, two jars of Keoughtom s ointment, a short sword + 3, and a cursed two-handed sword - 5. No, Mordenkainen is not using these items as props for any movies-this room is here so the players quit complaining about the lack of treasure. Hope it works. Area 20: Dressing Rooms Except for their occupants, these rooms are identical to the dressing rooms found in area 3.6. These rooms are described in more detail below: A) Ogres room: This dressing room quarters 20 ogres and looks like it! The room is an absolute mess. AU of the furniture is in splinters and half-eaten hunks of cheese and haunches of meat are scattered everywhere. The ogres sleep on a pile of skins on the floor. As could be expected, the ogres blew their entire fee for appearing in Monster Fraternity Vacation 11 on fine wine and meat. In one comer of the room are two casks of excellent wine worth 250 gp each. When the player characters enter this room the ogres are in area 16. B) Dragon s room: This area serves as temporary quarters for the huge old green dragon that is appearing in Monster Fraternity Vacation 11. The dragon has had all of the furniture except for the mirror removed, and has moved in a small portion of his horde so that he can feel at home. The room currently contains 200 gp, 2,000 sp, 500 ep, 75 five-gp gems, and a philter of love. The green dragon is in area 16 when the player characters enter his dressing room. Area 21: Soundstage #5 This huge soundstage is in the process of being converted into the small dungeon complex that makes up one of the highly detailed and realistic sets of Fantasy: The Movie. Each area is described in more detail below: A) An empty, smooth chamber. As soon as anyone opens the door leading into area A, a huge hammer swings down from the ceiling and strikes him for ld12 points of damage. B) Yet another empty, smooth chamber. Anyone entering area B is instantly teleported to area C! C) Yet again another empty, smooth chamber. Anyone entering area C is instantly teleported to area B! D) Still another empty, smooth chamber. Other than the fact that there is no treasure, there is nothing extraordinary about this room. E) Another empty, smooth chamber. As the party members approach this area they will hear the sounds of the power tools that the three stone giant maintenance men (AC 0; MV 12 ; HD 9 + ld3; 117

117 hp 73,69, 50; #AT 1; Dmg 3d6; THACO 12; SA Hurl boulders) are using to sand down the walls in order to make them nice and smooth for filming. Whether the player characters disturb them or not, the stone giants will mindlessly leap to attack, fighting until dead. F) Not a smooth, empty chamber! In the movie, this area will represent the obligatory dead end passage minotaur lair. G) Still another incredibly empty, smooth chamber, perhaps even emptier and smoother than areas A through E. There are four more stone giant workers (AC 0; MV 12 ; HD 9 + ld3; hp 60,40, 50,28; #AT 1; Dmg 3d6; THACO 12; SA Hurl boulders). These giants ignore the PCs unless the PCs attack. H) The emptiest, smoothest chamber of all. In the middle of this room is a staircase leading down to level 12. Area 22: Dressing Rooms Again, these rooms are similar to those in areas 16 and 20. This block of dressing rooms houses the stars of Fantasy: The Movie. A) Tom the Bomb Buchannan s room: Tom is a popular professional wrestler on the Splittstein s plane. Sam and Irwin managed to sign him to a twoyear, 20-picture deal and insisted that Mordenkainen use him in the fantasy movie in order to cash in on his popularity. When the party enters the room, the Bomb (AC 6; MV 12 ; F 15; hp 100; ST 18(00), IN 4, WI 4, DE 18, CO 18, CH 16; THACO 6; Dmg grappling/ pummeling) is sitting on his bed with two elven women (AC 10; MV 12 ; HD 1; hp 2, 3; BAT 1; Dmg ld3; THACO 20). His only comment will be, Uh I don t sign autographs-why don t you leave? The Bomb has quite a bit of treasure in his room, but unfortunately it is all in U.S. dollars. There is about $14,000 stuffed under Tom s mattress. B) The tarrasque s room: Mordenkainen managed to convince the dreaded tarrasque to make a cameo appearance in Fantasy: The Movie. When the party enters this chamber the tarrasque (AC -3; MV 9 : hp 300; #AT 6; Dmg ld12/ld2/2~d12/5d10/ldl0/ldlo; THACO 4; SA sele MMU, pg 117) is sleeping, but if any of the party members makes the slightest sound the beast will leap up and viciously attack them all until dead. The creature is wearing a dark pair of sunglasses that makes it immune to right or continual light spells cast on its eyes. The tarrasque has no unusual treasure. C) Red Dragon s room: Giliwampat, the red dragon, has become something of a star in Mordenkainen s films ( Fantasy: The Movie will be his eighth picture). As the PCs approach this room they will notice a group of four orcish groupies (AC 7; MV 9 ; HD 1; hp 1, 1, I, 1; THACO 20) waiting for autographs outside the dragon s door. Inside the dressing room, Giliwampat (AC - 1; MV 9 / 24 ; HD 11; hp 88; #AT 3; ld8;ld8;3d10: TIHACO 10; SA Breath weapon) is being interviewed by two film critics (AC - 10; MV 48 ; MU 53; hp 86, 94; ST 21, IN 18, WI 4, DE 21, CO 19, CH 8; #AT 1; Dmg 3d10) for television. The dragon sits perched atop a small portion of his horde (4,000 gp, 35 swords + 1, a ring of zero wishes, and an item that resembles a copper piece but is actually worth 2,000 gp). Giliwampat, who wears sunglasses of hipness, will gladly welcome any opportunities to vanquish a party of dungeon explorers for the TV cameras. Area 23: Pointless trick Room Anyone who enters this empty room is instantly teleportedl right hack out into the hall. Appendix Random Monsters from Level 12 Needless to say, there is a huge procession of monsters created by the Random Monster Generator on level 12 that passes through Mordenkainen s territory. Cutting a Deal With Mordenkainen When the players enter area 4 there is a possibility that Mordenkainen will see something he likes and offer to give the party members starring roles in Fantasy: The Movie (see area 4 description). Before giving the PCs a part in the film, Mordenkainen will insist on an audition. He will order the party members to kill the giant work crews in area 21 while the cameras roll. If the audition goes well (Le., the party wins), Mordenkainen will offer each party member his (Strength + Charisma + (Experience Level x 5)) x 1000 gp to sign a contract to appear in the film. If the signing goes well, the party members must report back to level 11 for the next 20 days in order to shoot the movie. On each day of the filming they will be called upon to viciously and gorily slay some random creatures (from the Random Monster Generator) for the cameras.

118 Note: Read the entire adventure, especially Voyeux s Hospitality before beginning. This scenario requires extensive DM preparation. Background: Voyeux The Whimsical Several hundred years ago, Voyeux was an aspiring young chaotic good magician. He set out to make a name for himself as an adventuring magic-user and succeeded very well. For the most part, he had a name as a tourist - an onlooker who got involved when the battle came near to him, but who preferred to observe the antics of his companions and the denizens of the areas his party adventured in. Sometimes he instigated the an- tics by angering a denizen or playing on the psychological weaknesses of his companions to provoke a confrontation. Voyeux was confident that he would never be truly hurt. In fact, he only died three times in his entire career, and each time he was duly brought back to the living by surviving party members. Despite his antagonistic ways, Voyeux was quick and intelligent and never knowingly let his party down if they were in true trouble. Therefore, Voyeux was included in many adventuring bands. By the time he had reached 2lst level, he had great power and a number of magical objects. Two of these set his path for the rest of his lie. The first was a cache of longevity potions. Voyeux is still. hale and hearty, looking perhaps 35 years of age, after several centuries of life. The second was the Random Monster Generator (his name for it). This exotic artifact took up a large chunk of a lower level of a dungeon he adventured into late in his career as a magic-user. Totally entranced by the device, Voyeux determined how to pry it loose from its moorings and bring it out to where he could use it. He had to return to his main base, recruit a small army of helpers, and refight his way into the dungeon shepherding a set of ingenious carts. They took the device apart, loaded it into the carts, and fought their way out again, the carts pulled by several adventurers who had taken giant strength potions. Once the device was his, Voyeux determined to become worthy of it. He left it in safe-keeping with an old friend, for-

