Bill Starr 5x5 Excel Spreadsheet

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Bill Starr/Madcow 5x5 Excel with Stalling Feature

Made this for a buddy who saw the stall feature I included in my 531 sheet and wanted a similar feature for his Bill Starr/Madcow 5x5. Thought I'd share this with anyone else that's interested.

  • Choose how many times to stick to the same weight if you stall for each and every exercise

  • Increment per cycle

  • % to reset to for every exercise

  • % of weight to start with

  • Set Intervals

  • 16 Weeks

(There is no rounding feature for KG or microloading and since I don't use this myself I won't be making any modifications or updates any times soon. If someone wishes to add this feature by all means go ahead!)

This program here for those not familiar: http://madcow.hostzi.com/5x5_Program/Linear_5x5.htm

Download: http://docdroid.net/u2v Click the download XLS button on top right hand corner.

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