Saints Row 2 Xbox 360 Iso Torrent

The sandbox genre of games has been dominated for quite some time by the Grand Theft Auto franchise. No matter what they did, developers just couldn't defeat Rockstar's great series, but, as it seems, the way to beat it is by offering gamers a much more amusing experience, as Saints Row 2 did.

The game was launched for the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 consoles in October, and was met with generally positive reviews, which praised its tongue-in-cheek approach to the open world the player could explore and the fact that it didn't try to be like GTA, and acquired its own identity. Now, the game has recently been released in North America for the PC, and, as always, it seems that pirates have messed with it.

The game has been out only for a couple of days and it seems that already a copy of it, with its anti-piracy measures cracked, is now available for download on various torrent sites. It's a real shame, considering the fact that the game offers a great experience, and the multiplayer aspect is top notch. Maybe the fact that it doesn't come with any infamous DRM (Digital Rights Management) software, like SecuROM, as it happened with the PC version of Grand Theft Auto IV, might make some people buy it legally.

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Also, in an effort to stop people from pirating a copy, it seems that the publisher of the game, THQ, has also released it on Valve's online digital content distribution network, Steam. Although only available for the United States citizens, as Europeans will be able to download it on January 23, the game costs 39.99 dollars, which is a very reasonable amount of money. Let's not forget that the console versions cost 59.99 dollars when they were released.

Either way, the great experience that Saints Row 2 offers is reason enough to buy this game from the store or from the Steam network, as you would repay all the effort that has gone into it and ensure that the next iteration, Saints Row 3, will appear on the PC platform.