119 sook his magic-user career, and began to adventure as a thief, converting his alignment to chaotic neutral in the process. His natural talents helped him and he gained the 13th level of master thief before he once again made a career change and began operating as an illusionist. Once he had reached his current level of Wizard 231Master Thief 13/Illusionist 27, Voyeux looked about and determined that Greyhawk Castle would be the ideal retirement spot for his extremely extended old age. Using the Random Monster Generator, he called forth some burrowing creatures who dug him a hole to the bottom of the castle s dungeons. He then linked the various dungeon levels to his hideaway with portals and set the Generator on random generation - herding the results through the portals to the other levels. At this time, Voyeux has explored the entire dungeon complex. This is relatively easy when all you want to do is peek in and then scamper. Certain secret rooms and rooms heavily defended by trigger-happy magicians and clerics of high levels have been left alone, though he has scanned them with wizard eye if at all possible. Now he stays at ease in how own chambers in the core of his level, observing events throughout the dungeon (and elsewhere in the world) in his Tapestry of Rooms and unleashing random monsters to random levels to keep the life in the dungeon exciting and worth watching. Voyeux the Whimsical: AC -2; MV 12 ; M/Th/I 23/13/27; hp 60; #AT 1; Dmg by weapon; THACO 10; ST 10, IN 18, WI 12, DX 18, CN 15, CH 13; AL CN. Voyeux has bracers of AC 21, (dagger +I), (ring of speu turning), (ring of multiple wishes (2 left), wand of fear (56 charges) with him at all times. The remainder of his magical possessions are described in the Room of the Tapestry. Key To Voyeux s Domain Area 1: Entry Room The stairway from level 11 comes out in the west wall of this room. The room is entirely walled, flloored and roofed in stone. The stone has been recently cleaned. There is an opening in the east wall, on the south corner, leading to area 2. The only furniture is a free-standing stone bench along the west wall, positioned to look into area 2. There are no inhabitants. Area 2: Guard Room This room is a relatively small room, with all but the northwest corner easily visible from the opening in area 1. There are four mantitrices in the room. 4 Mantitrices: AC5; MV 9 ; HD 6 + 1; hp 30,26,27,29: THACO 13; #AT 3; Dmg ld3/ld3/ld6; Beak, Tail Spikes (ld6); AL CE; Size L Mantitrices are ai combination of manticore and cockatrice. Unlike either of their progenitors, they do not Py and have no wings. They mainly resemble a manticore, but rather than a man-like face, they have the cock-like head and comb of a cockatrice. Like a cockatrice, their peck can turn a victim to stone Their tail spikes (which seem to be stone rather than a manticore s iron) can do the sane thing. These mantitrices are on guard duty. Unless the first person they see is prominently wearing a special amulet (Voyeux wears the only one known), they attack with their tail spikes, fired singly against single opponents, or all at one if the party has all appeared together. There are certain aspects of this situation which are not immediately apparent. The opening is, in fact, a very selective teleportation portal. Area 2 is actually 30 feet away through solid stone. The portal lets any non-living 3bject through either way. Arrows, tail spikes, thrown knives, etc. may ]pass as if the opening was just a chunk of open air. However, living beings may only pass one way, from area 1 to area 2. Furthermore, spells do not pass at all through the portal. This does not mean that sensory spells, such as clairvoyance, ESE or wizard eye do not work. It does mean that any LfirebaJls, lightning bolts, or the like effectively hit the portal and go off, filling the room with the party, rather than the room with the mantitrices. Unused spells, such as those residing in spell books, wands and staves, magicusers and clerics minds, etc. are unharmed by this block, and can travel with the possessor to the other room. For that matter, wands and staves and other magical objects, being essentially unliving, can go back and forth through the portal. However, their owners cannot. Not even once-living beings with any hope of a successful raise dead can pass the wrong way. These restrictions on movement can each be removed with a limited wish, and the entire enchantment of restriction can be removed with a full wish. Successful use of dispel magic against a 23d-level spell destroys the entire portal. Of course, a party can use teleport, dimension door, or passwall to get around this problem. Voyeux does. Opposite the opening is an air-tight stone door that leads to the rest of Voyeux s domain. Area 3: Main Corridor This corridor connects most of the residential areas of this level. It is roughhewn from bedrock, with no supporting beams. Very experienced adventurers realize that the tunnel is the sort of thing done by an umber hulk. There are seven openings in the corridor, including the door at the west end, leading to the guard room, the side corridor leading to the Generator, and the door at the other end of the corridor, leading to Voyeux s chambers. The two doors are made of stone and are air-tight. The corridor itself has a 10-foot by 10-foot cross-section. 120

120 3a. The Portal This 10' X 10' area on the surface of the east wall of the corridor has a pearly opalescence. It is the exit portal from the 12th Gate in the Generator area. There is a 1 in 12 chance (roll 1 on d12) that a monster will exit from this portal when a party is next to it. Area 4: Side Corridor This corridor leads directly to the Random Monster Generator. There is a 1 in 12 chance (roll 1 on d12) that a monster will be in the corridor when a party enters it or looks into it. The monster may be going in either direction, either coming from the Generator, or finding its way back to the Generator from the portal in 3a. Area 5: Lair of the Hexacrabs This cave-like room has become the lair of the hexacrabs, totally unintelligent creatures that have carapaces and front claws like a crab, but also feature a long tentacle extruded from the top carapace and a rosette of stings surrounding the tentacle. 6 Hexacrabs: AC 2; HD 6; hp 26, 27 28,30,26,25; MV 12'; THACO 13; #AT 7; 4d6 (tentacle), 8d8 (x4) (stings), 4d8 (x2) (claws); Special Attacks - claws have sharpness, like a Sword of Sharpness; Truesight; AL N. The hexacrabs are recent additions to the local menagerie. They are largely inert, as they have not found much to eat in the bare walls of the level, though they attack other wandering manufactured monsters, and the bones of these decorate the cavern floor. Their instinctual tactic is to grasp a target with their tentacle and kill it with their claws, while fending off any other attackers with their stings. Area 6: Lair of the Lurkboars This room looks like a pigsty, and the sounds issuing from its inhabitants reinforce the image. The inhabitants even look like pigs-rather comical ones. They look like nothing so much as warthogs with bows around their necks and dandelion heads for tails. ESP or any other kind of mind reading shows that they are Unintelligent food animals, obviously kept here for the satisfaction of other residents. One of these man-sized creatures may well pretend to take an affection for a party member and follow him around like a dog. Closer observation shows another story entirely. The lurkboar s are a highly intelligent race who use their powers of mindlying and camouflage to seem like simple barnyard animals. Careful observation will spot the bones of some of their victims in the muck of the room. 4 Lurkboars: AC (7)* 3; IiD 18; hp 78; 85, 90, 82; MV 9'; THACO 7; #AT 5; ld8/ld8 (tentacles that look lie dandelion heads), 4d6 (tusks that look like tusks); SD Immunity to Lightning, Regenerate 2 pts/roumd; Camouflage and Mindlie; AL CE. The creatures have two magical devices with them. The gem of turningrock to swill is an amber stone (seemingly worth about 300 g.p.), now buried in the filth of the sty. This turns the rock around it into primordial ooze by basically bringing out all of the organic material imbedded in the rock. This is how they made the sty out of a cave in the first place, and why the sty has a lowered floor. Once it has accomplished its purpose, it lies quiet until placed into a new area of bare stone. The root of a'l evil is a fossilized tree root with a spell of suggestion enchanted into it (saving throw vs. soell). He who possesses it has an uncontrollable lust for money. The lurkboars have, in fact, no real concept of money, and the rather undefined urges they experience in the presence of this thing have no meaning for them. Voyeux had the thing in his loot store (it made him become a thief) and decided that the lurkboars were the ideal guardians. The lurkboars also have 3,500 g.p., 1,500 p.p., and 35 gemstones worth an average of 450 g.p. each. 'These are left over from the purses of another party of adventurers who made the mistake of deciding the lurkboars were dinner. Area 7: Doggy Den This cave has been converted into a kennel. The cave mouth is blocked with a wide mesh steel gate. In the cave are six large (wolfhound-sized) canines with soulful eyes and bristly, brindled fur who whine dog-fashion to be released and play with the party. These are actually shockhounds. A shockhound has an appealing personality and a malevolent heart. Their mode of operation is to get close enough to rub up against a target, then shock it to death with their incredible static electric charge. 6 Shockhounds: AC 8; HD 9; hp 42,45, 47, 40, 43, 44; INT 2; MV 9'; THACO 12; #AT 2; 8d10 (contact with fur), ld6 (tongue); Special Attacks nil; Special Defense - any touch of the fur, including with the blade of a weapon, sends a 4d10 shock up the weapon to the user; Special Abilities - poly self(usually into very appealing dog shape) and Invisibility (when they want to get away); AL CE Close examination shows that these creatures have no teeth, but their tongues are very hard and sharp. they carve up their meat with the tongues and absorb it that way. If ignored by a party, the shockhounds go invisible and poly selfthemselves into snakes to get out of the kennel, then follow the party invisibly until they have a chance to attack. Area 8: Grayhouse This room is lit by a luminescence given off by fungus on the walls. The floor is covered by large fungal growths that grow almost up to the 10-foot-high ceiling. The fungi are a riot of obscure colors. There are mauve, puce, lavender, and other pastels; anything but a true white or gray color. Scattered among the fungi are four special fungi that look like attempts to ape normal greenhouse flowers. They have petals and stamens and pistils and leaves and stand about three feet tall. These are actually gray composters. 4 Gray Composters: AC 3; HD 4; hp 121

