Arrow 9s Tagging Gun Manual

How to Clear a Jammed Tagging Gun

Nothing stops progress like a jammed trigger on your price tag tagging gun. Whether you are using it to tag your new merchandise to put on the floor or you are using a quilt basting gun to prepare your sandwich layers to quilt. So, what do you do?

1. The first thing you do is to remove the clip of fasteners from the gun. This might fix the problem. Your plunger might have dented the fastener instead of pushing it through the needle. If this doesn't work, go to step 2.

2. Remove the needle from the gun and run a straight pin through it to dislodge any loose piece of plastic. go to How to Change Your Needle Sometimes little bits of plastic break free from the fasteners and remain in the needle. Once you have cleared the needle, install it, lock it down, and 'press on with pride'. 3. Ok, now if clearing the needle didn't fix the problem and your trigger still sticks when you pull it. I want you to try this. Remove the needle and pull the trigger. Take a look at the plunger. If the plunger is anything but straight, it is time for you to call me and let's talk about getting you a new gun because this one has had it! It's Kaput! Finished! Over and done with! Dead! Kabluey! well, you get the picture.. For those of you who are brave enough to have removed the screws from the back of your Avery Dennison guns and want to put it back together, here is what the inside of the gun is supposed to look like when you have assembled it correctly.

Good luck. I will award you the Aardvark badge of courage for attempting it. But, really, try steps #1 and #2 First.

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