Aruba 1060 Hot Tub Manual

Aruba spa hot tub models 2003 escape, 2003 breeze, 2003 serenade owner's manual.
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Table of Contents
Box 2266 Station R


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Summary of Contents for Aruba Spa 2003 Breeze

  • Page 1 WNERS WNERS MANU MANU ARUBA SPAS Box 2266 Station R Kelowna, BC V1X 4K6 1-800-609-2227..
  • Page 2: Table Of Contents

    Introduction.....1 How Your Aruba Spa is Built .... 2 Getting Started .
  • Page 3: Introduction

    ’ s manual sim- plest way to ensure the full enjoyment of your new Aruba Spa. It is most impor- tant that you read and fol- low the safety instructions included in this manual. You should become familiar..
  • Page 4: How Your Aruba Spa Is Built

    ARUB A SP A IS BUIL ARUB A SP A IS BUIL At Aruba, building spas is our passion. We believe that qual- ity through simplicity is the best way to build a spa. Over the years we have refined our spa construction process to achieve the best results.
  • Page 5: Getting Started

    are then custom fitted by hand to the areas underneath the seats and stairs to provide additional strength to these areas. This process recognizes that every spa is not identical and ensures individual inspection and custom fitting of each spa. The spa shell is then insulated with 2 LB closed cell foam.
  • Page 6: Tools Required For Installation

    TOOLS REQUIRED FOR INSTALLATION • Voltmeter • Ammeter • Ohmmeter • Screwdrivers (Phillips & flat head) • 2 wire restrainers • Wire cutters • Wire strippers • #6 AWG 3 wire Chg: (plus ground) if spa is more than 30ft from the Main Breaker Box.
  • Page 7: Important Safety Instructions

    IMPOR ANT SAFETY INSTRUC IMPOR ANT SAFETY INSTRUC 1) Children should not use spas or hot tubs without adult super- vision. 2) Do not use spas or hot tubs unless all suction guards are installed to prevent body hair entrapment. 3) People using medications and/or who have an adverse medical history should consult a..
  • Page 8: Positioning Your Spa

    POSITIONING OUR SP POSITIONING OUR SP Your spa is self-contained. You can place it on a deck, patio, in your yard, or indoors. Proper site location is an important element of the overall enjoyment of your new spa, so make sure you take enough time to properly plan out the position- ing of your spa.
  • Page 9: Indoor Installation

    Do not permit electric appliances (such as light, telephone, radio, or television) within 1.5 meters (5 feet) of a spa or hot tub. INDOOR INSTALLATION Before attempting to place the spa indoors check the door openings to ensure that they are large enough for the spa to fit through.
  • Page 10: Electrical Connection

    Electrical codes change from Province to Province. Check with your electrician for the electrical codes in your area. ELECTRIC ELECTRIC A certified electrician must make all electrical connections to your spa, in accordance with all applicable electrical codes for your area. The spa’s GFCI breaker must be sized in accor- dance to electrical requirements of spa.
  • Page 11: Start Up Preparations

    supply service panel with a continuous copper wire equiva- lent in size to the circuit conductors supplying this equip- ment. 3. At least two lugs marked “Bonding Lugs” are provided on the external surface or inside the supply terminal box. To reduce the risk of electric shock, connect the local common bonding grid in the area of the spa to these terminals with an insulated or bare copper conductor not smaller than #6..
  • Page 12: Initial Start-up

    2) Check all four unions (or six if you have a circulating sys- tem) and ensure that they are hand tight. There are two white unions on the pump: one on the inlet side and one on the dis- charge side. See equipment diagram. Knife Valve #1 Black Unions..
  • Page 13 HAZARD This system should be set to maintain a water temperature NO GREATER THAN 40° CELSIUS (104° F). 1) Make sure all of the jets are in the full open position, (refer to Hydrotherapy Jets, page 13). 2) The Electronic Operating System spa control has automat- ic functions that operate upon start-up and normal operation to protect the system.
  • Page 14: Spa Operations Guide

    icals to adjust the water balance (see Chemical Maintenance, page 19). 7) The spa pack is thoroughly tested before shipping. The most common cause of immediate pack failure is dry firing (this occurs if the pump is running and the water is not cir- culating) and this type of failure is not covered by warranty.
  • Page 15: Filter Cycles