121 17, 19, 18, 20; MV immobile; THACO 15; #AT 9; 4d8I4d8 ( fangs - stamens and pistils), 3d4/3d4 (constriction from long leaves), 4d6 (x4) (pincer leaves); Special Attacks - 3 sucker roots that hold on to the victim; AL N These semi-intelligent fungi provide extra fertilizer for the other fungi in the room. Anything organic is grist for their mill, as one lurkboar found out. Their usual attack is to grab a victim with sucker roots (which negates any AC from Dexterity or displacement), then attack with the leaves and fangs. Evidence of previous victims is buried under the bottom fronds of the various fungi. Area 9: Room of the Porcupains This is another fungus-filled room, but without the composters. It is also the lair of a group of porcupains, which look lie harmless herbivores. They look mostly like porcupines or hedgehogs, and have not obvious inclination to attack a party that observes them from the corridor. They look rather comical, especially when they rear up on their hind legs and waddle about, trying to get at the top parts of the fungus. The one part of the creature that does not look like a porcupine is the tail, which has a large, horny, knob at the end. These creatures are porcupains, an evil creature that is, in fact, herbivorous, but likes to cause pain to others, anyway. 4 Porcupains: AC -1; HD 15; hp 68, 70, 74, 69; MY 12 ; THACO 8; #AT 3; 4d6/4d6 (quills), 4d8 (tail); AL CE. Area 10: The Room of the Tapestry This room is Voyeux s private chamber. It seems to be airy and spacious, which is peculiar for a cave 12 levels beneath Castle Greyhawk. In actuality, the room is 30 feet by 30 feet. The east wall, however, has a (permanent) illusion of a long, 30-foot-wide corridor with archways leading to other rooms every 10 feet on both sides. It seems to stretch to infinity. The south wall is a permanent illusion of a balcony looking out into a sun-filled or star-lit garden (this depends on the actual time of day outside). The far walls of the garden are blocked by interposed trees and high brush. Jbu can only glimpse enough of them to know they are there, not how far away they are. Strange animals lurk among the shrubbery. The west wall has two doors in it. One leads into the Random Monster Generator and is where Voyeux can control the creation of monsters if he wants to. The controls are currently set on random generation. The other dox leads to the corridor by whjch the room may be entered. The north wall is entirely covered by the Tapestry of Rooms. This is an amazing artifact Voyeux stole from the tyrant of Elredd on Woolly Bay. The user of this Tapestry can see any room (or relatively enclosed clutdoor space) he has ever been in, just by mentally commanding the picture to appear. The point of view given is one that the viewer previously occupied. If,dl the vrewer has done is duck his head into the room and out again, the view is from t le door of the room. If he is very familiar with the room and has walked every inch of it, the viewpoint is any that he wants. Lie many artifacts, this one has its drawbacks. In this case, it is a very subtle one. The viewer is more and more inclined to just sit on a couch or other seating furniture and watch the Tapestry - forsaking any activity to watch what is going on in places where the viewer has been before. The viewer has only the basest instinct remaining - the only time he moves is to obtain food. As soon as he has food in hand, he races back to the Tapestry in hopes of not having missed any of the activity. Even the food is not savored. It is just shoved into whatever eating orifice the viewer has and is consumed without any real appreciation of >its nature. It is said that Voyeux gained the artifact by poisoning the tyrant who previously owned it. The furnishings of the room are directed toward full utilization of the Tapestry. Voyeux s elegant four-poster bed (larger than some peasant huts) is oriented for the best view of the Bpestry. There is also a scribe s desk with ready writing materials so situated that Voyeux can command his permanent unseen servant to write down particular facts he finds interesting about what he is watching. Unseen servants are rarely literate - being forces rather than beings - but this one has been around so long that it has obtained some sentience of its own. It still does not fight or otherwise hinder, or help, anyone but Voyeux. Due to the effects of the Tapestry, Voyeux rarely does anything about his records, but anyone obtaining them will find an excellent guide to the hazards of the other levels of the dungeon, and interesting snippets of information on other areas throughout the world of Greyhawk, for Voyeux traveled extensively before he settled down here. Among all his various careers, he poked his nose into places many people have never heard of. DM Note: This is for DMs who want to leave clues for future adventures in other parts of the WORLD OF game world. In the southwest comer of the room is a larder of holding that holds Voyeux s food supply. It has a man-sized door that may be walked through, giving access to an area 30 x 30 x 30, stocked with prepared food. One of the few times Voyeux bestirs himself is to restock this immense larder, which he must do every three months or so. The larder ofholdingholds prepared food in a perfect state of preservation, but rejects any other substance (except the material the storage shelves and bins inside are made of). If an inappropriate substance is placed inside, it reappears outside as the door is closed. Some dead bodies might be considered prepared, such as a flashfried dragon victim, and the cupboard could be used to preserve them until they can be brought to a priest capable of casting a rake dead spell, but mostly the cupboard is only useful for carrying food. It has all the bulk and normal weight of an empty 6 x 30 x 3 wooden cupboard. Under his bed, Voyeux keeps his treasure, accumulated over 150 years of ad- 122

122 venturing. Much of his hoard has gone over the years to support his life on this level, but there are still rich pickings for anyone crass enough to kill the wizard/ master thieflillusionist. Among the items are Voyeux s spell books, carefully arranged on a bookshelf built into the headboard of the bed. There are six books of magic-user spells and four books of illusionist magic. For someone of Voyeux s experience, it is easier to list the spells the books do not contain. Cantrips: chill, dampen, salt, tie, hairy, sour, giggle, gnats Level 1: burning hands, erase, push, precipitation, ventriloquism Level 2: flaming sphere, Melfs acid arrow, pyrotechnics, strength Level 3: explosive runes, fireball, flame arrow, Melf s minute meteor Level 4: Evard s black tentacles, fie trap, wall of iire Level 5: airy water, stone shape, Level 6: contingency, globe of invulnerability, stone to flesh Level 7: cacodemon, delayed blast fireball, statue Level 8: incendiary cloud, Otto s hesistible dance, trap the sold Level 9: Bigby s crushing hand, crystalbrittle, meteor swarm, shape change, succor, time stap As one can see, Voyeux has no real affinity for fire magic or transformations on or to rock. Illusionist spells: Cantrips: all present, Level 1 : color spray, light, wall of fog Level 2: deafness, detect magic, invisibfitx magic mouth, mirror image, Level 3: continual light, rope trick, phantom wind, suggestion Level 4: confusion, dispel magic, massmorph, rainbow pattern, Level 5: major creation, maze, shadow magic Level 6: death fog, mirage arcane, phantasmagoria, Level 7: 1st-level magic-user spells Under the bed, Voyeux has: (1) a small chest with five potions of extra- healing, three elixirs ofhealth, and four applications of oil of disenchantment. He also has his last four potions of longevity, which he doesn t mention to visitors. (2) In a five-slot scroll holder, he has a scroll of protection from magical edged weapons, a scroll of protection from paralysis, scroll of protection from undead, scroll of protection from demons, and a scroll of protection from elementals. (3) In a larger trunk he has a small ring box with a ring of djinni summoning (three uses left) and a ring of spell storing, a periapt of proof against poison wrapped in a robe of blending, a rod of portal creation which was used for creating all the various portals on this and other levels (it has three charges left, each capable of creating an entrance and an exit), and a sword case holding a bastard sword +3frostbrand (INT 15, EGO 16, AL CN, detects shifting walls, elevators, etc. in 1 radius, detects gems, detects precious metals, speaks dwad, gnome, kobold, gold dragon). Its name is 123

