Drivers For Gembird Steering Wheel

This is a potentiometer, if you never heard of it here's a link en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Potentiometer.
I though about the placement of the potentiometer and figured out that if i take the cables out of the way i would be able to put it in the center of the hub, i disassembled the whole wheel got the cables going out the bottom of the wheel. I figured out that the center it was the only place for the potentiometer to fit but the only disadvantage is that the axis will be inverted, when you steer left on the wheel, on the pc will steer right. I had to expand the hole to fit it, then with a soldering iron i melted the plastic insted of gluing it. Next i didn't have a hot glue gun so i used electrical tape to fit the wires from the potentiometer. Next i made a plastic circle with 6 holes and a hole in the middle for the potentiometer i don't have a picture from that. I used two bolts for each hole as spacers from the hub to the plastic and 2 washers for each hole from the plastic to the wheel. Mount the wheel and place your board for the commands on the bottom or make a chose how ever you're good to go. This is my first instructables hope you like it i'm from MACEDONIA. See ya Nfs most wanted save game with helicopter.

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