    Pump button Pump button The control panel button designated “PUMP” activates the pump when pressed. The pump sequence is low speed, high speed, off. The pump, when the “PUMP” button is manual- ly pressed, turns off after thirty minutes (a thirty-minute default).
  • Page 16: Hydrotherapy Jets

    Adjustable jets Adjustable jets Micr o Dir ectional Micr o Dir ectional All jet trim kits must be properly seated or air flow may be restricted Micr o Swirl Micr o Swirl spa surface then push with a gentle upwards motion and the trim kit will pop out of the jet body.
  • Page 17 Cluster Jets Cluster Jets The purpose of the ozone jet is to inject ozone into your spa. It is not to be used for hydrotherapy. If you do not have an ozona- tor water will still flow into the spa from this jet.
  • Page 18: Ozonators

    CHILD LOCKOUT (LOC) This special feature is used to prevent unauthorized use of the spa. This system incorporates a unique panel locking system which disables the controls on the panel. The temper- ature readout flashes in this function. You can enable the lockout function by pressing the Heat key and Light key at the same time.
  • Page 19: Trouble Shooting

    TROUBLE SHOOTING This is a self-diagnostic control system. The system will automatically display an alphanumeric symbol if a problem is detected. No display at topside No display at topside - Check that the topside is correctly plugged into spa pack. - Check the breaker - Check that connection to main board is clean and sound..
  • Page 20 Display flashes 'FLO' (FLOW) Display flashes 'FLO' (FLOW) - This indicates that there is a water flow problem or defective pressure switch. - You may have an air lock at the heater barrel. See page 11 for priming the pump. - Make sure filters are clean - Check that service valves are open - Ensure water level is at water line..
  • Page 21: Chemical Maintenance

    The friction and radiant heat from the pump motor can cause an extremely high ambient temperature around the spa and the equipment causing an overheat condition. If this condi- tion is suspect, try running the spa with the equipment door off to see if it still overheats.
  • Page 22: Initial Start-up Procedures

    You must use either chlorine or bromine based chemicals. You may change from chlorine to bromine without emptying the tub. If you are changing from bromine to chlorine you then must empty the tub and start with fresh water. Never mix chlorine with bromine out of the water.
  • Page 23: Water Maintenance Schedule

    4. Once your water has reached the set temperature, add your choice of sanitizer, bromine or chlorine. The importance of maintaining an adequate level of sanitizer in your spa can not be overemphasized. Warm water presents a fertile envi- ronment for the growth of bacteria and viruses. This growth is prevented when adequate sanitizer levels are continuous- ly maintained.
  • Page 24 2. Water should be circulating before you take your sample. If the pump has been off, turn it on for a few minutes. If you are using a test kit rinse the sample vial 2 or 3 times with the spa water before you take your sample.
  • Page 25: Chemical Table Of Equivalents Chart

    CHEMICAL TABLE OF EQUIVALENTS CHART 15 ml = 1 TBS 4 TBS = 1/4 cup 15 g = 1 TBS PROBLEMS ASSOCIATED WITH IMPROPER WATER BALANCE Low pH: Low pH: • causes rapid sanitizer loss. • causes eye irritation and itchy skin. •..
  • Page 26: Care For Your Spa

    Causes of pH change: Causes of pH change: • adding water. • rain. • bather load. • adding chemicals. • dust. • algae. ARE FOR ARE FOR DRAINING YOUR SPA Drain and re-fill the spa as indicated below: Average Use: Heavy Use: After Parties: Before draining your spa you may add whirl-o-clean to the..
  • Page 27: Filter Cleaning