123 Deepdelver and, once exposed, it tells the world how it has been used by thieves (including Voyeux), dwarves, and greedy humans and it has loved every minute. In a money chest, Voyeaux has a jewelry case with four items of jewelry worth 1,500 g.p., 4,600 g.p., 5,200 g.p., and 8,000 g.p., 13 gems worth an average of 550 g.p., 2,000 p.p., and 15,000 g.p. Voyeux s Hospitality If any party makes it to Voyeux s domicile, and does not charge in swinging, he welcomes them effusively and congratulates them on their feat. He also jokes with them about any mishaps they had on the way. Any party member looking at the Tapestry can see the corridor outside the room. Anyone looking at the desk sees a pen writing down (in shorthand) the conversation as it takes place. Anyone looking down the archway behind his bed sees, in the distance, indistinct humanoid shapes looking at them from around various pillars. Looking at the garden over the balcony, they see indistinct monstrous shapes moving in the garden. Voyeux offers them food from his larderofholding, mentioning that he just got a fresh supply from Colonel Sandpaper on the 8th level. Characters who have survived both the 3d and 8th levels should find some familiar elements in the repast. If any characters have suffered great loss in the adventure, Voyeux does what he can with the potions of extra- healing), (elixir of health, and oil of disenchantment. He does not use the last use of any of these. He also may hand out some of the magical items that he has accumulated and no longer has much use for, if a character has lost a major item. However, as he talks to the characters, they note that he is constantly looking at the Tapestry and acting as if he wishes they would just go away. Anyone looking at the Tapestry sees the scene change a number of times, either reflecting what is going on on upper levels or, if the characters have effectively wiped out all the previous levels, showing events in other places in the game world. There may be at least one scene that clearly demonstrates to the characters that the Tapestry is showing what is happening at the player s home base for example. Voyeux has no interest in letting the characters have the tapesty, letting the characters have the Random Monster Generator, or spending any time at all away from the Xtpese. He s quite proud of both artifacts and likes to brag about them, explaining everythiig he knows about them. If threatened, Voyeux makes an escape using dimension door to the inside of the Random Monster Generator and begins sending monsters,at the characters. All these monsters have an INT of at least 8, AC of 0 or less, Hit Dice of at least 13, and at least one special attack, one special defense, and one special ability. The rest of their attributes can be rolled randomly, or adjusted to avoid the strengths and exploit the deficiencies of the characters. Be sure to have a half dozen of these monsters ready to go before the adventure. A new imonster arrives every combat round. Voyeux also has a full complement of spells ready both as mage and illusionist. Which he has ready and which he uses depends on the DM, who has seen the players at work earlier, just as Voyeux has. Area 11: The Random Monster Genera tor This complex consists of a grid of corridors surrounding the central device. At the areas shown on the map, there are 10 -by-10 squares of peady opalescence on the walls. These are the entrance portals to the exit portals described on other levels of this dungeon. Many of the entrance portals have discriminatory mechanisms that prohibit any but the proper sort of creature to walk through them. Others are wide open to anyone, even an adventurer, walking through. If a level has been destroyed, or the main impetus behind its theme stopped, the prohibitions also end. It is entirely possible for a party to finish its business on this level and simply step through the portal to the 4th level (the first with no real prohibitions) and then make their way home from there. lla. Portal To 1st Level This only allows low-level monsters entrance. This can include creatures with either high ACs, high damage attacks, or high hit dice, but no more than one of these attributes. llb. Portal to 2d Level This portal allows only evil creatures with relatively weak abilities to enter. llc. Portal to 3d Level This portal allows nothing to enter. It only serves as a conveyance of the essence of the Generator to help create the strange things that prowl that level. lld. Portal to 4th Level Anything can walk through this portal, and often does. lle. Portal to 5th Level Creatures that go through this portal are often ones that look like they stepped into the wrong game. llf. Portal to 6th Level Only creatures that share some, or all, their abilities and attitudes with traditional undead can transit this portal. llg. Portal to 7th Level Anything can step through this portal. llh. Portal to 8th Level Most things walking through this portal tend to be edible and look like fast food products. Their outward appearance is frequently that of various traditional slimes or puddings. llj. Portal to 9th Level Almost anything walks through this level s portal. Ilk. Portal to 10th Level Because this leads to a sewage level, the monsters going through this portal tend to be scavengers of one sort or another, capable of eating anything. 124

124 111. Portal to 11th Level Due to the stringent requirements of Fantasy: The Movie, only monsters with a minimum Intelligence of 6 are allowed through. llm. Portal to 12th Level This allows creatures to come out of the portal exit at 3a. on this level. They generally wander around corridors 3 and 4 for awhile, then wander back to the Generator and take another portal. Some exitees have found tenants in areas 5 through 9 and displaced them. The most recent group to do this are the hexacrabs. Inside the Random Monster Generator This strange device consists of a large room with odd metal grids, finely drawn wire connections, and small flashing lights. There is evidence that the entire object has been taken apart relatively recently (within the last couple of centuries) and reassembled without any real regard for making the reassembly look pretty. Many of the supporting members have been roughly sawn apart and reconnected with very perfunctory welds. Three of the doors to the room holding the artifact are blocked entirely by fields of pearly opalescence. No one can walk past these fields. However, one door is not blocked, allowing some access into the artifact. Some things, however, walk out of the fields into the corridors outside the rooms. Usually, these are monstrous creatures never before seen in this world. They are mostly dumb beasts that are easily herded down the corridors and into the stairwells or portals that lead them to other levels. Some are more intelligent, and cause some strange problems. Usually, Voyeux comes to an agreement with them, and they frequently also march off to another level. Some are still in residence in Voyeux s level (see areas 5 through 9.) How the device manages to get the creatures it creates is a mystery. Voyeux feels that they are probably denizens of millions of other worlds that the machine reaches into and brings out, but Voyeux really doesn t know. Neither do the monsters. Conversation with some of these victims of the machine s outreach program confirms that they think they come from some other world, but their believed past histories might just be a further creation of the artifact. Voyeux does know how to control the Random Monster Generator to get just the monster he wants; however, he usually leaves it set to generate random creations. Wandering Monsters New creatures come out of the Random Monster Generator every hour or so. Unless drawn instinctively to a level best suited for it, the creature wanders around a bit and finally finds a portal it is attracted to. For the first six hours or so of their existence, most inductees do not attack anyone who does not attack them first, but there are still the remains of several creatures who died fighting other creatures littering the halls. Thus, it is likely that there are at least five monsters or groups of monsters in the corridors at any one time. Every five minutes the party is in the level, roll to see if a monster is generated. If they are in the Generator area itself, roll for a 1 on ld6 to get a monster every time they tu.m a comer until you get one. Battle with such a monster (keep in mind that they can come in groups) can produce another monster with a roll of 1 or 2 on ld6 after each round of combat. If five monsters or groups are produced in this fashion, stop rolling, they ve all showed up. Of course, you can always add the inhabitants of the various rooms, too. Voyeux wid not come out to see what s happening. That s what he has the Tapestry for. Using the Random Monster Generator To determine what sort of creature has been brought forth on an unsuspecting dungeon, take up percentile dice. Any time the monster s power is described as being hke a particular spell, the monster can be assumed to have unrestricted use of the spell, rather than just one use a day, unless the DM wishes to so restrict it. I. Size and Number of Monsters 01 Tiny (1-100) Small (1-20) Man-sized (1-10) Large (1-6) 00 Gargantuan (1-2) Explanation: Tiny means something insect-sized or smaller. Small, Man-Sized, and Large are the same as found in the Monster Manual Gargantuan refers to something the size of a brontosaurus or a blue whale. 11. Looks 01 Indescribable Hideous Hilarious Average Beautiful Explanation: Indescribable means what it says. The shape and form and colors of the creature are impossible to describe, usually because it is too homfymg. Hideous means that it is unpleasant to look at, but not impossible Hilarous means that the creature is very funny looking. This can disguise an extremely deadly monster, so don t be afraid to have an AC -5, energydraining, death spell-using, 20 Hit Dice cream puff. Average covers a lot of sins. An orc or troll can be considered average by this definition Beautihl is positively awe-inspiring. 125

