How To Remove Solidworks Installation Manager Not Working

Recently, we have found many issues inside of SOLIDWORKS due to the recent Microsoft security updates that have been released in preparation for Windows 10. We have found this patch in particular, has been causing many issues inside of SOLIDWORKS. KB3072630.

Any machine that has been installed or modified (service pack applied) with this security patch in place has a high probability of running into issues inside of SOLIDWORKS. If the patch was applied after an install or upgrade you are likely not affected.

Here are some (but not all) of the common issues we are seeing.

  • After my installation or upgrade of SOLIDWORKS®, why are many SOLIDWORKS add-ins missing from my add-ins list?
  • When launching SOLIDWORKS® or opening a file, why does SOLIDWORKS return 'Could not load SOLIDWORKS DLL: GdtAnalysisSupport.dll'?
  • Why is 'Could not load SOLIDWORKS DLL: sldshellutils' error returned when selecting 'Pack and Go…' from SOLIDWORKS® or SOLIDWORKS® Explorer?
  • Why does SOLIDWORKS crash when launching with a SWVBAServer error or when recording, playing, or editing a SOLIDWORKS® Macro?
  • Why is 'DWG document manager library is invalid or missing' error seen launching SOLIDWORKS® or SOLIDWORKS® Explorer?
  • What can cause the error 'Failed to create ToolboxLibrary object', followed by 'SOLIDWORKS database is missing' while accessing SOLIDWORKS® Toolbox add-in?
  • Why does SOLIDWORKS® Treehouse crash when launching?

This is an issue due to a Microsoft security patch (KB3072630) that went out on July 14. I have attached 2 registry files that will allow you to disable and re-enable this patch. See links below.

Start by running the following registry

Download and run the 'Run before install' registry key

Naina re tu hi bura. Repair your SOLIDWORKS installation

To run a repair:

Place you dvd in you drive first.

1. Go to Start

2. Go to Control Panel

3. Go to Programs and features

4. Select your SOLIDWORKS from the list.

5. Select Change

6. You will then see the installation manager come up and there is an option to run a repair.

To repair an admin Image:

Once repair is complete:

Download and run the 'Run after install' registry.

This solution should resolve most of these issue with installation. If you are still experiencing issues please contact CATI Technical Support for additional assistance.

Dx-ar-8108 radio user manual programs. Check your radio manual for availability of these signals and add the appropriate jumpers.

Bryan Pawlak
Computer Aided Technology

'All I have done is installing the 32-bit version and I didn't install any 64-bit version of solidworks onto my machine, so I don't think the first assumption you provided would be the reason of the problem.'

Which is my first assumption that you are referring to? I did suggest that you try and install the 64-bit version despite (thus ignoring) the problems you are having with the 32-bit version.

System Restore is never practical if restore points are way back when. As you say, they undo too much other work.

I wonder if the error message you are getting is because of some other unknown error which the program cannot communicate to you? 'SolidWorks X86 (32-bit) Edition cannot be installed on an X64 (64-bit) computer running Windows Vista or Windows 7', does seem a bit off as you have installed it already on said machine. I guess that is why I am looking for some other uncommunicated reason for the failure and tend to favor an access permissions type of problem.

Try Programs and Features once more but this time enable and use the Built-in Administrator account which you will have to enable first.

This example might or might not work for you with your program?

'It seems that the 'Run as administrator' command only gives you some administrative privileges, and they're not enough to install Java (and OpenOffice, by association). In order to get around this, you need to actually log into an administrator. Open a command prompt with admin rights by clicking start, typing cmd into the search/run box, and hitting CTRL-SHIFT-ENTER. At the prompt, type:

net user administrator /active:yes

Then log out of your regular account and back in as the administrator, where you should be able to install the program. When you're done, log back into your regular account and, for security purposes, disable the administrator account using:

net user administrator /active:no '

Sometimes a manual uninstall is an option, this involves removing appropriate entries from the Registry, and doing the same for folders and files wherever they might occur.

Technical Support