Iseki Hydraulic Manual


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Summary of Contents for Iseki TJ75

  • Page 1 I S E K I T R A C T O R S MODEL: TJ75..
  • Page 2: To Our Custmer

    ISEKI TRACTORS TO OUR CUSTOMER Thank you very much for purchasing an ISEKI tractor. This operator's manual provides the information necessary for operating and maintaining your tractor safely and properly. The contents are mainly composed of the following two items:..
  • Page 3: Table Of Contents

    TJ75 TABLE OF CONTENTS TO OUR CUSTMER .....Light Turn Switch ...... High - Low Beam Switch.... TABLE OF CONTENTS ...... Power Take-Off (PTO) Switch ...MAIN CLUTCH PEDAL ....1. SAFETY ........ BRAKES....... PERSONAL SAFETY INSTRUCTIONS ..Brake Pedals & Parking Brakes...
  • Page 4 ISEKI TRACTORS LOCK/UNLOCK DOORS ....When there is dry dust ....REAR WINDOW .....When there is moist dirt or oil ...ROOF HATCH ....... FUEL SYSTEM ...... CORNERWINDOWS ..... Fuel Filter ......ROOMLAMP ......Replacing Fuel Filter Cartridge ...
  • Page 5 TJ75 11. GENERAL DIMENSIONS ....107 12. ASSEMBLY & PRE-DELIVERY INSPECTION . 108 ASSEMBLY ......001808 PRE-DELIVERY INSPECTION ...001800180 CHECK LIST ......001800180018 13. WIRING HARNESS CABLE ...113 WIRING HARNESS(MAIN) ..... 001800183 WIRING HARNESS(ELC) ....001800183 WIRING HARNESS(CAB) ....001800183..
  • Page 6: Safety

    SAFETY SAFETY PERSONAL SAFETY INSTRUCTIONS Whenever you see the words and symbols below, used in this Operator`s Instruction Book and on decals, you MUST take note of their instructions as they relate to personal safety. DANGER: This symbol together with the word DANGER indicates an imminently hazardous situation that, if not avoided, will result in DEATH OR VERY SERIOUS INJURY.
  • Page 7: How To Be A Safe Operator

    TJ75 wider and may roll easily. If the implement can be folded, fold it beforehand. If there are road or railway crossings where the visibility is poor, you should install on the machine a mirror to give a view ahead of you so that you need not move your machine too far into the intersection.
  • Page 8: Before Operation

    If safety devices are damaged or do no work, please consult your ISEKI dealer. FIG. 1-6 (3) Before removing a safety devices, such as a safety cover, be sure that the machine has stopped com- pletely.
  • Page 9: When Travelling

    TJ75 WHEN TRAVELLING (1) When you travel on roads, ensure the differential lock is off, or the tractor may turn over. (2) Do not make sharp turns when operating at high speed or for transportation as the tractor may turn over.
  • Page 10: Loading Onto Or Unloading From Atruck

    (0018) Use ramps with the same or better specifications mentioned below. When the machine is equipped with attachments other than those included in the specifications mentioned below, ask your ISEKI dealer for advice.
  • Page 11: Specifications Of The Ramps

    (0018) If you use a trailer, use a proper one which suits your tractor. Using an improper trailer may cause serious accidents. Never attempt to haul beyond the tractor`s capacity. If you have a question, please consult ISEKI dealer. FIG. 1-18 FIG. 1-19..
  • Page 12: Inspection And Maintenance

    SAFETY (0018) When moving the machine toward an implement for the purpose if installing the implement, never allow any one to stand in between. When installing the implement on the machine, be prepare to move away promptly in the event of an emergency. The brakes should be applied securely during installation.
  • Page 13 Do not attempt to service a tire unless you have the proper equipment and experience to perform the job. Have the work carried out by your ISEKI dealer or a qualified repair service. When seating tire beads onto rims, never exceed the maximum inflation specifications specified on the tire.Inflation beyond this maximum pressure may..
  • Page 14: Maintenance Of The Electric System

    SAFETY MAINTENANCE OF THE ELECTRIC SYSTEM TO MAINTENACE ELECTRIC WIRING (1) When servicing the electric wiring, stop the engine without fail. Otherwise your hands or clothes may be caught in or sandwiched between rotating parts. (2) Before manipulating electric parts, be sure to disconnect the earth battery cable (-), or you may get an electric shock or be injured by sparks.
  • Page 15: To Handle Booster Cables

    TJ75 TO HANDLE BOOSTER CABLES When using booster cables, pay attention to the following items for safe operation: (1) Before connecting cables, remove the vent plugs. This will lower the force in case of explosion. (2) Before connecting cables, be sure to stop the engine.
  • Page 16: Safety Decals And Their Locations

    SAFETY SAFETY DECALS AND THEIR LOCATIONS (0018) Ether label (Code No.1001800184-001804-002-1) (1) Fan warning label (Code No. 1001800018-001802-000018-0) WARNING: RISK OF EXPLOSION WARNING: RISK OF ENTANGLEMENT Ether or other starting fluid should never be used to Stay clear of the fan while it is running. start engines equipped with glow plugs.
  • Page 17 TJ75 (0018) Radiator label Take care of handling the battery. (Code No.1001800018-001802-000018-0) Improper handling may lead to explosion. Never short the poles. Charge the battery in a well ventilated place. (10) Starter warning label (Code No.1001800018-001802-000018-0) WARNING: HIGH PRESSURE STEAM AND HOT..
  • Page 18 SAFETY (12) Fuel label (10018) Starting engine caution label (Code No.1001800018-001804-001-0) (Code No.1001840-001804-000018-1) DANGER: RISK OF EXPLOSION AND BURNS Use only diesel fuel. Before replenishing fuel, be sure to stop the engine and wait until the engine and heated parts cool down sufficiently.
  • Page 19: Location Of Safety Decals

    TJ75 LOCATION OF SAFETY DECALS Location of all instruction decals provided as a reference. Replace any decals that are damaged, missing or are not readable. Consult your dealer.
  • Page 20: Introduction

    Your ISEKI Dealer is available should items in this book or details of your machine not be understood. This book is supplied with each machine to familiarize the operator with proper instructions needed for operation and maintenance.
  • Page 21: Tractor Identification

    TJ75 TRACTOR IDENTIFICATION MODEL/SERIAL NUMBER Each Tractor is identified by means of Tractor model and serial numbers. As a further identification, engine and chassis are provided with identification numbers. To ensure prompt, efficient service when ordering parts or requesting repairs from authorized Dealer, record these numbers in spaces provided.
  • Page 22: Engine Model Number