125 111. Intelligence Explanation: These numbers correspond with those found in the Monster Manual IV. Alignment Lawful Good Lawful Neutral Lawful Evil Chaotic Good Chaotic Neutral Chaotic Evil Neutral Good Neutral Neutral Neutral Evil Hungry Explanation: Hungry simply means that the creature has only satisfymg its appetites in mind. V. Armor Class VI. Hit Dice ld8 2d8 3d8 4d8 5d8 6d8 7d8 8d8 9d8 10d8 lld8 12d8 13d8 14d8 15d8 16d8 17d8 18d8 19d8 20d8 VII. Move Ground Speed Immobile If Airspeed (30% chance) Special Movement (25% chance) dimension door (as the spell) dimension walk (as psionic discipline) ethereal leap teleport (as the spell) tunnel wind walk (as the spell) Use the Ground Speed table to determine the distance moved with Ethereal, Leap or Tunnel. VIII. Number of Types of Attacks IX. Number of Attacks Per Type

126 X. Types of Attack Physical Special XI. Special Attacks Acid Aging Breath Cancellation Clerical Spells (ld6) Cold Heat Life Draining Lightning Magical Spells Paralysis Poison Presence Psionic Attacks (ld4) Rusting Sharpness Slow Sonic Suckers Visual 98 Vorpal Wounding Explanation: Except as shown on the Special Attack Effects Table, the Special Attack does damage according to the Damage Per Attack table. X1.A. Special Attack Effects Attack EHect Aging As Staff of Withering Cancellation As Rod of Cancellation, but always works Life-Draining ld3 life levels as Undead Paralysis As Ghoul Rusting As Rust Monster Sharpness As Sword of Sharpness * Slow As Stone Golem Spells Pick those that seem appropriate Sucker Holds victim with Ogre Strength vorpal ALs Vorpal Weapon* Wounding ALs Sword of Wounding* * Go back to Physical Attacks table to determine mode of attack and Damage of Attacks table to determine how much damage the attack does if the special effect does not work. X1.B. Breath Attacks Acid Chlorine gas Cold Fear gas Fire Lightning Paralysis Repulsion Sleep gas Slow gas Al breath attacks are treated as the similar dragon breath attack. x1.c Poison Types (See DMG, Pg. 20) Ingestivehjected A Ingestive/Injected B Ingestive/Imjected IC Ingestive/Imjected D Ingestive/Imjected E Insinuated A Insinuated B Insinuated C Insinuated D X1.D. Presence Attacks Charm Disease (10-100') radius) Fear Repulsion (as spell) Worship X1.E. Sonic Attacks Blasting (as Horn) Deafening '(10% permanent) 81 Death (as ldower Word KiU) Disintegrate (as spell) Unbalance (loslo permanent) X1.F. Visual Attacks Blindness (as Power World Blind spell) Charm (as vampire) Confusion (as spell) Death (as spell) Fear (as spell) Feeblemind (as spell) Life Energy Draining Paralysis Stoning (as basilisk) Time Stop (as spell) XII. Number Of Special Defenses (25% chance) Special Defense Special Defenses Special Defenses Special Defenses XI1.A. Types Of Special Defense Camouflage Immunity Magic Resistance (01-100%) Mindlie Regeneration (ld3 pts per round) Spell Turning (as ring) XI1.B. Immunity Table Charms and Holds Cold Confusion Detects Fear Fire Lightning Magical Devices 61 Magical Weapons Normal Weapons Psionics SO~~CS Spells, magic user Spells, clerical Spells, all Stoning Wands, Rods and Staves 127

127 I / - * XIII. Number Of Special Abilities Special Ability Special Abilities Special Abilities XI11. A. Special Abilities Haste Invisibility Passwall (as the spell) Phantasmal forces Polymorph self Silence Special Sense, 1 Special Senses, 2 Special Senses, 3 Telekinesis Telepathy XII1.B Special Senses XIV. Shape Clairvoyance Clairaudience Detect astral Detect ethereal Detect gems Detect gold Detect illusion Detect invisible Detect metals ESP Locate object True sight This is not a random table, because by now the monster creator should have some idea of what the critter looks like. Remember that the various levels sometimes have requirements for the monsters that go to them, so look for features that can be adapted into looking like whatever seems likely to be suitable for levels with restrictions. DM Notes Use of the Random Monster Generator Tables DMs must re<alize that some monsters found on this table are going to be totally unplayable. Feel no compunction about discarding a monster and rolling a new one. Alternately, feel free to change the monster, or set tip special criteria for some of the categories and just randomly assess the rest of them. Considering the special attributes of other levels of this dungeon, be sure to look at monsters for their applicability to being described as food, or a game piece, or a defective monster, etc., and be sure to shuffle them off to those levels to keep up the spirit of the situation. For playing this adventure, be sure to pre-roll lots of monsters from the random monsters table for Voyeux to call on for his defense. Conjuring up a monster from this table in the middle of a game slows down the game unacceptably. 128



p T h e L a s t L e a f IN A SMALL PART OF THE CITY WEST OF Washington Square, the streets have gone wild. They turn in different directions. They are broken into small pieces called places. One street

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Ending the game.. 14 Playing a series.. 14 Single player game.. 14 Special areas.. 15-28

Wayward Rulebook Table of contents A game for 1-6 players. Ages 12 and up. Game time 1 to 2 hours Game contents.. 1 Setting up the game. 2 How to use action chips. 3,4 Player item cards.. 5 Random

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T h e C o p a n d t h e A n t h e m p The Cop and the Anthem S OAPY MOVED RESTLESSLY ON HIS SEAT in Madison Square. There are certain signs to show that winter is coming. Birds begin to fly south. Women

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Investigator s Handbook

Joshua a parable for today book summary. Investigator s Handbook Contents Introduction 3 About Mythos: The Beginning 3 System Requirements.4 Game Updates 4 Getting Started.5 Character Creation.6 Character Sheet.7 Abilities 8 Exploration 9

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Psychic Guide 101 Written by: Jennifer A. Young www.bestonlinepsychics.net

Written by: Jennifer A. Young www.bestonlinepsychics.net Page 1 Table of Contents Chapter Title Page 01 Consulting a Psychic 03 02 Why Should You Consult a Psychic? 04 03 What Is a Psychic? 05 04 Choosing

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Reversing OutMigration Michelle Rathman Batschke Impact! Communications

Energy, Momentum, Motion Changing Community Perception Strategies for Reversing Outmigration Copyright 2012 by, Inc No part of this presentation can be reproduced or distributed without written consent.

