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- RomRaider 0.5.9 RC3 -
Open-Source ECU Tuning -- www.romraider.com
RomRaider is a full featured Engine Control Unit editing application
for tuning virtually any manufacturer, meant to be used in conjunction
with ECU flash and dump utilities. RomRaider will give you full
control over timing, fuel, boost and many other parameters in your
ECU, competing with very expensive and proprietary software. RomRaider
will remove your need for piggyback systems designed to control these
functions, and, in most cases, work as well as or better than any
stand alone engine management. Reflashing your stock ECU also has the
added benefit of a manufacturer tested base map, giving you top notch
performance and saving time tuning idle and low throttle applications
while retaining all of the benefit of the research and development
manufacturer's spend millions of dollars on.
RomRaider is currently in BETA TEST status, meaning it is not
thoroughly tested and not intended for use by inexperienced users. In
addition to being incomplete and untested, only experienced tuners
with the required tools (ie, wideband oxygen sensor) should modify an
ECU image. As with any engine management, changes could result in
severe engine damage. Use at your own risk.
Documentation is available at http://wiki.romraider.com and the
official RomRaider FAQ can be found at
http://www.romraider.com/about444.html. Please be aware that as
RomRaider is still in beta status and changing frequently,
documentation may be incomplete or out of date.
- 0.5.9 RC3 Notes (09/28/2016) -
This is the latest release of the RomRaider from the GitHub repo:
- 0.5.9 RC3 Known Issues -
- Logger
- Gauge min/max/step limits incomplete in logger.xml
- ECU connections under Linux are flaky (start the logger after
you've started the engine)
- Update latency via injector tab broken for some models (eg. 2007 2.5i)
- Switching between SSM, OBD and DS2 protocol mode may not update the parameter
list completely. A Logger restart will update the list correctly.
Status of these items and more can be viewed at:
- Change Log -
0.5.9 RC3 (09/28/2016)
- Editor
- Corrected a number of minor bugs with table copy/paste and overlay logging
- Enhanced table copy for non-contiguous cells and copy of overlay values if active
- Other optimizations to reduce ROM load time
0.5.9 RC2 (04/29/2015)
- Logger
- Changed the way the Logger definition update or protocol change is handled
0.5.9 RC1 (04/21/2015)
- Editor
- Implement a global endian attribute in ECU definitions <memmodel endian=xxx>
overriding table specific endian settings
- Rename SSM menu item as the Test App is no longer SSM specific
- Allow user to specific read block size in Editor Test App
- Fix for RomTree expand/collapse issue
- Fix for reversed min/max table colours
- Fix for table 3D view min/max ranges
- Changed Settings file search order for better portability, starting directory
is searched before user's home
- Added a missing ECU definition file Dialog to warn user to correct
- Added a catch-all exception notification branch
- Fix for category node open issue, Double click on node causes the node to
open and then close
- Changed code to use true Linear Interpolation rather than even cell distance
- Added warning log when a static table contains a storageType != 0
- Added ability to parse and save the static table data if the storageType != 0
- Logger
- Add -logger.touch to make the Logger UI more 'touch' friendly
- BMW DS2 protocol implementation for MS41, MS42 and MS43 DME
- Implement DS2 Learning (Adaptation) Table Values read functionality
- Added DS2 adaptation reset tool
- Group individual DS2 ECU queries into a single memory read start address
and length query
- Add APSX D1 D2 Wideband O2 Externals Plugin
- Added support for the ECOTRONS ALM wideband O2 controller
- Allow setting event mode or polled mode in the lm2_mts.plugin Properties file
- Implement endian processing in the data converter defined in logger definition
- Update Logger definition DTD for new elements of DS2 protocol
- Added new protocol selection menu populated with all the protocols defined
in the Logger definition file
- Add protocol to query status message display
- Add support to use Linux Openport 2.0 library if available