    TRACTOR IDENTIFICATION ENGINE MODEL NUMBER ENGINE SERIAL NUMBER FIG. 3-4: Engine model number, 1, is cast on right side of engine block, below the injection pump. Engine serial number, 2, is stamped into cylinder block, below engine model number. CHASSIS NUMBER FIG.
  • Page 23 TJ75 FIG. 3-6 FIG. 3-6: Identification and terminology of major components, as given in this book, are as follows: Front Wheels Front Hitch Fuel Tank Filler Engine Check Chain Foot Step Lift Rod Transmission Lower Link Front Wheel-Drive Shaft Rear Wheels..
  • Page 24: Instruments & Controls

    INSTRUMENTS & CONTROLS INSTRUMENTS & CONTROLS FIG. 4-1 FIG. 4-1: General layout and location of controls within operator's area on Tractor. Specific use of these controls is given later in this section and also in operationsection of this book: Steering Wheel Foot Throttle Pedal Forward / Reverse Power Shuttle Lever Differential Lock Pedal..
  • Page 25: Instrument Panel

    TJ75 INSTRUMENT PANEL FIG. 4-2: Arrangement of gauges. Control switches and indicators located in instrument panel. Items are detailed in the descriptions that follow: Electric Fuel Shut-Off Turning main switch to OFF position will stop engine. FIG. 4-2 Main Switch FIG.
  • Page 26: Indicator Light Strip

    INSTRUMENTS & CONTROLS Indicator Light Strip FIG. 4-5: Indicator light strip, 3, contains several warning lights to monitor certain functions. Currently used positions (from left to right) are: ・ Main (High) Beam - Illuminates when headlamps in front grille are selected to high beam position bylight switch.
  • Page 27: Coolant Temperature Gauge

    TJ75 Coolant Temperature Gauge F I G . 4 - 6 : G a u g e , 4 , i n d i c a t e s e n g i n e c o o l a n t temperature when main switch is selected to ON ・..
  • Page 28: Fuel Gauge

    INSTRUMENTS & CONTROLS Fuel Gauge FIG. 4-9: Scale, 7, indicates level of diesel fuel in fuel tank when main switch is ON. NOTE: Use only clean diesel fuel and clean area to pre-vent dirt/water entry into fuel tank when refilling.DO NOT run out of fuel as bleeding air from the system will be required. Keep fuel tank full to minimize condensation.
  • Page 29: Power Take-off (pto) Switch

    TJ75 FIG. 4-13: Turn/hazard indicator lights, 13 and 14 FIG. 4-13 Power Take-Off (PTO) Switch FIG. 4-14 & 4-15: PTO switch, 1, is used to engage and disengage the PTO drive system. The switch must first be turned to right and then pulled up to engage PTO.
  • Page 30: Main Clutch Pedal

    INSTRUMENTS & CONTROLS MAIN CLUTCH PEDAL FIG. 4-16: Foot pedal, 1, disengages engine from transmission when fully depressed, to permit engine starting, selecting/changing gears and stopping Tractor movement. Four-wheel drive selection also requires clutch disengagement. Slowly raising the pedal will engage clutch and start Tractor moving in selected gear.
  • Page 31: Engine Speed Controls

    TJ75 ENGINE SPEED CONTROLS CAUTION: Always select engine speed to ensure safe operation. Reduce speed prior to turning or backing Tractor. IMPORTANT: DO NOT race or excessively load cold engine. F I G . 4 - 2 0 : H a n d T h r o t t l e L e v e r, 1 - C o n t r o l s engine speed and will remain in position selected by the operator.
  • Page 32: Range Shift Lever And Gear Shift Button

    INSTRUMENTS & CONTROLS Forward/Reverse Power Shuttle Lever FIG. 4-21: With power shuttle lever,1, forward or reverse direction changes are possible without depressing the main clutch pedal. Lift up and move lever forward to shift to the forward travel position, move lever rearward to shift to the reverse travel position.
  • Page 33: Differential Lock Pedal

    TJ75 DIFFERENTIAL LOCK PEDAL FIG. 4-24: When differential lock pedal, 1, is depressed, both rear axles are locked together to provide equal traction to both rear wheels. This is especially important when operating in loose soil or slippery conditions. IMPORTANT: Depress main clutch pedal and stop before engaging differential lock.
  • Page 34: Rear Pto Selector Lever

    INSTRUMENTS & CONTROLS REAR PTO SELECTOR LEVER FIG. 4-27: Rear PTO (power takeoff) selector lever, 1, controls rear PTO on Tractor. When pulling the lever up, 540 rpm rear PTO is selected. When pushing the lever down, 1000 rpm rear PTO is selected.
  • Page 35: Three-point Hitch

    TJ75 THREE-POINT HITCH Complete operating instructions for three-point hitch are given in operation section of this book. Control Lever FIG. 4-28: Position control lever, 1, adjusts the height of three-point hitch on the rear of Tractor. Setting lever in a particular position will set the height respectively.
  • Page 36: Comfort Adjustments

    INSTRUMENTS & CONTROLS COMFORT ADJUSTMENTS Steering Column Tilt FIG. 4-30: Steering column can be adjusted forward and rearward to any one of three positions, enabling operator to select best steering wheel position. While holding steering wheel,2, with both hands, depress tilt locking pedal, 1, and select desired position. Release pedal and make sure column is securely locked by pedal returning to original position.
  • Page 37: Operation

    TJ75 OPERATION BREAK-IN PERIOD STARTING Pre-Start Inspection Operation of Tractor within the first fifty hours can be a major factor in determining the performance and life of Prior to daily start-up of Tractor, a few basic procedures the engine and Tractor:..
  • Page 38: Normal Starting

    OPERATION Normal Starting CAUTION: Do not attempt to start the tractor unless seated in the operator's seat. Do not allow anyone on the tractor except for the operator. FIGS. 5-1 & 5-2: To start the engine, proceed as follows: 1. Apply the parking brake,1. 2.
  • Page 39: Restarting Warm Engine

    TJ75 Restarting Warm Engine Warm Up Period When restarting an engine that is still warm from After starting a cold engine, let engine idle at slow speed previous use, the same procedure is used as with to make sure all engine components are lubricated.
  • Page 40: Operator Observations

    OPERATION Operator Observations Starting Circuit Operation Constant attention should be paid to the following points Tractor is equipped with a starting system to protect the during operation: operator. To permit tractor to be started (start motor to operate), ALL the following is required: ・..
  • Page 41: Ground Speed Selection

