Adobe Flash Hack For Ppc

The Flash Player hack for PowerPC has once again been updated – this time to 16.1.

Adobe offered the last Flash Player plugin for the PowerPC platform in late 2010, stopping at version 10.1. As of early 2011, subsequent releases required an Intel Mac, much to the annoyance of a lot of older Mac users.

In 2012 I stumbled across a guy on YouTube who had hacked the last PowerPC version of Flash Player into thinking it was version 11.1. This created quite a stir in the Mac world, as it enabled – amongst other things – embedded Flash videos in sites (such as Facebook) to load – a feature requiring Flash 11.

It was later updated to 11.5 and then 11.7.

I wrote several articles following this progress in the past, Hack Allows PowerPC Macs To Access Flash 11 Content, Flash 11 Hack For PowerPC Updated To 11.5, and Flash 11 Hack For PowerPC Updated To 11.7.

Since then it has been fairly quiet on the subject, but I was recently pointed to another hack that brings it right up to date – offering a special version of the Flash plugin taking up to 16.1, which is the current version being offered to Intel Mac and Windows users.

You can download here the DMG file here. I have zipped it.

* NOTE: Older versions of Flash may be vulnerable to attacks that have been patched in newer versions. Be aware of this. While this has enabled Flash 16 videos, it is essentially Flash 10.1 tricked into acting like it is 16. Low End Mac takes no responsibility for any hardware, software, or financial issues that might arise from using this hacked plugin.

As with the other hacks, this will not guarantee every site requiring Flash 16 will work properly. I must point out that I no longer own a PowerPC Mac and therefore haven’t had the opportunity to test this out myself. I would be very interested to hear from anyone who tries it.

If you are using TenFourFox, you should already be aware that version 17 was the last to support plugins and the current version is 31. If you wish to use this Flash hack, you should use a different version or stick with the older version.

I did not create this hack, nor so I own the DMG file. If you own it and would like it taken down or credit given please contact me.

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