The Incredible Hulk Game How To Unlock Secret Characters

Bonus characters

Successfully complete the indicated task to unlock the corresponding character:

    Abomination: Defeat Abomination.
    Bi-Beast: Defeat Bi-Beast.
    Grey Hulk: Smash 10,000 objects.
    Hulkbuster Iron Man: Have a saved game file from Iron Man.
    Ironclad: Defeat the U-Foes, trick a U-Foe into KOing his teammate, and defeat Abomination.
    Maestro: Destroy a building in each neighborhood.
    Professor Hulk (Smart Hulk): Successfully complete all jump challenges.
    Savage Hulk: Collect five comic book covers.
Easier fights

Try to take fights where you want, if possible. For example, lure both U-Foes and Enclave leaders to Central Park. There are streets with cars on every side, so you can easy smash a few cars or buildings to fill the Rage meter faster. When you jump on trees, the leaves fall, making it so you have excellent visibility on the battlefield. Use Rage attacks whenever you are full and have a clear shot.

Defeating Ironclad

Pick up objects (cars works well), and jump away. Quickly turn, and target him. Throw objects in his face when he comes jumping. He has hard fists; after you hit him, quickly jump away.

Defeating Skull

Throw objects until his electrical blasts decreases. Quickly throw something on him or punch him a few times. Repeat this until he has been defeated.

Defeating Vapor

Use the handclap whenever she is in her vapor state. If she gets dizzy, you can land some punches on her.

Defeating Vector

Throw projectiles at his shield. When he becomes dizzy, punch him several times until the shield starts again.

Comic book locations

The comic books can be found at the following locations:

    1. Face Of The Monster: At the Latverian Embassy.

    2. Bruce And Goliath: At Stark Tower.

    3. The Flop-tastic Four: On the Baxter Building.

    4. Sonic Assault: Two blocks west of One World Plaza, two blocks north of the Reuters Building. It is located where the two intersect on a ledge mid-building.

    5. Bye Bye Bi-Beast: At the southern tip of the island near the docks in a pass thru the building.

    6. Talbot The Madman: At the Daily Bugle.

    7. Just a Hop Skip And A Jump: On the domed roof of the World Financial Center.

    8. Blonsky... Broken...: Go to the Latverian embassy, then move towards Central Park. When you get to the last building before Central Park, turn south. It is on top of tallest building with the dome top.

    9. Turrett Syndrome: In the Central Park subway terminal.

    10. Fired From The Sky: On the rooftop of Nelson and Murdock, Attorneys At Law.

    11. The Lesser Of Two Evils: On top of a fountain near the Flatiron Building.

    12. Enclave's Ultimate Weapon: On the Belvedere Castle in Central Park near the lake.

    13 This Is Only a Test...: Start at the top right corner of Central Park, and go up one square. You should be on a big square building on the map. Go right one building, and you will see it in the upper left of the lower roof of that building.


    14. Betty's Peril: On the top of the Flatiron Building.

    15. Abomination Domination: At the Marvel Comics Office front door.

The following mission must be completed to collect the corresponding comic book:

    1. Face Of The Monster: He Must Not Escape mission
    2. Bruce And Goliath: The Enclave And Rick Jones mission
    3. The Flop-tastic Four: A Friend Who Can Help mission
    4. Sonic Assault: Just Take Him Down mission
    5. Bye Bye Bi-Beast: A Mass Mind Control Device mission
    6. Talbot The Madman: This Guy's Bad News mission
    7. Just A Hop, Skip And A Jump: Destruction In A Single Bound mission
    8. Blonsky... Broken...: Our Old Research Data mission
    9. Turret Syndrome: The Problem Is The Hulk: Part 2 mission
    10. Fire From The Sky: The Problem Is The Hulk: Part 3 mission
    11. The Lesser Of Two Evils: The Lesser Of Two Evils: Part 2 mission
    12. Enclave's Ultimate Weapon: The Lesser Of Two Evils: Part 3 mission
    13. This Is Only A Test...: We Can Use Their Tech: Part 2 mission
    14. Betty's Peril: It's Time To End This: Part 2 mission
    15. Abomination Domination: We've Got The Antidote mission
Jump Challenge locations

