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Microsoft drivers for windows 7. Sun is stored as oil. Ancient water wells. Sun is stored in trees. These old resources are running out at an incredible rate around the world and we need water and energy in our future so unlike ancient civilizations that crashed partly due to resource exhaustion we may want to think more about this now. Combined with 'diet for a new ameria' john robbins you can see that cows and pigs take a huge chunk of the food, water, and energy that we could better use for ourselves and make those old sources of energy stretch further and we'd be healthier for it (earth along with us).


  • While everything appears to be collapsing around us -- ecodamage, genetic engineering, virulent diseases, the end of cheap oil, water shortages, global famine, wars -- we can still do something about it and create a world that will work for us and for our children s children. The inspiration for Leonardo DiCaprio s web movie Global Warning, The Last Hours of Ancient Sunlight details what is happening to our planet, the reasons for our culture s blind behavior, and how we can fix the problem. Thom Hartmann s comprehensive book, originally published in 1998, has become one of the fundamental handbooks of the environmental activist movement. Now, with fresh, updated material and a focus on political activism and its effect on corporate behavior, The Last Hours of Ancient Sunlight helps us understand--and heal--our relationship to the world, to each other, and to our natural resources.'

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