    TJ75 GROUND SPEED SELECTION Tractor is equipped to provide twelve forward gear speeds and twelve reverse gear speeds. FIG. 5-4: Gear shift button, 1, provides four gear selections. These gear selections are compounded by range shift lever, 2. The range shift lever provides three major changes in ground speed.
  • Page 42 OPERATION Engine Speed Engine Speed 2600rpm 2600rpm Forward Reverse FIG. 5-6: Arrangement of gears with appropriate ground Range Gear km/h Range Gear km/h speeds, in order from slow to fast, are shown in chart at 0.20 0.19 0.24 0.23 right. 0.29 0.27 0.35..
  • Page 43: Stopping Tractor

    TJ75 STOPPING TRACTOR FIG. 5-8: Brake pedals, 1 and 2, may be used independently to operate respective brake and assist turning at low speed operation. Unlatch brake pedals and use as required to assist turning. When Tractor is being used at higher rate of speed, brake pedals must be latched together with interlocking plate, 3, so both brakes will apply at the same time.
  • Page 44: Differential Lock

    OPERATION DIFFERENTIAL LOCK FIG. 5-11: Differential lock pedal, 1, should only be depressed when required as steering ability is greatly reduced. To engage differential lock, depress clutch pedal and allow all rear wheel movement to stop. Depress lock pedal and slowly engage the clutch. To disengage differential lock, depress clutch pedal and release differential lock pedal.
  • Page 45: Power Take-off (pto)

    TJ75 POWER TAKE-OFF (PTO) Ensure that all PTO safety shields are in place at all times. WARNING: PTO shafts and PTO driven implements can be extremely dangerous. Ensure all PTO-driven implements are in Observe the following important points: good condition and conform to current standards.
  • Page 46: Pto Operating Control

    OPERATION PTO Operating Control FIG. 5-16 FIG. 5-17: To select rear PTO - Make sure PTO control switch is OFF and then move rear PTO selector lever, 2, engage gear set, 4, inside rear housing. To engage PTO - Turn PTO switch, clockwise and then pull up to actuate hydraulic clutch, 5, and complete the drive.
  • Page 47: Pto Operating Controls

    TJ75 PTO Operating Controls The pressure control valve, 3, operates when the PTO clutch, 5, begins to operate, enabling efficient engaging of the PTO with a minimum of shock. Setting the mode change switch, 6, facilitates optimum engagement of the PTO.
  • Page 48: Three-point Hitch

    OPERATION THREE-POINT HITCH Three-point hitch combines Tractor and implement into one working unit. Implement position and raising are controlled hydraulically. In addition, implement weight and loads impose downward pressure at Tractor rear wheels to increase traction. Hitch Controls FIG. 5-21: Control quadrant, to right of operator's seat, controls the system to provide the following hitch control functions: Position Control - Maintains hitch position at constant..
  • Page 49: Rear Linkage

    TJ75 Rear Linkage F I G . 5 - 2 4 : L i n k a g e c o n s i s t s o f s e v e r a l m a j o r..
  • Page 50 OPERATION FIG. 5-26: Linkage provides three positions of connecting top link, 1, to Tractor. FIG. 5-26 FIG. 5-27: Top Link Position Position 1: Implements with wide angle universal joint or Rotary Cultivator Position 2: Implements with standard angle universal joint Position 3: No use FIG.
  • Page 51: Attaching Implements

    TJ75 Attaching Implements CAUTION: Always use POSITION CONTROL to attach/detach implements to provide precise control of hitch. FIG. 5-29: Back Tractor to implement, centering Tractor with implement hitch frame. Raise or lower hitch using position control lever, 1, and align left lower link end with corresponding implement attaching pin.
  • Page 52: Using Position Control

    OPERATION Using Position Control FIG. 5-32: Type of Work - Attaching/detaching implements and other operations requiring implement to be kept at constant height above ground. Also used with tool bars having flexible row units and implements equipped with gauge (support) wheels. FIG.
  • Page 53: Using Draft Control (accessory)

    TJ75 FIG. 5-35: Lowering speed can be readjusted as necessary using lowering rate control knob, 4. CAUTION: When using mounted implements with PTO driveline, make sure: PTO drive shaft has minimum 51 mm (2 engagement of telescoping sections, at all hitch/implement positions.
  • Page 54: Detaching Implements

    OPERATION FIG. 5-39: Lowering speed can be readjust as necessary with lowering rate control knob, 4. NOTE: Changes is soil texture or ground speed of unit may require slight readjustment of draft control lever to maintain consistent working depth as these can have a direct influence on implement draft load. If erratic operation is encountered, turn lowering rate control knob, 5, clockwise to slow. Lowering top link attaching location on Tractor will also decrease sensitivity. FIG. 5-39 Detaching Implements CAUTION: Always use POSITION CONTROL to attach/detach implements to provide precise control of hitch.
  • Page 55: External Auxiliary Hydraulics

    TJ75 EXTERNAL AUXILIARY HYDRAULICS Auxiliary hydraulics are installed to operate implements requiring external hydraulic source for operation. Kits are available as two-spool (two hydraulic circuits). FIG. 5-40: Control lever, 1, controls implement raising/ lowering when first set of remote couplers are used.
  • Page 56: Drawbar

    OPERATION DRAWBAR FIG. 5-43: Drawbar, 1, at rear of Tractor allows pull- type implements to be attached to Tractor. Maximum vertical load on drawbar must not exceed 880 lbs (400 kg). CAUTION: Pulling heavy loads will require extended braking distances. Reduce travel speed.
  • Page 57: Instruments & Controls & Operation

    TJ75 INSTRUMENTS & CONTROLS & OPERATION FIG. 5-44 FIG. 5-44: General layout and location on Cabin. Air conditioner operation panel Rear working light switch Front wiper/washer switch Room lamp Rear wiper/washer switch Front fresh air vents front working light switch..
  • Page 58: Opening/closing Doors

    INSTRUMENTS & CONTROLS & OPERATION OPENING/CLOSING DOORS FIG. 5-45: To open the door from outside, push the door lock button(1) and pull the handle(2). FIG. 5-45 FIG. 5-46: To open the door from inside the cabin, move the door lever(3) rearward and push door frame(4). To close the door, grasp the door handle(2) or door frame(4) and close slowly.
  • Page 59: Rear Window

    TJ75 FIG. 5-48: When getting on or off the tractor, use the handle(1) and footstep(2). CAUTION: Do not put your weight on the door spring(3) when getting on or off the tractor. FIG. 5-48 REAR WINDOW FIG. 5-49: Grasp the handle(1) and turn 90 degrees Unlock clockwise to unlock the window.
  • Page 60: Roof Hatch

    INSTRUMENTS & CONTROLS & OPERATION ROOF HATCH Roof hatch is located on the top of cabin. FIG.5-51,52: To open the roof hatch(1), push the handle(2) up slightly and push the lock knob(3). To close the roof hatch(1), push the handle(2) up slowly so as to be locked surely.
  • Page 61: Cornerwindows

