The Universal Clock By Jeanne Long Pdf

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hello guys i am new to this style of trading and i found that there is so much in it to cover and study.Can you all please guide me where should i start this subject which books to read in order like which to first and then next book.I would really appreciate you rplies as i am new to this and with help from you guys i could possibly be on right track. Please Feel Free To add me on Skype as there it wud b much eaiser for you and also me to cordinate. Regards Skype : s3ntenzed
Start with these.. follow the link to download the pdf's This should keep you busy for the next year
Patrick Mulcahy - The Divine Measure of Time and Space NEW
Victor Ledeboer - The Master of Time
WD Gann - Master Charts
Halliker's, Inc - Gann's Master Charts Unveiled
Patrick Mikula - The Definitive Guide to Forecasting Using WD Gann's Square of Nine
Patrick Mikula - Gann's Scientific Methods Unveiled Volume 1
Patrick Mikula - Gann's Scientific Methods Unveiled Volume 2
Chris Kakasuleff - Predicting Market Trends Using the Square of 9
Daniel T. Ferrera - The Gann Pyramid Square of Nine Essentials
Ruth Miller - The Solar System Guidance
Myles Wilson Walker - The Power of the Hexagon
Jeanne Long - Universal Clock - Forecasting Time and Price in the Footsteps of WD Gann
Patrick Mikula - Allowance for use Gann Square of 9
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