Afudos Engineering Edition

08-29-2010, 01:14 AM
About a month ago, after installing a modded bios, i wanted to go back and forth between my original and the modded one made here (Which worked perfectly BTW). Though upon reverting i always encountered 'Can't Analyze the IIM Information' , the internet provides no fixes for this, and acer wanted to replace my mobo, which was too much of a hassle for me even though it was free. Today i present a way in which you can all flash your bios which gets this error, and many other errors. There is 1 warning though, this will flash all bios files, regardless of mismatches and such, so you must be 100% sure you are flashing a compatible bios because you will not be told if it isnt, it will just flash.
This is what you do. Download the Engineers version of AFUDOS attached here. Format a DOS-USB. Then place the AFUDOS.EXE file into your formated USB along with your ROM file.
Restart and enter the DOS environment then enter these commands.
AFUDOS /iXXXX.ROM /pbnc /n
where xxxx= Rom Name, remember must include the 'i'
You have now successfully flashed a bios, that either has issues matching information, issues analyzing current versions, you want to downgrade and many other issues.

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Well I would like to give back to the community I've learned so much from over the years.
I replaced the bios that came with it with the retail one for the actual motherboard so I could overclock no easy task for me!
I recently bought a ASUS ESSENTIO CM5570 AP-006 for only $350 at best buy it was a refurb. (they sent me the wrong model first 2 lol but i finally got the right one)
And of course there are no overclocking options in the bios.
So I did some research and found the motherboard is the P5QL-VM-EPU
So steps to do this are:
Step 1: Download the newest bio for the motherboard here in the downloads section I believe it's 0601
Step 2: You need to make a USB dos bootable disk here is an easy guide with picture I can't find the one I used
Step 3: Get afudos engineering edition the regular one will not work. I found it here from another user on here
Step 4: on your now bootable usb disk you need to put afudos and the bio rom file on it and rename the rom file so it is less than 8 letters long since most dos versions can't read over 8 letter words. example P5QLVM.ROM
Step 5: reboot and go into your bios setting and under boot devices go to hard disks and change it from your hard disk being first to the USB drive first. (took me awhile to find the right place it's NOT under boot order removable devices)
Step 6: when your reboot it should launch into dos and type this to run the afudos and to ignore all the bios checks.
afudos /iP5QLVM.ROM /pbnc /n
That's it now you have the proper retail bios for this machine! good luck also this mobo has a way to restore the bios if it gets corrupted i'm not sure on how to do it but back up your original bios first. It took me about 4 hours to figure all this out so hopefully it will save you guys some time.