    TJ75 CORNERWINDOWS The left and right corner windows can be opened and closed. FIGS. 5-53,54: Pull the handle (1) to unlock the window (Position A). Push the handle away from you to secure the window in the open position (Position B).
  • Page 62: Worklights

    INSTRUMENTS & CONTROLS & OPERATION WORKLIGHTS The work lights will light up the working area in front and rear of the cab. FIG.5-57,58: To turn on the work light, press the upper part of the switch(1) to ON. The switch LED will be on. Press the lower part of the switch to OFF to turn off the work light.
  • Page 63: Wiper And Washer Switch

    TJ75 WIPER AND WASHER SWITCH FIGS. 5-61,62,63: To operate the window wiper/washer switch(1), press the upper part of the switch to start the wiper blade. Press harder to release the washer fluid while the wiper blade is moving back and forth.
  • Page 64: Washer Reservoir

    INSTRUMENTS & CONTROLS & OPERATION WASHER RESERVOIR FIGS. 5-64: The washer reservoir (1) is located on the rear side of the cabin. Use automobile washer fluid to replenish the washer fluid level. FIG. 5-64..
  • Page 65: Power Outlet Supply

  • Page 66: Cigar Lighter

    INSTRUMENTS & CONTROLS & OPERATION CIGAR LIGHTER FIG. 5-65: Use the cigar lighter (1) when the main switch is ON or GLOW. The cigar lighter is located on the rearward of right side pedal. FIG. 5-65 ASHTRAY FIG. 5-66: Ashtray(1) is located on the lower left of the steering wheel.
  • Page 67: Sun Visor

    TJ75 SUN VISOR FIG. 5-68: Use as the right figure. FIG. 5-68 TOOL BOX FIG. 5-69: Tool box (1) is located behind the operator's seat. FIG. 5-69 FREE BOX FIG. 5-70: Free box (1) is located on the right side panel.
  • Page 68: Air Conditioner Operation

    INSTRUMENTS & CONTROLS & OPERATION AIR CONDITIONER OPERATION FIGS. 5-71: To turn on the air conditioner, press the switch (1). NOTE: The air conditioner will not operate with the fan speed control switch (4) set to OFF. Press the button again to turn off the air conditioner. (1) Air vent switch. (2) Temperature adjustment switch. (3) Air conditioner switch.
  • Page 69: Fan Speed Control Switch

    TJ75 FAN SPEED CONTROL SWITCH FIG. 5-75: 4 stages of fan speed is adjustable by pushing 'LO' 'HI' switch. Fan speed is shown on upper indicator. 'LO' to lower the fan speed. 'HI' to higher the fan speed. Push OFF switch to turn the air conditioner off.
  • Page 70: Heater

    INSTRUMENTS & CONTROLS & OPERATION HEATER Set each switch as the FIG. 5-79: and turn the air air conditioner switch off. Warm air will blow out from the air vents near the foot and inside cabin will warm. FIG. 5-79 HEATER and DEHUMIDIFICATION Set each switch as the FIG.
  • Page 71: Ventilation Control Switch

    TJ75 VENTILATION CONTROL SWITCH In normal condition, push the ventilation control switch(1) to take in the outside air with upper lamp turned on. At spraying work or dirty outside air, push the switch again to shut the outside air with upper lamp turned off.
  • Page 72: Lubrication & Periodic Maintenance

    LUBRICATION & PERIODIC MAINTENANCE LUBRICATION & PERIODIC MAINTENANCE SPECIFICATIONS & CAPACITIES Engine Oil Use oil of the quality recommended by ISEKI. API Service CD (TJ75). Capacity(Crankcase and Filter) .............9.0liters Recommended Viscosity: 25° C and Above .............SAE 30W, 10W-30 0° -25° C ...............SAE 20W, 10W-30 0°..
  • Page 73: Engine Oil

    TJ75 LUBRICATION/FILL POINTS FIG. 6-1: General layout of lubrication, fill and drain locations on Tractor: Ref. Description: Type: Fuel Tank Diesel Fuel Engine Radiator Coolant Radiator Coolant Overflow Reservoir Crankcase Engine Oil Rear Housing Hydraulic Oil Front Axle Hydraulic Oil..
  • Page 74: Periodic Inspection And Maintenance Table

    LUBRICATION & PERIODIC MAINTENANCE PERIODIC INSPECTION AND MAINTENANCE TABLE : Inspect, replenish or adjust Replace Clean or wash : Replacement or servicing at authorized service facility recommended. Remarks Engine oil Replace every 100 Hr. Engine oil filter Replace every 200 Hr. Air cleaner ele- Wash every 100 Hr.
  • Page 75 TJ75 : Inspect, replenish or adjust Replace Clean or wash : Replacement or servicing at authorized service facility recommended. Remarks Inspect and adjust Toe-in adjustment every 200 Hr. Tightening of tie- Inspect and adjust rod ends every 200 Hr. Front axle Inspect every 600 Hr.
  • Page 76: Removing/reinstalling Side Cover

    LUBRICATION & PERIODIC MAINTENANCE Removing/Reinstalling Side Cover FIG. 6-2: The side cover, 1, can be removed by pulling up the bottom of side cover for this side and lift up the side cover after pulling the knobs, 2, and unlocking the hooks.
  • Page 77: Lubrication Details

    TJ75 LUBRICATION DETAILS Grease Fittings Lubricate all grease fittings every 50 hours of operation. Clean grease gun and fittings before and after greasing to prevent contamination from dirt. NOTE: When operating in muddy or extremely wet conditions, daily lubrication of fittings is recommended.
  • Page 78: Transmission Oil & Filters

    LUBRICATION & PERIODIC MAINTENANCE FIG. 6-7: To Replace Engine Oil Filter - Unscrew element, 4, from engine and discard. Make sure original filter gasket has been removed. Lubricate new gasket on replacement element with clean engine oil. Screw on new element until gasket contacts adapter and then tighten element 1/2 turn more.
  • Page 79 TJ75 FIG. 6-10: To Bleed Air -When replenishing after draining transmission oil, always bleed air in the hydraulic pipes and hoses. Start the engine after loosen the air bleeding plug, 4, and keep the engine revolution under 1,000rpm. When blowing out the oil, tighten the air bleeding plug immediately.
  • Page 80: Checking/replenishing Coolant

    LUBRICATION & PERIODIC MAINTENANCE FIG. 6-13: Front Axle Oil Front drive axle has a common oil level for front differential housing and each wheel reduction unit. Oil level should be checked every 200 hours of Tractor operation. The oil should be changed every 600 hours of operation(indicated on Hourmeter).
  • Page 81: Flushing Radiator / Replacing Coolant

