Wonderwall Projector Hack

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The Discovery Expedition Wonderwall entertainment projector is designed to project analog video delivered over a standard, composite video connection. This makes it an excellent adjunct to a standard-definition video television when you need to make the picture a bit larger so that it can be viewed by more people. When used in a darkened conference room, it gives an adequate picture with regular over-the-air TV or VHS video tapes, letting you share analog video with small work groups without having to use a standard, button on your TV to turn it off.

Step 2

Connect the yellow, red and white plugs on one end of the composite audio/video cable to the television's output. Connect the yellow plug to the Video Out port, and connect the red and white plugs to the right and left channels of the audio output.

Step 3

Connect the other end of the cable to the input on your Wonderwall projector, plugging the cables into the color-coded jacks.

Step 4

Press the 'Power' button on your TV and the Wonderwall projector to turn on both components.


  • If your TV does not have composite audio/video outputs, you can connect the projector to your VCR and use the VCR's analog tuner to watch TV.


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That’s a deal for a project, how hard could it be to fix it up?

If you’re a real hacker we’d wager you’ve fallen for this type of thought process before. [Luft] bought this used Sharp XR-10X-L projector about a year back and planned to retrofit it with an LED bulb. He gathered all the parts and got to work, successfully testing and installing the modifications. But as luck would have it, the project is stuck in some type of boot loop.

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This fail is certainly not for lack of preparation. The first post documenting his adventure shows that the hack has been done before, he acquired the service manual for this particular hardware, and he did his homework when ordering the parts. Success requires circumventing some sensors which ensure the case and internals are in place, and making sure the electronic status of the ballast is reported correctly event though it’s not needed for the LED source. Power-on gets as far as illuminating all the indicator lights in green as it should, but is then followed closely by a reboot sequence.

He tried watching the serial port to see if he can get any status info there but no dice. In keeping with the nature of this column, let’s see if we can provide any constructive troubleshooting advice in the comments.

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