- Add serial data bit and parity configuration setting items
- Added a new BitWise Logger converter to process bits in query results, see
Java source file for usage details com/romraider/util/BitWise.java
0.5.8 RC1 (05/31/2014)
- Editor
- Improved ROM image compare functions
- Memory utilization improvements
- Updates to Save As Repository option
- New Settings to customize table open/close and focus
- New Settings to customize where tables open on the screen
- New Settings for data cell select and highlight colours
- Map colourization is no longer automatic when a cell is changed. Use the
new button to re-colour the table after changes are made
- Cell Tool-Tip displays real value of cell data
- Fixed adding/removing associations
- Added ability to Ctrl+Alt+Click(Drag) to un-select cells
- Support added for multiple table scaling units. With a compatible ECU
definition a user can select axis and/or data unit scaling such as imperial
or metric, etc. A sample ECU def can be found here:
- Added a Raw Scaling definition so users can select it and see the table in
its natural units as stored in the ROM image
- Table Property updated to list all available scalings for the table as well
as the Logger parameter ID used for the Logger overlay function
- Removed JFontChooser library
- Added ability to convert ROM image from 160kB to 192kB
- Added ability to convert ROM image from 192kB to 160kB
- Added Table axis and data cell interpolation feature
- Added support for additional Checksum validation/corrections found in BRZ ROMs
- Removed BareBonesBrowser library, now uses existing class
- Updated Java 3D libraries to version 1.5.2
- Logger
- Fixed Learning Table Values international character support
- Added support for PLX SM-AFR Gen 3
- Removed reference to minimum Logger definition XML file version
- Add OBD mode 1 Logging support for CAN ECUs using J2534
- Add protocol attribute to user Logging Profiles to indicate OBD and SSM profiles
0.5.7 RC2 (08/28/2013)
- Logger
- Fixed Learning Table Values reading ECU def problem for 6-cyl cars.
0.5.7 RC1 (08/05/2013)
[1] New Logger features require added parameters in the logger definition file.
Therefore the minimum version of logger.xml is 155. A warning will be displayed
if the version is below this prompting the user to update.
[2] The settings XML file can be stored in the RomRaider directory as an alternate
location. This allows multiple customized installations to exist each with their
own settings.
- Logger
- Added feature to read DTC via SSM connection [*1]
- Added feature to adjust the global timing and AC on/off idle RPM values [*1]
- Added feature to read ECU specific Learning Table Values [*1]
- Added feature to allow user to define conversion formulas for Phidget sensors
- TXS plugin update: by nitros
- changed QueryManager to break TCU queries up as TCU doesn't support long CAN queries
- support for signed integer values added [*1]
- support for non-contiguous multi-byte parameters added [*1]
- corrections to ISO15765 support, fixed debug messages and array index problem.
- changed SSM test application to write bytes rather than blocks
- changed SSM test application to allow selection of byte or block reads
- update PLX sensor types to drop data for unknown sensor address 4032
- force some font styles to plain as Linux seems to use bold as default
Operational Notes
- Since RomRaider relies on various externally provided classes and vendor
libraries, the 64bit Java VM is not supported. The RomRaider installer and
Editor will issue warnings if a 64bit Java VM is detected and advise the
user to uninstall it and install the 32bit Java VM. It is unlikely that
64bit Java VM will even be supported as all external classes and vendor
libraries must be compiled for native 64bit operation. See note 3 for an
- To log External sensors only, un-select both the ECU and TCU checkbox on
the Logger menu bar. Then switch to the Externals tab and check the items
to be logged. The log Externals only setting is not retained between
logging sessions.
- The use of ISO15765 requires a J2534 compliant cable. Since the J2534
specification only defines Windows 32bit systems as a valid platform,
Linux systems are not officially supported. When/if a Linux J2534 driver
becomes available then support can be enabled for non-Windows platforms.