    TJ75 Fig. 6-15: When the coolant level is below the LOW level, remove the radiator cap, 2, and add coolant to the reserve tank up the FULL level after allowing the engine to cool sufficiently, and check that there is an adequate amount of coolant in the radiator.
  • Page 82: Use Of Anti-freeze

    LUBRICATION & PERIODIC MAINTENANCE FIG. 6-17, 18: Securely close the radiator cap, 2, and reserve tank cap, start the engine. Repeat 3 times to run for five minutes in 2000rpm and stop for three minutes. At that time, operate the air conditioner operation panel as the right figure.
  • Page 83 TJ75 FIG. 6-20: Cleaning Insect Net ,1 When the tractor is operated in fields or at night, the insect net may become clogged with grass, straw, insects and other matter. Open the side cover, pull out the insect net and clean it.
  • Page 84: Cleaning Air Cleaner / Vacuator Valve

    LUBRICATION & PERIODIC MAINTENANCE Cleaning Air Cleaner / Vacuator Valve FIG. 6-23: Open the hood, and remove the left side cover and front grill. Press the vacuator valve, 2 , to discharge any dirt inside. If there is moisture, wipe the inside of the air cleaner, 1 , with a rag.
  • Page 85: Fuel System

    TJ75 FUEL SYSTEM Use only clean diesel fuel of correct grade. Introduction of water or dirt into fuel tank or other portion of fuel system can cause repeated plugging of fuel filter and possible injection pump and injector damage. IMPORTANT: Do not tamper with injection pump or..
  • Page 86: Electrical System

    LUBRICATION & PERIODIC MAINTENANCE ELECTRICAL SYSTEM Battery FIG. 6-28: Battery, 1, is located under engine hood in front of radiator. If battery requires only minor servicing or charging, it is recommended to remove the front grille and the side cover to access battery. When battery removal, electrolyte inspection or cable cleaning is necessary, front grille must be removed from Tractor.
  • Page 87 TJ75 WARNING: Never disassemble battery. Batteries contains sulfuric acid electrolyte (fluid). Keep away from sparks or flames, which could cause explosion. When charging battely from an external source; Set charging voltage below 16V. Set charging ampere below 1/10 (one tenth) of battely capacity.
  • Page 88: Starting Switches

    LUBRICATION & PERIODIC MAINTENANCE Starting Switches This Tractor is equipped with a neutral-shart system consisting of neutral switches and a relay. To start Tractor, ALLthe following is required: Range shift lever must be in neutral position PTO control switch must be in OFF position NOTE: A seat safety switch is incorporated into system.
  • Page 89: Fuse Location

    TJ75 Fuse Location FIG. 6-32, 33: Fuse Box, A- Located on upper side of the clutch pedal. Function Instrument Panel Stop Lights Turn Lights Horn / Head Lights Starter Relay Radio Cassette FIG. 6-32 Pump ECU and Control System Glow monitor..
  • Page 90: Slow-blow Fuse

    LUBRICATION & PERIODIC MAINTENANCE Slow-Blow Fuse In-line fuses protect relevant circuit by melting when sustained heavy electrical load or short circuit is encountered. IMPORTANT: Fuse are of specific amperage capacity for the circuit in which they are located. Do not replace fuses with unauthorized parts.
  • Page 91 TJ75 FIG. 6-39: Main Circuit Fuse (50A) When the power is not supplied with turning the main switch, replace the fuse. Power Supply Power Supply Main Circuit Main Circuit Green Green 40A (Green) / 50A (Red) 40A (Green) / 50A (Red) FIG.
  • Page 92: Clutch Free-play Adjustment

    LUBRICATION & PERIODIC MAINTENANCE CLUTCH FREE-PLAY ADJUSTMENT FIG. 6-41: Check clutch pedal free-play regularly and adjust as necessary. Correct clutch pedal free-play, A, is 1' to 1-3/8' (25 to 35 mm) when measured at the end of the pedal as shown. NOTE: Through use, clutch free-play will be reduced.
  • Page 93: Wheels & Tires

    TJ75 WHEELS & TIRES Examine wheels and tires periodically for correct inflation pressures, tight wheel bolts, and any physical damage that may be a detriment to Tractor operation and operator safety. Correct condition prior to Tractor operation. Tire Inflation Pressures FIG.
  • Page 94: Steering Free-play

    LUBRICATION & PERIODIC MAINTENANCE Steering Free-Play FIG. 6-48: Steering should be checked for excessive looseness, as indicated by steering wheel free- play. Maximum free-play is approximately 1.25-2.50' (30-60 mm) when measured at outside of steering wheel rim. Excessive free-play can be caused by: ・Loose or worn ball joints ・Worn or damaged steering column shaft/universal joints..
  • Page 95: Storage

    TJ75 STORAGE FIG. 6-51: If Tractor is to be stored for extended periods, such as off-season non-use, certain measures should be taken for its preservation during such periods. These measures will vary according to geographical area and storage season. Replace engine oil and filter. Operate at low idle five minutes to lubricate parts.
  • Page 96 LUBRICATION & PERIODIC MAINTENANCE FIG. 6-52: Step 12 - Depress clutch pedal and secure in the disengaged position with hook, 3. NOTE: This is to prevent clutch seizure during long periods of Tractor storage. 13. Touch up scratches with paint. At the end of storage period;..
  • Page 97: Troubleshooting

    TJ75 TROUBLESHOOTING ENGINE Possible Cause Problem Remefy No step on the clutch pedal Starter motor does not Step on the clutch pedal. Gear shift lever not in neutral operate with key turned to Place gear shift lever in neutral. PTO clutch engaged START Switch off PTO.
  • Page 98: Clutch

    TROUBLESHOOTING ENGINE Problem Possible Cause Remedy Exhaust fumes are white Clogged air cleaner Clean or replace element (s). High engine oil level Inspect oil level and correct. Insufficient fuel delivery Consult your Draler. Cold-running engine Allow to warm, check thermostat. Exhaust fumes are too black Poor fuel Replace with better grade.
  • Page 99: Shift Levers

    TJ75 SHIFT LEVERS Problem Possible Cause Remedy W h e n o p e r a t i n g p o w e r Start the engine when operating the Operate the power shuttle lever to forward shuttle lever, tractor does not power shuttle lever to forward or or reverse after seting it in neutral position.
  • Page 100: Hydraulic System

    TROUBLESHOOTING HYDRAULIC SYSTEM Problem Remedy Possible Cause Three - point hitch dose not Increase speed. Low engine speed raise Low transmission oil Fill to specified level. Retighten clamps or replace cracked Intake piping is sucking air pipes and defective o-rings. Clean or replace.
  • Page 101: Electrical System

