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Atmosphere is discontinued. Check out Omnisphere the flagship synthesizer from Spectrasonics.
When it was introduced in 2002, our Atmosphere - Dream Synth Module broke new ground as the world's first virtual instrument dedicated towards unique sound design, pads and Atmospheric textures, integrating a large library of unique sounds with a powerful, yet easy to understand user interface based on the UVI engine. Atmosphere quickly became the go-to sound source for film and TV composers, and songwriters and producers alike — and received rave reviews in all the top industry magazines along with numerous awards. All of the legendary sounds from Atmosphere can be found in enhanced form in our current flagship synth Omnisphere - which is based on our STEAM engine.
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A gorgeous example of how Atmosphere and Stylus RMX can be used in Film Music cues. Tob uses the RMX add-on cymbals to great effect here and most impressive is the use of Omnisphere for the Piano type sounds (especially considering Atmosphere doesn't HAVE ANY pianos!)
FEATURES: Atmosphere, Stylus RMX and Trilian

© Spectrasonics and Tobias Marberger

An exquisite piece from composer Maarten Spruijt, exploring the wide range of frequencies and colors available within Omnisphere. The interlocking and interwoven bell and bass parts evoke Mike Oldfield's best work. The addition of the wordless vocal completes the imagery in a gorgeous and radiant way.
100% Omnisphere with Soprano soloist

This is a short, dramatic demo of how rich Omnisphere can sound. All the textures are coming from Omnisphere, and the piece is augmented very nicely with Tob's own G-Town ambient percussion samples.
100% Omnisphere with G-Town percussion

A deep and spooky vibe that recalls Pink Floyd and Peter Gabriel's moodier moments.

The demo is simple, but that's why it sounds so huge. Most of the dynamics are coming from Chris use of the modwheel for filter crescendos and rhythmic accents. This music is based on a piece from Chris' band 'Idiot Bliss'.
FEATURES: Omnisphere and Stylus RMX

© Spectrasonics and Chris O'Brien

It's a treat to have this moody Omnisphere track from Paul Haslinger, who has not only made some wonderful electronic solo albums, but is rapidly making his mark in Hollywood feature film score

On this demo, you can really hear the influence of Paul's previous work from when he was a member of Tangerine Dream. Beautiful and lush, with some clever ways of using Stylus RMX groove menus too.
FEATURES: Omnisphere and Stylus RMX

© Spectrasonics and Paul Haslinger

Diego is one of the primary sound design collaborators on Omnisphere. He created many of the strange and unusual source samples for the Ambiences in the core library, which Eric then used added to his mix in creating the patches.

Here in this piece, you can hear some of how Diego's twisted mind works, as this is a brilliantly executed harmonic tone poem of bizarre elements. This one's definitely dark and scary, so you might want to turn the lights up!

100% Omnisphere

We've had numerous requests for some demos that were purely ambient with no beats, and this one fills that need perfectly. Drift off to dreamland, courtesy of long-time Spectrasonics user and current rising star of electronic feature film scoring: Paul Haslinger.

100% Omnisphere

Ned takes us on a noise voyage through a few of the more unsettling sounds in the Omnisphere core library.

Listening to this demo is a little like getting sucked inside the grooves on a weird old record. Trippy, chilled and surprises around every corner...definitely a trip worth taking.
100% Omnisphere and Stylus RMX

Super dreamy, space-out piece from PH, which is reminicient of Peter Gabriel and Brian Eno's work. Read access database linux. Cool use of Stylus RMX.
FEATURES: Omnisphere and Stylus RMX

© Spectrasonics and Paul Haslinger

Every sound -including all the percussive elements- are coming from Omnisphere in this case. Alex wrote this piece thinking of all the Russian film music he's heard throughout his life. This rich tradition gives this demo a unique sound, combined with Alex's excellent synth programming.

More filmic soundscapes featuring pure Omnisphere tracks. You can hear some of the additive and granular synthesis timbres in this demo. Good example of the underscore possibilities just using Omnisphere.
100% Omnisphere

This excellent demo which features Omnisphere all by itself. John does an great job of showing many ambiences and textures in one constantly evolving and very 'atmospheric' track.

This is featuring ONLY Omnisphere, and gives a good idea of the overall sound quality of the instrument and how well the sounds work together. Definitely makes you want to float away to dreamland..