The Jump Challenges can be found at the following locations:

    1. World Financial Center
    2. Behind the Woolworth Building
    3. 20 Exchange Place
    4. Third building south of the Flatiron Building
    5. Beside the Empire State Building (fall into it)
    6. Madison Square Garden
    7. U.S. Trust Building
    8. The building north of the Reuters Building. It has a star-shaped top. The jump ring is horizontal; you must look up to find it.
    9. South of Time Square, near Jump Challenge #8, slightly further south between a skyscraper and a smaller building, down low.
    10. Swiss Bank Tower
    11. Citigroup Center
    12. Carnegie Hall
    13. Time Warner Center
    14. Southeast of the Empire State University Subway
    15. North central area of Central Park
Easy 'Around The World In 80 Steps' achievement

Travel to the United Nations building. It is on the east side, slightly northeast above Grand Central Station. Stand on one end of the flagpoles so that you are facing them in a long row in front of you. Take one step back if you are standing next to them. Charge a jump and land on the first one. Use standard jumps and only press the Analog-stick Forward. With some luck, you should have landed about four or five flagpoles from the first one. Repeat this about four times to get the achievement.

Easy 'Enemy Of The Empire State' achievement

Smash all the buildings marked with a brown spot. Climb the buildings first, then smash those on the list.

Easy 'Master Of Disaster' achievement

You must smash approximately 30 to 35 buildings in the same area to get this achievement. Use the following tricks to make it easier, but it will still require a lot of patience. Go to the southern-most area of the Financial district. The buildings are rather large. First, take out the buildings near the top subway and go east. When one row is finished, select the next one below (south) and continue.

    Focus on the building. Soon mechs will swarm around you. Pound it four or five times and jump.

    Land several punches on the building from the air. The repeated punching refills your energy.

    Pound the corners of the building and the bottom as long as possible. When the entire building falls, it smashes even the ground floor. The standard ground slam seems to take more damage at the bottom. The handclap does more damage sideways.

    It is not necessary to smash the ground level stores if the rest of the building is dust.

    Warehouses do not need to be smashed; only buildings with windows.

    Take a car and make steel fists. They will last rather long if you use standard punches.

    If something is shooting at you, run alongside the building so they shoot it. This will take it down faster.

    Use Rage only to fill energy because fully charged ground slams or handclaps almost drains the rage meter.

    If cornered, jump and find a new pounding place.

    Do not worry if you get a notice of U-Foes in the area. As long as you do not take out enemies, they will not attack.

Easy 'Sightseeing' achievement

Climb to the top of the five tallest buildings to get the achievement: Chrysler Building, Conde Building, Empire State Building, Ritz Tower, and Trump Tower.

Easy 'Terrifying Tourist' achievement

To find the nineteen subways, use the following compass directions:

    Harlem: Located top north, central. One block down from highway.
    Cathedral Parkway: Above the northwest corner of Central Park.
    125th Street: Northeast corner, just below the long pier.
    Empire State University: Northwest area, just near the highway 'S' curves.
    Central Park: Directly south of western point of the top lake.
    86th street: Northeast area, west of third pier (counting from the top).
    Metropolitan Museum: The street that heads east-west, directly below the building with same name.
    Lincoln Center: Western area, a block north above the building with the same name.
    Columbus Circle: Southwest corner of Central Park.
    Lexington Avenue: Southeast corner of Central Park. Go three blocks east.
    Hell's Kitchen: Western area, three blocks north above the Jacob K. Jovitz Building.
    Times Square: Directly northwest above the Conde Building.
    Grand Central: Directly west of the building with the same name.
    Penn Station: Southeast corner of the Jacob K. Jovitz area.
    East Broadway: Southeast area, a block west of the long pier.
    Canal Street: Directly west of the Flatiron Building.
    Chinatown: Southern area. A block north above the top of the four piers.
    Chambers Street: Southwest area, A block above the New York Building.
    Wall Street: Directly east of New York Stock exchange.