    TJ75 ELECTRICAL SYSTEM Problem Possible Cause Remedy Head lamps do not turn on Defective light bulb Replace. Blown fuse Check wiring and replace fuse. Poor connection Inspect ground points and terminals, clean if necessary. When pushing gear shift Blown fuse Replace.
  • Page 102: Air Conditioner

    TROUBLESHOOTING AIR CONDITIONER Problem Possible Cause Remedy Insufficient cool No or slow revolution of compressor Adjust compressor belt tension or replace. Too much or insufficient gas for Recharge proper volume. refrigerant INSTRUMENT PANEL Problem Possible Cause Remedy turns on Insufficient coolant Top up coolant.
  • Page 103: Digital Panel

    TJ75 DIGITAL PANEL Indication Possible Cause Remedy Water level in fuel filter high Water accumulates in fuel filter Drain water. (Warning) Clutch Pressure Abnormal Defective valve Consult your dealer. Defective clutch Consult your dealer. Pressure Sensor Malfunction Defecrive pressure sensor or wiring In case of defective pressure sensor, it's possible to continue to work.
  • Page 104: Digital Panel Contents

    DIGITAL PANEL CONTENTS DIGITAL PANEL CONTENTS Digital panel display is used to assist in your operation. Indication of digital panel, 1, is changed by pushing selectable switch, 2, Digital panel indicates not only engine revolutions but also traveling speed, rear PTO speed, hourmeter, tripmeter, etc.
  • Page 105: Attention Display

    TJ75 Item Display Indication Note Trip meter counts when engine is rotating. Hour meter can be reset. Trip Meter ・Push the selectable switch for 2 seconds to reset (0). Travelling Speed Push the selectable switch for 2 seconds and the &..
  • Page 106: Specifications

    SPECIFICATIONS SPECIFICATIONS ENGINE TJ75 Make.........Iseki.Diesel Model.........E4DE-VTDB Type.Indirect.Injection,......Direct.Injection ..........Overhead.Valve Aspiration........Exhaust-turbo.charger Displacement........2955.cm Number.of.Cylinders........4 Bore..........97.mm Stroke..........100.mm Engine.Horsepower.(Net).....60.5kw.@.2600.min-1 PTO.Horsepower.(Estimate)....48.4kw.@.540.or.1000.PTO.min-1 Firing.Order.......... 1-3-4-2 Compression.Ratio.......17.5±0.5 Low.Idle.Speed........ 975±25.min-1 High.Idle.Speed.......2850±50.min-1 Valve.Clearance.(Cold);Intake....... 0.35.mm Air.Cleaner........Dry.element Engine.Cooling.......Liquid,.forced.circulation Cold.Starting.Aid.......Glow.plugs.(4) TRANSMISSION Type:.Primary.
  • Page 107: Electrical System

    TJ75 ELECTRICAL SYSTEM TJ75 System.Voltage.....12.volt,.negative.(-).ground Battery.cca.@.18.degreesC.(0.degreesF)...710.cca.(115D31R) Charging....65.amp.alternator.with.internal.regulator./.rectifier CAPACITIES Engine.Crankcase.with.Filter......9.0.litres Transmission........52.0.litres Fuel.Tank.........90.0.litres Cooling.system........7.6.litres Front.Drive.Axle.(4WD.Only)......8.0.litres TREAD WIDTH SETTING tyre.type.location.size. Setting(mm) Front.tyre.......AG.9.5-22...1320 tyre.type.location.size. Setting(mm) Rear.tyre.......AG.12.4-36....1335..
  • Page 108: General Dimensions

    GENERAL DIMENSIONS GENERAL DIMENSIONS (unit: mm) Tire Front 9.5-22 Rear 12.4-36 Wheel base 2150 Front tire track 1320 Rear tire track 1335 Length 3870 Width 1690 Height 2475 Forward overhang Rear overhang Ground clearance Under the front axle Under the rear axle..
  • Page 109: Assembly & Pre-delivery Inspection

    TJ75 ASSEMBLY & PRE-DELIVERY INSPECTION ASSEMBLY 1. Remove wheels, fenders, and sundry boxes from container. IMPORTANT: Do not commence assembly of this Tractor until reading these instructions 2. Disassemble container. completely and carefully. 3. Inspect Tractor for damage and any evidence of NOTE: For certain lubrication, adjustments, etc., refer coolant, fuel or lubricant leaks. to appropriate section of this booklet. All nuts, bolts, etc., on these Tractors are METRIC..
  • Page 110 ASSEMBLY & PRE-DELIVERY INSPECTIION 7. Front Bumper - Install front bumper and secure with IMPORTANT: Bolts should be installed with heads four bolts supplied in sundry box. to out-side (nuts on inside) of lift link, to prevent tire interference during 8. Rear Lights - Install red lights at rear of fenders. The operation. hardware and wiring retainer straps are installed on the light for shipment. d. Connect top link to anchor point on Tractor using 19 mm x 220 mm pin and lynch pin. Lock nut on After attaching light, attach electrical connectors to top link barrel will locate to rear. Store top link..
  • Page 111: Pre-delivery Inspection

    TJ75 PRE-DELIVERY INSPECTION - Check that engine oil level is correct. - Turn main switch to START to crank the engine. Release key to ON position the moment engine - Check that coolant level is correct. starts. Check that warning lights go out. - Check fan belt tension, 10mm deflection, when - Allow engine to warm up to operating temperature at subjected to a force of thumb pressure.(5kgf) about 1500 rpm. - Check that transmission oil level is correct.
  • Page 112: Check List

    ASSEMBLY & PRE-DELIVERY INSPECTIION FACTORY RECOMENDED NEW TRACTOR PRE-DELIVERY INSPECTION CHECK LIST ISEKI USER'S NAME AREA DATE DEALER ADDRESS TRACTOR MODEL SERIAL NO. ENGINE SERIAL NO. COUNTRY THIS PRE-DELIVERY INSPECTION CHECK LIST IS PROVIDED TO IDENTIFY THE CHECKED AND NECESSARY ADJUST BY THE DEALER PRIOR TO DELIVERY OF THIS MACHINE. Inpsected the following and adjusted if necessary. ENGINE □ Radiator filled with solution □ Engine RPM (full throttle) □ Cooling system connections □ Governor performance □ Fan and alternator belt tension □ Electrical connections □ Engine oil □ Service air cleaner □ All oil drain plugs □ All cleaner connections □ Oil pressure □ Fuel line connections □ Engine RPM (idle) □ Injection pump oil CHASSIS □ Tyre inflation..
  • Page 113: Check List