Eric does a neat trick in this demo of showing how the evolving Ambiences can be used effectively as pulsing synth parts. There are several techniques for achieving this, but he's using a gate on each of the evolving ambiences, which is triggered by a 'sidechain' Stylus RMX track. Random filter modulation on the analog synth sequence part too.

FEATURES: Omnisphere and Stylus RMX

Seethamma vakitlo sirimalle chettu serial etv. Jan 3, 2018 - A Rajasthani by origin and Mumbaikar by his stay, Sagar Patel decided to take a different path for his career by making a debut in Gujarat.

© Spectrasonics and Eric Persing

It's hard to listen to this demo and not smile!

Tom got inspired by the Human Vocal Breathing FX section in the core library, and put this little gem together for us. Very cool how he uses the twin bass lines too. Shows off a little bit of Ambiences, Vintage analog sequences, Bell tones, and unique bass sounds too.

Excellent Drum programming and use of Groove Control with Stylus RMX to make that stutter drum intro.
FEATURES: Omnisphere and Stylus RMX

© Spectrasonics and Tom Salta

This one really rocks! Paul does a killer high-energy techno film -chase-type soundtrack. Shows how massive Omnisphere can be for ultrawide Bass sounds in an intense setting.

Great RMX programming here too..burning!
FEATURES: Omnisphere and Stylus RMX

© Spectrasonics and Paul Haslinger

Matthias is one of the reviewers at the German magazine Keys, and he put together this impressive sounding demo for his review. Punchy and FAT! Nice work Matthias.
FEATURES: Omnisphere and Stylus RMX

© Spectrasonics and Matthias Sauer

Noted game composer Lennie Moore contributes this groovy Weather Report style piece using Omnisphere and RMX.

Nick Manson's on the nasty lead synth solo. This sounded a bit like waking someone from their grave, and all the Conga stuff reminded Nick of the late comedian Andy Kaufman.....hence the nutty title.
FEATURES: Omnisphere and Stylus RMX

© Spectrasonics and Lennie Moore

Retro lives! EP shows off the warmer synth side of Omnisphere with some of the Jupiter, JX, Moog, Oberheim, Prophet VS and PPG creations he made specifically for the core library. The sequencey sound has several random elements. Note the smoothness of the legato triggering in the Solo and Bass sounds.
100% Omnisphere and Stylus RMX

UK Remixer Adrian Clarida takes us on an unexpected journey through territory that is definitely WAY off of the 'pad/ambient' chart!

Using the Solo mode and glide, he turned the 'Magnetic Chamber Strings' sound into a wicked baseline hook...making it a far more interesting track that your typical 303 acid line could provide. Great drum programming and use of Groove Control on RMX too. Really shows how serious a combination RMX and Omnisphere are for Dance music....hard to top.
FEATURES: Omnisphere and Stylus RMX

© Spectrasonics and Adrian Clarida

Diego focuses on showing many different Ambiences in a complex tapestry, weaving one into the next. Excellent demo of the power and sound quality of Omnisphere and the propulsive groove of RMX. Would make a great soundtrack for a Ferrari commercial.
FEATURES: Omnisphere and Stylus RMX

© Spectrasonics and Diego Stocco

Now it's time to shatter some preconceptions about Omnisphere being a 'specialized' instrument that only does 'pretty' sounds. Here EP is clearly dealing with some pent up issues..and showing some of the more bizarre and totally unique sounds that are a big part of what Omnisphere is all about. Check out the massive Lead sound and wild CS-80 Basses!
FEATURES: Omnisphere and Stylus RMX

© Spectrasonics and Eric Persing

A gorgeous and very musical demo that showcases a wide variety of the many lush pad colors that Omnisphere has. Nick did some clever rendering to achieve all the changes in texture from section to section, and an interesing technique with the ending solo and comp chords: He originally played it in one pass on a Rhodes sound, and then split the left and right hands in the MIDI sequencer, assigning them to the unique solo sound he put together with some different layers, and the analog Oberheim style comping part on a different Omnisphere part. Great playing..not to mention the excellent percussion programming with RMX too.
FEATURES: Omnisphere and Stylus RMX

© Spectrasonics and Nick Manson

Get ready for some seriously intense synth work! An incredible demo of how powerful and huge Omnisphere can sound..it ain't small..that's for sure! Doesn't it make you want to put on a Superman outfit, go to Berlin and join the Love Parade?