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The Faith Hall of Fame: Everyday People

The Faith Hall of Fame: Everyday People Lesson 6 LESSON OVERVIEW Key Point: God uses ordinary, everyday people. Bible Story: Gideon is chosen for great things. Hebrew 11:32-40 Challenge Verse: Jeremiah

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Action: Action: Teamwork rumor Injury rumor antarctica III antarctica III antarctica III

The following are frequently asked questions, errata, and clarifications for Eldritch Horror and its expansions. Last updated on January 23, 2015. Content added in this update is marked in red. Errata

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GAMES WITH ONE DIE Games where you only use a single die can be plenty exciting indeed. Here are two good examples of this!

[TACTIC rules for dice games] Here are 21 different dice games, with one, two, three or even more dice. We wish you lots of enjoyment! GAMES WITH ONE DIE Games where you only use a single die can be plenty

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Seek and Ye Shall Find

Seek and Ye Shall Find There is a very simple line in the preachment of Jesus that has posed a problem for the religious community for some time. Jesus says, Seek and ye shall find. When he says that,

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Building on a firm foundation

1 Corinthians 3:10-23 Building on a firm foundation 1. Building God s building- let us make sure of our foundation. a. Paul has laid the foundation of Jesus Christ b. God has made Christ as the one and

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Self-Defense and Predominant Aggressor Training Materials

Self-Defense and Predominant Aggressor Training Materials Self Defense and Defense of Self; There is a Difference The following materials provide an outline of topics to cover by someone in your community

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City of Fort Worth Code Compliance Department

City of Fort Worth Code Compliance Department Safety in the home is everyone s responsibility ~ Compliance through cooperation ~ Table of Contents General Guidelines..1 Utilities..1-2 Locking A Tenant

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The Heroic Journey: Metaphor for the path through addiction and recovery. to becoming one who has gifts to share

The Heroic Journey: Metaphor for the path through addiction and recovery to becoming one who has gifts to share There is a plot which appears over and over in stories told by all cultures, in books, movies,

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Living Our Values. VALUES: Teamwork, Integrity, Diversity, Excellence, Safety. The sick never inconvenience the well. ~ Eugene Stead, MD

Living Our Values Caring for Our Patients, Their Loved Ones and Each Other VALUES: Teamwork, Integrity, Diversity, Excellence, Safety Duke University Health System Patient Experience Oversight Team 2012

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Young people and drugs

Young people and drugs Many parents worry about whether their son or daughter is taking illegal drugs, how they can tell, and what to do about it. While there s a lot of concern about illegal drugs in

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Union College Campus Safety Emergency Action Guide

Union College Campus Safety Emergency Action Guide Emergency Telephone Numbers At Union College, for all campus emergencies dial Campus Safety at ext. 911. (If the line is busy on a second try, dial '6911'.)

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My name is Jonathan Harker. I am a lawyer and I live in

1 The Road to Castle Dracula My name is Jonathan Harker. I am a lawyer and I live in London. About seven years ago, some strange and terrible things happened to me. Many of my dear friends were in danger

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Bibliographical information. Date: 1936. Republished electronically by the Bach Flower Research Programme 2003.

The Bach Flower Research Programme electronic library Masonic lecture Edward Bach Masonic lecture Masonic lecture Edward Bach Bibliographical information First published by: Not known Date: 1936 ISBN None

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! Insurance and Gambling

2009-8-18 0 Insurance and Gambling Eric Hehner Gambling works as follows. You pay some money to the house. Then a random event is observed; it may be the roll of some dice, the draw of some cards, or the

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entrust to you the true riches? And if you have not been faithful with what belongs to another, who will give you what is your own?

Serving Two Masters This month I am looking at the stories Jesus told. And since I like a challenge, I am either looking at stories we don t usually hear about or a different view of a familiar story.

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Research paper of drug addiction >>>CLICK HERE<<<

Research paper of drug addiction. There are plenty of ways to do it. Research paper of drug addiction >>>CLICK HERE

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It s hard to know what to do when you know or suspect that a friend or family member is living with violence.

How can you help? A B It s hard to know what to do when you know or suspect that a friend or family member is living with violence. How do I know what is the right thing to do? Should I say something or

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EMPLOYEE FALL PROTECTION You can fall from any height and be seriously injured or killed. In the construction industry, as well as any other industry, when falls from heights happen, they are usually very

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'God's Wisdom Revealed to All (Ephesians 3:7-20)

'God's Wisdom Revealed to All (Ephesians 3:7-20) by Rev. Jackie Stoneman Paul begins this chapter by reminding the Ephesians that he is in fact a prisoner. Because he has been preaching to the Gospel especially

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Health & Safety at Work

Ministry of Labour Worker Health & Safety at Work Prevention Starts Here Worker Health and Safety Awareness in 4 Steps This workbook belongs to: Contents 01 INTRODUCTION 03 STEP 1: GET ON BOARD 03 Everyone

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Detachment, Love, and Forgiveness

11 Detachment, Love, and Forgiveness P E R S O N A L BOUNDARIES Al-Anon recovery is about reclaiming our own lives. We do this by learning to focus on ourselves, build on our strengths, and ask for and

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Five Practices of Fruitful Congregations Radical Hospitality

Five Practices of Fruitful Congregations Radical Hospitality When we began to think about this topic of Radical Hospitality and what images or props would help illustrate it, I put the question to people

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Agent s Handbook. Your guide to satisfied customers

Agent s Handbook Your guide to satisfied customers Introduction LiveChat is a tool that facilitates communication between a company and its customers. Agents who wield that tool use it to make customers

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LESSON 7. Leads and Signals. General Concepts. General Introduction. Group Activities. Sample Deals

LESSON 7 Leads and Signals General Concepts General Introduction Group Activities Sample Deals 330 More Commonly Used Conventions in the 21st Century General Concepts This lesson covers the defenders conventional

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Training Series Part #2 Fundamentals of Life Insurance. Copyright 2014 all rights reserved

Training Series Part #2 Fundamentals of Life Insurance Copyright 2014 all rights reserved Life Insurance Marketing The world of marketing can be both an exciting and daunting experience. Earp Enterprises

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Little Dungeon: Turtle Rock

Little Dungeon: Turtle Rock King Maximus Edition 2011-2015 Supersonic Bionic, LLC Rule Vers. b1.ks.20150715 Contents About 4 Player Cards 30 Dungeon Cards 22 Treasure Tokens (yellow tokens) 16 Heart Pieces

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FREE REPORT: Don t Be Embarrassed It Is NOT Your Fault!

FREE REPORT: The Top 5 Tax Secrets The IRS Doesn t Want You To Know And How To Use Them To Reduce Your Stress And Save You Money ESPECIALLY During Tough Economic Times Guaranteed! Dear Taxpayer, Believing

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Psalm 128: The Worshiper s Blessings

Psalm 128: The Worshiper s Blessings Blessed are all who fear the Lord, who walk in His ways. You will eat the fruit of your labor, blessings and prosperity will be yours. Your wife will be like a fruitful

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Where the Sidewalk Ends Shel Silverstein

Where the Sidewalk Ends Shel Silverstein There is a place where the sidewalk ends And before the street begins, And there the grass grows soft and white, And there the sun burns crimson bright, And there

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Accountable To God. I Corinthians 3:9-15 (NKJV)

Message for THE LORD'S DAY MORNING, November 3,2013 Christian Hope Church of Christ, Plymouth, North Carolina by Reggie A. Braziel, Minister Accountable To God I Corinthians 3:9-15 (NKJV) Please turn with

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Alcohol and drug abuse

Alcohol and drug abuse This chapter explores how alcohol abuse affects our families, relationships, and communities, as well as the health risks associated with drug and alcohol abuse. 1. Alcohol abuse

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Welcome to UC Berkeley! We are so glad you came to visit us, and we hope you have a great time on our campus! This little packet is for YOU, to help

Welcome to UC Berkeley! We are so glad you came to visit us, and we hope you have a great time on our campus! This little packet is for YOU, to help you discover some of the fun stories and amazing places

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Medical Malpractice VOIR DIRE QUESTIONS