0.5.6 RC6 (03/24/2013)
- Editor
- fix for various Table Compare operations: by scotthew
- added a Java 64bit VM check and warning: by lizzardo [*1]
- Logger
- fix Logger Close while on any of the MAF, Injector or Dyno tabs: by lizzardo
- added a Java 64bit VM check and error then close: by lizzardo [*1]
- fix to allow logging of External sensors only (with no ECU connection) [*2]
- refactor to allow easier addition of other future Logging protocols
- added ISO15765 protocol support on Windows platform [*3]
- added a user Setting to Logger to force English US number format in log files
- fix for issue #4 (multiple Query Managers could be started)
- update 'Log to file' button to switch between 'Start/Stop' in the label
- add a rudimentary test app to read some OBD-II parameters [*4]
- reformat (shorten) display of Profile and log file names in Logger title bar
- Application Installer
- added a Java 64bit VM check and warning during installation: by lizzardo [*1]
[1] - Since RomRaider relies on various externally provided classes and vendor
libraries, the 64bit Java VM is not supported. The RomRaider installer and
Editor will issue warnings if a 64bit Java VM is detected and advise the
user to uninstall it and install the 32bit Java VM. It is unlikely that
64bit Java VM will even be supported as all external classes and vendor
libraries must be compiled for native 64bit operation. See note 3 for an
[2] - To log External sensors only, un-select both the ECU and TCU checkbox on
the Logger menu bar. Then switch to the Externals tab and check the items
to be logged. The log Externals only setting is not retained between
logging sessions.
[3] - The use of ISO15765 requires a J2534 compliant cable. Since the J2534
specification only defines Windows 32bit systems as a valid platform,
Linux systems are not officially supported. When/if a Linux J2534 driver
becomes available then support can be enabled for non-Windows platforms.
[4] - This rudimentary test app ONLY works with J2534 compliant cables and ONLY
supports the ISO15765 protocol. It can currently read out the vehicle
information and any active DTCs. The app can only be started from a
command window in the RomRaider directory using the following syntax:
java -cp RomRaider.jar com.romraider.io.j2534.api.TestJ2534IsoTp [j2534dll]
where [j2534dll] is a valid J2534 DLL library name, default is
to use the Tactrix Openport 2.0 library
0.5.6 RC5 (12/22/2012)
- Editor
- partial fix for Table Compare to another map by scotthew
- Logger
- fix to handle Registry FILE_NOT_FOUND error response for J2534 device lookup.
0.5.6 RC4 (12/13/2012)
Maintainability Updates
- remove unused imports
- enhanced web browser support
- use Font.{DIALOG,SANS_SERIF} for maintainability
- simplify static method call to Logger.Settings
- initialize caseID to avoid null being displayed in ROM tree title
Application Installer
- changed Release Notes and License shortcut spec in Linux template to be an
Application to make them show in the RomRaider menu group
- changed Uninstaller commandline and Icon file name in shortcut spec in
Linux template
0.5.6 RC3 (11/14/2012)
- Editor
- fix for the overlay of logged data on tables by scotthew
- Logger
- fixed Linux ZIP install run.sh script, it was failing due to file not found
- added missing Phidget & TXS UTEC plug-in files in the installer packages
- added detailed Debug list of all ROM ID details for all configured ECU def files
- fix for calculation of derived parameters when units of dependents
contain symbols
- changed some default unit abbreviations such as kph to km/h
0.5.6 RC2 (10/20/2012)
- Editor
- updates to fix a few bugs related to the ROM tree by scotthew
- updates to Copy & Paste tables by scotthew
- updates to fix ROM tree focus and reflect selected in menus and buttons
by scotthew
0.5.6 RC1 (09/29/2012)
- Logger
- TXS plugin refactored to include Tuner Pro by nitros@romraider.forum
- Editor
- Table toolbar moved from table window and onto main window. Toolbar can
now be moved. Updates to multi-thread some major functions. Try this,
open a rom, while that ROM is opening open another ROM and then launch
the Logger. And while all of this is going on resize the main editor