    WARNING Make sure you replace your filter cartridges at least once every six months. FILTER CLEANING 1. Your spa is equipped with a top access filter. To access the filter cartridge, remove the skim- mer basket and filter cartridge. 2. Once a week remove filter, just hose it off well and replace it.
  • Page 28: Cabinet

    cleaning solution is properly diluted and removed. This will avoid unnecessary reaction of skin irritations from chemical contact to the body. Follow product recommendations. You may also wish to periodically polish the acrylic surface with spa polish (Gel Gloss). When cleaning the surface use only acrylic Do not use caustic solutions as they may damage the spa shell surface and void the CABINET..
  • Page 29 unzip the vinyl, remove the foam insert, turn it over and re- insert it. WARNING The cover is not a safety cover. Do not stand, sit or lie on it or permit any heavy weight to rest on it. This will damage the cover and void the warranty.
  • Page 30: Special Cold Weather Instructions

    Do not use solvents, petroleum based products, abrasive cleaners or strong detergents. Do not use products that contain silicone or alcohol. Use of these products will damage the cover and void SPECIAL COLD SPECIAL COLD INSTRUCTIONS INSTRUCTIONS Your spa is designed for year round use and winter opera- tion.
  • Page 31: Warranty Information

    ARRANTY INFORMA TION ARRANTY INFORMA TION We are pleased to announce that Aruba Spas has an excellent and secure warranty program. This program offers the best protection because it is backed by “full reimbursement con- tractual liability insurance” which protects the customer for the full length of the term of the warranty.
  • Page 32: Warranty

    RIDGEWOOD ENTERPRISES LTD., the manufacturers of ARUBA SPAS extends this limited warranty solely to the original purchaser of any ARUBA brand spa manufactured after January 1, 2003. FIVE YEAR LIMITED SHELL STRUCTURE and SURFACE ARUBA SPAS warrants the spa against water loss due to defects in the spa shell for a period of five years from the original date of purchase.
  • Page 33 30 days of its occurrence and use all reasonable means to protect the spa from further damage. EXCLUSIONS: This Limited Warranty is void if the ARUBA SPA has been subjected to alteration, neglect, misuse or abuse; If any repairs have been attempted by anyone other than ARUBA SPAS or its authorized agent;..
  • Page 34: Trouble Shooting Guide

    TROUBLE SHOO TROUBLE SHOO PROBLEM • DIAGNOSIS • ACTION Spa won’t turn on No power in spa A1: Check Breaker A2: Check Fuses Spa comes on by itself Normal function of heating and filtering No action required Pump shuts down unexpectedly while in use Default timer of 30 minutes in the electronic operating system..
  • Page 35 Motor shuts down while in use Protective device has shut down motor to protect from overheating The automatic device will reset the motor when it cools down GFCI shuts down frequently Faulty GFCI Call electrician Heater element has failed Call Aruba Spas Smart Protect Warranty Ozonator has failed Replace Ozonator Abnormal water usage..
  • Page 36 pH is too low Test and correct Formation of chloramines The formation of chloramines is chlorine combining with nitrogen from body wastes, oils etc. - causes familiar chlorine odour Correct by shock Foaming of water High concentration of oils and organics being agitated by jets Add antifoam Soft water..
  • Page 37: Circulating System

    CIRCULA TION PUMP CIRCULA TION PUMP OPERA TIONS: OPERA TIONS: (Optional Pur (Optional Pur When you start up your spa ensure that both knife valves on either side of your circulation pump are in the open position (up). Loosen the union to release any air then re-tighten. You cannot operate the circulation pump from the topside control, it is pre-programmed to run 24 hours a day.
  • Page 39: Weekly Maintenance Schedule

    A Division Of Ridgewood Enterprises Ltd. 920 Leathead Road, Kelowna, BC V1X 2J8 Aruba Spas reserves the right to make changes in specifications without notice..