Medical Malpractice VOIR DIRE QUESTIONS INTRODUCTION: Tell the jurors that this is a very big and a very important case. Do a SHORT summary of the case and the damages we are seeking. This summary should

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TOP 10 MOST COMMON MISTAKES MADE IN HANDLING YOUR OWN INJURY CLAIM More times than not, your personal injury claim will be a battle with an insurance company. A highly trained adjuster will be assigned

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Surviving A Relationship Break-Up - Top 20 Strategies

Surviving A Relationship Break-Up - Top 20 Strategies Surviving a relationship break-up can be one of the most difficult things we ever do and on an emotional level can be one of the most painful processes

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QUICK INTRO (Time Check: 1 minute)

PROPERTY CRIMES MATERIALS 1) Enough handouts for each student (attached to lesson). 2) Re-useable white board, markers, eraser if you want one (provided in the PICC). TAKEAWAYS o Students will have a basic

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LIFETIME MORTGAGE LUMP SUM Terms and Conditions (version 5) This is an important document. Please keep it in a safe place. LV= Lifetime Mortgage lump sum Terms and Conditions Welcome to LV=, and thank

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Vendor Tricks when buying Software Packages

The PROJECT PERFECT White Paper Collection Vendor Tricks when buying Software Packages Neville Turbit Software Package Purchase So you are going to purchase some software. There is no way a vendor is going

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STRING TELEPHONES KELVIN Stock #6587 DESIGN IT! ENGINEERING IN AFTER SCHOOL PROGRAMS Education Development Center, Inc. DESIGN IT! Engineering in After School Programs Table of Contents Overview..3..

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Who is Hector Hernandez

517-712-5012 Who is Hector Hernandez Hector L. Hernandez is an author, former law enforcement officer, speaker and trainer. Located in U.S.A. He has over 20 years of experience and is recognized as the

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Joshua 1:9b Psalm 23:1 Psalm 25:4-5 Psalm 27:1 Psalm 46:1 Psalm 46:10a Psalm 100:2 Psalm 100:1-3 Psalm 100:5 Psalm 118:1 Psalm 119:105 Psalm 121:1-2 OLD TESTAMENT READINGS Be strong and courageous. Do

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Speech to the Bell Telephone Systems General Commercial Conference 1

Speech to the Bell Telephone System s General Commercial Conference June 1927 Page, A. W. (1927, June). Special Talk. Speech presented at the Bell Telephone System s General Commercial Conference. Summary

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EMERGENCY PROCEDURES Introduction Being prepared is the first step towards preventing and/or handling emergency situations. Because your safety is of utmost importance, SOLEX College has created this document

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Emergency Planning Guideline

www.hh.net.nz Essential Emergency and Security Systems Supporting and Complimenting the Home s Fire Evacuation Scheme POLICY: To optimise emergency readiness REFERENCE: NZS 8143: 2002 NB: Management is

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Thank you for volunteering as a Lions Yo u t h Exchange host family.

HOST FAMILY GUIDE Thank you for volunteering as a Lions Yo u t h Exchange host family. Your welcoming someone from another country to your community is a great gift. By staying in your home, sharing meals

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6 Steps To Success With Your Web Agent Solutions Website

6 Steps To Success With Your Web Agent Solutions Website By Jay Kinder and Michael Reese Introduction Congratulations on your decision to join the Web Agent Solutions family. It s an enormously effective

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Appendix E: DEM Record Recovery Plan. From DEM Records Management Policy: A Report of the Records Management Policy Working Group, June 9, 2003.

Appendix E: DEM Record Recovery Plan From DEM Records Management Policy: A Report of the Records Management Policy Working Group, June 9, 2003. Appendix H - Elements of a Record Recovery Plan This material

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How to Sell Your House Quickly

SPECIAL REPORT How to Sell Your House Quickly Find out what really sells your house Discover different methods for selling Learn the advantages & disadvantages of each method Make informed decisions for

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I would like to welcome Mrs. Esther Lombrozo who is in the city of Guadalajara, in the beautiful state of Jalisco. How are you, Esther?

Treating Cancer with Proton Therapy Webcast March 2011 Host: Jaime Méndez Ester Lombrozo Marc Delclos Please remember the opinions expressed on Patient Power are not necessarily the views of MD Anderson

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Common Myths About Personal Injury and Wrongful Death Cases 1. By B. Keith Williams

Common Myths About Personal Injury and Wrongful Death Cases 1 By B. Keith Williams There are several myths about accident cases and the attorneys that handle them. It is important to keep these myths in

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Fun ways to group students

Fun ways to group students Tips for dividing into groups. Picture Cards: Hand out cards with images on such as strawberries, blueberries, blackberries and other such groups of things. Then get them to

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SAFETY GUIDANCE MATERIAL SAFETY MANAGEMENT MONDAY MARCH 23,GUIDANCE 2015 This safety resource was written for the scrap industry by the scrap industry and was developed to assist you in making your scrap

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the ability to adapt to a variety of opponents over several Missions. So for example in a 500 point game you may spend 100 points on RD squads.

In Diesel Powered tournaments, players face off in a series of WARZONE RESURRECTION games and pit their skills against other players to determine who will emerge the victor. Diesel Powered tournaments

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Mammon and the Archer

O. H e n r y p Mammon and the Archer OLD ANTHONY ROCKWALL, WHO HAD MADE millions of dollars by making and selling Rockwall s soap, stood at a window of his large Fifth Avenue house. He was looking out

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FAQ: Attack! and Expansion [ ]

Version 1.3 FAQ: Attack! and Expansion [ ] Q1. What information, cards, etc. can a player keep secret? A: Economic cards, including Trade Routes, must be shown during production. Political Action cards,

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A: We really embarrassed ourselves last night at that business function.

Dialog: VIP LESSON 049 - Future of Business A: We really embarrassed ourselves last night at that business function. B: What are you talking about? A: We didn't even have business cards to hand out. We

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DISCUSS PREPARE KNOW KEEP GET READY FOR A BUSH FIRE FOUR SIMPLE STEPS TO MAKING YOUR BUSH FIRE SURVIVAL PLAN Getting ready for a bush fire is easier than you think. By taking 20 minutes with your family

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Clean If Leprosy Covers the Whole Body

Clean If Leprosy Covers the Whole Body Q: Pastor, in Leviticus chapter 13 of the Old Testament, it records about how the priest examines patient with a scab and leprosy, and concludes whether it is unclean.

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Neighborhood Ownership Model A Flexible, Community-Based Approach to Creating Significant and Lasting Crime Reduction

2011 Neighborhood Ownership Model A Flexible, Community-Based Approach to Creating Significant and Lasting Crime Reduction A citizen initiated program enthusiastically supported by the St. Louis Circuit

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EMERGENCY PREPAREDNESS REQUIREMENTS: Wind makes kites fly, fire can keep us warm, and rain helps the flowers and plants to grow. But sometimes the wind can blow too hard, fires can get too big or it can

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Whereas I was Blind, Now I See. John 9: 1-11; 25

Whereas I was Blind, Now I See John 9: 1-11; 25 We all know that great hymn well: Amazing grace, how sweet the sound, that saved a wretch like me; I once was lost, but now I m found; was blind, but now

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Lab Rat. Prototype Productions. Tech: Sean Halloran sjhalloran Art: Shane Stenson sjstenson Tech: Lindsay O Donnell lrodonnell

Lab Rat Prototype Productions Tech: Sean Halloran sjhalloran Art: Shane Stenson sjstenson Tech: Lindsay O Donnell lrodonnell One Sentence Description You, a simple lab rat, must explore strange environments,

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LIFETIME MORTGAGE LUMP SUM Terms and Conditions (version 4) This is an important document. Please keep it in a safe place. LV= Lifetime Mortgage lump sum Terms and Conditions Welcome to LV=, and thank

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Paralegal News. What am I feeling? Why am I feeling this way? What can I do about it?.then.what will I do about it?