window. It should all be smooth as silk. By scotthew@romraider.forum
0.5.5 RC1 (07/29/2012)
(Same as SNAPSHOT 86b338)
--- Logger ---
- Minimum Java version 1.6 (x86) required
- Changed LM-2 MTS plugin from event based data reads to fixed interval data
- TXS plugin refactored to include Tuner Pro by nitros@romraider.forum
- Added AEM X-Wifi Controller external plugin
- Added Phidgets InterfaceKit external plugin
- J2534 API updated to remove dependency on J/Invoke
- J2534 API refactored to use JNA 3.4.0
- Removed OpenPort 2.0 specific package (op20) as it is now supported in
the J2534 API
- J2534 API supports searching all available devices and if none found will
default to serial. J2534 settings are stored and loaded through the
settings file
- Including com4j-x86.dll to ensure it is present in the install directory
to avoid write permission issues on Win7
- Created a new J2534DllLocator class based on JNA and removed third-party
registry Jar
- Added extra LOGGER.debug statements to assist with troubleshooting
- Corrected serial connection close() call in all serial plug-ins as
exceptions were being thrown
- Changed QueryManager logic to try and deal with duplicate log entries
caused by high speed logging, it may still need some work
- Added Logger definition version to Help->About menu
- Updated Dyno control panel to look for cars_def.xml & .dtd in three
possible locations:
1 - the directory where the logger.xml file lives (preferred location)
2 - the directory where the user stores their logging profiles
3 - the RomRaider installation directory
- Fixed up the Parameter List Show/Hide state when opening the Logger
such that the list on each tab is set the same as the last selected
tab's state
--- Editor ---
- Fixed Test App's ability to walk through addresses and cross the
0xf7fff 0xf8000 boundary correctly
- scotthew@romraider.forum Added the ability to compare all tables in two
ROM images
- Open one or more ROM images (The same image can be compared to itself.
Will not do much but show 'Images are equal.')
- Select Edit->Compare Images...
- Select the two images to compare and click the compare button
- Results are displayed in the results pane
- scotthew@romraider.forum Added ability to save as repository. This
basically dumps the tables into a file structure represented by the
categories and saves the tables as a text file. Use this for tracking
changes made to ROMs using a revision control system.
- scotthew@romraider.forum Added ability to change the clipboard format.
Options are Default, Airboy's, and Custom. Custom formats are specified
in the settings.xml file
0.5.4b RC1 (10/28/2011)
--- Logger ---
- TXS Tuner Wideband plugin added courtesy of, nitros
- Added support for ECU/TCU Switch filtering
- Added (msec) designation to logged CSV column heading
- Added support for sorting the Selected? & Description parameter list entries
- Added support for convertors on External data items (F/C, lambda/AFR, etc.)
- Added instance 0 of all defined PLX Sensors according to their documentation
- Added support for additional Innovate MTS LM-2 sensors. Sensors are now
loaded dynamically when the Logger starts. Sensor units are set via LogWorks.
Wideband errors are reported as the negative value of the error number. For
example, if an LC-1 is in need of calibration -3 will be reported to the Logger.
See MTSSensorInputFunction.java for more state values.
- Updated library COM4J to version: com4j-20110322. This affects Innovate MTS
and Tactrix Openport 2.0 support.
- Added a button to Un-select ALL selected parameters on all tabs. Selections
can be restored by reloading the current profile or loading a different profile.
- Moved the Fast Poll checkbox to a selection item in the Settings menu (selected
by default). The polling state is reported in the queries/sec status display.
- Added a Debugging Level selection option to the Help menu. The setting is saved
and restored between sessions. INFO should be the normal state to keep the
rr_system.log file in-check.
- Moved the COM port Auto Refresh checkbox to the Settings menu.
- Added a Logger startup Progress Bar as loading plugins sometimes takes time.
- Added colour to 'Log to File' button. Red when recording and green when not.