Accomplish the indicated achievement to get the corresponding number of Gamerscore points:

    Surprise! (10 points): Encounter General Ross's Spec Ops team for the first time.
    Where Is My KA-BOOM? (10 points): Save New York from the Enclave Chemical Bomb.
    A Leader In His Field (10 points): Enlist Samuel Sterns in the search for a cure to Banner's condition.
    Two Heads Aren't Better Than One (15 points): Defeat the Bi-Beast.
    The Eyes Have It (10 points): Destroy an Enclave Kyklops for the first time.
    Love Hurts (20 points): Ignite an old flame...
    Stay Classy... (20 points): Expose Major Talbot on television.
    ...And Thanks For Stopping By (25 points): Dishonorably discharge Major Talbot.
    Pure As New York Snow (10 points): Clean up the contamination from the streets of New York.
    What Goes Up... (20 points): Crash and destroy the Enclave's Lightning Satellite.
    The Enemy Of My Enemy (25 points): Defeat Enclave's F-POD...with a little help.
    Alia Iacta Est (25 points): Protect General Ross's team while they attack the Enclave base.
    Better, Stronger, Faster! (15 points): Get a power boost from Samuel Sterns.
    Eww... Gross! (10 points): Test the cure developed by Samuel Sterns.
    Abominable! (50 points): Defeat the Abomination.
    Don't Make Me Angry (5 points): Defeat 50 enemies using Rage powers.
    World War Hulk (25 points): Survive for longer than 60 seconds at Threat Level 9.
    Over The Edge (10 points): Defeat 5 enemies by knocking them off a high building.
    Home Run (5 points): Knock an enemy a distance of at least 436 feet.
    Enemy Of The Empire State (50 points): Find every landmark souvenir in New York City.
    Terrifying Tourist (10 points): Find every Subway Station in New York.
    Sightseeing (5 points): Climb to the top of the five tallest buildings in New York City.
    Around The World In 80 Steps (5 points): Cross the tops of the flagpoles outside the U.N. Building.
    Fear Of Falling (5 points): Complete 'We're Not Giving Up – Part 2' without touching the ground.
    Hulk Is Strongest One There Is! (50 points): Gain access to all the upgrades.
    Para-Gone! (50 points): Wipe out the Enclave's four sectors.
    All That Glitters... (50 points): Win a gold medal in every mini-game.
    There Is No U In Team! (10 points): Trick a U-Foe into taking down one of his or her teammates.
    Apprentice Of Disaster (25 points): Destroy a building in each New York City neighborhood.
    Now Playing (10 points): Score 6,132,008 points.
    Master Of Disaster (35 points): Destroy every building in a New York City neighborhood.
    Veni, Vidi, Vici (50 points): Defeat every type of enemy at least once.
    Mad Dash (10 points): Sprint a total distance of at least 26.2 miles (138,435 feet).
    Hulk SMASH!!! (15 points): Defeat at least 1 enemy with each class of attack.
    Pickin' Up The Pieces (20 points): Smash 10,000 things.
    Let's Do Lunch! (10 points): Crush 10 enemies by throwing either a taco, an ice cream cone or a doughnut.
    Smash-ifist (10 points): Win a story mission without defeating any enemies.
    Struck Out (5 points): Complete 'The Problem is the Hulk - Part 3' without being hit by a lightning blast.
    Ceres Finale (25 points): Shut down the Enclave's biotech group.
    Fairweather Friends (25 points): Shut down the Enclave's weather manipulation division.
    Brawn Beats Brains (25 points): Shut down the Enclave's psych-ops branch.
    Most Illogical (25 points): Shut down the Enclave's mechanical design corps.
    PPO'd (40 points): Find all the Gamma Canisters hidden in New York City.
    Anger Management (40 points): Find all the Fury Canisters hidden in New York City.
    Unleash the Fury! (5 points): Get the Enclave off your back.
    That'll Leave A Mark (10 points): Stick 25 auto-wrecks to buildings.
    You Break It, You Buy It (10 points): Smash as much as possible in one trip to Brazil.
    Patron Of The Arts (15 points): View every piece of concept art at least once.
    Thrill-ionaire (25 points): Score 1,000,000 points while Strike Teams are active.
    Shell-Head (10 points): With a friend like this...