Paralegal News Thank you for reading this, our Second Edition. A busy month or so has past, and David and I wanted to commit to some time again to write for our readers. Inviting you into a bit of what

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TIME MANAGEMENT by Dr. Ben S. Graham, Jr. The Ben Graham Corporation

TIME MANAGEMENT by Dr. Ben S. Graham, Jr. The Ben Graham Corporation Everyone gets the same twenty-four hours each day, yet some people accomplish many times more than what might be considered normal.

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MEMORANDUM. Stefanie Sparks Smith Secretary-Rules Editor, NCAA Women s Lacrosse Rules Committee.

MEMORANDUM September 25, 2015 VIA EMAIL TO: Head Women s Lacrosse Coaches and Officials. FROM: Julie Myers Chair, NCAA Women s Lacrosse Rules Committee. Stefanie Sparks Smith Secretary-Rules Editor, NCAA

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Chapter 21 BABY STEPS GIANT STEPS What we call baby steps and giant steps, will explain to you one of the most fascinating defensive techniques any trader can use. Baby steps and giant steps represents

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Buy The Complete Version of This Book at Booklocker.com:

Letta Meinen lives in Salado, Texas on the Mill Creek Golf Club, and has been very active in golf for over 55 years. She has had her share of good games and winnings, but has come to appreciate the high

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Gift of the Magi By O Henry

Gift of the Magi By O Henry One dollar and eighty-seven cents. That was all. And sixty cents of it in the smallest pieces of money - pennies. Pennies saved one and two at a time by negotiating with the

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LIFE SCIENCE. Hoop House Construction for New Mexico: 12-ft. x 40-ft. Hoop House BRINGING TO YOUR HOME ECONOMICS COLLEGE OF AGRICULTURE AND

Hoop House Construction for New Mexico: 12-ft. x 40-ft. Hoop House COLLEGE OF AGRICULTURE AND HOME ECONOMICS BRINGING SCIENCE TO YOUR LIFE Hoop House Construction for New Mexico: 12-ft. x 40-ft. Hoop House

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University of Hull Department of Computer Science. Wrestling with Python Week 01 Playing with Python

Introduction Welcome to our Python sessions. University of Hull Department of Computer Science Wrestling with Python Week 01 Playing with Python Vsn. 1.0 Rob Miles 2013 Please follow the instructions carefully.

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God In Our Family Life Psalm 127-128

Lesson 160 God In Our Family Life Psalm 127-128 MEMORY VERSE PS ALM 127:3 Behold, children are a heritage from the LORD, the fruit of the wom b is His reward. WHAT YOU WILL NEED: Blocks (either wooden

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Montana Tenants Rights & Duties Handbook

Montana Tenants Rights & Duties Handbook Forward/Disclaimer: The Montana Legal Services Association developed this handbook to help residential tenants understand and exercise their rights and responsibilities

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The Take Charge Approach to Leadership

The Take Charge Approach to Leadership Edward J. Tomey, Professor Emeritus Antioch Unviersity New England Department of Organization & Management Note: This article is based on Ed Tomey s book manuscript

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Improve your prospects

Make a case for life insurance Improve your prospects Allianz Life Insurance Company of North America M-5191 Discover how you can help expand your client base and close more sales. If regular prospecting

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Palm Beach County Sheriff s Office

Palm Beach County Sheriff s Office Home Security Self Survey Since 1909, the deputies of Palm Beach County have provided a safe environment for thousands of people who live, work and visit Palm Beach County.

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QUICKSTART RULES Turn Order Rolling Dice 10s Damage Number Caps

QUICKSTART RULES The actual rules of Terror Network are a little more involved, but here is a simplified rules section to get you started. Terror Network puts you into the role of a counter-terrorism agent.

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SECTION 01 50 00 CONSTRUCTION FACILITIES AND TEMPORARY CONTROLS PART 1 - GENERAL 1.01 GENERAL REQUIREMENTS A. Regulations: Comply with industry standards and applicable laws and regulations of authorities

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Bring fresh and affordable local food to your university

Bring fresh and affordable local food to your university A student guide to community food enterprises What is Making Local Food Work? Making Local Food Work is a five year programme funded by the Big

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u n i t f o u r Savings and Investments: Your Money at Work 'It s possible to have your money work for you in two ways..'

Unit Four Savings and Investments: Your Money at Work 'It s possible to have your money work for you in two ways..' In Unit 2, we talked a lot about how you earn money working at a job. In this unit,

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THE SOLAR SYSTEM - EXERCISES 1 THE SUN AND THE SOLAR SYSTEM Name the planets in their order from the sun. 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 The asteroid belt is between and Which planet has the most moons? About how many?

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Introduction. So, a lot of the time, valuable houses and land will be offered at $300 - $4000 when they hit a tax sale.

Introduction Property taxes on most Bread and Butter houses around the country are only $300 - $2000 per year. And, after a year or two of non-payment, the government gets serious about collecting its

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TABLE OF CONTENTS. ROULETTE FREE System #1 ------------------------- 2 ROULETTE FREE System #2 ------------------------- 4 ------------------------- 5

IMPORTANT: This document contains 100% FREE gambling systems designed specifically for ROULETTE, and any casino game that involves even money bets such as BLACKJACK, CRAPS & POKER. Please note although

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ASSISTED LIVING SPECIALIZED SKILLED REHAB. Live. Laugh. Play. Live. Laugh. Play. Call 715-298-3833 for your FREE personal tour!

ASSISTED LIVING ASSISTED LIVING SPECIALIZED SKILLED REHAB Live. Laugh. Play. Live. Laugh. Play. Call 715-298-3833 for your FREE personal tour! 2 Stoney River Assisted Living Stoney River Assisted Living

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Seven Things You Must Know Before Hiring a DUI Lawyer

Seven Things You Must Know Before Hiring a DUI Lawyer 1 Introduction Some people don t quite understand the severity of getting a DUI. In many cases, your license is instantly taken away and you won t

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SUPERIOR COURT OF CALIFORNIA, COUNTY OF CONTRA COSTA Mock Trial Script The Case of a Stolen Car This mock trial is appropriate for middle and high school students. The script includes a role for a narrator,

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LESSON 7. Managing the Trump Suit. General Concepts. General Introduction. Group Activities. Sample Deals

LESSON 7 Managing the Trump Suit General Concepts General Introduction Group Activities Sample Deals 170 Lesson 7 Managing the Trump Suit GENERAL CONCEPTS Play of the Hand Drawing trumps Playing the trump

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[ INTRODUCTION ] A lot has changed since 1992, except for everything that hasn t. We come from a place you ve probably never heard of.

[ INTRODUCTION ] A businessman goes to see about a girl. They fall in love. They get married. The girl doesn t want to leave her family. He plants his roots and starts a business. Together they raise three

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HSC 2001 - Industrial Technology Band 4/5 INDUSTRIAL TECHNOLOGY FOLIO

Statement of Intent I intend to construct a slim boy which will suit my needs and will be compatible with my furniture in my bedroom in my house. This will be very handy and useful to everyone in my home.

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Mystery at Camp White Cloud

Mystery at Camp White Cloud A Reading A Z Level Q Leveled Book Word Count: 1,003 LEVELED BOOK Q Mystery at Camp White Cloud Written by Troy Wolff Illustrated by Tad Butler Visit www.readinga-z.com for

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Introducing the Credit Card

Introducing the Credit Card This program was designed with high school students in mind. It goes over everything you need to know before you get your first credit card so you can manage it wisely.» Key

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Yogi Tea Bag Inspirations received from all the Yogi Tea Debby has consumed over the last year

Yogi Tea Bag Inspirations received from all the Yogi Tea Debby has consumed over the last year A Act selfless, you will be infinite. Appreciate yourself and honor your soul. As a plant can t live without

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The Crux Chapter 4 Grace (Ephesians 2:1-9)

BIBLE STUDY (Ephesians 2:1-9) What s This Passage All About? Writing to the Christians in the city of Ephesus (modern-day Turkey), St. Paul calls on them to take a step back and examine their salvation

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Raising the Bar for Business CRM Solutions

Raising the Bar for Business CRM Solutions Introduction If you own or run a business, you know how important it is to manage the relationships you have with your business s internal and external stakeholder

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