* Button colours may not appear correctly as this is platform dependent. Colours
may show as a border rather than a fill.
Also changed the colours used for the connection state:
* Red Square = recording to file (used to be green)
* Green = connected and ready to record (used to blue)
* Blue = connection to ECU in progress (used to be red)
* Red with X = disconnected (used to be red)
- Added colour to 'Un-select ALL' button. Yellow so it stands out.
* Button colours may not appear correctly as this is platform dependent. Colour
may show as a border rather than a fill.
- Moved settings.xml & profile_backup.xml to the /.RomRaider/ directory under the
users home directory.
- Added support to reset the TCU. The reset target is selected via the action bar
Checkbox items ECU or TCU just like logging.
--- Editor ---
- Set JInternalFrame.isPalette in TableFarme.java so table titles are visible on
Mac OS.
- Added a Checksum recalculation option when saving ROM images that have a bad Checksum
(re: Diesel ROMs seem to have an invalid fifth Checksum)
0.5.3b RC10 (09/12/2011)
--- Editor ---
- Added support for multiple-state switches. Switch Tables will now use
Radio Buttons rather than a Checkbox.
- Added ECU definition data validation for Switch Tables. If the ROM image data
does not match one of the switch states according to the definition then a
warning is presented and the table is locked from editing.
- Added ROM Checksum validation on image open for 32 bit ROMs. An ERROR message
is presented warning not to use the ROM image as it may be corrupt.
- Added ROM Checksum calculation for 32 bit ROMs. Upon file save the new
Checksums (if not previously disabled) are written to the ROM.
- Added a ROM Edit Stamp to 32 bit ROMs consisting of the YYMMDD and an
incremental count value. This Edit Stamp is displayed in the View->ROM
properties menu item.
- Fixed the missing Table Tree problem when running RomRaider on systems
using IcedTea or OpenJDK JVM.
--- Logger ---
- Added more selections to the Right-click menu associated with the LogFile text
- Made Fast Polling the default mode for the Logger connection.
0.5.3b RC9 (06/30/2011)
--- Logger ---
- log4j.properties updated with new name for romraider.log --> rr_system.log
- new logger field to allow arbitrary text to be added to log file name (right-
click on field for options)
- Tech Edge plugin updates
- PLX plugin update to ignore unsupported data items
- Innovate MTS plugin updated to ignore unsupported data items
- Logging data error handling improved and hang condition eliminated
- Logging performance improved (fast poll may not work with 16 bit ECU, untested)
- Log file field value delimiter changed from comma to semicolon when values use
comma as decimal place holder
- Start of support for international numbers and text
0.5.3b RC8 (05/14/2011)
--- Logger ---
- Added support to log from ECU or TCU (not both at the same time, yet)
- New AEM protocol support added (AEM2 plugin works at 19200 baud and reports
Lambda values)
- New Tech Edge support added (currently only supports data format 2.0)
0.5.3b RC7 (12/21/2010)
--- Editor ---
- Fixed Compare map scroll list
- Added support for sign integer data (used in diesel ROMs)
--- Logger ---
- Improved serial connection handling
- MRF Stealth Gauge support added
- Added saving parameter list show/hide to settings
- Added USER input read ability for ZT2
- Added check box to enable/disable COM port refreshing and save the setting
0.5.3b RC6 (05/02/2009)
--- Logger ---
This RC includes the new Road Dyno/ET tab, version 16.
To use the Road Dyno:
- Set the Mode button to Dyno
- Clear all parameters from the other tabs to achieve the best data
- On the Dyno tab, select your vehicle and adjust the tire size and
gear you will be using.
- Once set, press the Record Data button.
- With the button pressed setup to do your WOT run, no need to hurry.
- Hold WOT run to redline. As soon as WOT is no longer detected the
graph will be updated with your estimated wheel power and torque.
- Adjust temperature and humidity if they are not accurate and
'recalculate' the results.
