Transformers G1 Awakening Apk

Leading game publisher Glu Mobile has just announced via twitter that their Transformers G1: Awakening game is available for download for the users of a handset running under Google's Android operating system.

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The mobile game was launched on the iPhone a while ago, and now it is available for the owners of more handsets, it seems, even if the only announcement the company made came from their Twitter account on Wednesday.

In this game, players would have to control an Autobot, or Decepticon in the attempt to destroy the rival party, either the Decepticons, or the Autobots, of course.

At the same time, players have to capture Energon sources so as to be able to repair, upgrade or reactivate their Transformers.

Some of the main features of the new Android game include:

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- 23 Characters from the original series (Soundwave owns, yeah I said it)

- 17 Levels in Story Mode

- Play as either an Autobot or a Decepticon

- 3D graphics and special effects

- Transform! Yes you can transform into the matching vehicle of whatever Transformer you are currently using (Vehicle Mode)

Each battle in the game is turn-based and offers players the possibility to use strategy and strength, as well as special moves to find their way to victory.

The game reportedly comes with great graphics, and is also said to be able to offer great game play for enthusiasts, even if one has to enjoy it on the small screen of a phone, and not on a larger one.

Free download free software download. In case there are some of you unfamiliar with what the game is all about, some more info on it is available in the video below, even if it brings forth the iPhone / iPod touch version of the title.

Those who would like to try out the new Transformers G1: Awakening game would have to pay $2.99USD for it in the Android Market, and it appears that no free flavor of the solution was made available for download as of now.