Wii Usb Loader Gx Vidtv Patch

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    For MKWii see: Wiimmfi Patcher for Mario Kart Wii
    Here you find a patcher for Linux and Windows.
    This patcher is a generic Wii image patcher. it exchange 'https' by 'http' and the domain 'nintendowifi.net' by 'wiimmfi.de'. This is necessary to support the new Wiimmfi server. The thread Multi Game Support will call the games.
    The patcher does:
    * Patch a Wii image while copying it.
    * Patch sys/main.dol and files/rel/StaticR.rel (if exists)
    * It replace 'https' by 'http'
    * It replace 'nintendowifi.net' by 'wiimmfi.de' (the new domain system for our server).
    * Following parts of the string are moved to the left to protect the URLs.
    Here you find the patcher and instructions:
    * Download: wiimmfi-patcher-v4 (7z, 2.3MB)
    * Download: wiimmfi-patcher-v3 (7z, 2.8MB, with Mac support)
    * English instructions
    * German instructions
    You can find all Wiimmfi patchers here:
    * download.wiimm.de/wiimmfi/
    2018-08-10: Update to v4
    * Domain 'sake.gamespy.com' is replaced by wiimmfi.de too. This is a special support for SSBB.
    * Mac is not longer supported.
    * ALTWFC is not longer supported.

    Wiimms Mario Kart Fun 2019-03
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