- Smoothing, lower is more smooth and higher is less smooth.
- Right click on the graph to Save as...
- If you wish to average two or more consecutive runs, press the
Record Data button again and repeat the WOT run. At the end of
each run the datasets will be combined and the results displayed.
- A Reference Trace can be Saved and displayed at any time for comparison.
- The Clear button will delete all recorded data for a fresh start.
To use the ET feature:
- Set the Mode button to ET
- Clear all parameters from the other tabs to achieve the best data
- On the Dyno tab, select the vehicle you will be using.
- Once set and the vehicle is stationary, SPEED = 0, press the Record ET button.
- With the button pressed complete your 1/4 mile run.
- As soon as 1/4 mile distance is covered the graph will be updated with
your elapsed times and speeds.
- Right click on the graph to Save as...
- Or Save a Reference Trace of your times to a text file.
0.5.3b RC5 (11/29/2009)
--- Logger ---
- 14Point7 NAW_7S UEGO support added
- Improved serial connection handling
0.5.3b RC4 (10/31/2009)
--- Logger ---
- LM-2 MTS support added (possibly flaky!)
- Consolidated Innovate wideband serial plugins (LC-1, LM-1, LM-2)
- Plugin ports automatically saved and reloaded
0.5.3b RC3 (10/18/2009)
--- Editor ---
- Dump system props to log at startup
--- Logger ---
- Update Zeitronix item labels
- Update installer config
0.5.3b RC2 (10/17/2009)
--- Logger ---
- PLX and Zeitronix sensor support added
- AEM UEGO support improved
0.5.2b (02/07/2009)
--- Editor ---
- ECU def config check added
--- Logger ---
- Set OP2.0 loopback=1
- Logger def config check added
0.5.1b (12/24/2008)
--- Editor ---
- Table compare bug fixed.
- Table drag speed improvements (disabled D3D use).
--- Logger ---
- Removed all UTEC integration.
0.5.1b RC5 (11/17/2008)
--- Logger ---
- J2534 api tweaks.
- External sensor connection handling updated.
0.5.1b RC4 (10/9/2008)
--- Editor ---
- Table compare bug fixed.
- Debug save mode enabled by default.
- Already running detection port changed to 50001.
--- Logger ---
- Some refactoring around serial port handling.
- Fix display of unknown rom ids.
- Add config item for logger definition location.
0.5.1b RC3 (9/25/2008)
--- Logger ---
- OpenPort 2.0 cable integration
0.5.1b RC2 (6/14/2008)
--- Editor ---
- Ramtune Test app menu item name changed to SSM
- Fixed save/restore of cell height/width bug
--- Logger ---
- Vertical control panel added for tab specific functions
- Parameter list converted from split panes to tabs and widened
by default
- Last open tab now remembered
- Icon added to log to file button
- Fullscreen mode via startup parameter '-logger.fullscreen'
0.5.1b RC1 (6/7/2008)
--- Editor ---
- Vertical axis label restored on 3D tables
--- Logger ---
- Connection handling updated
- User profile loading updated
- Hide/show parameter list (F11) on data, graph, dash tabs
- Switchable (F12) dash gauge styles
- Scrollable dash pane
- Latest data point on MAF and injector scaling tabs displayed
as a different colour.
