Program Bulan Kecergasan

Due to overwhelming support! We would like to advise our fellow riders to come early for the 'kick start'or else you might having difficulties to find your way in or car park. We shall be available to help you out with parking area......but then, be Early PLEASE!!
Our tentative program are as follow;
As a reminder for the local riders; though there are 4 checkpoints need to be completed. You MUST have more than 4 sticker to complete the trails....... (So be nice, and complete the course will ya).
A pick up/truck will follow the last person biking, at 12.30 they will hunt you down and direct you to the finish point (ONLY if you haven't reach CP3).....So be alert! Safe Ride n Enjoy!!!
  • Deputy Director (Academic), Centre for Sports and Exercise Sciences, Centre for Sport and Exercise Sciences, 01/08/2014 to 02/03/2015
  • programme coordinator - representative, Faculty, 01/01/2016 to 31/12/2016
  • Committee of Ptj's quality assurance, Faculty, 01/01/2016 to 31/12/2016
  • Committee of Guideline Book for Sports Center (2015/2016 session), Faculty, 25/05/2015 to 25/05/2016
  • Committee in the PhD Assessment Panel, Faculty, 12/02/2015 to 12/01/2016
  • Chairman, Faculty, 05/02/2015 to 05/08/2015
  • Chairman, Faculty, 05/02/2015 to 02/03/2015 (Jawatankuasa 'KHAS' Semakan Kurikulum bagi program Sarjana Muda Sains Sukan (Pengurusan Sukan))
  • Acting Director, Faculty, 04/02/2015 to 05/02/2015
  • Deputy Dean of Academic, University Malaya, 01/08/2014 to 27/02/2015 (Deputy Dean of Academic Sports Center)
  • Chairman, University Malaya, 28/09/2012 to 28/09/2012 (Pengerusi Jawatankuasa Tatatertib Pelajar )
  • AJK Ijazah Dasar Program Sains Sukan, Faculty, 01/07/2012 to 30/06/2014
  • Programme Coordinator, Faculty, 01/07/2012 to 30/06/2014
  • AJK Ijazah Tinggi Program Sains Sukan, Faculty, 01/07/2012 to 30/06/2014
  • Head Coordinator, Faculty, 01/07/2011 to 30/06/2012
  • Committee Member of Students Disciplinary Panel, University Malaya, 25/04/2011 to 25/05/2011
  • Quality Manager, University Malaya, 01/07/2003 to 31/03/2004
  • College Master, University Malaya, 01/07/2003 to 31/03/2004 (The college building/premise was handed over to the landlord (MARA))
  • Acting College Master, University Malaya, 06/09/2002 to 30/06/2003 (Became the college principal on the 1st July 2003)
  • Head Coordinator, Faculty, 09/08/2002 to 24/10/2004 (Went for PhD study on 25th Oct 2004)