    TJ75 FACTORY RECOMENDED NEW TRACTOR PRE-DELIVERY INSPECTION CHECK LIST ISEKI USER'S NAME AREA DATE DEALER ADDRESS TRACTOR MODEL SERIAL NO. ENGINE SERIAL NO. COUNTRY THIS PRE-DELIVERY INSPECTION CHECK LIST IS PROVIDED TO IDENTIFY THE CHECKED AND NECESSARY ADJUST BY THE DEALER PRIOR TO DELIVERY OF THIS MACHINE. Inpsected the following and adjusted if necessary. ENGINE □ Radiator filled with solution □ Engine RPM (full throttle) □ Cooling system connections □ Governor performance □ Fan and alternator belt tension □ Electrical connections □ Engine oil □ Service air cleaner □ All oil drain plugs □ All cleaner connections □ Oil pressure □ Fuel line connections □ Engine RPM (idle) □ Injection pump oil CHASSIS □ Tyre inflation □ Hydraulic system performance □ Front wheel hub bolts..
  • Page 114: Wiring Harness Cable

  • Page 115: Wiring Harness(elc)

  • Page 116: Wiring Harness(cab)

  • Page 117 TJ75 Overseas Business Department 3-14, Nishi-Nippori, 5-chome, Arakawa-ku, Tokyo 116-8541, Japan Phone: (03) 5604-7658 Fax: (03) 5604-7703 OM-TJ75/-EN-10 0708-01-100 Printed in Japan..
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Iseki Tractor Parts

JersamoWhere can I get parts for my Iseki tractor?
lenI can supply most parts . sheaftractor@coiinc.com

Don WorrellI just bought a Iseki TS 2205 2wd tractor, 2 cylinder diesel with 1049 hours
on it. I paid $1600.00 for the tractor and a 12' dual axle trailer. The
rear tires are like new. I understand parts might be hard to find. So I
hope I didn't pay to much.

The first problem I have is the key worked it way out the first day I used
it. I don't think it was the original key. Because the switch is jimmied
up. I can turn the switch with another key. But it won't start. The glow
plug will light up and the low and high beam lights will come on. But when
you try to crank it will do nothing.

I know I need a switch and key. But what else could be wrong.

It looks like the starter has been replaced recently. It is shinny compared
the rest of the engine.

Do you have a switch and a key in stock?

Also I live in middle Tennessee near Nashville do you know of anyone who
would work on it here?

I would like to know the age of my tractor. I was told it is a 1997. Paint
is still good and low hours could be but I don't know for sure. It has no
title. How can you determine the year it was made?

Please email me any info you have. Especially about parts and prices. Do
you take credit cards? Another question where can I get air and oil
filters? Do you have any manuals?

You can just reply to this email or email me at home at pv86@bellsouth.net

Thank you

Don Worrell



ALOHA, ALLAN YOZA, HAWAIIAN NONI FARMS Campbell hausfeld airless paint sprayer won prime.

Here are the Noni photos. They should show up in this email.



Change txt file to csv.


MarkDon, The 'TS' line of tractors is much older than 1997. My TS1910F is a 1979 model. Parts are available from Rainbow Distributors in Hawaii or from several folks this side of the puddle. There is a Yahoo group for Iseki and Bolens deisels where you can find more help and info.


Jeffrey D OsierI need a rebuild kit for the engine. It is an 18
horse 2 cylinder diesel The # on the block is ke-70
The model of the Tractor is TX-1300F, I will appreciate
any help Ii can get. Thankyou very much. Jeffrey.

Jeff OsierI have a model TX1300F The engine is a 2 cyl 18 HP
diesel KE_70. Will some one please let me know where I
can find a rebuild kit for this engine at a reasonable
price. I would even be intrested in a good used or
rebuild engine of the same HP or more as long as the
motor will match up with my tractor. Thank YOu very much.Jeffrey D Osier

mike lewisI am looking for my iseki 240 I,m not sure the year.
I have not been able to find it any where. My tractor
needs a starter do you know where I can get a conversion
chart which shows substitute parts.

DonL RogersIm looking for a fuel priming pump assb. for a TS3110, also a cross referance number for the main fuel filter mounted on the motor. I have a Carquest number for the sediment bowl filter.

DonL Rogers

Gary HoppenrathNeed a starter or rebuild parts for a tl2100f.
j d hardinI am looking for two Universal Joints connecting driveshaft and transmisson for Iseki 200 Landhope any help would be greatly appreciated
Max Zeiner IIII'm looking for a rockerarm shaft and 4 rockerarm
bushings for a Iseki model 1910.
One of the rockerarm & shaft is worn bad and it's pumping so much oil on the bad one that running the engine over 1200 to 1500 rpm the oil cannot drain into the pan & builds up & blows out the breather.
Their is NO blowby and NO sluge in the pushrod
Used parts would be ok if no wear. my shaft is worn .007

Mel RussoWe are looking for a power steering unit for a Field Boss 31 White/Iseki tractor vintage about 1988 or so. The part is stamped 'Toyoda' on the bottom (Spelled with d. We cannot seem to find the part anywhere.

Do you have any suggestions?

Mel RussoWe are looking for a power steering unit for a Field Boss 31 White/Iseki tractor vintage about 1988 or so. The part is stamped 'Toyoda' on the bottom (Spelled with d. We cannot seem to find the part anywhere.

Do you have any suggestions?

Boyd SmithI need a head gasket kit foe a Iseki tractor
TX1300 2 clynder diesel #101699
any help will be app.

Boyd Smith

Jody ShoopmanLooking for a raditor for a TS 1910 ISEKI.

I'm located in central florida and sources are limited. Any help appreciated


zig kurpiszI haave an iseki1700 3 cyl diesel 2 wd. The air, oil and fuel filters are cross referenced to NAPA part numbers. I do need the rpm cable.It is broken.Tried to silver solder but it didnt last long. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
billpneed exhaust manifold fot 210 mf series #2746
GeorgeI have an Iseki Field Boss. TX 1510 stamped on the frame. Looking for any manuals. so far have only found Japanese version. Also interested in some parts. to start. new rubber boot for transmission shifter.
Located in Vermont. . thanks,

Buddy AtteberyNeed Front Cover For Transmission,For A TU1900F Iseki
LouisI am looking for rings for a Iseki TS1910. I think that is why it is blowing oil out the top. It just started,after it runs for about 30 mins.
Paul Anthony MaranoHi Iam looking for a set of front wheels and tyres for a iseki 4450 4WD
RENIE RIANOhi i am looking a major part of my iseki sx95 model.the one that is holding the front differiential was broken. can you please help me where i could find this parts.im residing in the philippines.may i know how much is the total cost.or you can reffer me the nearest supplier of this parts.any help is greatly appriciated.thanks

maryln pattersoni need a used injector pump for my ts1700 iseki . where can i get one.
maryln pattersoni need a used injector pump for my ts1700 iseki . where can i get one. marylnpatterson@yahoo.com
Logan InnesI require rear wings and steering track rod ends for my ISEKI 2160 4x4 tractor. I live in the UK in northern Scotland.


carl holly i need a used starter for a ts 1610
ranaugolfclubdo you have spare part for water pump iseki 2160
R WalkerI am looking for clutch parts; bearing, disc, all internal parts for clutch TS1910 model. HELP
Thanks in advance.