0.5.0b (5/1/2008)
--- Editor ---
- Minor bug fixes
- RAMTune test application
--- Logger ---
- Plugin interface added including plugins for,
- Innovate LC-1
- Innovate LM-1
- New MAF scaler tab
- New injector scaler tab
- Reset ECU
0.4.1b (2/8/2007)
--- Tuning ---
- Fix frame sizes too small on 2d tables
- Fix switch tables displaying wrong icon in table tree
--- Datalogging ---
- Autoconnect
- Reset, disconnect buttons
- Reset data buttons per tab
- Updated dash tab with warning levels (warning levels not currently
saved to profile)
- Fixed 'Manifold Relative Pressure (Corrected)' parameter
- Fixed profile save/load problems
- ECU id display in status bar
- Updated address format in logger.xml (length attribute added to
replace multiple <byte> tags. length defauilts to 1 if not specified)
- Autodetection of ecu specific parameters via new <ecuparam> tags in
logger.xml (IAM, engine load)
- ECU connection status indicator added to interface (stopped,
connecting, reading data, logging to file)
- Auto filtering of parameter list based on ECU init response (should
only display now what your car says it supports)
- Enable defogger switch based file logging via menu bar (don't need to
select it in switch list anymore)
- Defogger switch is only logged to file when explicitly enabled
- Absolute timestamp option added for file logging
- Relative timestamp now reset to zero at the beginning of each log file
(unless absolute timestamp is selected)
- Graph tab color scheme updated
- Enhancements to the map overlay feature, including display of the live
data and overlay of the live data values on the map cells.
- Tooltips added to parameter list showing parameter description (not all
parameters have a description yet though)
- General logger parameter updates/additions
0.4.0b (11/10/2006)
- Add file associations
- Ability to view (but not modify) tables above userlevel
- Add link to latest ECU definitions
- Fix switch (CEL fix) inheritance
- Fix table ordering in child ROMs
- Fix table level display in property panel
- Fix label fonts on 3D tables
- Logging
- 3D graphing
- Interpolating (map smoothing)
0.3.2b (8/12/2006)
- Installer/Shortcuts
- Add status bar
- Add support for hex ID strings for Mitsubishi support
- Fix goofy behavior of increase/decrease at limits
- Add multiply values function
- Improve exception handling in XML parser
- Add lockable tables via ECU definitions
- Rearrange 3D table labels
- Improve datacell colorize method
- Add limits to table values in XML
- Fix exiting through menu not saving settings
- Add ECU Definition Manager
0.3.1b (7/11/2006)
- Change year attribute to string from int
- Fix incrementing in compare mode
- Fix refresh tables working improperly with multiple ROMs open
- Update table property panel
- Fix float values not incrementing properly in axiis
- Fix values not incrementing if increment amount is less than LSB
- Add option whether to display tables higher than userlevel
- Add option whether to save changes made to debug tables
- Fix clicking on ROM tree opening/closing wrong tables
- Fix switch tables not compensating for RAM
- Fix many memory leak problems
- List tables above userlevel, but disabled
- Color debug tables red
- Add 'version' tag to settings
- Show release notes on first run
- Remove unnecessary variables from settings XML
- Add name and description to CEL/checksum fix tables
- Fix '(null)' text on static 2D axiis
- Remove table name from bottom of 2D table
- Allow single clicking to open tables (via settings)
- Add fine adjustment values to ECU definition
- Fix map copy/paste
- Increment affects real instead of binary value
- User levels
- Fix definition parser rounding incrementby values
- Improve table properties display
- Fix byte/real conversion validation
0.3.0b (7/2/2006)
- Finish map comparing implementation
0.2.93a Private Test Release (7/1/2006)
- Added 'switch' table type
0.2.92a Private Test Release (7/1/2006)
- Fixed squares appearing instead of some float values
- Fixed exception when entering decimals in coarse value
- Fixed set value field being cast to integer instead of decimal
- Fixed progress bar not closing on errors
- Pressing '.' now focuses set value field
0.2.91a Private Test Release (6/30/2006)
- Fixed memory usage issues
- Added performance and other memory optimizations