Ned says this is an ode to his 'raving' years..yiikes!
FEATURES: Omnisphere and Stylus RMX

© Spectrasonics and Ned Bouhalassa

Ned takes us on a little trip through some of the unusual sounds in Omnisphere: from the fizzy opening texture, the cascading flanger pad, to the Vertigo FX and the 'Silver Apples of the Moon' sound with the random pitch modulation that inspired this tribute to electronic music pioneer Morton Subotnic.

But as Ned says, 'Morton didn't have access to Stylus RMX!' A cool demo filled with surprising twists and turns.
FEATURES: Omnisphere and Stylus RMX

© Spectrasonics and Ned Bouhalassa

John tells us to imagine a stealth midnight snack trip to the fridge as we listen! The Shhh effect is from the Human Vocal Noise section, and he's is always great at finding the quirkier sounds to feature. Big ol' Bass and cool Granular vocoders sounds are all from Omnisphere too. Shows how much of a 'chameleon' Omnisphere can be! Great use of Stylus RMX in this demo too. Hmmm..makes us a little hungry too..where's that cheescake?
FEATURES: Omnisphere and Stylus RMX

© Spectrasonics and John Lehmkuhl

Ned was a 'demo animal'..with new demos erupting almost daily it seemed!

This is another 'tear your head off' style demo, showing how intense the combination of ambient and power-synth sounds can be used to great effect in a high energy setting. This is essentially a dry mix too, the effected vocal sound is actually from the Human Voice FX category of Omnisphere.

Makes us wonder where Ned gets all his energy..wonder what he eats for breakfast?

FEATURES: Omnisphere and Stylus RMX

© Spectrasonics and Ned Bouhalassa

Distant Times (Cathedral Strings) - Maarten Spruijt

This is such a poignant gem of a piece. It's really such an honor to have so many outstanding original compositions like this one created specifically for our site from such talented composers like Maarten (who you might know from his excellent 'Project Sam' libraries).

This piece is using the Cathedral Strings patch on several channels with their own individual volume expressions. We think you'll agree that this is a truly moving and remarkable sounding demo, that shows how wonderful Omnisphere can sound in the hands of a master.
100% Omnisphere

This demo is designed to show you how much you can do with ONE patch and real time controllers in Omnisphere.

This sound was made by combining two different layers: 'My Old Soul' and 'Romeo and Juliet', both from the Vinyl Ambience section of the core library. Eric performed the music in one pass, and then overdubbed mod wheel and controller changes to change each layers filters and the Master filter. He's also crossfading between each of the layers via MIDI. There are no effects on this sound, and it's a good example of how sounds can evolve and morph in Omnisphere under the users control.

A simple demo of one Omnisphere patch only.

Play the whole demo to hear how it evolves (by using the Mod Wheel). Great example of the depth and quality of sound Omnisphere has. This was recorded completely dry and was played in real time with no overdubs.

This is a beautiful short demo of the Mysterious Movement patch in the core library.

The sustain part of the sound and the complex swirling element can be mixed and controlled independantly, since they are on different layers. No tricks in this demo, just a lovely sound, and Richard's always evocative playing.

Performed in one pass, real-time with no effects.

There are not many traditional acoustic sounds in Omnisphere, (since the focus is on unique new sounds) but we do have this wonderful Cathedral Strings sound, that has a separate layer for the close mics, and another layer for the Cathedral ambience.

You can even control the mix, length and color of the ambient mics independant from the direct mics. It really gets interesting when you take the layer of the real strings ambience and combine it with any of the amazing synth pads..the depth it adds is really rich.

Super SIMPLE demo..showing just a couple of chords on one patch. We posted this, because we had some requests from some users for a very basic demo to hear the sound quality of Omnisphere, without any other parts playing or techniques being shown. So he you have it: Two chords and no effects..still sounds great!

Another very simple demo of one patch with no effects. This shows off one of the unusual lead patches called 'Deep Vision' in the core library. It's a two layer combination of a sine wave and a complex ambience with filtered sitars and tambouras.

When used like this in solo mode with glide..it turns into another creature altogether!

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