Eric CurrierI'm looking for a steering box/steering column for a TX1500/G172.

Mickey CraftI need an oil filter for a TS 1910 Bolens tractor from Iseki (G192)Two wheel Drive.I have been using a PH 2849A but it will not tighten up. When you crank the engin the filter will drop down and start leaking. I don't know if it is the filter or the threads or worn. I've never had a original filter.
william howardI am looking for parts for an Iseki TX1510..Mainly a clutch..If you have any ideas I would appreciate any help I can get.
DarrenI'm after a head gasket kit for a TS 4510 and a workshop mannual. Thanks
Breuce GatesDear Sir,
I`m looking for a engine rebuild kit for a 3 Cyl.iseki Mod.TV 1600 Fd.Can`t seem to find where to get parts for them.Any help would be great, Thanks Bruce Gates

chuck crossneed starter
BillAnd I need a front wheel drive gearbox (or the casing and one of the cone shaped gears) for my Iseki TL2301
Any ideas? I've had no luck at Southern Global or Western Ky parts.

Ed WiltsieI have a 1982 Izeki Model 1610 2 wheel drive tractor. I need a new front grill. I would also like to obtain some less aggressive tires to the rear. We have gravelly soil and the tires dig in rapidly.
E A Wiltsie

DaleNot sure what kind of transmission oil to use on my iseki TS 4510? I can't find anything in my manual.
Roger SteelI am looking for all the gears or a gearbox for my 4000cc iseki tractor chassis No. 005360 engine No. TS3510 D. I am bases in UK but help from anywhere I would consider.

mike gothamI need a used engine or block for my iseki fied boss 31 tractor. the mains are out of it with only 800 hours. does anyone have any ideas? If I cant find one, I will be selling the tractor for parts. I was in very good condition.
mike gotham
Still looking for an engine or engine block for a field boss 31...mine died with only 800 hours

Alvin R. WoffordTo E. A. Wiltsie or anyone who is looking to sell 8.3 x 22 Cane tires for an Iseki TS1610. Iam looking for 1 in very good shape.
Hans BoeschWhere can I purchase elektrical Drawing for ISEKI TX1510. Hoo can tell me where are the main Fuse for the Starter Engine?
Thank you for your help

Dale NewmanI have a Bolens G154 4wd and need a front rim size 12' x 3'. I also need a glow plug indicator that goes on the dash.
Dale NewmanSorry the rim is 12' x 5'.
Terry CHello,
Isecki 1300 4 wheel drive..
I need rear oils seals for the rear axles..
Wher can I get them?

swedeI own a iseki ts2202, trying to find an air filter

Mike HudsonI'm looking for a fuel injector pump for a model 1610 Dose anyone know where to find one at a good price that will work???
Mike H.

Aaron D.I need a front grill for a Bolens G192/ Iseki TS1910. Also need the starter switch.
tammy luce I am looking to have our water pump for the Iseki TS1910 tractor rebuilt. We are located North of Houston Texas. Can you lead me in the right direction or give me some pointers on where to go for parts, etc for our tractor. Thanks in advance!!
Michael Steede Where can I find a Water Pump for a 1980~83 ISEKI Tractor TS1610 19HP 2cylinder Diesel 2WD? Thanks
OveI知 looking for a reverse gear for an Iseki TS4510. Where can I get one?

Darrell HWhere can I have our (Iseki TE4320 model: 4AF1) water pump rebuilt? Not any in Hawaii? I am willing to send it out anywhere in the USA. Or does anyoe ot there carry this in stock?

chris mc kennalooking for a starter for a iseki 2160 part number m2t50381 i wait for your return thank you chris
sunengDear All Valued Customers
We know you from the internet
First of all we would like to introduce ourselves , we are C.R.R.Product Co.,Ltd. located in Bangkok ,Thailand, We are exporter
& supply for the agricultural tractor parts of as below models:
- Ford Tractor Model:
5000, 6600, 6640, 7600
- Kubota Tractor Model:
L1500,l501,L1801, L2000, L2201, L2202, L2402
L-1 Sunshine (18,20,22,24,26)
- Iseki Model:
- Hinomoto Model:E23,E25
For more information ,pls.visit our website at www.crrproduct.com
If you interest in which parts or have some more questions, pls.feel free to contact us immediately by address & e-mail address below
Thank you very much in advance for your inquiry
We are looking forward to hearing from you soon
Best regards
Mr.Sun Eng
C.R.R.Product Co.Ltd
292/3-4 Suksawad Soi 1 Rd,
Mobile phone +66-086-817-7797
Tel 66-2-8768145-6 ext.121
Fx 66-2-876-8018

DaleI have a complete, running Iseki TS2400 I am selling individual parts off from, or the complete tractor. Everything is good except the fuel injector.
Baldimar RiosI would like to know if anyone knows where I can find a Iseki TX1000 parts manual. Or if Anyone has one available.
John DelisserDoes anyone have the part nunber & cross referance numbers for the fuel filter on an ISEKI TS-3110 3 cylinder light tractor?
John DelisserHow do I buy parts??
Terry SimpsonHi,
Need the red tail lens that came on the G244 bolens tractor

Bob DunnI am looking for parts for TX1500 Iseki, KE75 2 Cyl Diesel Tractor, 2X2..Parts or whole tractor running ot not.
cortland koppI have a 2 cly mitsubishi diesel and I need an injector pump.The engine is in a Cushman frontline mower.
Douglas C. AmosI am attempting to refresh some items on my Bolens G242(Iseki2420) any help would be appreciated.
Thom AlbertCan anyone help me find a new or used hydraulic pump for Iseki TS4510?
Any help would be appreciated.
E- mail please; thomkleven@yahoo.no
Best Regards
T. A. Kleven

Ray SmithI Am Looking For The Sediment Bowl For Iseki TS 2400, Also Need The Air Filter And Oil Filter Part Numbers. Thanks.
Ray Smithcheck A&T Rebuilders For Water Pumps And Hydraulic Pumps, That Are Great People To Deal With. A&T Rebuilders 866-742-5767, 1-800-748-9567 they are locate in Tupelo Mississippi. hope this helps these people have helped me a lot.

Ray SmithI am Looking For A Iseki Tractor TS2400 Sediment Bowl. An Help Please E-mail me @ Thanks.

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