Fight Of Characters Latest Version Ai Map

This map created by Chinese member. This map is Dota 6.86 AI or Dota AI CN Final

Since the first day of the 6.86 Aether Lens rapidly became one of the most popular items for casters because of the 200 increased spell cast range. And it’s not only that, Aether Lens also provides an 8% spell damage increase and used to give 15% magic resistance.

Since the beginning of the 6.86, Aether Lens was bought 607 times in competitive games before the 25 minute mark, which makes it one of the most popular items of the patch. Windows 10 with keygen.

Dota v6.86 AI Map Download DotA AI CN FINAL.w3x – News and Update. DotA 6.85k RGChas just released and I bet many players are now looking for the AI version of DotA 6.86 map. Worry not, Game2e.com will give you the latest update of the DotA 6.86 AI development. Even though currently we still yet have a news about the development, we will make sure to let you know as fast we can when themap come out.

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