Leica M7 Serial Numbers Year

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..and I have a few questions, as the camera didn't come with a manual.
1. The dot blinks all the time. When I switch the camera on, it does display the right ISO speed. So is the blinking just an indication of low battery?
2. How do you tell if the camera has the optical DX reader or the older one? The serial number is 2777xxx.
3. Also, how do you tell if it has the upgraded viewfinder or not?
4. Finally, I only just realised that the ISO dial at the back is upside down (or backwards). Any idea how that might have happened, and whether it will affect anything?
I asked the seller but he doesn't have a clue, either.
I also bought a used M7 recently from RFF, so I'm new to it as well but I can tell you..
1. Mine blinks all the time too, even after battery replacement so no idea.
2. I thought they all had optical dx readers?
3. only way is really to compare next to another one I think
4. The dial on the back spins, so you can choose the DX reader or manually set the ISO -so just turn it by hand.
For the manual, go to this page, us.leica-camera.com/photography/m_system/m7/ then click the 'instructions' link on the right side. The manual is available as a .pdf.
I recently got an M7, myself, so I'm not conversant with all the minutiae.
See this about the blinking light: www.nemeng.com/leica/002bb.shtml
If the film canisters are difficult to remove, then you most likely have the older, non-optical reader.
I've read that M7s with serial numbers over 2,88---- have the MP finder installed.
All tips are correctly in the explanation. Great camera and with the Leica optics you can make very nice pics. Once you tried iso 25-200 films and making an enlargement of 40x50cm then you know why you like this camera and lenses.
Thanks, everyone. I have verified that the light blinks when a different ISO value is chosen than the one on the installed film. Also, my film canister fits a little bit tight so I guess I have the old reader. Damn.
And for some reason the finder on my M6TTL seems better than the one on my 'new' M7. But for action shots the AE on the M7 is very helpful indeed (which was why I bought it in the first place).