0.2.90a Private Test Release (6/30/2006)
- Added 32-bit ECU (float) support (5/09/2006)
- Fixed 16-bit 3D tables saving improperly
- Added compare to original value function (4/17/2006)
- Fix border colors not showing changes from keyboard
- Add progress indicators
- Remove table definition generator
- Fix refresh button closing images with same filename
- Fix border/background of static axiis
- Fix rounding problems causing false conflicts for conversion expressions
- Fix set value not updating borders
- Reset default settings option
- Fix cell border not saving
- Improve warning messages
- Fix ECU definition file settings not saving
- Fix last image directory resetting
- Fix updated cell border not updating (4/12/2006)
- Fixed close all images (4/12/2006)
- Fixed ECU definitions not saving
- Fixed last image directory not saving
- Fixed colors not saving
- Fixed increased/decreased cell borders not updating
0.2.7b (4/12/2006)
- Replace serialized settings object with XML
- Settings panel
- Custom sizes/fonts/colors for tables
- Fix blue 2D table axiis
- Fix exception when clicking on table list
- Expression/to_byte conflict warning
- Rename packages to conventional lowercase
- Improve refresh method when saving
- Improve exception reporting
- Implement 'obsolete' tag -- set up wiki with ROM revision info
- Group tables by category
- Fix descriptions not working
- Fix 2D table navigation
0.2.6b (4/5/2006)
- Shortcut keys
- Improve display of tables too large for window (MDI)
- Improve exception reporting
- Improve saved window position on exit (panel size, maximized)
- Remove 'copy' from table menu -- its in the edit menu
- Fix vertical overhead on table size for new graphical buttons
- Fix rounding issues with set value
- Fix ctrl-click on tables
- Resize cells to make best use of screen
- Prevent simultaneous selection of axiis and table values
- Map copying
- Graphical icons
- Cascade windows (MDI)
- Fix table frame JScrollPane (MDI)
0.2.5b (3/28/2006)
- Import tables by single address
- Refresh image button
- Table properties
- Add 'obsolete' tag for images with more recent revisions
- Fix application not closing files after reading
- Add file extensions to open/save dialog (HEX, BIN)
- Fix parser searching by XML ID instead of internal storage ID
- Image properties
- Show positive (red) and negative (blue) value changes on tables
- Decrement (fine) increments
- Files not closing after being read
- Set value rounds goofy
- 1D tables not colorizing properly
- 2D tables not working properly
- Set value field shows negative numbers
0.2.4a (3/21/2006)
- 'Base' attribute for extending/duplicating tables
- 'Omit' attribute not required to omit tables -- just set storageaddress to '0'
- Fine and coarse adjustment of values
- Direct value input
- Support for ROMs with or without RAM sectors
0.2.3a (2/27/2006)
- ECU definitions including each other (endless loop) is now handled
- 'Omit' attribute allows incomplete tables to be removed from inheriting definitions
- Nested includes (includes more than 1 definition deep) tested and working properly
0.2.2a (2/26/2006)
- Include support in XML definitions (exception handling not yet implemented!)
0.2.1a (2/13/2006)
- Handles storage addresses that are out of range
- Fixed conflicting parent/child table sizes (done)
- Replaced '<Table Name>' menu with 'Table' -- makes it more obviously a menu
- Fixed 3D table sizing problem
- Fixed colorizing exception
- Fixed backwards endians
- Fixed storage address out of range exception
- Improved close image method
.20a (2/11/2006)
-Completely rewritten
-XML ECU definitions
-View multiple images and tables
.14a (11/26/2005)
-Improved axis cell modification
-Fixed absolute value calculations
-Revised text entry of values
-Added EUDM WRX support
-Improved multiple cell selection
-Improved axis cell modification
-Axis cell changes can be saved
Supported ECU Versions/Version Added - Deprecated as of version .20a. ECU versions are now defined in ecu_defs.xml.
2004/2005 USDM WRX:
-A4TF300E .13a
-A4TF400E .13a
-A4TF800E .13a
-A4TF500F .13a
-A4TF510F .13a
-A4TF800F .13a
2002/2003 USDM WRX:
-A4TC300L .13a
-A4SGC00C .13a
-A4SGD10C .13a
-A4SG900C .13a
2003 EUDM WRX:
-A4TE001G .13a
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